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Renowned neuroscientist receives Salk Institute's Medal for Research Excellence
On April 13, Solomon H. Snyder, M.D., was awarded the Salk Institute's Medal for Research Excellence together with cancer biologist Robert Weinberg, from MIT's Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. (2016-04-18)
NIDA to host two-day neuroscience symposium
The National Institute on Drug Abuse is hosting a symposium, (2003-03-26)
William B. Kristan receives Award for Education in Neuroscience
The Society for Neuroscience will present the Award for Education in Neuroscience to William B. (2015-10-12)
Brown and NIH create joint neuroscience graduate program
The National Institutes of Health has selected Brown University as the first U.S. university to join its Graduate Partnerships Program in the field of neuroscience. (2005-01-19)
Scientists find that neurological changes can happen due to social status
Researchers at Georgia State University have discovered that in one species of freshwater crustaceans, social status can affect the configuration of neural circuitry. (2012-04-19)
Neuroscience research with implications for national security
The intelligence community often monitors global trends in scientific and technological research to identify advances that could affect national security. (2008-08-13)
Story Landis receives Ralph W. Gerard Prize in Neuroscience
The Society for Neuroscience will present its highest award, the Ralph W. (2015-10-12)
Awards event to recognize heroes of green and open neuroscience
On Monday, November 14, at 6:30 p.m., the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the founders of the Green Neuroscience Laboratory will recognize individuals and organizations that help forward the principles and culture of Green and Open Neuroscience. (2016-11-09)
NTU, University of Warwick to collaborate in neuroscience research
Two renowned universities, the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and the University of Warwick, UK, this morning signed an agreement to set up a collaborative program of neuroscience research. (2009-10-02)
Joshua Levitz receives Nemko Prize in Cellular or Molecular Neuroscience
The Society for Neuroscience will award the Nemko Prize in Cellular or Molecular Neuroscience to Joshua Levitz, Ph.D., of the University of California, Berkeley. (2015-10-12)
Public lecture to explore intersection of economics, human behavior, and brain science
Explore how human behavior, and its biological bases, drives the economy at Neuroscience 2011, the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. (2011-10-31)
Max Planck Neuroscience launches research and news site for scientific community
From the world's most progressive researchers on the cusp of scientific discovery, the Max Planck Neuroscience (MP Neuro) website now brings the future of neuroscience to our fingertips. (2016-12-08)
Neuroscience 2016 media registration now open
San Diego becomes the epicenter of neuroscience in November as 30,000 researchers, clinicians, and advocates from around the world gather November 12-16 to explore and share the latest developments in brain research. (2016-07-22)
Terrence Sejnowski receives Swartz Prize for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience
The Society for Neuroscience will award the Swartz Prize for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience to Terrence Sejnowski, Ph.D., of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. (2015-10-12)
Is educational neuroscience a waste of money?
Educational neuroscience has little to offer schools or children's education, according to new research from the University of Bristol, UK. (2016-03-09)
Neuroinformatics special issue spotlights the Neuroscience Information Framework
A landmark special issue of Springer's Humana Press journal Neuroinformatics describes the new Neuroscience Information Framework, a dynamic inventory of web-based neurosciences data, resources and tools that scientists and students can access via any computer connected to the Internet. (2008-11-14)
What Brain Science Doesn't Tell Us About Children And Learning
Parents and educators are looking in the wrong place when they attempt to apply brain science to improve early learning and classroom experiences. (1997-11-05)
Pietro De Camilli receives Julius Axelrod Prize
The Society for Neuroscience will award the Julius Axelrod Prize to Pietro De Camilli, M.D., of Yale University. (2015-10-12)
Study shows rapid growth in neuroscience research
A study of the impact and research topics of neuroscience papers from 2006-2015 has shown that the number of neuroscience papers and highly-productive core neuroscience journals has grown, while psychology and behavioral sciences have become more popular research areas. (2017-04-20)
Matthew Lovett-Barron receives Donald B. Lindsley Prize in Behavioral Neuroscience
The Society for Neuroscience will award the Donald B. Lindsley Prize to Matthew Lovett-Barron, Ph.D., of Stanford University. (2015-10-12)
Stanford's Hank Greely puts neuroscience on trial
Although MRI scans showing a malfunctioning brain could conjure empathy and a finding of innocence for a criminal defendant, they might just as well lead jurors and judges to opt for convictions and long sentences, the law professor says. (2010-02-20)
Early use of nicotine could increase susceptibility for life-long addiction
Nicotine exposure at a young age may alter the (2006-10-16)
Scripps Research Institute receives $5.65 million gift from philanthropist Helen Dorris
The Scripps Research Institute announced today that it has received a $5.65 million gift from Helen Dorris, a San Diego mental health advocate and founder of TSRI's Dorris Neuroscience Center. (2015-09-16)
Brandeis biologist wins top award in neuroscience
Brandeis University biology professor Eve Marder has won the Ralph W. (2005-11-23)
U of MN earns $7.9 million NIH grant to expand neuroscience research
The University of Minnesota's Center for Magnetic Resonance Research was one of four institutions in the country to receive a NIH Blueprint Grant for Neuroscience Research. (2006-10-17)
Stephanie L. Borgland and Brian E. Chen both winners of 2014 CAN Young Investigator Awards
The Canadian Association for Neuroscience is proud to announce that Stephanie Borgland, Hotchkiss Brain Institute, and Brian Chen, McGill University, are both winners of CAN Young Investigator Awards for 2014. (2014-05-07)
The brain on trial
Three prominent researchers -- Alan Leshner, Martha Farah and Jay Giedd -- discuss how neuroscience is, and should be, influencing criminal courts, from the determination of criminal responsibility to the issuing of sentences. (2011-12-12)
Penn announces $50M Penn Integrates Knowledge neurosciences initiative
The University of Pennsylvania will make a major investment in neuroscience, the interdisciplinary study of brain/behavior relationships and nervous-system diseases, with a $50 million contribution from Penn's Health System to endow five new Penn Integrates Knowledge professorships. (2008-09-18)
6th Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting, Vancouver, May 20-23, 2012
Top neuroscientists from Canada and around the world are meeting next week in Vancouver. (2012-05-14)
NIH grant to increase diversity in field of neuroscience
The National Institutes of Health awarded nearly $2.4 million Friday to University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus researcher Diego Restrepo and Elba Serrano of New Mexico State University Las Cruces to help them prepare minority students and those with disabilities for careers in neuroscience. (2010-09-24)
Neuroscience 2009 highlights new research on exercise, music and the brain
Research presented today at Neuroscience 2009, the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience and the world's largest source of emerging news about brain science and health, provides a better understanding of the brain, nervous system, and related disorders. (2009-10-18)
Afternoon slump in reward response
Activation of a reward-processing brain region peaks in the morning and evening and dips at 2 p.m., finds a study of healthy young men published in The Journal of Neuroscience. (2017-08-21)
Virginia Woolf and Neuropsychiatry
Virginia Woolf and Neuropsychiatry, written by Maxwell Bennett, one of the leaders in the field of neurosciences, provides an explanation of the symptoms and untimely suicide of one of literature's greatest authors, Virginia Woolf. (2013-01-25)
Yan Dong receives Jacob P. Waletzky Award
The Society for Neuroscience will award Yan Dong, Ph.D., of the University of Pittsburgh with the Jacob P. (2015-10-12)
Scott & White Healthcare receives designation as Neuroscience Center of Excellence
Scott & White Hospital's Neuroscience Institute in Temple is among the nation's top neuroscience programs and has been designated as a Neuroscience Center of Excellence, according to a 2006-2009 Neuroscience Center of Excellence Survey. (2010-09-16)
Researcher to present discoveries on medical uses of ultrasound to London's Royal Society
As part of the the Mind Machine Interface session, Jamie Tyler will speak on the potential medical uses and concerns regarding emerging technologies for selectively activating or inactivating populations of dysfunctional nerve cells within the brain in order to develop effective non-invasive therapies for treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders , such as ultrasound and transcranial magnetic stimulation. (2011-04-19)
Researchers identify networks of neurons in the brain that are disrupted in psychiatric disease
Studying the networks of connections in the brains of people affected by schizophrenia, bipolar disease or depression has allowed Dr. (2013-05-23)
Max Planck Florida scientist awarded Glaxo Smith Kline Neuroscience Discovery Award
The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology has honored Samuel M. (2015-06-22)
McGill partners with leading Swiss neuroscience research group
Building on its worldwide reputation as a leader in neuroscience research, McGill University today joined with two leading Swiss research institutions -- the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology -- to enhance neuroscience research in a host of areas, in fields that include pain therapy, Alzheimer's disease, synapse modeling and repair, neuroimmunology and genetic mechanisms of brain diseases. (2010-10-04)
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