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Lower risk thresholds for heart disease needed
General practitioners should use lower risk thresholds for heart disease when they are treating high blood pressure in people from ethnic minorities, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2002-11-28)
Artificial replication
A collaboration of researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of Virginia, led by Dr. (2005-11-30)
Small molecule interactions were central to the origin of life
An important new paper argues against the widely held theory that the origin of life began with the spontaneous appearance of a large, replicating molecule such as RNA. (2006-05-16)
Kumari receives service award from Association of Scientists of Indian Origin in America
Meena Kumari, associate professor of anatomy and physiology at Kansas State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, has received the 2014 Service Award from the Association of Scientists of Indian Origin in America. (2014-06-10)
Georgia Tech/Emory Center to study origin of life
The Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University have received a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to establish (2007-09-18)
Steroid doping tests ignore vital ethnic differences in hormone activity
Current steroid (testosterone) doping tests should be scrapped for international sport, because they ignore vital ethnic differences in hormone activity, suggests research published ahead of print in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. (2009-03-11)
Synthetic biology yields clues to evolution and the origin of life
Researchers in the field of synthetic biology are still a long way from being able to assemble living cells from scratch in the laboratory. (2009-02-15)
Carbonated drinks linked with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest of cardiac origin
Carbonated beverages are associated with out-of-hospital cardiac arrests of cardiac origin, according to results from the All-Japan Utstein Registry presented for the first time today at ESC Congress. (2015-09-01)
Cell of origin affects malignancy and drug sensitivity of brain tumors
Patients with glioblastoma have very poor prognosis since there are no effective therapies. (2017-01-24)
Cosmic Heritage - Evolution from the Big Bang to Conscious Life
While many books focus on a narrow window of evolution science, (2011-09-12)
Fever of unknown origin: a marker for occult cancer?
Fever of unknown origin might be a marker of occult cancer, according to research published online today by THE LANCET ONCOLOGY. (2005-09-27)
Venous origin of the mammalian lymphatic vasculature
In the Oct. 1 issue of G&D, Dr. Guillermo Oliver of St. (2007-09-30)
New Zealand's Maoris receiving more hospital care of suboptimal standard than non-Maoris
The quality of hospital care received by New Zealand's indigenous Maori population may be poorer than that received by New Zealand citizens of non-Maori origin, according to a paper in this week's issue of The Lancet. (2006-06-08)
Heart disease study highlights Scottish ethnic groups most at risk
Scots of Pakistani origin are 50 percent more likely to be admitted to hospital with chest pain and angina than those of Indian ethnicity, a study has found. (2011-12-21)
If life can make it here, it can make it anywhere
If the origin of life is common on other worlds, the universe should be a cosmic zoo full of complex multicellular organisms. (2016-07-11)
NSF grant supports research on origin of life
Virginia Tech biochemist Bob White said he wrestles with an insistent question: was earth's first life system (2011-07-07)
New research provides insights on seal species
Conservation and management efforts rely on clear definitions of populations, subspecies, and species. (2016-05-03)
New findings show that different brain tumors have the same origin
Glioma is a common name for serious brain tumors. Different types of glioma are usually diagnosed as separate diseases and have been considered to arise from different cell types in the brain. (2014-10-28)
New book, 'Origin and Evolution of Eukaryotes,' from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Eukaryotes -- organisms whose cells possess a nucleus and internal membranes -- first appeared on earth around two billion years ago, when one prokaryotic cell engulfed another. (2014-05-19)
Dartmouth researchers find the root of the evolutionary emergence of vertebrates
Dartmouth College researchers and colleagues from the University of Bristol in the U.K. have traced the beginnings of complex life, i.e. vertebrates, to microRNA. (2008-02-11)
Widely used brain cancer cell line faces identity crisis
A cell line considered to be the most commonly used in brain cancer research is different from the original patient tumor from which it was derived, say Bengt Westermark and colleagues, who first established the cell line nearly 50 years ago. (2016-08-31)
Molecules assemble in water, hint at origins of life
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are exploring an alternate theory for the origin of RNA: They think the RNA bases may have evolved from a pair of molecules distinct from the bases we have today. (2013-02-20)
Where does my beer come from?
Researchers at the University of Seville have developed a technique based on chemical patterns for identifying the country of origin of beer. (2011-12-01)
New book provides summary of research into the origins of life on Earth
A comprehensive account of research into the origins of life on Earth is provided in (2010-06-29)
Sybille Hildebrandt and Chelsea Wald awarded EGU Science Journalism Fellowship
The European Geosciences Union has named journalists Sybille Hildebrandt and Chelsea Wald as the winners of its 2014 Science Journalism Fellowship for projects on palaeontology, geochemistry and the origin of animal life, and on soil sciences and forensics, respectively. (2014-01-10)
NASA Funds New Origin Of Life Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
A NASA grant of nearly $4 million has created a center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for the study of the origin of life. (1998-07-21)
Four-billion-year-old chemistry in cells today
Parts of the primordial soup in which life arose have been maintained in our cells today according to scientists at the University of East Anglia. (2014-07-24)
Could interstellar ice provide the answer to birth of DNA?
Researchers at the University of York have shown that molecules brought to earth in meteorite strikes could potentially be converted into the building blocks of DNA. (2017-09-14)
Big diamonds have liquid metal roots, deep in the Earth
After closely inspecting massive diamonds, scientists suggest they not only have unusual sizes but also unusual origins. (2016-12-15)
Genetic based human diseases are an ancient evolutionary legacy
Evolutionary geneticists reveal that disease genes emerged very early in evolutionary history. (2008-10-16)
150 years of Darwin's landmark book spawns international conference
An international conference that will explore Darwin's contribution to biology will be convened at McMaster University, May 25-29. (2009-02-12)
NYU Chemist Supports New Theory For Origin Of Life
In a new paper and book, NYU chemist Robert Shapiro argues that the laws of nature might favor the generation of life throughout the Universe. (1999-05-12)
First digital dictionary of German surnames planned
Under the auspices of the Mainz Academy of Sciences and Literature and in collaboration with Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the Technical University in Darmstadt, a long-term project aimed at preparing the first-ever comprehensive digital dictionary of German surnames will be commenced in 2012. (2012-02-21)
New research proves single origin of humans in Africa
New research published in the journal Nature July 19 has proved the single origin of humans theory by combining studies of global genetic variations in humans with skull measurements across the world. (2007-07-18)
'Ancestral Eve' crystal may explain origin of life's left-handedness
Scientists are reporting discovery of what may be the (2010-04-21)
Winner of Origins of Life Challenge announced
In mid-2011, retired California chemist and entrepreneur Harry Lonsdale issued a challenge to the origin of life scientific community to come up with novel ideas for explaining the mechanism of life's origin, through the Origin of Life Challenge. (2012-06-06)
A 21st century adaptation of the Miller-Urey origin of life experiments
Today, January 21, JoVE, the Journal of Visualized Experiments, published a modern approach to a famed experiment that explored one of the most intriguing research questions facing scientists today -- the origin of life on earth. (2014-01-21)
When farm to table means crossing international borders
Consumers are more likely to buy meat that is identified as a US product, but that effect diminishes if they are told that processing standards in other countries are equivalent to US standards. (2015-08-03)
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