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Study examines childhood weight and obesity in adolescence
A new Pediatric Obesity study reveals how excess weight at age 3 years was associated with a higher risk of being overweight or obese at age 15 years in a study of adolescents in Japan. (2020-01-08)

Less television and more gathering around the dinner table prevents
Sitting down to a family meal more often and cutting down on television watching can help keep children from becoming overweight, according to a new University of Missouri-Columbia study. (2007-01-31)

Parents failing to recognise obesity in their children
Many parents are failing to recognise obesity and overweight problems in their children, according to a study on (2004-11-25)

Overweight and obesity linked to higher cancer risks in large Danish study
Overweight and obesity were associated with higher risks of several common cancers in a 40-year, nationwide Danish study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. (2020-01-08)

Overweight men at risk of osteoarthritis of both hip and knee
Men who are overweight or obese are much more likely need a hip replacement for osteoarthritis than men who are of normal weight, finds research published online ahead of print in Annals of Rheumatic Diseases. (2008-05-27)

Adults with overweight or obesity often don't recognize they have a weight problem
A cross-sectional analysis of NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) data found that more than 40% of U.S. adults with overweight and nearly 10% with obesity did not consider themselves to be overweight. This trend has increased over the last two decades and was especially true of non-Hispanic Blacks and persons with low socioeconomic status. The findings are published in Annals of Internal Medicine. (2020-12-01)

Overweight more harmful to the liver than alcohol in middle-aged men
Overweight carries a greatly increased risk of cirrhosis of the liver in men, reveals a new study from the Sahlgrenska Academy. (2011-06-07)

Fat children do not necessarily become fat adults
Most fat adults are not overweight as children, concludes a study in this week's BMJ, casting doubt on the widespread popular belief that fat children become fat adults. (2001-11-29)

Preterm births higher among overweight and obese mothers
Overweight and obese women are at greater risk of giving birth to a preterm baby compared with normal weight women, finds a study published on bmj.com today. (2010-07-20)

4 in 10 parents wrong on whether their child is under or overweight
More than four in 10 parents with underweight and overweight children mistakenly believe their children are in the average weight range, according to University of Melbourne research. (2008-10-19)

1 in 5 children in Sweden is overweight
Researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy -- University of Gothenburg, Sweden -- and Karolinska Institutet have carried out the first ever national study of the prevalence of overweight and obesity in schoolchildren. It reveals that one in five children in Sweden is overweight, and that there is a link between low levels of education and overweight children. (2011-03-07)

Parents blind to their children's weight
Most parents cannot recognize that their child is overweight, a Deakin University study has revealed, with a majority believing their overweight child is of normal weight. (2007-02-05)

Overweight mothers who smoke while pregnant can damage baby's heart
Mothers-to-be who are both overweight and smoke during their pregnancy risk damaging their baby's developing heart, finds research published online in Heart. (2012-01-30)

Study from England shows no garden access for young children linked to childhood obesity later in childhood
A study of 6,467 children from England -- presented at this year's annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) in Stockholm -- shows that no access to a garden at age 3-5 years is linked to an increased risk developing obesity by age 7 years. (2015-09-15)

Majority of people -- including health professionals -- struggle to identify obesity
The majority of people -- including healthcare professionals -- are unable to visually identify whether a person is a healthy weight, overweight or obese according to research by psychologists at the University of Liverpool. (2014-11-11)

Childhood overweight linked to severe obesity as an adult
Childhood overweight is associated with a significantly higher risk of severe obesity in adulthood, according to a recent study. The study findings demonstrate the importance of childhood overweight as a risk for severe obesity and mortality over the life course. However, overweight children who did not become severely obese as adults were not at greater risk of mortality. (2003-04-10)

Does a family dinner guarantee slimmer kids?
One trend that has paralleled the rise of obesity in the last two decades has been the decline in frequency of children eating dinner with their families. Elsie Taveras, instructor in the Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and colleagues surveyed the frequency of family dinner among more than 14,400 9- to 14-year-olds and incidence of overweight. (2005-05-25)

USC study finds links between obesity and adolescents' social networks
Researchers from the Institute of Prevention Research at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California found in a recent study that overweight youth were twice as likely to have overweight friends. (2009-07-16)

When talking about body size, African-American women and doctors may be speaking different languages
African-American women and their female children have the highest obesity prevalence of any demographic group and are more likely to underestimate their body weight than white women. Yet, according to new research from Rush University Medical Center, cultural norms for body size may prevent awareness among many African-American women about the potential health benefits they and others in their cultural group might achieve through weight loss. (2014-09-10)

Small BMI change in overweight children could have big blood pressure impact
Small changes in weight can make bigger differences in the blood pressure for overweight children, compared to those at normal weight, according to a new study. (2010-10-15)

Excess weight during pre-school linked to higher bone fracture risk
Pre-school children who are overweight or obese have a higher risk of bone fractures during childhood than normal weight preschoolers, according to a study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. (2020-04-08)

Overweight is 20 percent among Los Angeles County public school children
After analyzing body mass index (BMI) data from 280,630 students in the 5th, 7th, and 9th grades in Los Angeles County (LAC), California, public school system, researchers reported an overall prevalence of overweight of slightly more than 20 percent, according to a study presented at the national meeting of the American College of Preventive Medicine in San Diego. (2003-02-21)

Predictors Of Overweight And Overfatness In A Multiethnic Pediatric Population
Weight and body fat were measured in more than 5,000 multiethnic children at age 9 and again at age 11. Obese children sustained high total cholesterol and low HDL, both of which are cardiac risk factors. Childhood obesity is associated with cardiac risk factors which predict developing heart disease in adulthood. (1998-04-02)

Does antibiotic use during pregnancy and infancy impact childhood obesity?
New findings published in Obesity reveal that use of antibiotics during pregnancy does not appear to affect children's weight in subsequent years, but use during infancy may increase their risk of becoming overweight or obese. (2020-03-04)

Overweight kids experience more loneliness, anxiety, MU study finds
As childhood obesity rates continue to increase, experts agree that more information is needed about the implications of being overweight as a step toward reversing current trends. Now, a new University of Missouri study has found that overweight children, especially girls, show signs of the negative consequences of being overweight as early as kindergarten. (2009-07-02)

Study finds hospital-diagnosed overweight or obesity linked with markedly higher risk of death over 40 years
Individuals whose overweight or obesity is diagnosed in hospital are 60% more likely to die compared to the general population, according to a nationwide Danish study that followed over 1.9 million people for up to 40 years, being presented at The European and International Congress on Obesity (ECOICO), held online this year from 1-4 September. (2020-09-02)

Obesity and stress pack a double hit for health
If you're overweight, you may be at greater risk for stress-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, according to a new study by Brandeis University. In a recently published paper in Brain, Behavior and Immunity, Brandeis researchers observed that overweight and obese individuals have higher levels of stress-induced inflammation than those within a healthy weight-range. (2014-09-22)

Moms fail to recognize obesity in their preschoolers
Most efforts to prevent obesity in childhood aren't likely to be successful, if results of a survey of mothers of overweight preschool children are any indication. The Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati study shows that only 21 percent of mothers of overweight preschoolers feel their children are overweight - a misperception that is even more common in mothers with less education. (2000-12-03)

Latest report shows prevalence of overweight among children and obesity among adults not decreasing
The high levels of overweight among children and obesity among adults remain a major public health concern, according to a report in the June 16 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). (2004-06-15)

Prevalence of overweight increasing in young children from low-income families
The prevalence of overweight increased from 1989 to 2000 in children aged two to four years from low-income families, according to an article in the December issue of The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. (2004-12-06)

Abundant screen time linked with overweight among children
A recently completed study indicates that Finnish children who spend a lot of time in front of screens have a heightened risk for overweight and abdominal obesity, regardless of the extent of their physical activity. (2019-08-09)

New ammunition in the fight against type 2 diabetes
Gastric banding can play a vital role in the treatment of type 2 diabetes in people who are overweight and not obese, according to new research. (2014-04-07)

One in 4 UK show dogs competing at Crufts is overweight
One in four dogs competing in the world's largest canine show (Crufts) is overweight, despite the perception that entrants are supposed to represent ideal specimens of their breed, reveals research published online in Veterinary Record. (2015-07-13)

Being overweight when entering kindergarten linked to behavior problems in girls
Overweight is associated with behavior problems among girls entering kindergarten, but not boys, according to an article in the August issue of The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, a theme issue on mental health and one of the JAMA/Archives journals. (2004-08-02)

Electrical switch during labour could be faulty in overweight women
Researchers have identified an electrical switch in the muscle of the uterus that plays a key role in the progression into labour. Crucially, the discovery, published today in the journal Nature Communications, shows that women who are overweight have a faulty switch. The finding may explain why overweight women have a higher likelihood of irregular contractions and are more likely to require a caesarean section than other women. (2014-06-17)

Be overweight and live longer
Contrary to what was previously assumed, overweight is not increasing the overall death rate in the German population. Matthias Lenz of the faculty of mathematics, computer science, and natural sciences of the University of Hamburg and his co-authors present these and other results in the current issue of Deutsches Artzeblatt International. (2009-10-16)

Being overweight linked to longer life in older diabetics
Among older patients with diabetes, those who are overweight or obese may have a lower risk of dying prematurely than their normal weight counterparts. The finding comes from a recent analysis of published studies. (2017-06-09)

Study suggests too much screen time and not enough physical activity may lead to childhood obesity
The American Academy of Pediatrics has made the following recommendations: 1) boys should take at least 13,000 steps a day; 2) girls should take at least 11,000 steps a day; and 3) children should limit total screen time to two hours a day. A new study soon to be published in the Journal of Pediatrics evaluates these recommendations and the combined influence of screen time and physical activity on a child's risk of being overweight. (2008-04-16)

Systematic review shows risk of a child developing overweight or obesity is more than trebled by maternal obesity prior to pregnancy
New research presented at this year's European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Glasgow, Scotland (April 28- May 1) reveals that the risk of a child becoming overweight or obese is more than trebled by maternal obesity prior to getting pregnant. The study is by Dr. Nicola Heslehurst, Institute of Health & Society, Newcastle University, UK, and colleagues. (2019-04-29)

Overweight boys at greater risk of colon cancer as adults, but losing weight may modify risk
New research presented at this year's European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Porto, Portugal (May 17-20) suggests that overweight boys may be at greater risk of colon (bowel) cancer when they grow up than their slimmer friends. However, overweight boys who shed the pounds and achieve a healthy weight by young adulthood do not appear to be at increased risk of colon cancer as adults. (2017-05-19)

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