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Clues to climate cycles dug from south pole snow pit
Particles from the upper atmosphere trapped in a deep pile of Antarctic snow hold clear chemical traces of global meteorological events, a team from the University of California, San Diego and a colleague from France have found. Anomalies in oxygen found in sulfate particles coincide with several episodes of the world-wide disruption of weather known as El Nino and can be distinguished from similar signals left by the eruption of huge volcanoes, the team reports. (2013-02-25)

High pollution levels linked to increase in heart attack risk
High levels of pollution could increase the risk of having a heart attack for up to six hours after exposure, finds research published on bmj.com today. (2011-09-20)

Global rivers emit 3 times IPCC estimates of greenhouse gas nitrous oxide
What goes in must come out, a truism that now may be applied to global river networks. Human-caused nitrogen loading to river networks is a potentially important source of nitrous oxide emission to the atmosphere. Nitrous oxide is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change and stratospheric ozone destruction. (2010-12-20)

New NASA satellite maps show human fingerprint on global air quality
Using new, high-resolution global satellite maps of air quality indicators, NASA scientists tracked air pollution trends over the last decade in various regions and 195 cities around the globe. (2015-12-14)

Carbon, nitrogen link may provide new ways to mitigate pollution problems
A new study exploring the growing worldwide problem of nitrogen pollution from soils to the sea shows that global ratios of nitrogen and carbon in the environment are inexorably linked, a finding that may lead to new strategies to help mitigate regional problems ranging from contaminated waterways to human health. (2010-04-21)

So that's why we're allergic to sun creams
What happens to sunscreens when they are exposed to sunlight? And how is the skin affected by the degradation products that form? This has been the subject of research at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology that will be presented at the upcoming dermatologist conference in Gothenburg. (2010-10-10)

Termite insecticide a potent greenhouse gas
An insecticide used to fumigate termite-infested buildings is a strong greenhouse gas that lives in the atmosphere nearly 10 times longer than previously thought, UC Irvine research has found. (2009-01-21)

Tel Aviv University invention busts dust
A new sensor from Tel Aviv University, (2009-09-22)

Evacuation flight lands safely at South Pole
A twin-engine plane has successfully completed an historic 1,300-mile Antarctic flight to the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, bringing a new physician to replace Dr. Ronald Shemenski. (2001-04-24)

Tiny particles increase in air with ethanol-to-gasoline switch
The concentration of ultrafine particles less than 50 nanometers in diameter rose by one-third in the air of São Paulo, Brazil, when higher ethanol prices induced drivers to switch from ethanol to gasoline, according to a new study by a Northwestern University chemist, a National University of Singapore economist and two University of São Paulo physicists. The research team also found when drivers switched back to ethanol because prices had gone down, the concentration of ultrafine particles also went down. (2017-07-17)

Washington-area chemist wins national award for free-radical research
Marilyn Jacox of Gaithersburg, Md., will be honored March 25 by the American Chemical Society for broadening our understanding of free radicals, highly reactive molecules made both in nature and by humans. She will receive the 2003 E. Bright Wilson Award in Spectroscopy at the Society's national meeting in New Orleans. (2003-03-04)

AGU Fall Meeting - media advisory 4
Fall Meeting press conference will number 15-20 and cover a wide range of Earth and space science discoveries. The Who's Coming and field trip participation lists are updated. The News Media Registration Form is provided. (2005-11-10)

Predicted environmental changes could significantly reduce global production of vegetables
The global production of vegetables and legumes, which are an important part of healthy diets, could be significantly reduced through predicted future changes to the environment, according to new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (2018-06-11)

Micro-cavity arrays: Lighting the way to the future
A research team funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research has pioneered the use of micro-plasmas in a revolutionary approach to illumination, and Drs. Gary Eden and Sung-Jin Park of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, have founded Eden Park Illumination, Inc. to bring this new lighting technology to the world. (2011-11-17)

Widespread electric vehicle adoption would save billions of dollars, thousands of lives
A new study found that if EVs replaced 25% of combustion-engine cars currently on the road, the United States would save approximately $17 billion annually by avoiding damages from climate change and air pollution. In more aggressive scenarios -- replacing 75% of cars with EVs and increasing renewable energy generation -- savings could reach as much as $70 billion annually. (2020-08-17)

The sun's chilly impact on Earth
A new NASA computer climate model reinforces the long-standing theory that low solar activity could have changed the atmospheric circulation in the Northern Hemisphere from the 1400s to the 1700s and triggered a (2001-12-07)

Plasma Technology For Cold Cleanups
Using free radicals generated from a cold plasma, Los Alamos scientists and their industrial partners have demonstrated a novel approach to environmental cleanups. The process is likened to incineration without the heat. (1996-06-10)

Long-term monitoring is essential to effective environmental policy
Environmental policy guided by science saves lives, money, and ecosystems. So reports a team of eleven senior researchers in Environmental Science and Policy. Using air pollution in the United States as a case study, they highlight the success of cleanup strategies backed by long-term environmental monitoring. (2018-03-16)

Month-long study by UH targets improved air quality forecasting
University of Houston researchers are taking part in an air quality study to help scientists understand how to better interpret and forecast air quality using satellite data and numerical models. The project's goal is to help researchers design and build better pollution sensors to be launched aboard satellites, resulting in a better understanding of pollution distribution across large areas and better tracking its movement. The effort is part of the DISCOVER-AQ NASA air quality study. (2013-09-26)

AGU journal highlights -- April 22, 2008
In this issue: Cooling a climate disagreement; Southern skies sensitive to ozone variation; Do surges trigger geomagnetic substorms?; Model warns early of Indonesia, Australia drought; Corals reveal oceans' carbon reservoir age; Unusual tremor jiggles Mexican zone. (2008-04-22)

A new permafrost gas mysterium
Permafrost thaw allows biological activity in previously frozen ground, leading to a potential release of climate-relevant gases. We have heard about carbon dioxide and the potential 'methane bomb', but what about other gases? A new study from University of Copenhagen shows that soil microorganisms play an important role. (2018-08-24)

NASA Langley Research Center 1999 Fall AGU tip sheet
NASA Langley Research Center scientists will report on new atmospheric science discoveries and areas of exploration at the 1999 American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco the week of December 13-17. Abstracts of scheduled papers and poster sessions follow. (1999-12-07)

UCSD chemists find extraterrestrial 'anomaly' in Earth's rocks
Chemists at the University of California, San Diego have discovered an isotope anomaly previously thought unique to meteorites and other extraterrestrial rocks in sulfate minerals on Earth. (2000-07-11)

US Department of State names UCI atmospheric scientist a Jefferson Science Fellow
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has announced that Michael Prather, an internationally recognized UC Irvine expert on global climate change, is one of only five 2005-06 Jefferson Science Fellows selected by the U.S. Department of State. (2005-05-25)

Tropical cloud 'dust' could hold the key to climate change
Scientists at the University of Manchester will set off for Australia this week to undertake an in-depth study of tropical clouds and the particles sucked up into them to gain further insight into climate change and the depletion of the ozone layer. (2005-10-26)

Cool sounds
Funded in part by Ben & Jerry's, Penn State researchers have developed a prototype refrigerator that uses sound and environmentally inert gases to chill objects. (2002-12-04)

Study shows vitamin C is essential for plant growth
Scientists from the University of Exeter and Shimane University in Japan have proved for the first time that vitamin C is essential for plant growth. This discovery could have implications for agriculture and for the production of vitamin C dietary supplements. (2007-09-23)

How #ScientistsWarningtoHumanity signed up 15,000 scientists
Twenty-five years ago, a majority of the world's Nobel Laureates united to sign a warning letter about the Earth; today, scientists have taken grassroots action, with a scorecard -- created in the United States and seeded in Australia going viral and continuing to gain signatures -- showing that of nine areas only one has improved. More than 15,000 scientists have signed this latest second warning -- an overwhelming response initially stemming from a few tweets. (2017-11-13)

Cornell researchers uncover fresh role for nitric oxide
Cornell University chemists have uncovered a fresh role for nitric oxide that could send biochemical textbooks back for revision. (2017-07-19)

NASA sees typhoon Bavi from one million miles away
Typhoon Bavi is a large storm moving through the Yellow Sea. A NASA camera captured an image of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean that showed Bavi headed north. (2020-08-26)

Study to determine if air pollution accelerates development of cardiovascular disease
Piggybacking on a major national study, scientists at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and several other centers will try to determine the degree to which air pollution accelerates development of cardiovascular diseases. (2005-07-06)

New study shows dominance of local air pollution sources in Delhi
The University of Surrey has revealed results from a new, comprehensive study that suggests that activities such as construction and vehicle traffic contribute significantly to the Delhi National Capital Region's high concentrations of harmful air pollutants and gases. (2020-01-09)

Ecosystem effects of biodiversity loss could rival impacts of climate change, pollution
Loss of biodiversity appears to impact ecosystems as much as climate change, pollution and other major forms of environmental stress, according to a new study from an international research team. (2012-05-02)

MetOp launch set for June 2006
MetOp-A, planned to be launched on 30 June 2006, will be Europe's first polar-orbiting satellite dedicated to operational meteorology. Designed and developed by ESA in partnership with EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites), MetOp will provide invaluable data services for improving weather forecasts and climate monitoring. (2006-02-23)

Former Washington Post reporter wins top chemistry reporting award
Former Washington Post reporter Curt Suplee has been named the 2002 recipient of the American Chemical Society's James T. Grady-James H. Stack Award for Interpreting Chemistry for the Public. Suplee will be honored at a luncheon at the National Press Club on Oct. 12. (2001-10-01)

Air quality forecasts see future in space
Weather broadcasts have long been a staple for people planning their day. Now with the help of NASA satellites, researchers are working to broaden daily forecasts to include predictions of air quality, a feat that is becoming reality in some parts of the world. (2007-12-13)

Culprit hidden in plain sight in Alzheimer disease development
A new study by researchers at the University of Montana, Universidad del Valle de México, Instituto Nacional de Pediatría, Boise State, and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, heightens concerns over the detrimental short- and long-term impact of airborne iron-rich strongly magnetic combustion-derived nanoparticles present in young urbanites' brains. (2017-06-08)

Nobel prize winner Mario Molina to speak at world's largest scientific society meeting
Dr. Mario Molina, Nobelist and environmental science professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will speak at the 219th national meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco. Molina's talk, (2000-03-20)

Study: Ice forms a perfect crystal, becomes ferroelectric
Chemists at Ohio State and elsewhere may have settled a 70-year-old scientific debate on the fundamental nature of ice. A new statistical analysis mechanical theory has confirmed what some scientists only suspected before: that under the right conditions, molecules of water can freeze together in just the right way to form a perfect crystal. And once frozen, that ice can be manipulated by electric fields in the same way that magnets respond to magnetic fields. (2004-03-31)

Breath of the dragon: ERS-2 and Envisat reveal impact of economic growth on China's air quality
China's spectacular economic growth during the last decade has brought many benefits - and some challenges. Global atmospheric mapping of nitrogen dioxide pollution performed by ERS-2's GOME and Envisat's SCIAMACHY reveals the world's largest amount of NO2 hanging above Beijing and northeast China, as reported in Nature this week. (2005-09-01)

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