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Cannabinoids give no more pain relief than codeine tablets
Cannabinoids (the active substances in cannabis) are no more effective than conventional analgesics in controlling pain and have undesirable side effects, concludes a study in this week's BMJ. Their introduction into mainstream clinical practice for pain management is therefore undesirable, report the authors. (2001-07-06)

Mind over matter
Chronic pain plagues thousands of individuals. Kent State researchers have determined guided imagery techniques are an affective supplement to medication therapy in the alleviation and control of chronic pain. (2006-08-28)

Loyola study finds women suffer more neck pain than men
Women are 1.38 times more likely than men to report neck pain due to cervical degenerative disc disease, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine in Palm Springs, Calif. (2016-03-08)

Less than one-third of painful procedures for children in hospital associated with documented pain relief
Less than one-third of painful procedures performed on children in hospital were associated with documentation of a specific strategy to help manage pain, according to an article in CMAJ. (2011-04-04)

Cedars-Sinai Medical Tipsheet (B) For March 29
  1. Prenatal program pushes the frontiers of diagnosis from the second trimester into the first
  2. New, better medications can nip allergy season in the bud
  3. Housewide pain management initiative designed to effect faster healing by reducing pain

How best to treat chronic pain? The jury is still out
A review of recent studies on pain medicine appearing in the June 2008 issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine reports that while various approaches and combinations of therapies to treat pain have advantages and disadvantages, researchers don't yet know how to determine which is best for individual patients. (2008-06-05)

Continuous pain is often not assessed during neonatal intensive care
In an analysis of 243 neonatal intensive care units from 18 European countries, investigators found that only 2113 of 6648 (31.8 percent) newborns were assessed for prolonged, continuous pain. Daily assessments of continuous pain occurred in only 10.4 percent of newborns. (2017-03-06)

Anxiety trait linked to post-operative pain in men following total knee replacement
In new research, men with anxiety traits were more likely to report post-operative pain ratings following total knee replacement (TKR) resulting in longer hospital stays, and women generally reported higher post-operative pain levels than men and were less satisfied with pain control. (2012-02-08)

Pain management of hemiplegic shoulder pain post stroke
The incidence of shoulder pain post stroke was high. Thus, it is clinically significant to study the onset characteristics and pain management. (2013-10-30)

Effectiveness of the WHO cancer pain relief guidelines published by Dove Medical Press
The WHO guidelines have been successful in making pain relief knowledge more available, but from a moral and ethical standpoint these guidelines need to be promoted and examined until adequate pain relief is reported in all possible cancer pain patients. (2016-07-25)

Easing the pain
Combining nortriptyline and morphine provides better pain relief than using either drug alone, according to a new study led by Queen's researcher Ian Gilron. (2015-04-07)

Community-based program improves depression in chronic pain patients
A community-based pain management programme for patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain has improved depression and social integration, according to a study led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). (2016-06-14)

American Pain Society 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting 3/20-23/03 in Chicago
The 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Pain Society will be held March 20-23, 2003 at the Hyett Regency in Chicago. Some key topics will include: Racial & Ethnically based Disparities in Pain Management; Opioid Therapy at the Crossroads; Fibromyalgia: Current Understanding & Future Directions. Reporters interested in attending please contact Chuck Weber to register. (2003-03-11)

Children's Hospital Boston's Pain Treatment Service is named Clinical Center of Excellence
Children's Hospital Boston's Pain Treatment Service has been named a (2010-04-02)

Where pain lives: Managing chronic pain tougher in poor neighborhoods
Study by University of Michigan Health System shows race and neighborhood status impact pain management and suggests doctors may need to be more aware of a patient's life circumstances when treating their chronic pain. (2012-03-01)

Arthritis self-management does not reduce pain levels or GP visits
Self-management programs for people with osteoarthritis do not reduce pain, or the number of visits patients make to their GP, a new study reveals today. (2006-10-13)

Terminology of chronic pain published by Dove Medical Press
Clinicians and society as a whole need to appreciate language's potential to further stigmatize and marginalize all patients suffering from chronic pain, and accordingly we are obligated to work toward a more language-neutral system of pain classification. (2016-02-08)

What's the best way for patients with inflammatory bowel disease to address abdominal pain
When researchers analyzed published studies on how to treat recurrent abdominal pain among patients with inflammatory bowel disease, which includes Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, stress management appeared to be a promising strategy. (2017-05-09)

National summit on pain management to discuss new standards for pain assessment and treatment
Leaders of U.S. health care organizations will convene for the Leadership Summit on Pain Management on Monday, May 22 in Chicago and Monday, July 31 in Los Angeles to discuss new pain management standards from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations that will be required of nearly 18,000 accredited health care provider organizations. The Joint Commission, in collaboration with the American Pain Society, is convening the summits. (2000-05-10)

Patient satisfaction with pain management linked to nurse staffing
Hospital patients' satisfaction with pain management is linked to nurse staffing, according to an article authored by nurse researchers from the Connell School of Nursing at Boston College and published in the journal Pain Management Nursing. (2017-09-06)

Foot, knee and hip pain a problem in obese children
Pain in the lower extremities -- feet, ankles, knees and hips -- contributes to both poor physical function and a reduced quality of life in obese children, according to a new study by Dr. Sharon Bout-Tabaku and colleagues, from Nationwide Children's Hospital and The Ohio State University in the US. Their findings appear online in Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, published by Springer. (2012-10-16)

Study finds no link between sleep apnea and joint pain
Consistent with previous reports, poor sleep quality was linked with joint pain in a recent Arthritis Care & Research study of the general population, but the study found no association between obstructive sleep apnea and pain or daytime sleepiness. This lack of association between pain and sleep apnea is surprising given the established link between pain and poor sleep quality. (2016-08-01)

Methodologies in orthodontic pain mangement: A review
Patients experience pain and discomfort during active orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances. It can vary from person to person and is influenced by certain factors such as age, gender, previous pain experiences, stress or anxiety, and type of appliance. (2017-11-16)

Black, Hispanic women report more pain postpartum but receive less opioid medication
Non-Hispanic black and Hispanic women were significantly more likely to report higher pain scores compared to non-Hispanic white women during the postpartum period. But despite higher pain scores, black and Hispanic women received significantly fewer morphine milligram equivalents (a measurement of opioids) than white patients and were significantly less likely to receive a prescription for an opioid at postpartum discharge, a new study found. The study shows black and Hispanic women experience disparities in pain management in postpartum care. (2019-11-06)

No pain in the hospital -- wishful thinking or reality?
More than 80 percent of hospitalized patients suffer more severe pain than necessary. This is the conclusion of Christoph Maier (Bochum University Hospital, Bochum, Germany) and his coauthors in their interim report of the Pain-Free Hospital Project, which appears in the current issue of Deutsches Aerzteblatt International. The project, which was initiated in 2003, has the goal of improving pain management in hospitals across Germany. (2010-09-20)

Georgia State neuroscientist receives $1.8 million NIH grant to investigate pain treatment for elderly
Dr. Anne Murphy, a biologist of Georgia State University, has received a five-year, $1.8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to investigate pain management therapies for people aged 65 or older. (2017-02-08)

New McGill research shows mice capable of empathy
A new study by McGill University Professor of Psychology Dr. Jeffrey Mogil shows that the capacity for empathy, previously suspected but unproven even among higher primates, is also evident in lower mammals. (2006-06-29)

Nerve stimulation may benefit women with fibromyalgia
Published in Arthritis & Rheumatology, a treatment involving electrical nerve stimulation helped women with fibromyalgia in a recent clinical trial. (2020-01-06)

No clear evidence that antidepressants assist in the management of chronic low back pain
Doctors commonly prescribe antidepressants for patients with low back pain for three main reasons; to relieve pain; reduce mild depression and improve a person's mood; and improve sleep. Despite this, the use of antidepressants in low back pain is controversial with different studies arriving at different conclusions. (2008-01-22)

Limit sucrose as painkiller for newborns
Using sucrose to reduce pain in newborns undergoing painful procedures should be limited to babies having blood taken for the newborn screening test but not for intramuscular injections. (2008-06-30)

Knee pain not linked with activity levels in adults with knee osteoarthritis
Knee pain was not associated with daily walking levels in an Arthritis Care & Research study of individuals with mild to moderate symptomatic knee osteoarthritis. (2019-03-06)

Many cancer patients receive insufficient pain management therapy
Pain is one of the most common symptoms of cancer patients, yet many of them do not receive adequate therapy for the pain caused by their disease or treatments, according to a study in the Sept. 1 issue of the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, the official journal of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. (2008-09-09)

Ibuprofen better choice to relieve fracture pain in children than oral morphine
Although ibuprofen and oral morphine both provide effective pain relief for children with broken limbs, ibuprofen is the recommended choice because of adverse events associated with oral morphine, according to a randomized trial published in CMAJ. (2014-10-27)

Better chronic pain management
Pain care management needs to be improved, with health care professionals committing to improve care as well as a retooling of the health care system to help people who are suffering, states an editorial in CMAJ. (2011-08-15)

Inhaled pain relief in early labor is safe and effective
Inhaled pain relief appears to be effective in reducing pain intensity and in giving pain relief in the first stage of labor, say Cochrane researchers. These conclusions came from a systematic review that drew data from 26 separate studies that involved a total of 2,959 women, and are published in the Cochrane Library. (2012-09-11)

Improving pain care through implementation of the Stepped Care Model for Pain Management
A new study published in the Journal of Pain Research provides evidence that implementation of a Stepped Care Model for Pain Management has the potential to more adequately treat chronic pain. (2016-11-14)

New mobile app helps migraine sufferers track and analyze pain
A new iPhone app developed at the University of Michigan lets migraine or facial pain patients easily track and record their pain, which in turn helps the treating clinician develop a pain management plan. (2012-11-05)

Study: Why people with knee osteoarthritis experience different kinds of pain
People with more pain sensitization were more likely to suffer from constant and unpredictable pain, rather than just intermittent pain. This study has identified for the first time a potential underlying mechanism in the nervous system responsible for why people experience varying pain patterns with knee osteoarthritis. (2020-09-04)

Low-level heat wrap therapy safely reduces low back pain and improves mobility in the workplace
The use of continuous low-level heat wrap therapy (CLHT) significantly reduces acute low back pain and related disability and improves occupational performance of employees in physically demanding jobs suffering from acute low back pain, according to a Johns Hopkins study published in the December 2005 issue of The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. (2006-01-19)

Chronic pain should be considered a disease
The concept that chronic pain is a disease in its own right is leading to new specific treatments aimed at physical, psychological, and environmental components of this major disease, including genetic predisposition, according to a world renowned pain medicine expert. (2008-02-15)

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