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A step towards palliative care policy in Africa
ecancer's latest Special Issue provides an update on rapidly evolving developments in palliative cancer care in Africa. (2016-07-07)

Palliative care and legal euthanasia can be mutually beneficial
Supporters of legalizing euthanasia and those who wish to develop better palliative care services can help each other, according to a study published today on (2008-04-17)

ESMO recognizes centers of excellence in palliative care for cancer patients
The prestigious (2009-09-22)

Does Palliative Care Have A Role In treatment Of Anorexia Nervosa?
A patient with longstanding and severe anorexia nervosa who was transferred from a psychiatric unit to a hospice, where she died. Dr. Christopher Williams et al from St. James's University Hospital in Leeds argue that patients with anorexia should be actively treated, whereas Dr. Lynne Russon and Dr. Dawn Alison from the palliative care team at the same hospital put forward the case for palliative care. (1998-07-17)

Involving other providers in palliative care may help meet growing demand
As baby-boomers age and the number of people with serious chronic illnesses rises, demand for experts in palliative medicine is sure to outstrip supply. In a perspective published in today's New England Journal of Medicine, Timothy E. Quill, M.D., president of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, suggests that arming generalists and other specialists with primary palliative care skills is a practical, cost-effective and sustainable way to expand the delivery of palliative care. (2013-03-06)

It's time to allow people to die at home with dignity
People with terminal conditions should be able to die at home with dignity, say researchers in this week's BMJ. (2004-11-04)

Experts in pediatric palliative care to discuss challenges in this emerging field
In a two-hour seminar at 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 15 at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition in Boston, experts will discuss current challenges in pediatric hospice and palliative care (2011-10-15)

Misunderstanding of palliative care leads to preventable suffering
A new review says palliative care's association with end of life has created an (2013-12-13)

Call for palliative care to be adapted for severely ill Covid-19 patients
Emergency-style palliative care needs to implemented to meet the needs of Covid-19 patients who wouldn't benefit from a ventilator say researchers. This is the first time that palliative care has been examined in the light of the current global pandemic. The researchers describe the challenges of providing palliative care where resources are stretched and demand is high, based on their experiences at a hospital. (2020-04-16)

Palliative care viewed as a stigma, despite improving quality of life
The term palliative care carries a stigma for patients and their caregivers, who regard it as synonymous with impending death. Education, and possibly a name change, will be necessary to be able to integrate palliative care into routine advanced cancer care, according to new research in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). (2016-04-18)

Palliative Medicine to be official journal of the Association for Palliative Medicine
SAGE has today announced that the flagship medical journal Palliative Medicine is to become the official journal of the Association for Palliative Medicine. (2009-06-04)

Better care of sickest patients can actually save hospitals money, says largest study of its kind
A new study finds that hospitals can save more than $300 a day taking care of seriously ill patients while giving them even better care. The Archives of Internal Medicine will publish the study by the Center to Advance Palliative Care and National Palliative Care Research Center in its Sept. 8 issue. (2008-09-08)

Major changes needed to improve palliative care in Canada
Canada's approach to palliative care must be broadened to offer support to people with serious chronic illnesses other than cancer, states an analysis in CMAJ. (2016-08-22)

Hospital palliative care programs continue rapid growth
Hospitals continue to implement palliative care programs at a rapid pace, according to a Center to Advance Palliative Care analysis of the latest data released in the 2006 American Hospital Association Annual Survey of Hospitals. (2006-12-07)

Hospital-based specialist palliative care may slightly improve patient experience and increase their chances of dying in their preferred place (measured by home death)
A Cochrane Review into the effectiveness of hospital-based specialist palliative care has found evidence that when compared to usual care, it may slightly improve patient satisfaction and depression, and increase the chances of patients dying in their preferred place (measured by home death). (2020-09-30)

'Mystery shopper' study finds barriers to palliative care at major cancer centers
A team of researchers, using a novel approach, found that while many cancer centers offer palliative and supportive care services, patients may face challenges when trying to access them. (2016-09-06)

Where you live matters when you're seriously ill
America does a mediocre job caring for its sickest people. The nation, says a new report, gets a C. Only Vermont, Montana and New Hampshire earned an A, according to America's Care of Serious Illness: A State-by-State Report Card on Access to Palliative Care in Our Nation's Hospitals, a report based on a study in the October issue of the Journal of Palliative Medicine. (2008-10-02)

Early palliative care improves coping, quality of life for patients with incurable cancers
A randomized clinical trial found that introducing palliative care shortly after a diagnosis of certain metastatic cancers greatly increases a patient's coping abilities, as well as overall quality of life. (2016-09-06)

Navigating the spheres of assisted death
The issues of assisted death and palliative care in Canada should be discussed in the context of human rights, states a commentary published in Canadian Medical Association Journal. (2011-01-31)

Patients call for health professionals to discuss care needs in life-threatening illnesses
Patients with COPD would like healthcare professionals to discuss palliative care needs in more detail, according to a new study. (2014-09-06)

Less futile end-of-life care observed where palliative care knowledge is greater
The greater a director of nursing's knowledge of palliative care the lower the likelihood that nursing home patients will experience futile, aggressive end-of-life care, according to a new large national study. The association was evident whether or not hospice care was available. (2015-03-20)

Georgia hospitals lag in palliative care for the seriously ill, UGA study finds
Hospitals across the nation are increasingly implementing palliative care programs to help patients manage the physical and emotional burdens of serious illnesses, but a new University of Georgia study finds that 82 percent of the state's hospitals do not offer palliative care services. (2011-07-11)

Prediction system significantly increases palliative care consults
A trigger system powered by predictive analytics increased palliative care consultations by 75 percent after its implementation (2019-09-25)

Prescription for palliative care: 4 points to improve discussions about dying
In an editorial appearing in the October 25 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, medical oncologists at Johns Hopkins and Brigham and Women's hospitals provide a four-point plan for integrating palliative care discussions throughout the treatment of patients with terminal illnesses. (2012-10-24)

10th anniversary of ESMO Designated Centres program to improve palliative care services
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the European Society for Medical Oncology Designated Centres of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care programme. (2013-09-20)

Although most cancer centers have palliative care programs, scope of services varies widely
Palliative care services are available at most US cancer centers, although the scope of services offered and the degree of integration between palliative care and oncology care varies widely among centers, according to a study in the March 17 issue of JAMA, a theme issue on cancer. (2010-03-16)

Dying from dementia
In an editorial in the Oct. 15, 2009, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, Greg Sachs, M.D., professor of medicine and director of the Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine and a Regenstrief Institute investigator, notes that end-of-life care for most older adults with dementia has not changed in decades and urges that these individuals be provided far greater access to palliative care, the management of pain and other symptoms. (2009-10-14)

IPAL-EM launches to improve palliative care in emergency medicine
A new national initiative, IPAL-EM (Improving Palliative Care in Emergency Medicine) will integrate and increase the use of palliative care when seriously ill patients are admitted to the emergency department. Supported by the Center to Advance Palliative Care and the Olive Branch Foundation, the new initiative will focus on areas of common ground. (2011-11-10)

Research examines benefits of palliative care in heart failure treatment
University of Pittsburgh and UPMC researchers reviewed existing evidence and found that heart failure patients receive significantly less palliative care than patients with other illnesses, despite evidence that such care improves symptom management and quality of life. (2017-10-18)

Referrals to palliative care come too late to improve quality of life for cancer patients
Referrals to palliative care often come too late to improve quality of life for patients with cancer, a new study has found. A survey of family members of people who have died of cancer in Japan found that nearly half of respondents believed that referrals to palliative care were given too late in the course of the illness. (2005-02-22)

New study shows palliative care programs surging trend in US hospitals
A study released today in the Journal of Palliative Medicine confirmed that palliative care programs continue to be a rapidly growing trend in US hospitals - a trend widely regarded to be an improvement in the quality of care of advanced, chronic illness. (2005-12-12)

Early palliative care can cut hospital readmissions for cancer patients
Doctors at Duke University Hospital have developed a new collaborative model in cancer care that reduced the rates at which patients were sent to intensive care or readmitted to the hospital after discharge. The Duke researchers shared their findings today at the Palliative Care in Oncology Symposium sponsored by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. (2014-10-21)

Palliative care for patients with dementia more available but still not adequate
A new national survey conducted by researchers from Indiana University and the Regenstrief Institute has found that while palliative care may be available for those with dementia, there are significant barriers to providing or receiving services to relieve the pain, eating difficulties and other symptoms associated with dementia. (2010-11-15)

Early palliative care linked to shorter stays in intensive care
Early palliative care can reduce the length of stay for seriously ill patients in the medical intensive care unit by more than seven days without having an impact on mortality rates, according to a study in the June issue of Critical Care Medicine. (2007-06-13)

Important new research on early palliative care for advanced cancer patients published
Researchers at Trinity College Dublin and Mount Sinai in New York have just published new research which for the first time provides strong evidence on the economic benefits of early palliative care intervention for people with an advanced cancer diagnosis. Their findings were published today in the highly esteemed international peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Oncology. (2015-06-08)

Early access to palliative care associated with better quality of life
Patients with advanced cancer have a significantly better quality of life in the weeks before they die if they receive early access to palliative care, according to research published today. (2018-01-31)

Changing how America deals with living and dying
UC Davis Medical Center today was named a Circle of Life Award winner. It was recognized for its West Coast Center for Palliative Care Education and Research, a program of the UC Davis School of Medicine that improves the care of patients near the end of life or with life-threatening conditions. (2003-07-14)

New palliative care model shown to reduce costs without compromising on quality of care
Findings from a large-scale clinical trial testing a new palliative care model have shown to be lower cost, viewed positively by patients and their carers while showing no difference in patient-reported outcomes when compared with standard care. (2020-08-28)

Hospice and palliative care providers unite to discuss
The premier meeting for health care providers who care for patients with life-limiting illnesses will provide disease updates as well as sessions on the latest advances in clinical research, cultural, ethical and legal, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of care. The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM), in collaboration with the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association, will host its Annual Assembly January 30-February 2, 2008, at the Tampa Convention Center. (2008-01-22)

Site of care may affect patients' access to palliative treatment
Studies have found that racial and ethnic minorities are less likely to receive end-of-life palliative care than their counterparts. A new study conducted by investigators at Brigham and Women's Hospital set out to understand why and has revealed that site of care may be a key contributing factor to this difference among patients with advanced, metastatic cancer. (2019-02-01)

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