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How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected women's sexual behavior?
A recent study examines the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on female sexual behavior. (2020-05-12)

Healthcare staff not prepared for flu pandemic
Nearly half of health workers surveyed would not go to work during an influenza pandemic. The results of a survey of health workers in Maryland, USA, published today in the open access journal BMC Public Health reveal that the staff's perceived importance of their role in the response to a pandemic is the most important factor influencing willingness to come to work during a pandemic. (2006-04-17)

Study examines how the COVID-19 pandemic impacts quality of life in patients with cancer
Quality of life of cancer patients during coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. (2020-06-18)

Global solidarity needed in preparing for pandemic influenza
WHO should seek an international agreement to ensure developing countries have access to a pandemic influenza vaccine at an affordable price, according to an editorial in this week's issue of the Lancet. (2007-02-15)

Lessons learned from SARS pandemic should inform current contagion protocols
Radiologists in Singapore outline the ways in which both medical facilities and practitioners there have incorporated lessons learned from the SARS pandemic. (2014-10-28)

COVID-19 escalated armed conflicts in several war-torn countries
Nine countries were studied - four were found to have reduced conflict but five saw escalations (2020-12-17)

Pandemic mutations in bird flu revealed
Scientists have discovered how bird flu adapts in patients, offering a new way to monitor the disease and prevent a pandemic, according to research published in the August issue of the Journal of General Virology. (2008-07-08)

Mental health and the COVID-19 pandemic: A call for action
The inclusion of mental health as part of national public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic is mandatory in assisting all those in need. (2020-08-30)

National and regional leadership needed to coordinate response to avian flu pandemic
Strong national and regional leadership in all countries is urgently needed to coordinate a response to the looming avian influenza pandemic, states an editorial in this week's issue of The Lancet. (2005-10-13)

GPs need to be prepared for flu pandemic
General practitioners would be crucial in avoiding large numbers of deaths in Australia as a result of a pandemic influenza outbreak, researchers at the Australian National University have shown. (2006-10-16)

During pandemic stage of emerging pathogen, climate has modest impact compared to population suscept
In influencing the trajectory of the pandemic stage of an emerging pathogen, a population's susceptibility to a novel disease is more influential than climate factors like humidity. (2020-05-18)

CCNY scientists provide new insights into cholera microbe and chances of pandemic strain
Researchers at The City College of New York have uncovered a novel way in which Vibrio cholerae, the aquatic microbe that causes cholera, may increase its competitive fitness, and the likelihood of creating pandemic strains of the bacteria. (2020-12-17)

Preparing for an influenza pandemic: A triage protocol in the face of limited resources
Christian and co-authors have applied a collaborative process using best evidence, expert panels, stakeholder consultations and ethical principles to develop a triage protocol for prioritizing access to critical care resources, including ventilators and antiviral medications, during a pandemic. (2006-11-20)

Immunity to the pandemic virus A (H1N1): Norway is probably well-prepared for major new outbreaks
By autumn 2009, almost half of the population of Norway had been vaccinated against the pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus. Many had also been infected by the virus during the summer and autumn outbreaks. The majority of those who were vaccinated or were infected are expected to have developed immunity to the virus. A study of the Norwegian population's immune status to the pandemic virus in January 2010 was recently published in the journal Eurosurveillance. (2010-08-24)

Two papers win the Lancet's Paper of The Year 2005
Two papers on the characterization of the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic virus have won The Lancet's Paper of the Year 2005. (2006-02-23)

Doctors advised to plan their response to flu pandemic
Family doctors are advised to plan their response to managing a flu pandemic in this week's BMJ. The advice is based on a module that is freely available on BMJ Learning to help keep health professionals up to date with key issues. (2005-11-03)

People who purchased firearms during pandemic more likely to be suicidal
People who purchase a firearm during the pandemic are more likely to be suicidal than other firearm owners, according to a Rutgers study. (2020-11-17)

Investing in antibiotics critical to saving lives during pandemic influenza outbreaks
In a new study published in the journal Health Economics, researchers at CDDEP, the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, and Wageningen University in the Netherlands developed a mathematical framework to estimate the value of investing in developing and conserving an antibiotic to mitigate the burden of bacterial infections caused by resistant Staphylococcus aureus during a pandemic influenza outbreak. (2019-02-12)

Lessons learned from the H1N1 pandemic
The H1N1 pandemic influenza provided several important lessons that may help in preparing for future influenza outbreaks, write Drs. Donald Low and Allison McGeer in an analysis in CMAJ. (2010-10-18)

Many US schools are unprepared for another pandemic
Less than half of U.S. schools address pandemic preparedness in their school plan, and only 40 percent have updated their school plan since the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, according to a study published in the September issue of the American Journal of Infection Control, the official publication of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC). (2012-08-30)

Vanderbilt researchers discover strong correlation between partisanship and social mobility during COVID-19 pandemic
According to many medical experts, reduced social mobility - defined here as social contact and travel within and among communities - is a necessary factor to contain the spread of COVID-19. (2020-12-11)

Most pandemic plans in Ontario hospitals have not been tested: Queen's University study
One quarter of Ontario hospitals surveyed in a Queen's University-led study do not have an influenza pandemic plan and few plans that do exist have been tested. In addition, key players were not involved in developing the plans, and funding for pandemic preparedness was inadequate. (2010-02-10)

Pandemic risk: How large are the expected losses?
Greater investment is needed to prepare against pandemics -- the worldwide spread of an infectious disease. A study published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization shows the expected annual count of pandemic-related deaths is 700,000, and expected annual losses from pandemic risk is $500 billion. The paper applied a theoretical model to calculate the expected number of deaths and economic losses in rare pandemic scenarios. (2018-01-31)

Study highlights implications of influenza pandemics on blood supplies
A German research team has examined data on supply and demand for blood transfusions against a computer simulation of an influenza pandemic, and discovered that a severe pandemic scenario could quickly lead to a deficit of up to 96,000 red blood cell transfusion units in Germany alone, creating potentially fatal outcomes. Their study is published today in the journal Transfusion. (2009-12-09)

U of M hosts business planning for pandemic influenza
The University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, together with the US and Minnesota Chambers of Commerce, are hosting a national summit to advise business and industry in planning for pandemic influenza. This summit is the first of its kind to bring together leaders from a cross section of business sectors and government agencies to determine how best to prepare for pandemic influenza. (2006-01-25)

The five phases of pandemic care for primary care
The authors present a roadmap for necessary primary care practice transformations to care for patients and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. (2020-07-14)

Combination of drugs should be stockpiled to fight flu pandemic, say experts
A combination of antiviral drugs should be stockpiled for use in an influenza pandemic, say researchers in this week's BMJ. We currently have two classes of drugs that are effective against influenza viruses: the ion channel inhibitors (amantadine and rimantadine) and the neuraminidase inhibitors (oseltamivir and zanamivir). (2007-02-08)

Flu mortality formula is potentially misleading, say scientists
A standard calculation used in forecasting potential numbers of deaths during the swine flu pandemic risks misleading health-care planners by being open to both over- and under-estimation of the true figures, say the authors of new research published today in the British Medical Journal. (2009-07-14)

Is the UK prepared for pandemic flu?
Giving local authorities responsibility for implementing pandemic flu plans may not be the best policy, says a senior public health doctor in this week's BMJ. He warns that, in the event of a pandemic, much of the planning could be redundant. (2007-05-10)

Measuring the uncertainties of pandemic influenza
A major collaboration between US research centers has highlighted three factors that could ultimately determine whether an outbreak of influenza becomes a serious epidemic that threatens national health. The research suggests that the numbers in current response plans could be out by a factor of two or more depending on the characteristics of the particular pandemic influenza. (2012-07-02)

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: Measures relevant to health
The German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has published a second ad-hoc-statement entitled 'Coronavirus Pandemic -- Measures Relevant to Health'. The paper focuses on measures, which can contribute to a gradual normalisation of public life. (2020-04-08)

Editorial: COVID-19 pandemic likely to result in lasting changes to medical school curricula
Following disruptions to medical education that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the United States this spring, 'a return to a typical pre-COVID-19 teaching platform is unlikely,' say Diane Wayne and colleagues in this Editorial. (2020-06-05)

Governments need to act transparently to stem public anxiety about a human influenza pandemic
If governments are to avert widespread panic about a human influenza pandemic they must admit to uncertainty, act transparently, and issue guidance on disease protection as quickly as possible, states an editorial in this week's issue of The Lancet. (2005-11-17)

Pandemic passenger screening
Four major US national laboratories have worked together to develop a computer model to help airport authorities screen passengers for pandemic influenza. The tool can help estimate false negatives, people with influenza who slip through the screening process, and so assess the risk of infected passengers unknowingly spreading disease across the nation. (2009-05-19)

Was the public health response to swine flu alarmist?
The public health measures taken in response to swine flu may be seen as alarmist, overly restrictive, or even unjustified, says a US expert in a paper published on today. (2009-09-03)

Psychological distress during first months of pandemic equal to that during prior year
The first longitudinal study of psychological distress during the coronavirus pandemic shows that more than 10% of Americans reported experiencing symptoms of significant psychological distress during April and May of 2020 -- the same amount that reported experiencing distress during the prior year. Distress was most common among people who reported distress during the prior year. (2021-01-04)

Pandemic influenza may cause an extra 62 million deaths a year
Using mortality data from the 1918-20 influenza pandemic, researchers have predicted that 62 million people -- 96 percent from the developing world -- could die in a year if a similar pandemic were to occur today. They report their findings in an Article in this week's issue of the Lancet. (2006-12-21)

Scientist warns over pandemic flu vaccine 6-month time lag
New research published today from the University of Leicester and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust warns of a six-month time lag before effective vaccines can be manufactured in the event of a pandemic flu outbreak. (2009-04-27)

How should countries best respond to a flu pandemic?
Researchers have predicted how effective public health and medical interventions will prove in the event of an influenza pandemic. (2006-04-26)

Alcohol consumption rises sharply during pandemic shutdown
Anecdotal information has suggested that people are buying and consuming more alcohol during the pandemic shutdown. Now some of the first survey-based information shows that American adults have sharply increased their consumption of alcohol during the pandemic, with women increasing their heavy drinking episodes (four or more drinks within a couple of hours) by 41%. (2020-09-29)

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