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Physical activity in schools can improve children's fitness
A structured physical activity programme at school can improve children's fitness and decrease body fat, a study published on today shows. (2010-02-23)
Fidgeting your way to fitness
Walking to the photocopier and fidgeting at your desk are contributing more to your cardiorespiratory fitness than you might think. (2011-06-28)
Canada's Children's Fitness Tax Credit benefits wealthier families
When the Canadian government implemented the Children's Fitness Tax Credit in 2007, offering a nonrefundable tax credit of $500 to register a child in an eligible physical activity program, their goal was to get Canadian kids more active. (2010-08-03)
More time in gym class doesn't mean more exercise, study finds
A study by Cornell University's John Cawley finds that increasing the amount of time spent in physical education classes does not result in a corresponding amount of time in additional exercise. (2006-08-31)
Well before their teens, girls roughly half as physically active as boys
Well before they reach their teens, girls are almost half as physically active as boys, when it comes to regular vigorous exercise, shows research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. (2001-07-25)
Less than 3 percent of UK 11-year-olds take enough exercise
Less than 3 percent of UK 11-year-olds are taking enough exercise, suggests research published ahead of print in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. (2007-09-13)
How physically active are adolescents, young adults?
Adolescents girls and young adult females (ages 12 to 29) reported less physical activity than their male counterparts and physical activity dropped off sharply during the transition from adolescence to young adulthood, with disparities by race and income seen among some groups. (2018-06-11)
Kids teased in PE class exercise less a year later
Psychologists found that kids who got teased during PE were less physically active 12 months later -- whether or not the child is overweight. (2014-01-16)
Physical activity in week after concussion associated with reduced risk of persistent postconcussive
Among children and adolescents who experienced a concussion, physical activity within seven days of injury compared with no physical activity was associated with reduced risk of persistent postconcussive symptoms at 28 days, according to a study appearing in the Dec. (2016-12-20)
Getting people to move -- challenges in promoting physical activity
While the benefits of regular physical activity are well documented, public health officials struggle for methods to promote increased physical activity that will work in American society. (2006-12-19)
For stroke survivors, light physical activity linked to better daily function
Stroke survivors who engage in a lot of light physical activity -- taking leisurely walks or attending to nonstrenuous household chores, for example -- also report fewer physical limitations than their more sedentary peers, a new study finds. (2020-04-02)
Physical activity boosts kids' brain power and academic prowess
Exercise boosts kids' and young people's brain power and academic prowess, says a consensus statement on physical activity in schools and during leisure time, published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. (2016-06-27)
Physical activity found to decrease risk of dying in COPD
Any amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity can effectively reduce the risk of dying after hospitalization for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to a new study. (2016-03-16)
3 percent of children hit daily activity target
Only one in 30 children does the recommended amount of daily physical activity, new research suggests. (2018-10-31)
Playground zoning increases physical activity during recess
Most grade school students are likely to claim recess as their favorite period of the day; however, in many cases recess still can be sedentary with students not engaging in enough physical activity. (2016-08-08)
NHLBI study finds moderate physical activity promotes weight loss as well as intense exercise
Women trying to lose weight can benefit as much from a moderate physical activity as from an intense workout, according to a new study. (2003-09-09)
Teenage physical activity reduces risk of cognitive impairment in later life
Women who are physically active at any point over the life course (teenage, age 30, age 50, late life) have lower risk of cognitive impairment in late-life compared to those who are inactive, but teenage physical activity appears to be most important. (2010-06-30)
Keeping pain and fatigue on the run
Women diagnosed with breast cancer should either get exercising or keep exercising. (2007-05-21)
Exercise in early 20s may lower risk of osteoporosis
Physical exercise in the early 20s improves bone development and may reduce the risk of fractures later in life, reveals a study of more than 800 Swedish men carried out at the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (2012-02-13)
The benefits of physical activity for older adults
New findings published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports reveal how physically active older adults benefit from reduced risks of early death, breast and prostate cancer, fractures, recurrent falls, functional limitations, cognitive decline, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and depression. (2020-02-05)
All age groups worldwide 'at high risk' of drop in children's physical activity
Emphasis on particular groups hinders efforts to address the problem of declining physical activity in children, according to a study led at the University of Strathclyde. (2019-12-11)
Rutgers College of Nursing professor to examine Latinas' attitudes towards exercise
A Rutgers College of Nursing faculty member, Karen T. D'Alonzo, has been awarded a three-year $274,104 grant from the National Institute of Nursing Research at the National Institutes of Health to conduct two studies examining young Latinas' attitudes toward physical activity. (2006-11-15)
A medium amount of physical activity can lower the risk of Parkinson's disease
A new study, published online in Brain: A Journal of Neurology today, followed 43,368 individuals in Sweden for an average of 12.6 years to examine the impact of physical activity on Parkinson's disease risk. (2014-11-18)
E-mail can be good for you
A steady diet of e-mails that promote healthy behavior can change a person's outlook and behavior regarding healthier eating and increased physical activity, says a new study from the University of Alberta. (2005-06-30)
Motivating healthy adults to be more physically active improves their cardiorespiratory fitness
Fewer than half of adults in the United States meet the recommended physical activity guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2013-12-10)
Focus on fitness skills, attitudes that endure, study says
Daily physical education programs for children in primary school do not guarantee more physically fit adults, says a new study in the latest issue of the American Journal of Human Biology. (2000-02-28)
Engaging in physical activity could reduce long-term mortality
This study has been published in the prestigious journal of Mayo Clinic Proceedings and is part of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid cohort, a representative cohort of the non-institutionalized population aged 60 years and older in Spain. (2019-03-12)
Brisk exercise linked to better arterial health already in childhood
High levels of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity are associated with lower arterial stiffness in 6-8-year-old children, according to a new study from the University of Eastern Finland. (2017-02-06)
How much are you really exercising?
In a study to be presented at the Obesity Society's annual meeting, researchers at Temple's Center for Obesity Research and Education found that obese women reported their activity levels most accurately, when compared to overweight and normal weight women. (2008-10-04)
Report links recommended physical activity levels to lower risk of seven cancers
A pooled analysis of nine prospective studies involving more than 750,000 adults finds that recommended amounts of leisure-time physical activity were linked to a lower risk for seven cancers, with several cancer types having a 'dose/response' relationship. (2019-12-26)
Parenting stress affects new mothers' postpartum lifestyle
Post-pregnancy excess weight is likely caused by the impact of new parenthood stress on physical activity, Georgia Health Sciences University researchers say. (2011-02-21)
Girls who are more physically active in childhood may have better lung function in adolescence
A study of more than 2,300 adolescents underscores the pulmonary health benefits of physical activity. (2019-07-30)
Today's children do engage in active play
New research from the University of Bristol's Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences suggests that promoting active play in children's leisure time could increase the physical activity of today's children, but that such strategies might need to be tailored according to gender. (2011-03-17)
Older adults concern for personal health linked to walking difficulty
Older adults who worry about their health engage in less physical activity, and those who participate in less activity are more likely to report having difficulty walking, according to a new study. (2009-03-24)
Increased physical activity not linked to ALS risk
There is no association between increased physical activity and the risk of developing ALS, according to a new study published in the January 25 issue of Neurology. (2005-01-24)
Light, physical activity reduces brain aging
Incremental physical activity, even at light intensity, is associated with larger brain volume and healthy brain aging. (2019-04-19)
UT study identifies ways children can meet recommended activity goals
Despite overwhelming evidence about the benefits of physical activity for children, most American youngsters are not meeting the federal recommendation of 60 minutes a day. (2013-03-13)
Prescription exercise is effective
Advising patients in general practice on exercise (known as the green prescription programme) is effective in increasing physical activity and improving quality of life over 12 months, without evidence of adverse effects, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2003-04-10)
UK medical school teaching on physical activity virtually 'non-existent'
UK medical school teaching on physical activity is (2012-07-27)
Replacing sitting time with physical activity associated with lower risk of death
For those who get the least amount of physical activity, replacing a half hour of sitting time with physical activity was associated with up to a nearly 50 percent reduction in mortality, according to a new study from the American Cancer Society (2019-03-25)
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