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New green materials could power smart devices using ambient light
Researchers have developed environmentally friendly materials that could harvest enough energy from indoor light to power wireless smart devices. (2020-11-13)

'Fishboys' - the new cowboys of a world dependent on water...and ceramics.
'Fishboys' herding schools of fish, in seas converted into giant fish ranches, could become more fact than fiction in the next century, according to Professor Robert Newnham speaking at the European Ceramics Society conference today. Naturally 'grown' submarine sea walls and 'fish-herding' sonar devices built from transceivers that interpret 'fish talk' represent a small part of the technological requirements that ceramist engineers and scientists will have to fill. (1999-06-22)

Trawl of Red Sea surface waters finds little plastic
The Red Sea has relatively low amounts of floating plastic debris in its surface waters due to fewer sources or faster removal. (2018-01-08)

Study reveals abundance of microplastics in the world's deep seas
Around four billion minute fibers could be littering each square kilometer of some of the world's deep seas, according to a study led by Plymouth University and Natural History Museum. (2014-12-16)

Ancient effect harnessed to produce electricity from waste heat
A phenomenon first observed by an ancient Greek philosopher 2,300 years ago has become the basis for a new device designed to harvest the enormous amounts of energy wasted as heat each year to produce electricity. The first-of-its-kind (2012-06-13)

1 small step for a lab science, 1 green leap for mankind
A Tel Aviv University chemist unlocks water's potential for the new (2008-05-27)

KAIST team develops flexible blue vertical micro LEDs
A KAIST research team developed a crucial source technology that will advance the commercialization of micro LEDs. Professor Keon Jae Lee from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and his team have developed a low cost production technology for thin-film blue flexible vertical micro LEDs (f-VLEDs). (2018-06-18)

Snakes Alive! Hot Polymer Chains Bite Back At "Reptation" Foes, Suggesting Stronger Materials, UD Prof Reports
Stronger materials for aircraft, farm equipment, medical devices and consumer products may result from UD research showing how hot polymer chains coil back and snap forward, snake-like, leaving a telltale, rippling 'signature' wherever plastics are joined together. Published July 28 in Macromolecules, the study confirms the popular but controversial (1998-07-28)

Nickel Plating A Monster Mirror
The mirror of the 150 year old 'Leviathan' telescope at Birr Castle is being restored using innovative nickel plating technology developed by Nitec in Chesterfield, UK. The telescope, built by the Earl of Ross in 1848, required a new cost-effective version of the circular glass-ceramic mirror. Nitec, working with the Optical Science Laboratory at University College London, have helped produce a new aluminium mirror with an highly polished nickel coating. (1999-05-01)

Purdue joins Midwest effort to create biobased products
As this summer's gasoline prices soar skyward, Purdue University has joined with five other institutions to help the United States free itself from dependence on petroleum- based products. The Midwest Consortium for Sustainable Biobased Products and Bioenergy was created to combine research efforts in the development of new renewable chemical products. (2000-06-14)

Researcher develops method to change fundamental architecture of polymers
A Florida State University research team has developed methods to manipulate polymers in a way that changes their fundamental structure, paving the way for potential applications in cargo delivery and release, recyclable materials, shape-shifting soft robots, antimicrobials and more. (2019-10-02)

Turning vapors into foam-like polymer coatings
A researcher at the University of Rochester has developed a process to grow highly customizable coatings of foam-like polymers. (2013-10-11)

Chemists look through glass to find secrets that are less clear
Princeton chemists have found that the formation of glass -- a familiar substance that nonetheless retains some elusive scientific mysteries -- always occurs differently depending on how quickly a liquid substance is cooled into its solid form. (2006-06-06)

Plastics For Cars
A new process for producing self-strengthening plastic will allow the cars of the future to be built from low-cost, rust free, recyclable plastic. (1998-10-01)

World's turtles face plastic deluge danger
An international study led by a University of Queensland researcher has revealed more than half the world's sea turtles have ingested plastic or other human rubbish. The study, led by Dr. Qamar Schuyler from UQ's School of Biological Sciences, found the east coasts of Australia and North America, Southeast Asia, southern Africa, and Hawaii were particularly dangerous for turtles due to a combination of debris loads and high species diversity. (2015-09-14)

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