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Depression more common during pregnancy than after childbirth
Depression during pregnancy is more common than postnatal depression, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2001-08-02)
Hypertension during pregnancy may affect women's long-term cardiovascular health
Women who experience hypertension during pregnancy face an increased risk of heart disease and hypertension later in life, according to a new study. (2017-08-18)
Progesterone test can predict viability of pregnancy
Measuring progesterone levels in women with pain or bleeding during early pregnancy is a useful way to help discriminate between a viable and a non-viable pregnancy, finds a study published on today. (2012-09-27)
Women with unintended pregnancy are more likely to suffer from postpartum depression
Women with unintended pregnancy are four times more likely to suffer from postpartum depression at twelve months postpartum, suggests a new study published today (8 May) in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. (2013-05-07)
Successful pregnancy possible after kidney transplant
A new study recently published in the American Journal of Transplantation reveals that the ability to successfully carry a pregnancy after kidney transplantation is very high, with 73.5 percent live birth rates. (2011-10-20)
Few teens undergo pregnancy testing in the emergency department
Few adolescent females undergo pregnancy testing in the hospital emergency department, even when they complain of lower abdominal pain, or before they are exposed to radiation for tests or examinations, according to an abstract presented Friday, Oct. (2012-10-19)
Certain antibiotics during pregnancy may increase risk of birth defects
A new study has found links between certain antibiotics during pregnancy and major congenital malformations in newborns. (2017-07-19)
Butting out during pregnancy
In analysing the data from the perinatal records of 8528 pregnant women in Nova Scotia the authors found that of the approximatley 33% who smoked before becoming pregnant, most continued to smoke throughout their pregnancy. (2000-08-07)
Women with a history of pregnancy complications should receive screening
Recent evidence suggests that women with a history of complications in pregnancy may be at increased risk of diabetes and heart disease in later life. (2002-07-18)
Pregnancy complications high even when diabetes is under control
Women with diabetes are at an increased risk of pregnancy complications, even if their diabetes is well controlled, according to new research. (2004-04-04)
Gaining weight between pregnancies boosts diabetes risk
The risk of developing gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) drastically increases with weight gain between pregnancies, according to a Norwegian study. (2017-08-03)
Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can increase breast cancer risk, study finds
Gaining more than 50 pounds during pregnancy, and not losing the excess weight post-pregnancy, could triple a woman's risk of developing breast cancer after menopause, according to a study conducted by researchers at Lombardi Cancer Center in Washington, DC, and in Finland. (2002-04-09)
Home pregnancy tests can lead to better prenatal care
The simple intervention of providing women who are having unprotected sex with a home pregnancy test could have a substantial impact on the health of potential newborns, according to a Michigan State University study. (2009-02-10)
Deprived areas show greatest increase in teenage pregnancies
From the 1980s to the 1990s rates of teenage pregnancy in Scotland increased more rapidly in areas of greater socioeconomic deprivation, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2001-07-26)
Scientists explain link between chlamydia and ectopic pregnancy
Women who have had chlamydia are at greater risk of an ectopic pregnancy because of a lasting effect of the infection. (2011-01-11)
Pregnancy prevention programmes are ineffective
Pregnancy prevention programmes for adolescents do not delay sexual intercourse, improve use of birth control among young men and women, or reduce the number of pregnancies in young women, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2002-06-13)
Pregnant women who smoke, urged to give up before 15-week 'deadline'
Women who stop smoking before week 15 of pregnancy cut their risk of spontaneous premature birth and having small babies to the same as nonsmokers, according to research published on today. (2009-03-26)
Oral contraceptive use not linked to major birth defects
Oral contraceptive use just before or during pregnancy is not associated with an increased risk of major birth defects, suggest the findings of a study published in The BMJ this week. (2016-01-06)
Complications of blood cancers make termination advisable at early stages of pregnancy; but cancer therapy is possible for later stage pregnancies
Lymphoma is the fourth most common cancer in pregnancy, affecting one in 6,000 pregnancies. (2012-02-09)
Book argues for change in society's view of pregnancy
The public at large should take a greater interest in pregnancy and child care because society has a responsibility to ensure children begin their lives with as many advantages as possible, contends University of Toronto at Mississauga philosophy professor Amy Mullin. (2005-05-18)
Moms' depression in pregnancy tied to antisocial behavior in teens
Researchers studying 120 British youth from inner-city areas found that mothers who became depressed when pregnant were four times as likely to have children who were violent at 16. (2010-02-05)
Smoking during pregnancy may affect grandchildren's growth
A UK study published in the American Journal of Human Biology has found that smoking during pregnancy has discernible effects on the growth of a woman's future grandkids. (2014-08-18)
Migraines increase stroke risk during pregnancy
Women who suffer migraines are at an increased risk of stroke during pregnancy as well as other vascular conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and blood clots, concludes a study published on today. (2009-03-10)
Doctors And Nurses Must Be Mindful Of Their Jargon
Dr David Hutchon, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist says that the word (1998-10-16)
Low intake of milk in pregnancy associated with decreased birth weight
In this study, women whose daily consumption of milk during pregnancy was 1 cup (250 ml) or less consumed less protein and vitamin D and gave birth to smaller babies than mothers who drank more milk. (2006-04-24)
Lupus may contribute to pregnancy-related complications
A new study found that lupus during pregnancy may have negative health impacts for women and their babies. (2016-02-01)
Tackling smoking during pregnancy could help plug social inequality gap in stillbirths
Tackling smoking during pregnancy may help to reduce the socioeconomic inequalities in stillbirths and infant deaths by as much as 30-40 percent, according to new research published on today. (2009-10-01)
Both mother's and father's genes can trigger pre-eclampsia
Genes from both the mother and father can trigger pre-eclampsia, finds a study published online by the BMJ today. (2005-09-15)
Smoking in pregnancy linked to diabetes and obesity in offspring
Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of the child developing diabetes and obesity in later life, find researchers from Sweden in this week's BMJ. (2002-01-03)
Examination not sensitive enough to detect breech babies
The routine examination doctors use to check if a baby is lying in the correct position before birth is not sensitive enough, concludes a study published on today. (2006-08-03)
Most babies born to mums on methadone exposed to several illicit drugs in womb
Most babies born to drug addicted mums on methadone maintenance are exposed to several other drugs while in the womb, and half are additionally exposed to excess alcohol, reveal the results of a small study published online in the Archives of Disease in Childhood Fetal & Neonatal Edition. (2013-07-08)
Expecting? Don't neglect your teeth
Even though most people are aware that good oral health is essential for the overall health of both mother and child, misunderstandings about the safety of dental care during pregnancy may cause pregnant women to avoid seeing their dentist. (2010-11-23)
Weight-loss surgery lowers risk of pregnancy complications in obese women
Obese women who undergo bariatric surgery before having a baby have a much lower risk of developing serious health problems during pregnancy, finds a study published on today. (2010-04-13)
New study finds 125 million pregnancies globally at risk from malaria every year
A new study by the Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium has estimated that more than 125 million pregnancies around the world are at risk from malaria every year. (2010-01-25)
Risk from getting pregnant too soon after a stillbirth
Women may need to wait a year before trying to conceive again after a stillbirth. (1999-06-25)
New leading-edge postpartum health clinic targets cardiovascular disease risk
A Queen's obstetrics professor has founded one of the first clinics in the world to use pregnancy and the postpartum as a key opportunity in a woman's life to focus on disease prevention. (2012-02-29)
Pregnancy complications related to low levels of anti-clotting proteins
Recurrent miscarriage, stillbirth, preeclampsia, poor fetal growth, preterm delivery and bleeding in pregnancy are influenced by low levels of the anti-clotting proteins Z and S, Yale School of Medicine researchers report in the March issue of Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. (2005-04-12)
Abortion does not raise risk of depression
Claims that terminating an unwanted first pregnancy raises the risk of depression is called into question in a study published online by the BMJ today. (2005-10-27)
High blood pressure in pregnancy increases risk of later heart disease
Women who have high blood pressure (hypertension) during pregnancy have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease in later life, concludes a study in this week's BMJ. (2003-04-17)
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