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Terrorism response, radon in Fairfax homes among topics at regional scientific meeting, May 28-30
At the 35th annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers will discuss a wide variety of chemical advances, highlighted by measurements of radon in Fairfax, Va., homes, a description of a DNA forensic response to the September 11 tragedy, and a discussion of the next generation of genetically modified crops. The meeting is being held at George Mason University. (2002-05-29)

Lombardi expert helps set new guidelines for assessing lymphoma treatment
An international team of cancer specialists and imaging experts, including Bruce Cheson, professor of medicine, head of hematology, and director of hematology research at Georgetown's Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, has developed standardized guidelines for assessing how lymphomas respond to treatment. (2007-02-06)

Would patients with a T tube accompany with duodenal-biliary reflux?
A research detected whether patients with a T tube after cholecystectomy and choledochotomy have duodenal-biliary reflux by measuring amounts of radioactivity of T pentaacetic acid in the bile. They found that many patients with a T tube do have duodenal-biliary reflux and most of them have sphincter of Oddi hypomotility. (2008-09-23)

$3.6 Million Super Computer to advance Physics research
What is thought to be the largest supercomputing cluster in the southern hemisphere has been opened by Adelaide University and Sun Microsystems. (2000-06-15)

Targeted radioisotope generator could be used for molecular imaging
According to a study presented at SNM's 57th Annual Meeting, a new radioisotope generator could enhance images produced by a molecular imaging technique known as positron emission tomography. (2010-06-07)

Error message! How mobile phones distort measurements
Unfortunately complex measuring systems are susceptible to electromagnetic radiation such as that transmitted by mobile phones and radio transceivers -- and this is despite the fact that the individual components of the system have passed the standardized test for exactly these types of radiation. This type of test is called an Electromagnetic Compatibility Test and should now also allow the Verification Authorities to test complete systems on site. For this purpose the PTB has developed a facility for use on site, to test electromagnetic compatibility. (2008-09-17)

Prospecting For Helium-3 On The Moon
Future prospectors on the Moon may be assisted by resource maps developed from recent research. They will be seeking Helium-3, an isotope that is rare on Earth and may be the fuel of choice of 21st century fusion reactors. (1998-12-01)

LEDs light the way for better drug therapies
A revolutionary new technique to create radioactive molecules, pioneered in the lab of Princeton University chemistry professor David MacMillan, has the potential to bring new medicines to patients much faster than before -- using light. While the previous approach took months, MacMillan's photocatalytic process replaces hydrogen with tritium in just hours. (2017-11-09)

The first results of Finuda will be announced on January 30th
It will take place on Friday the 30th, during the XLII international winter meeting on nuclear physics at Bormio, the announce of the first results of Finuda experiment (Nuclear Physics at Daphne), settled in Frascati at Infn National Laboratories. Planned and made operating by a group of about forty physicists from Universities and Infn Sites of Bari, Brescia, Frascati, Pavia, Torino and Trieste, Finuda is devoted to the study of hypernuclei. (2004-01-29)

Experimental tests of relativistic chemistry will update the periodic table
Researchers from Osaka University used a particle accelerator and co-precipitation to study the chemical reactivity of single rutherfordium atoms. Such experiments will continue the advancement of relativistic chemistry that is pertinent to a range of applications including renewable energy and new materials. (2021-02-16)

University of Tennessee, ORNL lead national team to study nuclear fusion reactors
A team of researchers at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in collaboration with seven other institutions, is trying tackle the challenges of bringing fusion energy to the commercial marketplace. (2012-09-11)

An interesting feature of the α-preformation probability was identified by Chinese researchers
Alpha decay is always an important topic in nuclear physics, and the formation of the α-particle is usually supposed to be indispensable in this decay process. In the 2013 issue of Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, a paper reports the derivation from experimental data of an empirical expression that offers new insight into an aspect of a crucial quantity, namely the α-preformation probability. (2013-08-01)

Placebo study frames depression treatment puzzle
A study in the August 2006 American Journal of Psychiatry suggests medication is just one of many potential pieces to the depression treatment puzzle. The study conducted at UCLA's Semel Institute used EEG to demonstrate an association between eventual clinical changes in brain activity during a placebo lead-in phase before antidepressant treatment. The findings suggest factors such as patient beliefs and expectations, doctor-patient relationships and treatment history may help complete the treatment picture. (2006-08-01)

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