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A sense of crisis is imperative for recycling efforts to work
A forthcoming paper in Historical Research argues that recycling can only ever succeed if a sense of crisis is linked to it. (2007-07-20)
Cranfield looks at recycling attitudes
Cranfield University in England has conducted a major study into the public's attitude to recycling water. (2000-08-16)
Recycling of Alzheimer's proteins could be key to new treatments
The formation of abnormal strands of protein called amyloid fibrils -- associated with two dozen diseases ranging from Alzheimer's to type-2 diabetes -- may not be permanent and irreversible as previously thought, scientists are reporting in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. (2011-05-25)
New industrial processes for the recycling of critical metals from waste batteries
The CoLaBats initiative works in provide new industrial processes for the recycling of the critical metals cobalt and lanthanides and key economic metals nickel and Lithium, from waste batteries, significantly improving recycling efficiencies and metal purity from existing recovery routes. (2014-01-22)
Landfill nation: What makes consumers less likely to recycle?
Consumers are more likely to toss a dented can or a chopped-up piece of paper into the trash than to recycle it, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research that examines recycling habits. (2013-08-20)
Yale researchers call for specialty metals recycling
An international policy is needed for recycling scarce specialty metals that are critical in the production of consumer goods, according to Yale researchers in Science. (2012-09-24)
Sorting through recycling bins to learn about alcohol use
When researchers wanted to verify alcohol-use survey results at a senior housing center, they came up with a novel way to measure residents' drinking: Count the empty bottles in recycling bins. (2014-11-24)
Money For Old Cable
A new method for reprocessing scrap electrical cable is making collecting and recycling used cable economically attractive. (1998-09-02)
New paper sheds light on bacterial cell wall recycling
A new paper by University of Notre Dame researchers provides important new insights into the process by which bacteria recycle their cell wall. (2008-09-08)
The 'whole' problem with recycling
Jennifer Argo, a marketing professor in the U of A's Alberta School of Business, says that people are psychologically hard-wired to believe that products that are damaged or that aren't whole -- such as small or ripped paper or dented cans -- are useless, and this leads users to trash them rather than recycle them. (2013-08-22)
Dartmouth researchers put recycling in perspective
Three Dartmouth researchers have found that resisting the temptation to buy an SUV can benefit the environment much more than recycling. (2003-03-07)
1,200 recycling sector companies will save up to 10 percent thanks to a new system developed by Tecnalia
Tecnalia Research and Innovation has developed a new recycling system enabling the classification of waste from electrical and electronic equipment that cannot be ordered by conventional procedures, due to their similarities in color, weight and shape. (2011-12-12)
Recycling wind turbines
Wind power could become one of the greenest alternative energy resources we have, but only if replacement and recycling of windturbines is taken into account in assessing their environmental impact, say researchers. (2007-09-21)
Protein synthesis: Ribosome recycling as a drug target
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich researchers have elucidated a mechanism that recycles bacterial ribosomes stalled on messenger RNAs that lack termination codons. (2016-12-05)
MIT: Recycling of scrapped electronics studied
MIT researchers have developed new metrics for assessing the performance of firms that recycle scrapped electronic equipment, a major source of toxic pollutants. (2004-10-07)
A call to change recycling standards as 3-D printing expands
Buying plastic filament for 3-D printing can be expensive. But a Michigan Technological University researcher and his students have whittled the cost of printing to ten cents per kilogram -- down from $30 per kilogram. (2015-03-17)
How to recycle lithium batteries
Research published in the International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy describes a new way to extract the lithium and the cobalt that make up the bulk of the metal components of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. (2017-02-07)
Funding for study which could lead to new drug treatment for dementia diseases
Scientists from Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry have received funding of more than £58,500 from BRACE, a charity which supports research into Alzheimer's disease, for a pilot study to investigate how a failure in our cells' 'recycling center' could hold the key to new drug therapies for dementia diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies. (2017-02-24)
Learning to recycle: Does political ideology matter?
Some targeted messages based on political orientation are more effective at persuading consumers to recycle, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research. (2013-05-14)
Toxic computer waste in the developing world
As the developing world continues to develop, standards of living and access to technology increases. (2014-06-03)
Crada team recognized for award-winning collaboration in environmental innovation
The US Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory, the United States Council for Automotive Research's Vehicle Recycling Partnership and the Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council have been awarded the Plastics Recycling and Sustainability Award in Enabling Technologies by the Society of Plastics Engineers for their work in the optimum recycling of plastics and other materials from end-of-life vehicles. (2007-03-08)
Wastewater recycling can multiply greenhouse gas emissions
Despite evidence that some wastewater treatments multiply nitrous oxide emissions, researchers say planners need to look at the big picture. (2011-08-29)
Millennials more likely than older adults to donate clothing rather than trash it
Pamela Norum, professor and interim department chair of textile and apparel management at the University of Missouri, found that younger adults from ages 18-34 are much less likely to throw old clothes and other textile waste into the garbage than older adults. (2016-03-08)
Recycling Of Packaging Yields Environmental Gains
The sorting of packaging waste at source and recycling can lead to increased transport. (1998-12-09)
Recycling perlite: New, improved method saves resources
A new method for recycling perlite provides greenhouse tomato growers with a cost-effective option that preserves natural resources while maintaining yield. (2011-03-17)
Electronics recycling made easy
Onyx launches prepaid recycling service called OnyxPak(TM). It encourages recycling of lighting and electronic waste by offering a fast and cost-effective manner to stay in compliance with today's changing regulations. (2004-10-08)
Trash that pop can, trash yourself
Think twice about tossing that pop can, since you might be trashing yourself, too. (2016-11-14)
Trash or treasure? Discarded US computers often get a second life
More computers discarded by consumers in the United States are getting a second life in developing countries than previously believed, according to a new study -- the most comprehensive ever done on the topic -- reported in ACS' semimonthly journal Environmental Science & Technology. (2009-09-02)
Making bins more convenient boosts recycling and composting rates
Want to recycle or compost more? Try moving the bins closer, new UBC research suggests. (2017-04-21)
Metals - the 'new renewables'
Metals can help in achieving globally sustainable development, two leading Australian researchers claimed today. (2002-05-29)
Tracking down the scent of recycled plastic
Recycling plastic has an important role in sustainable manufacturing. However, there are still barriers to using recycled plastic not only because of its material and processing properties but also because of its smell. (2017-05-23)
Producer responsibility solution to electronic waste in developing countries
How can legislation be used to avoid hazardous waste being dumped where it could poison people and the environment in developing countries? (2011-09-12)
To strengthen an opinion, simply say it is based on morality
Simply telling people that their opinions are based on morality will make them stronger and more resistant to counterarguments, a new study suggests. (2016-05-31)
New study uncovers how brain cells degrade dangerous protein aggregates
Researchers at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute have discovered a key mechanism responsible for selectively degrading aggregates of ubiquitinated proteins from the cell. (2011-11-07)
Amazon rainforest more able to withstand drought than previously thought
New research suggests that the Amazon rainforest may be more able to cope with dry conditions than previously predicted. (2013-11-14)
MIT uncovers key blood protein
Scientists working in the only lab at MIT doing hematology research have uncovered a protein that plays a key role in the recycling of iron from blood. (2007-10-11)
Parsons preaches magnets
Dr Simon Parson from the School of Water Science at Cranfield University has been invited to speak at the keynote International Workshop on Chemical, Physical and Biological Processes under Magnetic Fields in Japan later this week. (1999-11-22)
The balancing act: An enzyme that links endocytosis to membrane recycling
All cells have surface membranes and maintaining the surface area of this membrane is critical to the normal functioning of cells. (2016-12-06)
Recycling of material may extend ring lifetimes
Although rings around planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are relatively short-lived, new evidence implies that the recycling of orbiting debris can lengthen the lifetime of such rings, according to University of Colorado researchers. (2003-12-08)
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