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Hot flashes underreported and linked to forgetfulness
Women in midlife underreport the number of hot flashes that they experience by more than 40 percent, and these hot flashes are linked to poor verbal memory, according to a study by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago. (2008-06-16)
Parents' behavior linked to kids' videogame playing
Children who think their parents are poor monitors or nag a lot tend to play video games more than other kids, according to a study by Michigan State University researchers. (2011-09-07)
Research affirms the power of 'we'
New research at UC Riverside has greatly magnified the body of evidence asserting that the pronouns we use foretell good relationship outcomes. (2018-10-04)
An intricate interaction: dietary fatty acid intake influences hypertension risk
Hypertension is an important public health problem that can lead to life-threatening cardiovascular events, including heart attack and stroke. (2019-02-20)
The quality of a father-child relationship affects intimate relationships in adulthood
A study of orphans, children of divorced parents and children of intact marriages conducted at the University of Haifa School of Social Work revealed a definitive connection between the quality of the father-child relationship and interpersonal relationships later in life. (2007-02-19)
Long-term and short-term relationships initially indistinguishable
Research shows that long- and short-term relationships look almost identical in the beginning. (2018-05-14)
Dark matter exists: The observations which question its presence in galaxies disproved
As fascinating as it is mysterious, dark matter is one of the greatest enigmas of astrophysics and cosmology. (2019-04-29)
We're emotionally distant and that's just fine by me
When it comes to having a lasting and fulfilling relationship, common wisdom says that feeling close to your romantic partner is paramount. (2013-02-13)
Staying together with kids -- Relationships benefit when new parents get help
The birth of a first child is usually an exciting and eagerly anticipated milestone in any committed relationship, yet research suggests it can also be the beginning of the end for many couples. (2006-12-13)
Study examines factors that may contribute to hypersexuality
In a study of European men, hypersexuality -- a preoccupation with sexual fantasy or an excessive indulgence in sexual activity -- correlated with proneness to sexual boredom and problems with erectile function. (2015-11-03)
Do lovers always tease each other? Study shows how couples handle laughter and banter
How partners in a romantic relationship deal with laughter or being laughed at affects their every day life, their relationship satisfaction and even their sexuality. (2018-10-16)
Maintaining healthy relationships: University of Waterloo studies identify a promising way
Thinking about the future helps overcome relationship conflicts, according to a University of Waterloo study just published online in Social Psychological and Personality Science. (2016-07-28)
Early menopause can result in earlier onset dementia
Women experiencing an early onset of menopause could develop dementia at a younger age. (2010-01-27)
Queen's researcher finds evidence of emotional 'load sharing' in close relationships
New research out of Queen's University has found evidence of emotional load sharing between partners in a close relationship. (2015-09-14)
Ravens remember relationships they had with others
In daily life we remember faces and voices of several known individuals. (2012-04-19)
Relationship quality tied to good health for young adults
For young people entering adulthood, high-quality relationships are associated with better physical and mental health, according to the results of a recently published study by a University at Buffalo-led research team. (2016-06-24)
Research reveals that wealth may drive preference for short-term relationships
According to new research by psychologists at Swansea University, resource-rich environments may cause people to favor short-term relationships. (2018-01-16)
CWRU study finds mending ruptures in client-therapist relationship has positive benefits
In order for prolonged exposure therapy, an evidence-based psychotherapy for post traumatic stress disorder, to reach its full potential, any misperceptions or ruptures in trust and communication between therapist and client need fixing, according to a new Case Western Reserve University study. (2013-11-06)
Between geometry and biology: How and why does the number of species depend on area
There are few universal rules in ecology, but arguably one is the relationship between the area of a study plot and the number of species counted within that plot. (2011-11-10)
Breastfeeding women and sex: Higher sex drive or relationship management?
New mothers in the Philippines spend more time in the bedroom with their partner in the first few weeks after giving birth than they did before they became pregnant. (2015-04-06)
For better romantic relationships, be true to yourself
Be true to yourself, and better romantic relationships will follow, research suggests. (2010-03-15)
Oh brother! Having a sibling makes boys selfless
A study found that siblings uniquely promote sympathy and altruism. (2014-10-15)
Quality counts in adolescents' and young adults' romantic relationships
According to a new longitudinal study, high quality romantic relationships are associated with fewer psychosocial difficulties across adolescence and into young adulthood. (2015-08-18)
On-again, off-again relationships might be toxic for mental health
A researcher from the University of Missouri says that the pattern of breaking up and getting back together can impact an individual's mental health and not for the better. (2018-08-23)
Talking on your cell phone while driving may be hazardous to your close relationships
Warnings about the dangers of distracted driving while using a cell phone are prevalent these days, but cell phone use while driving may also put family relationships in jeopardy, says University of Minnesota professor Paul Rosenblatt. (2010-06-15)
Strong marriage helps couples deal with tempermental baby
Couples with infants who are particularly fussy or difficult typically do just fine as parents -- as long as they have a strong marital relationship. (2007-04-16)
Study: First 10 minutes after meeting may guide future of relationship
Within just 10 minutes of meeting, people decide what kind of relationship they want with a new acquaintance, a recent study suggests. (2004-09-07)
Relationship science: How can couples keep moving forward
Family studies researchers at the University of Illinois who study the science behind maintaining romantic relationships focus their work on the central organizing unit -- the relationship -- rather than on the individual. (2017-09-11)
Family favoritism: Younger siblings impacted more
A new study shows if a younger sibling feels like they're the favorite and their parents agree, their relationship is strengthened. (2017-11-02)
Meteorological silk road pattern may take a toll on Eurasian climate in north-jet years
The meteorological teleconnection pattern that covers most domains along the ancient Silk Road exerts significant influences on climatic anomalies over Eurasia. (2018-02-21)
When we say the wrong thing...repairing the message
Communication scientists from Case Western Reserve University and Kent State University have studied how and why people choose certain ways to repair the damage done once hurtful words are spoken. (2006-01-31)
Mortality and blood pressure directly linked to relationship quality
While other studies have shown that stress and negative marital quality can influence mortality and blood pressure, there has not been research that discussed how it might affect married couples over time. (2015-04-07)
Marijuana use may not aid patients in opioid addiction treatment
New research finds that frequent marijuana use seems to strengthen the relationship between pain and depression and anxiety, not ease it. (2017-12-04)
Psychology: School violence
Schools may be a step closer towards the development of effective strategies to prevent violent behavior. (2013-04-25)
Physicians use complex process in addressing non-patient requests
When confronted with a medical request from family or friends (non-patients), physicians follow a complex process in deciding how to respond. (2018-01-09)
How seeing the same GP helps your health
Patients are more likely to raise a health problem with a doctor they've seen over time and have built-up a relationship with, new research has revealed. (2014-03-06)
Trust makes you delusional and that's not all bad
New research from Northwestern University and Redeemer University College is the first to systematically examine the role of trust in biasing memories of transgressions in romantic partnerships. (2013-02-27)
Intimate partner violence doesn't end with the relationship
Violence that occurs between intimate partners does not end with the relationship's conclusion, yet few resources exist to help survivors move beyond the betrayal of abusive relationships in order to begin new, healthy relationships. (2018-07-11)
Study reveals high relationship quality in same-sex couples
A new Family Relations study provides robust evidence against deep-rooted social perceptions of same-sex relationships being conflictual, unhappy, and dysfunctional. (2017-12-13)
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