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NREL releases Renewable Energy Data Book detailing growing industry in 2012
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has released the 2012 Renewable Energy Data BookPDF on behalf of the Energy Department's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. (2013-11-26)
NREL releases the 2013 Renewable Energy Data Book, detailing increases in installed capacity
The newly released 2013 Renewable Energy Data Book illustrates United States and global energy statistics, including renewable electricity generation, renewable energy development, clean energy investments, and technology-specific data and trends. (2015-03-03)
NREL releases the 2013 Renewable Energy Data Book, detailing increases in installed capacity
he newly released 2013 Renewable Energy Data Book illustrates United States and global energy statistics, including renewable electricity generation, renewable energy development, clean energy investments, and technology-specific data and trends. (2015-01-27)
Redox Flow Batteries, a promising technology for renewable energies integration
Nowadays there is a wide variety of energy storage technologies at very different stages of development. (2011-10-14)
World Renewable Energy Congress provides international forum
Energy ministers, deputy ministers or other representatives from as many as 100 countries are expected to participate in the world's largest gathering of renewable energy experts in Denver, Aug. (2003-11-17)
There might be ways to exploit renewable energy and also allow for protecting biodiversity
Global expansion of bioenergy possesses serious threats to biodiversity, whereas solar energy could have potential for power provision with limited impacts on biodiversity. (2015-10-29)
High renewable electricity growth continued in 2015
The 2015 Renewable Energy Data Book shows that US renewable electricity grew to 16.7 percent of total installed capacity and 13.8 percent of total electricity generation during the past year. (2016-12-06)
Renewable energy developments threaten biodiverse areas
More than 2000 renewable energy facilities are built in areas of environmental significance and threaten the natural habitats of plant and animal species across the globe. (2020-03-25)
IT industry's renewable energy procurement is significant, set to climb
The percentage of renewable electricity purchased by US companies in the information and communication technology sector is growing and will likely increase significantly by the start of the next decade, according to a first-ever analysis by the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory. (2015-08-25)
Among 'green' energy, hydropower is the most dangerous
Many governments are promoting a move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources. (2017-10-25)
Increased use of renewables results in growing GHG emission savings in the EU
Greenhouse gasses emission savings due to final renewable energy consumption in electricity, cooling/heating and transport sectors rose at a compound annual growth rate of 8.8 percent from 2009 to 2012, confirming the renewables' great potential in climate change mitigation, according to a new JRC report. (2015-08-06)
NREL analysis finds tax credit extensions can impact renewable energy deployment and electric sector
The Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory today released new analysis exploring the potential impact of recently extended federal tax credits on the deployment of renewable generation technologies and related US electric sector carbon dioxide emissions. (2016-03-01)
NREL signs agreement with China's national utility
Representatives of the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory and China's State Grid Energy Research Institute today signed a first-ever memorandum of understanding between the two organizations. (2015-09-22)
University of Ulster to establish 'green' power research centre
The University of Ulster is set to become the (2001-09-17)
NREL estimates economically viable US renewable generation
Analysts at the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are providing, for the first time, a method for measuring the economic potential of renewable energy across the United States. (2015-12-08)
NREL launches fuel research lab in Denver
The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will dedicate a new a research facility in Denver on July 19 that will develop cleaner fuels for trucks and buses - part of a broader DOE effort to find domestically produced alternatives to petroleum and improve the nation's air quality. (2002-07-23)
Renewable energy: Report on status and prospects for the US
Renewable energy resources -- solar, wind, geothermal and biomass -- could potentially offer local, sustainable sources of electrical power in the US. (2009-06-11)
Mercouri Kanatzidis honored for renewable energy research
Northwestern University's Mercouri G. Kanatzidis has received the 2015 Renewable Energy Prize, one of the prestigious Eni Awards, for his work capturing potential energy released by wasted heat. (2015-06-08)
A guide for the study of the potential environmental impacts of offshore renewable energies
The global operator of renewable energy ACCIONA-Energy in collaboration with the Marine Research Unit of AZTI-Tecnalia has developed a guide that will facilitate the writing of the Environmental Impact Studies of Marine Renewable Energy Projects. (2013-06-18)
How Chile accomplished its renewable energy boom
Chile is currently undergoing a renewable energy boom. Today, it's the second largest market for renewable energies in Latin America, and in 2016 Chile was the top-scoring renewable energy producer in the Americas and second in the world, beaten only by China. (2018-11-21)
Geotimes examines Google's renewables efforts
Geotimes magazine examines Google's efforts to develop affordable renewable energy in the April issue, available online and on newsstands now. (2008-04-18)
New battery produces electricity where freshwater meets saltwater
Scientists are reporting development of a new battery that extracts and stores energy produced from the difference in saltiness at the point where freshwater in rivers flows into oceans. (2011-04-20)
NREL highlights leading utility green power programs
The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) released its annual ranking of leading utility (2003-03-28)
Afghan sees opportunity in nation's recovery from war
The eighth World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC VIII) will provide a forum for energy suppliers and consumers, as well as governments, industry, academia and financial institutions to discuss the development of energy sources that are secure, sustainable, accessible and economically viable. (2004-08-10)
Sea waves as renewable resource in new energy converter design
Researchers from the University of Beira Interior in Portugal have designed and simulated a new device that converts the irregular movements of low speed sea waves into electrical energy. (2012-06-22)
Russia can be one of the most energy-competitive areas based on renewables
A fully renewable energy system is achievable and economically viable in Russia and Central Asia in 2030. (2015-12-30)
ARPA-E grant will fund NC State research on smart grid technologies
A new grant from the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) will support North Carolina State University efforts to develop new technologies essential to the development of a (2011-01-27)
Study debunks 6 myths about electricity in the South
Clean energy can help meet growing electricity demand and minimize pollution in the Southern United States, but progress to adopt renewable energy strategies has been hindered by a number of myths, according to a new study by Duke and Georgia Tech researchers. (2011-12-01)
Adding up renewable energy
Do the overall efficiencies of renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and geothermal add up in terms of their complete life cycle from materials sourcing, manufacture, running, and decommissioning? (2007-08-13)
Renewable oil companies
The entry of oil companies into the realm of renewable energy could present major obstacles for the development of a sustainable economy that is not based on carbon resources, according to a report in the International Journal of Green Economics. (2010-02-05)
Shifts to renewable energy can drive up energy poverty, PSU study finds
Efforts to shift away from fossil fuels and replace oil and coal with renewable energy sources can help reduce carbon emissions but do so at the expense of increased inequality, according to a new Portland State University study (2019-07-12)
States boost renewable energy and development when utilities adopt renewable standards
States that require utilities to increase renewable energy see expansion of renewable energy facilities and generation -- including wind and other renewable sources, but especially solar -- according to new research from Indiana University and two other institutions. (2018-07-23)
The climate and increased extreme weather affect our energy systems
Climate change, with more and more storms and heat waves, also has consequences for our energy supply. (2020-02-20)
NREL highlights leading utility green power programs
The US Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) released its annual ranking of leading utility green power programs. (2006-03-21)
RAND study says renewable energy could play larger role in US energy future
Renewable resources could produce 25 percent of the electricity and motor vehicle fuels used in the United States by 2025 at little or no additional cost if fossil fuel prices remain high enough and the cost of producing renewable energy continues falling in accord with historical trends, according to a RAND Corp. study issued today. (2006-11-13)
NREL finds up to 6-cent per kilowatt-hour extra value with concentrated solar power
Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) projects would add additional value of 5 or 6 cents per kilowatt hour to utility-scale solar energy in California where 33 percent renewables will be mandated in six years, a new report by the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory has found. (2014-06-10)
Manure could heat your home
Farm manure could be a viable source of renewable energy to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. (2018-03-08)
Impact of renewable energy on our oceans must be investigated, say scientists
Scientists from the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth are today calling for urgent research to understand the impact of renewable energy developments on marine life. (2009-09-17)
New report that evaluates renewable energy resources on public lands available
As part of efforts to advance the President's National Energy Policy, the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory announce the availability of a new report that identifies and evaluates renewable energy resources on public lands. (2003-04-02)
Widespread decrease in wind energy resources found over the Northern Hemisphere
A new study focusing on the change in wind energy resources and models' simulation ability over the Northern Hemisphere reveals a widespread decline in wind energy resources over the Northern Hemisphere. (2018-12-05)
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