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NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Garry continue to intensify
Tropical Cyclone Garry is in a good environment to intensify and satellite imagery from NOAA's GOES-15 satellite helped confirm that the storm has become more organized. (2013-01-24)
Tropical Storm Ignacio may get some company in the eastern Pacific
Tropical Storm Ignacio may not be alone in the Eastern Pacific Ocean for long. (2009-08-26)
NASA sees powerful storms with advancing monsoon in Bay of Bengal
Storms associated with the advancing monsoon in the Northern Indian Ocean's Bay of Bengal were analyzed by NASA with the GPM or Global Precipitation Measurement mission core satellite. (2017-05-23)
NASA animation shows birth of 13th Atlantic tropical depression
The thirteenth tropical depression of the Atlantic Ocean season formed today, Oct. (2013-10-21)
Wollemi National Park bushfires in New South Wales, Australia
NASA's Aqua satellite detected many bushfires in Wollemi National Park, located in the Australian state of New South Wales, outside of Sydney. (2013-11-05)
NASA sees Hurricane Cristobal racing through North Atlantic
Satellite imagery shows Hurricane Cristobal racing through the North Atlantic on Friday, August 29 while losing its tropical characteristics. (2014-08-29)
TRMM Satellite sees Cyclone Cleo coming to a close
Rainfall in the once-known Cyclone Cleo has really diminished over the last 24 hours, and the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission or TRMM satellite has confirmed it. (2009-12-11)
NASA satellites capture 3 days of Hurricane Gordon's Atlantic track
NASA's Terra and Aqua satellite have captured Hurricane Gordon over three days as it neared the Azores Islands in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. (2012-08-20)
Selway complex and Johnson Bar fires in Idaho
Two fires are seen burning in this satellite image taken by the Aqua satellite on Sept. (2014-09-12)
Nida getting knocked by winds, and 97W piquing interest
Nida is now a tropical storm, and is being knocked around by wind shear in the Western Pacific. (2009-12-02)
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP sees Tropical Depression Haikui form
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over the Philippines and saw the thirtieth tropical cyclone of the northwestern Pacific Ocean typhoon season form. (2017-11-09)
NASA sees heavy rain in Arabian Sea tropical cyclone
Tropical Cyclone 02A in the Arabian Sea east of Oman has been weakening and has become a tropical depression. (2016-06-29)
NASA sees heaviest rain north of Tropical Storm Flossie's center
As Eastern Pacific Ocean's Tropical Storm Flossie continues to move further west toward Hawaii, NASA's TRMM satellite analyzed its rainfall. (2013-07-26)
NASA satellite reveals a depressed and disorganized Henri
Depression happens to everyone, even tropical storms, and Henri is now tropically depressed. (2009-10-08)
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP finds Tropical Depression Haikui dissipating
The final warning was issued on Tropical depression Haiku on Nov. (2017-11-13)
NASA satellite animation shows Tropical Storm Arlene 'eaten' by weather system
An animation created by NASA using imagery from NOAA's GOES-East satellite shows the North Atlantic Ocean's first tropical storm of the season being (2017-04-22)
NASA sees many things happening in Tropical Storm Ewiniar
There are a number of things happening under the hood of Tropical Storm Ewiniar's clouds that have been deciphered by satellite data today, Sept. (2012-09-28)
NASA follows extra-Tropical Cyclone Lan speeding through northern Japan
Now an extra-tropical cyclone over northern Japan, Lan was a typhoon when it made landfall just south of Tokyo over the weekend of Oct. (2017-10-23)
NASA sees Wukong struggling to survive in South China Sea
NASA's TRMM satellite captured rainfall data on Tropical Depression Wukong as it struggles to stay together in the South China Sea. (2012-12-28)
NASA's TRMM Satellite sees tornadic Texas storms in 3-D
NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite provides a look at thunderstorms in three dimensions and shows scientists the heights of the thunderclouds and the rainfall rates coming from them, both of which indicate severity. (2012-04-05)
NASA sees strong thunderstorms in Tropical Storm Gaemi
Infrared NASA satellite imagery revealed that the strongest thunderstorms within Tropical Storm Gaemi in the western North Pacific Ocean were located around the storm's center and in a band of thunderstorms east of the center. (2012-10-02)
NASA-JAXA's TRMM satellite sees rapid intensification of category-5 Marcia
At 11 p.m. local time (1324 UTC) on Feb. 19, 2015, the Precipitation Radar on the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite observed the eyewall of Tropical Cyclone Maria in the Coral Sea. (2015-02-20)
Invisible satellite dishes to preserve Athens skyline
Rooftop satellite receivers can look out of place with the historic surroundings of ancient cities. (2003-10-27)
NASA's TRMM Satellite see spring storms hit the US Great Plains
The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission or TRMM satellite captured rainfall and cloud height information about the powerful thunderstorms and severe weather that affected the Great Plains over May 8 and 9. (2014-05-09)
The world's first wireless satellite
A satellite whose components are not connected through electric cables but miniaturised radio modules: This innovation has earned two computer scientists from the University of Würzburg the first place in the INNOspace Masters competition. (2016-05-12)
Satellite shows Bertha merged with frontal system in North Atlantic
A visible satellite image from NOAA's GOES-East satellite shows that Post-Tropical Storm Bertha was merging with a frontal system in the North Atlantic Ocean. (2014-08-06)
Satellites aiding disaster relief
Recent demonstrations have shown how making use of digital processing technology on board satellites can help emergency services share information more effectively during natural disasters. (2004-06-24)
CryoSat environmental testing over - preparations for shipment to launch site about to begin
The intense mechanical testing period is finally over for the CryoSat satellite, and with launch just a couple of months away - the very last checks are being made before the spacecraft is packed up and shipped to the launch site in Plesetsk, Russia. (2005-07-21)
Satellites see storm system that created Moore, Okla., tornado
On May 20, 2013, NASA and NOAA satellites observed the system that generated severe weather in the south central United States and spawned the Moore, Okla., tornado. (2013-05-21)
Boston University TERRIERS Team Gearing Up To Launch Satellite: Preparation For Shipping To Vandenberg Air Force Base Begins
TERRIERS, a satellite designed and built by a team of undergraduate and graduate students and faculty at Boston University, is now being prepared for shipping to Vandenberg Air Force Base, where it will be launched on April 7, 1999. (1999-03-03)
Artemis provides communications for Jules Verne ATV
ESA's Artemis data relay satellite, controlled from Fucino (Italy) and with its mission control center and Earth terminal located at Redu (Belgium), is providing communications between the Jules Verne ATV and the ATV Control Center in Toulouse (France). (2008-03-14)
NASA infrared image identifies several areas of power in Cyclone Imelda
Cyclone Imelda has continues to strengthen, and infrared NASA satellite imagery indicated powerful convection throughout the storm. (2013-04-11)
NASA and NOAA's newest GOES satellite ready for action
NASA and NOAA's latest Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite, GOES-15, has successfully completed five months of on-orbit testing and has been accepted into service. (2010-09-01)
NASA satellite sees Tropical Storm Edzani becoming extra-tropical
Tropical Storm Edzani will soon be Extra-tropical Storm Edzani and NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission or TRMM satellite noticed that as its changing, the storm's rains are all south of the system. (2010-01-13)
UofL scientists enhance understanding of muscle repair process
UofL scientists demonstrate that the protein kinase TAK1 (transforming growth factor-B-activated kinase 1), is vital in regulating the survival and proliferation of satellite stem cells, responsible for regenerating adult skeletal muscles. (2015-12-09)
Fires in Eastern Russia
Fires in eastern Russia are commonplace at this time of year. (2013-05-03)
Small GEO Platform contract signed
Today in Berlin, ESA officially announced the signing with OHB/Germany of a €100 million framework contract to develop a European Small Geostationary Satellite platform for telecommunication missions. (2007-03-28)
NASA's Aqua satellite sees Typhoon Halola elongating
NASA's Aqua satellite flew over Typhoon Halola in the northwestern Pacific Ocean and captured temperature data on the storm. (2015-07-15)
NASA Sees Eastern Pacific's Second Tropical Storm Form
On May 21, NASA satellites were monitoring Tropical Depression 02E in the eastern Pacific Ocean, and 24 hours later it strengthened into the second tropical storm of the season. (2012-05-22)
Typhoon Noru gives NASA's Terra satellite the eye
NASA's Terra satellite passed over Typhoon Noru in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and captured a close look at the eye of the storm. (2017-08-01)
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