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NASA catches formation of Tropical Cyclone Dineo
The fifth tropical cyclone of the Southern Indian Ocean season formed today, Feb. (2017-02-13)
NASA satellite sees Typhoon Champi elongating
Typhoon Champi appeared to be the victim of vertical wind shear in infrared imagery from NASA's Terra satellite. (2015-10-23)
NASA and NOAA's GOES-O satellite successfully launched
The latest Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite, GOES-O, soared into space June 27 after a successful launch from Space Launch Complex 37 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. (2009-06-30)
NASA watches as Tropical Storm Bolaven develops
Tropical Storm Bolaven was born over the weekend of Aug/ 18-19 in the western North Pacific, and NASA captured infrared satellite imagery of its birth and growth. (2012-08-20)
Volcanic plume meets and occluded weather front, changes wind direction
A visible satellite image on Wednesday, May 12, at 13:10 UTC (9:10 a.m. (2010-05-13)
Elephants in space
Scientists with the Bronx Zoo-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) have recently been counting their zoo animals from a lofty perch: namely, outer space. (2004-11-17)
NASA watching Tropical Storm Jose get organized
Tropical Storm Jose appeared somewhat elongated in NASA satellite imagery as NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed overhead, but the storm organized and strengthened overnight. (2017-09-06)
Infrared NASA imagery shows a weaker Tropical Storm 13W
Infrared satellite imagery from shows how cold cloud top temperatures are in a tropical cyclone, and recent imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite shows the cloud-top temperatures have been warming in Tropical Storm 13W. (2012-08-07)
Air Force Office of Scientific Research announces University Nanosat competition winners
Ten universities have been selected to design and build small satellites in a competition sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Space Vehicles Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory. (2012-12-12)
Wildfires consume parts of eastern Russia
Wildfires in far eastern Russia dot the landscape and what isn't covered by the fires is covered by the smoke that rises from these wildfires. (2014-08-04)
NASA adds up Tropical Storm Neoguri's deluge from space
The once-powerful Super Typhoon Neoguri weakened to a tropical storm when it dropped heavy rainfall over southern Japan during the week of July 7, 2014. (2014-07-14)
Slow-moving Marty headed for drier air, cooler waters
Marty was still holding onto tropical storm status on Sept. (2009-09-18)
Handling satellite data in real time
Finding better ways to handle satellite data as it pours down to Earth is the aim of the GeoStreams research project at UC Davis, funded by an $800,000 grant from the National Science Foundation's Information Technology Research program. (2004-01-23)
Tropical Cyclone Helen headed for landfall in India
Tropical Cyclone 04B has strengthened and been renamed (2013-11-20)
NASA's satellite imagery sees Hilda hit a wall
Two days ago, Hilda was in prime shape to strengthen further as she tracked westward, far south of the Hawaiian Islands. (2009-08-27)
Students Hangin' With Drifters
Starting next school year, students can follow the progress of drifting buoys in the Carribbean as part of a Year of the Ocean project to track weather patterns. (1998-03-25)
NASA provides a 2-satellite view and video of the Chilean volcano eruption
NASA's Aqua satellite and the GOES-13 satellite both captured their own unique views of the eruption of the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano in Chile this week. (2011-06-09)
Fires in Bolivia Aug. 31, 2013
Fires burned throughout Bolivia in late Aug. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA's Aqua satellite captured this natural-color image on Aug. (2013-09-03)
NASA's Aqua satellite catches Typhoon Noru's 10 mile-wide eye
NASA's Aqua satellite provided a look at the eye of Typhoon Noru as it continued to track west in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. (2017-07-27)
Wildfires light up western Australia
Careful observers of the new (2012-12-07)
NASA sees system 91B making landfall in southwestern India
A tropical low was affecting southern India and Sri Lanka on May 6 at 0809 UTC when the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite called TRMM flew above it. (2014-05-07)
NASA sees a redeveloped Tropical Depression Bonnie over North Carolina
On the morning of June 2, the National Hurricane Center reported that post-tropical cyclone Bonnie has redeveloped into a tropical depression and was moving over the North Carolina Outer Banks. (2016-06-02)
NASA sees Hurricane Kilo headed for International Date Line
NASA's Aqua and NOAA's GOES-West satellite saw Hurricane Kilo moving west in the Central Pacific Ocean as it neared the International Date Line. (2015-08-31)
Possible first eastern Pacific tropical depression shaping up on NASA imagery
NASA's Aqua satellite flew over a low pressure system in the Eastern Pacific and captured infrared imagery that show it to be well-defined and organizing. (2011-06-06)
Satellite sees Hurricane Fabio still chasing Emilia's remnants in Pacific Ocean
Hurricane Fabio continues to be the big tropical news maker in the Eastern Pacific, while the Central Pacific Hurricane Center is tracking the remnants of Hurricane Emilia. (2012-07-16)
Alcatel Space and Astrium forge agreement for AlphaBus
The European satellite communications industry today reached a landmark of cooperation at Le Bourget air show in France. (2003-06-23)
Ocean satellite launch critical to Australian science
A new Earth-observing satellite being launched in California today will help guide future Australian ocean and climate science. (2008-06-20)
NASA's Aqua Satellite sees Khanun's remnants dissipating over China
NASA's Aqua satellite has been tracking the remnants of Tropical Depression Khanun, and infrared data revealed that it has moved over northeastern China where it is now dissipating. (2012-07-20)
Whales viewed from space
High-resolution satellite images may be a useful tool for counting whale populations for conservation purposes. (2014-02-12)
Rancho Fire in California
The Rancho Fire started two miles north of Lebec, CA on July 19, 2013 at approximately noon. (2013-07-22)
NASA eyes Typhoon Prapiroon's U-turn
Typhoon Prapiroon is making a U-turn in the Philippine Sea, changing direction from northwest to northeast. (2012-10-10)
Satellite shows a weaker Hurricane Fernanda
Hurricane Fernanda appears to be weakening on infrared satellite imagery. (2017-07-19)
Aalto-1 satellite sends first image -- the camera developed by VTT
The photograph was taken with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland developed hyperspectral camera's secondary camera. (2017-07-31)
NASA sees development of Tropical Storm 11P in Southwestern Pacific
The tropical low pressure area previously known as System 97P has developed into a tropical storm named 11P in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. (2016-02-10)
Improved ocean color mapping when the NIST SIRCUS is in town
It's not an act that Barnum and Bailey would want, but there are a lot of environmental researchers around the world who think it's the featured attraction. (2003-03-13)
NASA's TRMM satellite sees some towering thunderstorms around Faxai's center
Towering thunderstorms and heavy rainfall were occurring around the center of Tropical Storm Faxai in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean, and were seen by the TRMM satellite. (2014-03-03)
Satellite shows Hurricane Marie about to swallow Karina
Massive Hurricane Marie appears like a giant fish about to swallow tiny Tropical Depression Karina on satellite imagery today from NOAA's GOES-West satellite. (2014-08-26)
Satellite captures night-time image of California's Springs fire
From its orbit around the Earth, the NASA-NOAA Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite or Suomi NPP satellite, captured a night-time image of California's Springs fire. (2013-05-06)
NOAA's GOES-S, T and U satellites are shaping up
As NOAA's GOES-R satellite goes through mechanical testing in preparation for launch in October 2016, the remaining satellites in the series (GOES-S, T, and U) are also making significant progress. (2016-01-08)
NASA provides satellite views of nor'easter lifespan
NASA and NOAA satellites have provided animations and images of the coupling of two low pressure areas that created the now historic winter-time nor'easter that brought more than two feet of snow to portions of the New England states on Feb. (2013-02-12)
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