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Barbara Romanowicz wins top honor in seismology
Through the course of her career, Barbara Romanowicz has studied the Earth from its surface to its center, establishing herself as one of the most influential seismologists of her time. (2012-04-09)
BSSA special issue on rotational seismology
A special May issue of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America focuses on the emerging field of rotational seismology and its applications to engineering. (2009-04-27)
MIT M. Nafi Toksoz honored by seismologists
The Seismological Society of America will honor MIT's M. Nafi Toksoz on April 12 for his exceptional contributions to the field, including his investment of time in those around him. (2007-04-06)
Monitoring Yellowstone earthquake swarms
Analysis of the recent swarm suggests epicenters migrated north over the 12-day period and maximum hypocenter depths abruptly shallowed from 12 km to 3 km depth at the time of rapid cessation of activity on Jan. (2009-04-09)
Richards honored for groundbreaking career in public service, research
Paul Richards, the emeritus Mellon Professor of the Natural Sciences of Columbia University, will be honored with the Seismological Society of America's Reid Medal in recognition of his contributions to science and society. (2010-04-12)
New Instrument "Lending Library" Will Help Researchers See What's Shaking
An innovative new instrument center to support scientists in their efforts to study earthquakes and other seismic data will be dedicated today at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico. (1998-10-28)
SSA honors Victor Tsai with Charles F. Richter Early Career Award
Still early in his career, Victor Tsai has already established himself as a leading seismologist, conducting pioneering research in the emerging fields of ambient noise and glacier and river seismology. (2014-11-17)
Leading researchers meet to discuss latest research in seismology
Leading researchers will meet to present their latest research in seismology, including hazard assessment, volcano seismology, extreme ground motions, archaeoseismology, unique challenges to research that spans the California/Mexico border, and more. (2008-01-28)
This is what the margins of the Ebro looked like 6 million years ago
A Spanish research team, using 3-D reflection seismology, has for the first time mapped the geomorphological features of the Ebro river basin between five and six million years ago. (2011-06-02)
Highlights from August issue of BSSA
The following articles are highlighted in the upcoming issue of Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America: (2007-08-06)
Lev P. Vinnik wins top honor in seismology
Seismological Society of America will present its highest honor, the 2016 Harry Fielding Reid Medal, to Lev P. (2016-05-24)
Seismological Society of America awards top honor to James R. Rice
The Seismological Society of America will present its highest honor, the Harry Field Reid Medal, to James R. (2013-04-04)
Andy Michael honored for distinguished service to Seismological Society of America
For his service to the Seismological Society of America, Michael, a geophysicist with the US Geological Survey, will be honored with the Distinguished Service to SSA Award at an April 17 ceremony in San Diego. (2012-04-09)
The Illustrated History of Natural Disasters
At the forefront of (2010-05-05)
Volcano seismologist Randall White honored for public service, saving lives
The Seismological Society of America will honor seismologist Randall White for his scientific leadership in response to volcanic eruptions, both saving lives and sharing his techniques of eruptions forecasting that are now in use at volcano observatories around the world. (2013-04-12)
Russian Tanya Rautian to be honored with top seismology prize, the Reid Medal
A heavyweight in the field of seismology who drove research efforts in the former Soviet Union, Tanya Glebovna Rautian will be honored with the Seismological Society of America's Reid Medal, which recognizes contributions to science and society, at the organization's annual meeting held April 13-15 in Memphis, Tenn. (2011-04-04)
David Boore honored with Bruce A. Bolt Medal for strong-motion earthquake research
For his work, David Boore will be honored with the Bruce A. (2010-04-12)
Calculating tsunami risk for the US East Coast
The greatest threat of a tsunami for the US East Coast from a nearby offshore earthquake stretches from the coast of New England to New Jersey, according to John Ebel of Boston College, who presented his findings today at the Seismological Society of America 2013 Annual Meeting. (2013-04-19)
Seismologist Michael E. Wysession honored for contributions to geosciences education
For his exceptional leadership in geosciences education and his devotion to public understanding of earthquakes and their impact on society, the Seismological Society of America will present Michael E. (2016-05-24)
A global murmur, then unusual silence
In the global aftershock zone that followed the major April 2012 Indian Ocean earthquake, seismologists noticed an unusual pattern -- period of quiet, without a large quake. (2013-04-19)
Measuring the hazards of global aftershock
The entire world becomes an aftershock zone after a massive magnitude (M) 7 or larger earthquake -- but what hazard does this pose around the planet? (2013-04-19)
Art Frankel awarded Frank Press Public Service Award
For his service to the public, Frankel, a research seismologist for the USGS, will be honored with the Frank Press Public Service Award by the Seismological Society of America. (2010-04-12)
David Shelly honored with Seismological Society of America's Richter Early Career Award
David Shelly has quickly established himself as world leader in observational seismology, having already made a dramatic impact on the field of seismology through his pioneering work to detect and locate deep tectonic tremor. (2012-04-11)
Helping to forecast earthquakes in Salt Lake Valley
Salt Lake Valley, home to the Salt Lake City segment of the Wasatch fault zone and the West Valley fault zone, has been the site of repeated surface-faulting earthquakes (of about magnitude 6.5 to 7). (2013-04-17)
Princeton students reveal U.S.'s natural hazard risk
For the first time, natural hazard data from across the entire United States has been combined into a comprehensive hazard map revealing the areas most at risk for natural hazards. (2002-06-07)
Dr. Hiroo Kanamori recognized as the 2015 Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist
Kanamori has been described as 'a towering figure in seismology and geophysics.' His discoveries have allowed geoscientists to better understand large earthquakes, and determine how they may impact earthquake and tsunami-prone communities. (2015-05-27)
Charting seismic effects on water levels can refine earthquake understanding
Through many decades, stories about earthquakes raising or lowering water levels in wells, lakes and streams have become the stuff of folklore. (2003-06-26)
Citizen seismologists multiply the impacts of earthquake studies
From matchbook-sized sensors plugged into a desktop computer to location-tagged tweets, the earthquake data provided by 'citizen seismologists' have grown in size and quality since 2000, according to the field's researchers. (2016-04-22)
Roger D. Borcherdt wins the 2016 Bruce A. Bolt Medal
Roger D. Borcherdt, scientist emeritus at the US Geological Survey and past Shimizu Visting Professor and consulting professor at Stanford University, is the 2016 recipient of the Bruce A. (2015-12-30)
Understanding tsunamis with EM fields
New research shows that important focal parameters of tsunamigenic earthquakes -- particularly fault dip direction -- can be extracted from tsunami-borne electromagnetic fields. (2016-07-06)
Christopher H. Scholz wins top honor in seismology
The Seismological Society of America will present its highest honor, the Harry Fielding Reid Medal, to Christopher H. (2015-11-23)
Japanese-language MyShake app crowdsources earthquake shaking
UC Berkeley scientists are releasing a Japanese version of an Android app that crowdsources ground-shaking information from smartphones to detect quakes and eventually warn users of impending jolts from nearby quakes. (2016-05-21)
Forensic seismology tested on 2006 munitions depot 'cook-off' in Baghdad
Curious seismologists who looked at the recordings made by a seismic station four miles away from the 'cook-off' of an ammunition holding area in Iraq in 2006 found they could distinguish, mortars, rockets, improvised explosive devices, helicopters and drones. (2015-12-22)
Civil engineer Katsuichiro Goda honored by Seismological Society of America
The Seismological Society of America will honor Katsuichiro Goda for his prolific work to reduce earthquake risk around the world, awarding him the Charles Richter Early Career Award on April 17 at its annual meeting in Salt Lake City. (2013-04-04)
Diego Melgar Moctezuma honored with Charles F. Richter Early Career Award
Early in his career, seismologist Diego Melgar Moctezuma has already made significant research contributions in the areas of earthquake rupture and early warning, tsunami modeling, and community outreach regarding earthquakes and geosciences. (2016-05-24)
Geologists study how beachfront property turned mountainous
A team of U.S. and German scientists is studying how North America formed almost 2 billion years ago along the Rocky Mountains from New Mexico to Wyoming, which they believe used to be a coastline. (1999-09-02)
Subduction zone, shallow depth make lethal mix in earthquake that triggered Asian tsunami
Subduction zones, where two plates collide with each other, produce the most powerful earthquakes because they have long continuous fault lines. (2005-01-05)
New GSA special paper defines the nature and aim of paleoseismology
How is paleoseismology defined and what is its main aim? (2011-08-03)
Predicted ground motions for great earthquake in Pacific Northwest: Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver
A new study evaluates expected ground motion in Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver from earthquakes of magnitude 7.5 - 9.0, providing engineers and policymakers with a new tool to build or retrofit structures to withstand seismic waves from large (2009-06-10)
Thorne Lay honored by Seismological Society of America
An influential seismologist and community leader whose research has refined our understanding of the Earth's deep interior, Thorne Lay will be honored by the Seismological Society of America with its highest honor, the Harry Fielding Reid Medal, which recognizes contributions to science and society, at the organization's annual meeting held April 21-23, 2015 in Pasadena, Calif. (2014-11-17)
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