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Monitoring soil structure changes after compaction
Soil compaction is a global threat to soil ecosystem services, causing tremendous costs to society. (2017-06-19)
Measured soil moisture improves wildfire prediction
New research supports using different soil moisture measurement systems for more accurate wildfire risk assessment in Oklahoma and similar areas. (2017-07-25)
Spreading antibiotics in the soil affects microbial ecosystems
Antibiotics used extensively in intensive livestock production may be having an adverse effect on agricultural soil ecosystems. (2009-03-29)
Writing an equation for soil success
Assessing soil physical quality can save time and money. It can help steer away from soils that wouldn't help crops grow their best. (2016-11-23)
Scientists have transferred an office scanner into a new tool for soil color evaluation
A scientist of the Soil Science Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University together with the colleagues have designed a simple technique for quantitative characteristic of soil color with the help of a low-cost digital device. (2017-08-17)
Scientist uses geological observatories to monitor the health of soils
Erosion and weathering can hinder soil's ability to maintain a nutritional balance -- a process crucial to maintaining life around the globe. (2010-06-17)
Study finds greenhouse gas reduction strategy may be safe for soil animals
A new study has found that an emerging tool for combating climate change may cause less harm to some soil animals than initial studies suggested. (2011-06-01)
Logging can decrease water infiltration into forest soils, study finds
Researchers have found that logging operations can negatively affect soil density and water infiltration within forests, particularly along makeshift logging roads and landing areas where logs are stored before being trucked to sawmills. (2016-08-17)
Cover crops can sequester soil organic carbon
A 12-year University of Illinois study shows that, although the use of cover crops does not improve crop yields, the practice does increase the amount of sequestered soil organic carbon using three different soil management systems. (2014-12-02)
New study highlights key role soil structure plays in water uptake by crops
The increased global consumption of food means that there is an increasing yield gap between crop production and crop usage. (2013-12-10)
An unexpected outcome of atmospheric CO2 enrichment
Mycorrhizae help plants acquire soil nutrients but also drain substantial carbon from plants. (2003-05-22)
New system for soil analysis
The department for environmental engineering at the National Research Center for Environment and Health (GSF) in Neuherberg has developed a new system for soil analysis in cooperation with the company Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH (UGT). (2007-05-23)
No-till farming improves soil stability
A joint Agricultural Research Service-multi-university study across the central Great Plains on the effects of more than 19 years of various tillage practices shows that no-till makes soil much more stable than plowed soil. (2010-05-11)
Nematodes and tardigrades, and dung beetles, oh my!
A new 'Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas,' which has its roots at Colorado State University will be unveiled May 25, 2016 in Nairobi at the United Nations Environment Assembly. (2016-05-20)
New book on biochar published
The Soil Science Society of America has published 'Agricultural and Environmental Applications of Biochar: Advances and Barriers.' Stunning agricultural and environmental benefits are covered. (2016-05-06)
Work on barren soil may bear fruit
Australian and Chinese scientists have made significant progress in determining what causes soil acidification -- a discovery that could assist in turning back the clock on degraded croplands. (2015-08-18)
Fowl soil additive breaks down crude oil
It is an unlikely application, but researchers in China have discovered that chicken manure can be used to biodegrade crude oil in contaminated soil. (2009-03-03)
Soil area the size of Berlin lost each year due to water erosion in the EU
A recent assessment carried out by the JRC estimates that water erodes 970 million tonnes of soil every year in the EU. (2015-09-02)
Soil frost affects greenhouse gas emissions in the Arctic
Soil frost is a nearly universal process in the Arctic. (2016-01-14)
Biochar provides high-definition electron pathways in soil
Cornell University scientists have discovered a new high-definition system that allows electrons to travel through soil farther and more efficiently than previously thought. (2017-04-03)
Can biochar help suppress greenhouse gases?
Scientists at Lincoln University in New Zealand, conducted an experiment over an 86-day spring/summer period to determined the effect of incorporating biochar into the soil on nitrous oxide emissions from the urine patches produced by cattle. (2011-04-19)
Researchers Find That Where There's Muck There's DNA Brass
Biologists at the University of Warwick are to co-ordinate a European research programme which will quite literally act on the old adage that (1998-11-16)
Manipulating biotope space can enhance beneficial biodiversity effects
Using diverse plant mixtures instead of monocultures can increase yield and other ecosystem goods and services on which humans depend. (2004-06-10)
Dust storms may carry bacteria to Japan from China
Bacteria found in soil around Tokyo are not indigenous to the area. (2005-10-19)
Arsenic in Goldfields soil needs monitoring
Exposure to arsenic in soil and mine waste may have contributed to a slight increase in past cancer risk in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas in the Goldfields region of Victoria, according to new research published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. (2012-03-22)
UBC researchers determine vineyards adversely affect soil quality
UBC biologists are digging under vineyards to see if the Okanagan's grape industry is affecting soil quality. (2016-07-14)
The good Earth
The Naval Research Laboratory has received a patent for a faster, safer device for measuring concentrations of metals in soil in hazardous waste environments. (2000-09-07)
Elevated atmospheric CO2 increases soil carbon
An article in the current issue of Global Change Biology indicates that soils in temperate ecosystems might contribute more to partially offsetting the effects of rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations than earlier studies have suggested. (2005-12-05)
Why is the ground brown?
Ecologists have long asked, Why is the world green? In other words, why aren't herbivores, such as insects and grazing animals, more successful at eating the world's green leaves, also known as plant biomass? (2006-03-31)
Soil biodiversity crucial to future land management and response to climate change
Research by scientists at The University of Manchester and Lancaster shows maintaining healthy soil biodiversity can play an important role in optimising land management programmes to reap benefits from the living soil. (2013-08-12)
Using frequency waves to measure moisture in soil
Researchers have developed a numerical model for simulating the waveform in soil by using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and a new calibration equation. (2003-06-13)
Vegetation can help prevent soil erosion due to wind
Dust from soil erosion due to wind can affect human health, traffic, and, on a larger scale, climate. (2015-01-20)
Soil pHertility
Researchers create a global map of soil pH and illuminate how it changes between wet and dry climates. (2016-12-08)
Study finds accelerated soil carbon loss, increasing the rate of climate change
Research published in Science found that increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere cause soil microbes to produce more carbon dioxide, accelerating climate change. (2014-04-24)
Alkaline soil, sensible sensor
Producers sometimes face challenges that go deep into the soil. (2017-08-02)
Common nanoparticles found to be highly toxic to Arctic ecosystem
Queen's researchers have discovered that nanoparticles, which are now present in everything from socks to salad dressing and suntan lotion, may have irreparably damaging effects on soil systems and the environment. (2011-04-06)
Laser reveals water's secret life in soil
Most of us think nothing of rainfall or where it goes, unless it leads to flooding or landslides. (2016-03-30)
Interannual variability in soil respiration from terrestrial ecosystems in China
Soil respiration is an important part of the terrestrial carbon cycle. (2012-11-26)
Spectroscopy: Simple solution for soil sample
Traditional ways of analyzing soil texture are slow. Danish researchers have shown a new, high-tech method that is fast, cost-effective, and portable. (2017-08-30)
Better soil data key for future food security
Future food security depends on a variety of factors -- but better soil data could substantially help improve projections of future crop yields, shows new research from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. (2016-06-21)
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