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Solar cells of the future
A new material, nano flakes, may revolutionize the transformation of solar energy to electricity. (2007-12-18)
Solar cell design with over 50 percent energy-conversion efficiency
Solar cells convert the sun's energy into electricity by converting photons into electrons. (2017-04-23)
Researchers develop new possibilities for solar power
Two Queen's researchers have contributed to a significant breakthrough in solar technology. (2012-07-10)
The future of solar-powered houses is clear
The future of solar-powered houses is clearPeople could live in glass houses and look at the world through rose-tinted windows while reducing their carbon emissions by 50 percent thanks to QUT Institute of Sustainable Resources research. (2008-04-09)
Solar energy prospects are bright for Scotland, experts say
Installing state-of-the-art solar panels on a quarter of a million roofs could meet one-sixth of Scotland's electricity demands, experts say. (2014-05-19)
Solar power much cheaper to produce than most analysts realize, study finds
The public is being kept in the dark about the viability of solar photovoltaic energy, according to a study conducted at Queen's University. (2011-12-07)
New connection between stacked solar cells can handle energy of 70,000 suns
North Carolina State University researchers have come up with a new technique for improving the connections between stacked solar cells, which should improve the overall efficiency of solar energy devices and reduce the cost of solar energy production. (2013-09-06)
Making solar panels with cleaner, greener technology
Mention solar energy, and most people think (2011-02-23)
Getting into hot water
An analysis of the engineering and economics for a solar water-heating system shows it to have a payback period of just two years, according to researchers in India. (2009-03-09)
Solar energy production has enormous potential in southeastern Ontario: Queen's University studies
Solar power in southeastern Ontario has the potential to produce almost the same amount of power as all the nuclear reactors in the United States, according to two studies conducted by the Queen's University Applied Sustainability Research Group located in Kingston, Canada. (2010-04-14)
Research findings in solar cells will have an impact on solar panel industry
University of Luxembourg's Laboratory for Photovoltaics has established a method to observe and prevent solar cell degradation before solar cell production is finished, which has implications for the solar cell manufacturing industry since chemical damage to solar cells can occur quickly. (2012-10-11)
Solar cell research funded by US Department of Energy
Fixed-tilt concentrating photovoltaic panels that will deliver significantly more energy than conventional photovoltaic solar panels are the aim of Penn State's solar energy research funded by the US Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) for $2.9 million. (2015-08-26)
New discoveries about photosynthesis may lead to solar cells of the future
For the first time, researchers have successfully measured in detail the flow of solar energy, in and between different parts of a photosynthetic organism. (2016-07-18)
Commercial 'green' solar cells may be possible, say Pitt researchers
Developing solar energy that is low-cost, lightweight, and energy efficient has proven to be one of the greatest challenges the science world faces today. (2011-11-22)
DOE grant funds solar energy project
Competitively priced electricity from easily manufactured solar cells is the aim of a Penn State researcher's project funded for up to $1,231,000 over three years by the US Department of Energy. (2008-04-01)
Apollo Solar Energy funds new $1.5 million CdTe solar research center at NJIT
NJIT received today from Apollo Solar Energy Inc. a three-year, $1.5 million grant to establish a solar research center. (2010-03-16)
Solar heating could cover over 80 person of domestic heating requirements in Nordic countries
According to researchers at Aalto University, by using suitable systems, more than 80 percent of heating energy for Finnish households could be produced using solar energy with competitive prices. (2017-06-20)
Research team assesses environmental impact of organic solar cells
To better understand the energy and environmental benefits and detriments of solar power, a research team from Rochester Institute of Technology has conducted one of the first life-cycle assessments of organic solar cells. (2010-09-17)
PolyU develops solar cells with highest power conversion efficiency
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has successfully developed perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells with the world's highest power conversion efficiency of 25.5% recently. (2016-04-12)
Engineer's research employs semiconductors to better store, use solar energy
The National Science Foundation has awarded a $400,000 Early Career Development grant to Fuqiang Liu, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering, to improve the way solar energy is captured, stored and transmitted for use. (2013-02-20)
Innovation puts next-generation solar cells on the horizon
In a world first, a Monash University-led international research team has developed an innovative way to boost the output of the next generation of solar cells. (2009-11-30)
NREL recognizes solar pioneer with national honor
The US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) presented the 2004 Paul Rappaport Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Award to Robert (2004-11-24)
Toward home-brewed electricity with 'personalized solar energy'
New scientific discoveries are moving society toward the era of (2009-12-16)
Tecnalia participates in creation of glass that optimizes use of solar energy
The Construction Unit at Tecnalia (in conjunction with the University of Cantabria) has taken part in the Sunglass project, the aim of which is to develop a new building product. (2010-08-25)
Solar electricity symposium
Leading lights in solar energy from around the world will meet July 12-13, in Sede Boker, Israel, for the Ninth Sede Boker Symposium on Solar Electricity Production at the Ben- Gurion National Solar Energy Center at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev's Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research. (1999-06-21)
Observing the Birkeland currents
When the supersonic solar wind hits the Earth's magnetic field, a powerful electrical connection occurs with Earth's field, generating millions of amperes of current that drive the dazzling auroras. (2014-10-06)
DTU researchers film protein quake for the first time
One of nature's mysteries is how plants survive impact by the huge amounts of energy contained in the sun's rays, while using this energy for photosynthesis. (2014-08-27)
GVSU-MAREC receives grant to study solar thermal systems
Grand Valley State University's Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center received a grant from the Michigan Energy Office to study solar thermal system costs and efficiency improvements for use in Michigan's climate. (2013-05-13)
Substantial improvement in essential cheap solar cell process
A cheap alternative to silicon solar cells can be found in dye-sensitized solar cells. (2008-03-20)
Invitation to GOPV conference in China
Everyone who works with organic solar cell technology is hereby formally invited to participate in the Conference: Global Organic PhotoVoltaic Conference (GOPV). (2011-05-23)
Coal to solar: Retraining the energy workforce
As the solar industry booms, coal workers have the opportunity to pursue new work. (2016-06-24)
NREL launches initiative to build solar performance database
The US Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory has launched an initiative to build an open-source database of real-world performance from solar facilities across the country. (2013-04-09)
New efficiency record for solar cells
Physicist Bram Hoex and colleagues at Eindhoven University of Technology, together with the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, have improved the efficiency of an important type of solar cell from 21.9 to 23.2 percent (a relative improvement of 6 percent). (2008-05-14)
Among 'green' energy, hydropower is the most dangerous
Many governments are promoting a move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources. (2017-10-25)
Research examines some losses in the devices that convert solar energy into useful heat
The engineer Fabienne Sallaberry has calculated the losses sustained by solar thermal collectors, devices that convert the sun's energy into useful heat, when one of their components is not correctly focusing the direct solar radiation. (2016-05-11)
Supersonic electrons could produce future solar fuel
Researchers from institutions including Lund University have taken a step closer to producing solar fuel using artificial photosynthesis. (2015-03-02)
Transparent solar technology represents 'wave of the future'
See-through solar materials that can be applied to windows represent a massive source of untapped energy and could harvest as much power as bigger, bulkier rooftop solar units, scientists report today in Nature Energy. (2017-10-23)
Solar-powered charging systems to help hurricane recovery efforts
The US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), working in partnership with the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), is providing solar electric charging stations to help residents of Kiln, Miss., recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. (2005-10-03)
FSU researchers pushing limits of solar cells
In a new paper in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Kenneth Hanson and his team have introduced a new strategy for generating more efficient solar cells. (2015-12-02)
Scientific breakthrough can lead to cheaper and environmentally friendly solar cells
Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have found a new way to capture energy from sunlight -- by using molecules that contain iron. (2015-10-13)
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