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Energy breakthrough uses sun to create solar energy materials
Researchers have discovered a way to tap the sun not only as a source of power, but also to directly produce the solar energy materials that make this possible. (2014-04-03)
Untiring dedication to solar energy
Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Schock, department head and spokesman for Solar Energy Research at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, received the prestigious (2010-09-10)
NREL/Boeing Spectrolab team wins Research and Development Award
A solar cell produced by Boeing Spectrolab under a subcontract with the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory is among this year's most significant innovations, as judged by Research & Development Magazine. (2007-07-20)
Desert power: A solar renaissance
What does the future hold for solar power? Geotimes magazine looks into more efficient ways of turning the sun's power into electricity in its April cover story, (2008-04-01)
Light propagation in solar cells made visible
How can light which has been captured in a solar cell be examined in experiments? (2014-12-05)
DOE outlines research needed to improve solar energy technologies
DOE's Office of Science has released a report describing the basic research needed to produce (2005-08-12)
NREL collaboration boosts potential for CdTe solar cells
A critical milestone has been reached in cadmium telluride (CdTe) solar cell technology, helping pave the way for solar energy to directly compete with electricity generated by conventional energy sources. (2016-03-01)
New solar product captures up to 95 percent of light energy
Patrick Pinhero, an associate professor in the MU Chemical Engineering Department, is developing a flexible solar sheet that captures more than 90 percent of available light. (2011-05-16)
Solar cells utilize thermal radiation
Thermal radiation from the sun is largely lost on most silicon solar cells. (2013-11-13)
UCSD engineers give solar power a boost
The growing popularity of solar photovoltaic systems across the United States has made it more important to maximize their power input. (2011-01-11)
NREL report estimates market potential of shared solar
Analysis from the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory finds that by making shared solar programs available to households and businesses that currently cannot host on-site photovoltaic systems shared solar could represent 32 to 49 percent of the distributed photovoltaic market in 2020. (2015-05-05)
Metal particle generates new hope for H2 energy
Tiny metallic particles produced by University of Adelaide chemistry researchers are bringing new hope for the production of cheap, efficient and clean hydrogen energy. (2011-06-27)
Researchers apply data science to better predict effect of weather and other conditions
In a new study, a team of researchers from Case Western Reserve University and Gebze Technical University (GTU) in Turkey used data science to determine and predict the effects of exposure to weather and other conditions on materials in solar panels. (2017-05-12)
Basalt Middle School teacher recognized for renewable energy efforts
Jane Douglass from Basalt Middle School has earned the first Renewable Energy Teacher Award from the U.S. (2004-11-24)
Non-toxic solvent removes barrier to commercialization of perovskite solar cells
Scientists at Oxford University have developed a solvent system with reduced toxicity that can be used in the manufacture of perovskite solar cells, clearing one of the barriers to the commercialization of a technology that promises to revolutionize the solar industry. (2016-10-05)
High renewable electricity growth continued in 2015
The 2015 Renewable Energy Data Book shows that US renewable electricity grew to 16.7 percent of total installed capacity and 13.8 percent of total electricity generation during the past year. (2016-12-06)
Photosynthesis discovery could help design more efficient artificial solar cells
A natural process that occurs during photosynthesis could lead to the design of more efficient artificial solar cells, according to researchers at Georgia State University. (2017-08-29)
NC State awarded $9 million to make installing home solar energy systems easier, less expensive
A new grant to North Carolina State University and several partners could make installing rooftop solar energy systems much less expensive and time consuming. (2012-12-19)
NREL research identifies increased potential for perovskites as a material for solar cells
Scientists at the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory have demonstrated a way to significantly increase the efficiency of perovskite solar cells by reducing the amount of energy lost to heat. (2015-11-17)
Solar experts gathering at ORNL for summit
Solar energy will be in the spotlight as researchers, engineers, architects and other renewable energy experts from the region convene at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oct. (2007-09-14)
Adding up renewable energy
Do the overall efficiencies of renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and geothermal add up in terms of their complete life cycle from materials sourcing, manufacture, running, and decommissioning? (2007-08-13)
Louisiana Tech University engineering students, grads see bright future in solar power
Students and graduates from Louisiana Tech University's College of Engineering and Science have teamed up with a Louisiana-based solar energy company to develop innovative ways of producing clean energy in homes and businesses across the country. (2011-10-26)
Calculating the future of solar-fuel refineries
A team of University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers has developed a new tool to help engineers better gauge the overall yield, efficiency and costs associated with scaling solar-fuel production processes up into large-scale refineries. (2015-01-23)
Now you can determine the solar efficiency of your roof
It is becoming more and more common to install solar panels on roofs in order to obtain green electricity, but not all roofs are equally suitable. (2011-10-17)
Storing solar power increases energy consumption and emissions, study finds
Homes with solar panels do not require on-site storage to reap the biggest economic and environmental benefits of solar energy, according to research from the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. (2017-01-30)
Concordia University to build innovative environmental chamber
Judith Woodsworth, president and vice-chancellor of Concordia University, is pleased to announce the building of a new environmental chamber with an integrated solar simulator. (2009-10-15)
Slow 'hot electrons' could improve solar cell efficiency
Photons with energy higher than the 'band gap' of the semiconductor absorbing them give rise to what are known as hot electrons. (2018-01-16)
Solar cells get a boost from bouncing light
A new twist on an old solar cell design sends light ricocheting through layers of microscopic spheres, increasing its electricity-generating potential by 26 percent. (2011-07-29)
Shining more light on solar panels
A better understanding of how light reflects off different surfaces has improved action movies, videogames and now solar panels. (2015-10-22)
'Community solar' systems may add savings to local, cooperative energy projects
Part of the future of solar energy, especially for residential use, may be small'community-based' systems in which neighbors join together in the construction and use of solar systems to optimize the energy produced in their neighborhood -- and share in the benefits. (2016-03-30)
An improved, cost-effective catalyst for water-splitting devices
Scientists at EPFL have created a simple and scalable technique for greatly improving water splitting as a source of clean energy. (2014-01-08)
Butterflies heat up the field of solar research
The humble butterfly could hold the key to unlocking new techniques to make solar energy cheaper and more efficient, pioneering new research has shown. (2015-07-31)
Research pinpoints new technique for producing cheaper solar energy
Pioneering new research could pave the way for solar energy to be converted into household electricity more cheaply than ever before. (2015-01-23)
Switching to solar
The threat of global warming may be the greatest challenge of the present generation. (2011-04-13)
University of Minnesota researchers clear major hurdle in road to high-efficiency solar cells
A team of University of Minnesota-led researchers has cleared a major hurdle in the drive to build solar cells with potential efficiencies up to twice as high as current levels (2010-06-17)
NMSU/Wake Forest solar breakthrough will help spur viability of alternative energy
Researchers from New Mexico State University and Wake Forest University achieve 5.2 percent energy conversion with organic solar development. (2005-10-07)
High-efficiency concentrator solar cells and modules
Solar energy will play a crucial role in the energy mix of tomorrow as solar energy is available in unlimited quantities. (2010-05-20)
OU physicists developing new systems for next generation solar cells
University of Oklahoma physicists are developing novel technologies with the potential to impact utility-scale energy generation, increase global energy capacity and reduce dependence on fossil fuels by producing a new generation of high efficiency solar cells. (2016-07-28)
NREL report firms up land-use requirements of solar
The Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory has published a report on the land use requirements of solar power plants based on actual land-use practices from existing solar facilities. (2013-08-06)
Americans use less energy in 2015 according to Lawrence Livermore analysis
Americans used less energy overall in 2015 than the previous year, according to the most recent energy flow charts released by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. (2016-04-19)
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