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NASA, Thiokol complete $1.7 billion shuttle motor agreement
NASA and Thiokol Propulsion of Brigham City, Utah, have completed negotiations for a contract worth up to $1.73 billion for 73 Space Shuttle Reusable Solid Rocket Motors. (1999-08-24)
ESA Astronaut Paolo Nespoli and Node 2 module head for the ISS
Paolo Nespoli set off on his way to the International Space Station earlier this evening on board NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery. (2007-10-23)
Novel CU-Boulder Plant Chamber Set For July 1 Reflight On Space Shuttle
A University of Colorado at Boulder-built plant-growth chamber that carried pharmaceutical and agricultural experiments aboard an abbreviated NASA space shuttle mission in April will be reflown on a 16-day mission aboard the space shuttle Columbia July 1. (1997-06-23)
Penn State Students Send Experiments Aboard Shuttle
What happens to computer chips in space? At what rate do micro meteors hit the shuttle? (1996-05-17)
NASA announces details of Hubble servicing mission
NASA scientists and a space shuttle astronaut today outlined details of a challenging mission that will repair and upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope in 2008. (2008-01-08)
Swan song of space shuttle Discovery to carry 2 payloads built by CU-Boulder
NASA's space shuttle Discovery will make its swan song flight Nov. (2010-10-27)
NASA awards study contracts for Space Station contingency cargo launch services
NASA has awarded four small businesses 90-day contracts totaling $902,000 to develop concepts and requirements to provide access to the International Space Station on emerging launch systems. (2000-08-24)
NASA Exhibit, Experts In San Diego To Focus On Space Research To Improve Earth-Based Industries
Promising technologies for industry -- enhanced by science experiments in space -- will be discussed by NASA representatives at the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society's annual meeting in San Diego, Calif., March 1-3. (1999-03-01)
Holiday in orbit
Space tourism doesn't have to be so expensive. According to advisors to the US Air Force space programme, there is no reason why the price of space flights can't get down to around $15,000 a passenger. (2002-10-30)
Students' hands-on science experiments bound for International Space Station this week
Students from middle and high schools across America have prepared biological samples for an experiment that this week astronauts will place aboard the International Space Station when the Space Shuttle Atlantis returns to that unique, orbiting laboratory. (2001-02-06)
Space shuttle science shows how 1908 Tunguska explosion was caused by a comet
The mysterious 1908 Tunguska explosion that leveled 830 square miles of Siberian forest was almost certainly caused by a comet entering the Earth's atmosphere, says new Cornell University research. (2009-06-24)
Final flight of space shuttle Discovery to carry 2 payloads built by CU-Boulder
Following a more than three-month delay due to technical problems, NASA's space shuttle Discovery will make its final flight Feb. (2011-02-15)
Purdue researcher finds space fertile arena for gene transfers
Biotechnology may have found a new home in space, based on Purdue research that found genetic engineering of soybeans in microgravity was 10 times more successful than on earth. (2000-03-19)
Shake, Rattle And Hum - Measuring Vibrations On Board The Shuttle
If you happened to watch the crew of Space Shuttle Columbia exercising this morning, you probably would not have noticed that they were also road testing a new set of shock absorbers on their bicycle ergometer. (1997-11-21)
INRS pays tribute to a leading figure in the Canadian space adventure
Steven MacLean, president of the Canadian Space Agency from 2008 to 2013, received an honorary doctorate from Université du Québec under the aegis of INRS University, in recognition of his brilliant career as a physicist, astronaut, and manager for scientific and technological advancement in space and his commitment to support the dissemination of scientific culture among youth. (2013-06-03)
NASA gambles all for a shot at the moon
In order to realise President Bush's Vision for Space Exploration, which includes a base on the moon, NASA is recommending the agency scale back on their shuttle programme. (2006-01-11)
Sandia assists NASA with space shuttle rollout test
Sandia National Laboratories recently conducted a series of tests to help NASA understand the fatigue on the space shuttle caused during rollout from the Kennedy Space Center assembly building to the launch pad - a four-mile trip. (2005-04-19)
Space mission for worms
Worms from the University of Nottingham should be checking in for a flight onboard the Space Shuttle later this year -- to help researchers investigate the effect of zero gravity on the body's muscle development and physiology. (2009-01-19)
During January shuttle flight, companies to test environmentally friendly, mist fire-fighting system
During a January flight of Space Shuttle Columbia, astronauts will test a new commercial fire-fighting system that puts out blazes with a fine water mist -- instead of using harmful chemicals or large quantities of water that damage property. (2003-01-07)
CU-Boulder experiment heading for International Space Station
The University of Colorado at Boulder-based BioServe Space Technologies Center is sending an intriguing biomedical experiment to the International Space Station April 19 in collaboration with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute to test the effects of long-term weightlessness on antibiotic production. (2001-04-11)
UT Southwestern space researchers pinpoint mechanism involved in loss of consciousness after space flight
In one of the most ambitious medical experiments ever conducted aboard a space shuttle, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas space researchers have pinpointed the mechanism responsible for the brief loss of consciousness and lightheadedness that many astronauts experience in the upright posture after space flight. (2002-01-15)
Space shuttle Columbia's last flight formed clouds over Antarctica
A burst of mesospheric cloud activity over Antarctica in January 2003 was caused by the exhaust plume of the space shuttle Columbia during its final flight, reports a team of scientists who studied satellite and ground-based data from three different experiments. (2005-07-06)
Satellites could soon be using the ideal fuel...themselves
Spacecraft of the future could consume themselves to make extra fuel, say researchers in the US. (1999-08-11)
NASA's Hubble sees a Horsehead of a different color
Astronomers have used NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to photograph the iconic Horsehead Nebula in a new, infrared light to mark the 23rd anniversary of the famous observatory's launch aboard the space shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990. (2013-04-19)
Two ESA astronauts meet in space
Last night Space Shuttle Discovery docked with the International Space Station and Christer Fuglesang was welcomed to the orbital facility by his fellow ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter, who is completing his five-month stay on board as ESA's first permanent ISS crew member. (2006-12-12)
Perfume In Space: Project May Give Space Travel A Whole New Fragrance
To some, a whiff of rare perfume might evoke images of a wild, exotic place. (1998-10-09)
Microscopic 'astronauts' to go back in orbit
When space shuttle Endeavor blasts off on March 11, some tiny (2008-03-10)
Tracking shuttle exhaust reveals more information about atmospheric winds
As a shuttle plume spread and floated on air currents high in Earth's atmosphere, it crossed through the observation paths of seven separate sets of instruments. (2012-08-28)
MIT experiment is first aboard International Space Station
The first hands-on experiment to fly aboard the International Space Station could lead to better telescopes, robotic arms and other devices affected by vibrations in space. (2000-09-06)
Astronauts blame their space station symptoms on bad air
Is the International Space Station suffering from sick building syndrome? (1999-07-28)
U-M Students' Microgravity Experiment On Space Shuttle
Vortex is designed to answer some basic questions about fluid atomization, the process by which a liquid is converted into tiny droplets. (1998-12-01)
New method strikes an improvement in lightning predictions
A new lightning index that uses measurements of water vapor in the atmosphere from Global Positioning Systems has improved lead-time for predicting the first lightning strikes from thunderstorms. (2002-11-07)
Shuttle motor ready for Utah test May 24 to qualify safety, cost-saving upgrades
A full-scale Space Shuttle Reusable Solid Rocket Motor is scheduled to test fire for 123.2 seconds Thursday, May 24, at a Utah test facility. (2001-05-20)
NASA fuels land mine removal efforts with Thiokol, Marshall Center agreement
The same rocket fuel that helps power the Space Shuttle as it thunders into orbit will now be taking on a new -- perhaps surprising -- role, with the potential to benefit millions of people worldwide. (1999-11-03)
Two UT Southwestern-Trained Payload Specialists To Study The Nervous System Aboard Space Shuttle Columbia
When the next flight of space shuttle Columbia goes into orbit April 16 on board will be two payload specialists who trained in space medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. (1998-04-14)
CU Shuttle Experiment To Analyze Dust Particles In Space
A University of Colorado at Boulder space shuttle payload designed primarily by students to analyze the gentle collisions of dust particles in space may shed new light on the sources of dust in planetary rings. (1998-04-06)
NASA's Hubble makes one millionth science observation
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope crossed another milestone in its space odyssey of exploration and discovery. (2011-07-05)
Homesteading The High Frontier: NASA/Marshall Scientists Explore How To Use Local Materials
Like the homesteaders who settled the Great American Plains, settlers on the Moon and Mars will have to use in-situ resources, instead of carry everything with them. (1998-04-28)
University of Colorado butterfly payload to launch Nov. 16 on space shuttle
When NASA's space shuttle Atlantis launches for the International Space Station on Nov. (2009-11-10)
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