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Fighting and females determine how males make sperm
Why do mice have longer sperm than elephants? A new study by researchers from Stockholm University and the University of Zürich shows that the size of the female's reproductive tract holds the key for understanding how males make sperm. (2015-11-18)
Female birds select sperm 'super swimmers'
Sperm with shorter heads and longer tails are better at fertilising eggs, study reveals. (2016-06-08)
New sperm shaker to improve IVF success
Scientists have developed a ground-breaking method for testing the quality of a sperm before it is used in IVF and increase the chances of conception. (2009-01-19)
Obesity may adversely affect sperm quality
The journal Andologia has published the first report of abnormal sperm parameters in obese men based on computer aided sperm analysis. (2017-09-20)
Protein translation in sperm
A new paper in the February 15th issue of Genes & Development lends novel insight into the cellular changes that occur in sperm while they reside in the female reproductive tract - providing a new understanding of the molecular genetics of successful fertilization. (2006-02-14)
Yale researchers develop test to identify 'best' sperm
Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have discovered a method to select sperm with the highest DNA integrity in a bid to improve male fertility. (2010-05-28)
Scientists identify new sperm protein required for fertilization
Scientists have identified a new protein that is required for a sperm to bind to an egg during the process of fertilization. (2003-08-21)
Freeze-dried sperm can fertilize rabbit oocytes
A team of reproductive scientists has successfully used (2004-03-03)
Why mice have longer sperm than elephants
In the animal world, if several males mate with the same female, their sperm compete to ferti-lize her limited supply of eggs. (2015-11-18)
Study examines sperm production in men with testicular cancer
In a study of men with testicular cancer, increasing tumor size relative to testis size was linked with a reduced ability to produce sperm. (2018-04-19)
Sperm counts unchanged over 50 years
Although many American men have at least one type of abnormality in their sperm, they are just as virile as their grandfathers, University of Southern California researchers have found. (2000-03-27)
Smoking may have negative effects on sperm quality
A recent study found that that sperm of men who smoke has a greater extent of DNA damage than that of non-smokers. (2016-06-22)
Bacteria That Disable Sperm
Some men have low fertility because of microorganisms lurking in their semen, say researchers in Hungary. (1998-10-14)
Field-cricket study shows that when it comes to competition, sperm quality matters
By studying the relationship between sperm viability and reproductive success in a cricket species, researchers have come closer to understanding the contribution of sperm quality to reproductive success, at least in insects. (2005-02-07)
Screw-shaped bird sperm swim faster -- but it comes at a cost
New research from the Natural History Museum in Oslo suggests that bird sperm cells with a spiral or screw-like shape swim faster than straighter sperm -- but that the spiral shape also makes them more fragile. (2019-04-04)
Frozen, fresh sperm both effective for in vitro fertilization
A new Mayo Clinic study shows that couples using in vitro fertilization have the same likelihood of successful pregnancy whether the sperm used is frozen or fresh. (2004-05-12)
Quality control mechanism tags defective sperm cells inside the body
Defective sperm cells do not pass through the body unnoticed. (2008-01-23)
'Old' sperm produces healthier offspring
Research shows that sperm that live for longer before fertilising an egg produce healthier offspring. (2019-02-14)
Sea squirts in sperm warfare
Life is pretty competitive for sea squirts fighting for space on underwater rocks. (2000-03-21)
There is not one kind of 'good sperm' -- it depends on other qualities in the male
In a study published in Behavioral Ecology researchers from Uppsala University show that the same type of sperm is not always the best for all male birds. (2018-08-16)
Death No Longer Provides An Absolute Barrier To Fatherhood
Sperm taken from a dead man in the US have been used for the first time to establish a pregnancy. (1998-07-15)
Rodent sperm work together for better results
Although, sperm are inseminated in millions each sperm goes it alone. (2007-01-23)
Sperm can count
The speed at which the calcium concentration in the cell changes controls the swimming behavior of sperm. (2012-03-07)
Why fruit fly sperm are giant
The fruit fly Drosophila bifurca is only a few millimeters in size but produces almost six centimeters long sperm. (2016-05-25)
Live-action films of worm sperm help researchers track critical fertility enzymes
Compared to most other cells in an organism, sperm undergo a radical transformation to become compact and mobile delivery systems for paternal DNA. (2011-11-01)
Ecologists home in on how sperm whales find their prey
Ecologists have at last got a view of sperm whales' behaviour during their long, deep dives, thanks to the use of recently developed electronic (2006-05-22)
Genetic switch determines egg or sperm
New experiments in the Japanese rice fish show that the fox13 gene appears to be the switch that determines whether a germ cell becomes an egg or sperm cell. (2015-06-11)
Mysterious males: Asexual female nematodes produce males for sperm, not genes
Getting at why nematodes engaged in a unique female-favoring reproduction strategy produce males at all, researchers report that the asexual females produce limited numbers of male offspring to exploit them for their sperm in order to make more males, and in a ratio meaning the resultant sons are more likely to mate with their sisters. (2019-03-14)
Genomic imprinting in disruptive spermatogenesis
Low sperm counts could be associated with genomic imprinting disease and could carry a raised risk of transmitting imprinting defects following assisted reproductive technologies, claim researchers in this week's issue of The Lancet. (2004-05-20)
Some mouse sperm can identify, and even cooperate with, its brethren
Some mouse sperm can discriminate between its brethren and competing sperm from other males, clustering with its closest relatives to swim faster in the race to the egg. (2010-01-20)
Dual protein knockout could lead to new male contraceptive
A new male contraceptive could be on the horizon after scientists identified a novel way to block the transport of sperm during ejaculation. (2013-12-02)
Sperm Protein May Hold Clues For Fertility And Contraceptives
A protein found on the surface of the sperm of all mammals appears crucial for the union of the sperm and egg, and for movement of the sperm into the animal's oviduct, announce researchers at the University of California, Davis. (1998-09-17)
Young single men are more likely to bank sperm before testicular cancer treatment
A quarter of men with testicular cancer banked their sperm before treatment, but only six percent of those used the sperm to father a child. (2007-01-08)
Sexual healing? Not likely
A new study shows the production of sperm is more biologically taxing than previously thought, and expending energy on it has significant health implications. (2012-01-29)
New study by Syracuse University scientists uncovers a reproduction conundrum
When it comes to sperm meeting eggs in sexual reproduction, conventional wisdom holds that the fastest swimming sperm are most likely to succeed in their quest to fertilize eggs. (2012-08-01)
SU biologists' work with 'glow-in-the-dark' sperm sheds light on sexual selection
By genetically altering fruit flies so that the heads of their sperm were fluorescent green or red, Belote and his colleagues were able to observe in striking detail what happens to live sperm inside the female. (2010-03-18)
Better sex in return for good gifts
If a male spider goes to the trouble of finding a good gift, wraps it up nicely in spider silk and offers it to a female he would like to mate, he has far better chances of fathering her offspring than if he skipped the present. (2013-10-24)
Protein delivers selenium for normal sperm development
Reproductive biologists have identified the protein in mammalian blood that delivers selenium needed for the development of normal sperm and for male fertility. (2005-03-07)
Eggs Fertilised By More Than One Sperm Can Survive
Researchers in Korea and the US have found that eggs fertilised by more than one sperm can survive. (1999-01-20)
Sperm length variation is not a good sign for fertility
A new study published online in the journal Human Reproduction finds that the greater the inconsistency in the length of sperm, particularly in the tail (flagellum), the lower the concentration of sperm that can swim well. (2012-11-13)
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