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Our 'caveman logic' embraces ESP over evolution
Why in a modern world do more people believe in ESP, ghosts and angels than evolution? While science offers rational explanations for natural phenomena, we often prefer to embrace the fantasies that reassured our ancestors. In (2009-07-08)

Your brain and you: Forecasting the ethical challenges ahead for neuroscience and society
Are we ready for a future where brain scans invade our private thoughts? Will we have to alter our brains chemically to keep competitive at our jobs? Could science determine that (2004-12-17)

Study finds aboriginal community with strong ethno-cultural identity and connection to the land has lower suicide rates
A University of Guelph-Humber funded study investigating mental health perceptions and practices of an aboriginal community in northern Ontario, and its significantly lower rates of mental health services utilization and suicide, suggests that a strong ethno-cultural identity and connection to the land are significant factors to positive mental health outcomes in this region. The study findings are published in the August 2017 edition of the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. (2017-07-20)

Ancient Japanese pottery includes an estimated 500 maize weevils
Researchers have discovered an ancient Japanese pottery vessel from the late Jomon period (4500-3300 BP) with an estimated 500 maize weevils incorporated into its design. The vessel was discovered in February 2016 from ruins in Hokkaido, Japan. This extremely rare discovery provides clues on the cultivation and distribution of chestnuts, food in the Jomon era, and the spirituality of ancient Japanese people. (2018-12-18)

Society for Integrative Oncology releases findings presented at annual meeting
Today the Society for Integrative Oncology highlighted top research findings presented at the Eighth International Conference this week in Cleveland, Ohio. More than 80 abstracts will be presented at the annual meeting, which will be keynoted by National Institutes of Health Director, Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D. (2011-11-10)

How parents cope with stress of the NICU affects family dynamics
Understanding how parents cope while their child is in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) could lead to better support for the family and a more successful transition to home when the baby is healthy, according to Penn State College of Medicine and Penn State Harrisburg researchers. Parental use of religious and secular coping strategies while their prematurely born baby receives intensive medical care may affect the family's interactions. (2016-08-24)

Nonminority medical students more satisfied than minority students, study finds
Minorities account for 30 percent of the US population, but only eight percent of the physician workforce, and experience less personal satisfaction during medical school than nonminority students, finds a Mayo Clinic study published in the November issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings. (2006-11-09)

Catholics more committed to workplace than evangelicals are, study finds
Catholics are more emotionally committed to their workplaces than are Evangelicals -- and people with strong attachments to God, regardless of their faith group, are more committed to their jobs when they work for smaller companies, according to a Baylor University study. (2016-12-12)

What is 'Iranian Religion'?
Officially, the Islamic Republic of Iran has a 99% Muslim majority. However, Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian minorities are officially recognized, and have played important roles in Iran's history as well as that of the world's religions. This diversity is the theme of a new book by Concordia University scholar Richard Foltz, Religions of Iran: From Prehistory to Present. (2014-02-13)

Getting inside the mind of Islam
A Tel Aviv University psychologist is investigating how religion helped the American Muslim community cope with the 9/11 tragedy -- and his study has implications for other religions as well. (2010-12-22)

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