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Concerns that austerity policies reversing gains to reduce health inequalities in England
A cross government strategy, in place from 1997 to 2010, appears to have reduced health inequalities between the most deprived areas in England and the rest of the country, finds a study in The BMJ today. (2017-07-26)

World-first surveillance strategy shaped by Stirling expertise
The operation of surveillance cameras is the subject of a new UK strategy, shaped by a University of Stirling privacy expert. (2017-03-15)

Humane strategy reduces shark attacks
A simple and humane technique may be an effective strategy to reduce human encounters with sharks without harming populations of threatened shark species. (2014-08-04)

Canada needs a national suicide prevention strategy
Canada needs a national suicide prevention strategy, and it should be included in the 2017 federal budget, argues an editorial in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). (2016-09-06)

Study examines survival outcomes after different lung cancer staging methods
In a study appearing in the Sept. 13 issue of JAMA, Jouke T. Annema, M.D., Ph.D., of the Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, and colleagues examined five-year survival after endosonography vs mediastinoscopy for mediastinal nodal staging of lung cancer. (2016-09-13)

The Lancet: WHO's new End TB Strategy
On May 19, 2014, the 67th World Health Assembly adopted WHO's 'Global strategy and targets for tuberculosis prevention, care and control after 2015.' (2015-03-23)

Slowing insect resistance to genetically modified crops
Genetically modified Bt crops are now widely used in the USA. These crops contain genes from bacteria that make them toxic to some insect pests. A central concern in regulating these genetically modified crops is the risk of insects evolving resistance to the Bt toxins. To reduce this risk, the (2002-10-30)

UMD researchers show how companies can synchronize digital strategies and investments
Conventional wisdom in strategy holds that companies need to choose between cost-cutting or revenue growth. Pursuing both strategies at the same time can result in incoherence -- or getting stuck in the middle, some argue. That conventional wisdom, however, is challenged by a new study from the Robert H. Smith School of Business, at the University of Maryland, which suggests that information technology investments can enable firms to pursue dual-focus or ambidextrous IT strategies successfully. (2016-04-04)

Better funding needed for chronic disease
More funding, increased workforce resources and further reform of the health system are needed if the national chronic disease strategy is going to deliver better care to patients suffering from diseases such as diabetes, asthma and cancer, according to an international primary health expert. (2006-02-06)

Improving sugarcane ethanol production -- the 'midway' strategy
An article in the current issue of Global Change Biology Bioenergy reviews the history and current state of ethanol production of sugarcane in Brazil and presents a strategy for improving future ecosystem services and production. Researchers introduce a new approach that prioritizes a sustainable and responsible way of producing ethanol called the (2011-09-13)

Threading instruction improves weak children's arithmetic
Dutch research has revealed that pupils at special schools for primary education can best learn arithmetic using one specific strategy. When adding and subtracting with numbers less than 100, these pupils make least mistakes when using the so-called threading strategy (for example, 65 - 23 = 65 - 20-3). (2003-04-11)

NSF reaches out to the public on federal government-wide digital strategy
NSF is working to make agency data and services more useful and dynamic, key goals of the recent Digital Government Strategy, and is seeking the public's input to decide what information should be first in line for expanded openness. (2012-08-15)

Ending intimate partner violence
An editorial in this week's Lancet looks at the UK Government's new strategy to end violence against women and girls -- referring to the shocking statistics that, in England and Wales, around 4-8 million women have experienced at least one incident of domestic abuse since the age of 16 years. And about 10,000 women are sexually assaulted, and 2,000 are raped, every week. (2009-12-03)

Global strategies to improve health in developing countries need truly global discussions
The World Health Organization needs to ensure developing countries are involved in the production of a global strategy to boost research into diseases that predominantly affect them, according to an editorial in this week's issue of the Lancet. (2006-12-07)

One-month worth of memory training results in 30 minutes
A significant part of working memory training effects is a result of a fast development of task-specific strategies during training, rather than an increase in working memory capacity. (2018-03-07)

Vaccinating school children and high risk groups is best strategy for slowing flu transmission
The best strategy for minimizing future influenza morbidity and mortality would be to concentrate vaccinations in school children and high-risk groups, according to a new research commentary by scientists at Emory University. The alternative vaccine plan is based on mathematical models and on influenza field studies. (2005-01-24)

Exploring a strategy that leads to mutual cooperation without non-cooperative actions
A research team led by Hitoshi Yamamoto from Rissho University analyzed which strategies would be effective in the prisoner's dilemma game, into which a new behavior of not participating in the game was introduced. The study was carried out in collaboration with colleagues Isamu Okada (Soka University), Takuya Taguchi (Shibaura Institute of Technology), and Masayoshi Muto (Shibaura Institute of Technology). The results of the study were published in Physical Review E. (2019-09-24)

Can 1 simple strategy help consumers say 'no' to temptation?
When facing temptation, can a simple change of language make a difference? According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers who respond to temptation with the words (2012-03-15)

Scissoring the lipids
A new strategy which enables molecules to be disconnected essentially anywhere, even remote from functionality, is described by researchers from the University of Bristol in Nature Chemistry today. (2014-07-28)

Hybrid strategy works best when high-technology companies go global
Following a hybrid competitive strategy leads to superior financial performance in the internationalisation of high-technology companies, shows a new Finnish study in the field of marketing. The study challenges the traditional viewpoint according to which companies can successfully go international by adhering to a single competitive strategy alone. (2016-04-11)

Osteoporosis screening recommendations may miss two-thirds of women aged 50 to 64
The US Preventive Services Task Force recommendation on osteoporosis screenings may not identify the majority of women in the 50-64 age group who would be potential candidates for osteoporosis therapy. As a result, following the strategy may lead to missed opportunities to decrease fracture risk in at-risk women. (2014-01-31)

Using fluctuating wind power
This is about a new strategy for integrating renewable wind power into existing power grids. (2013-03-25)

Logged driving route can reduce energy consumption by 10 percent
For long distance driving, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles use the internal combustion engine more than necessary. At Chalmers University of Technology, a method has been developed to make the car remember the commuter routes and thereby make optimal use of the battery. The strategy can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 percent compared to conventional methods. (2014-05-19)

Elsevier launches new journal: Energy Strategy Reviews
Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today announced the launch of Energy Strategy Reviews, a new quarterly, peer-reviewed journal focusing on energy strategy, planning and decision making. (2012-02-08)

Time for co-ordinated action on alcohol
This week's editorial discusses the current approaches in tackling the public-health impact of excessive alcohol consumption (especially in the UK), and concludes that enhanced awareness and training of primary-care professionals will be vital in managing future alcohol problems. (2004-03-25)

New strategy could reduce twin rate after IVF
A strategy to encourage single embryo transfer after in vitro fertilization could be an important tool to prevent multiple pregnancies and their associated complications, finds a study published on today. (2010-09-30)

Artificial Intelligence beats us in chess, but not in memory
A new piece of research shows that the brain strategy for storing memories may lead to imperfect memories, but in turn, allows it to store more memories, and with less hassle than AI. The new study, carried out by SISSA scientists in collaboration with Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience & Centre for Neural Computation, Trondheim, Norway, has just been published in Physical Review Letters. (2021-01-15)

Mysterious males: Asexual female nematodes produce males for sperm, not genes
Getting at why nematodes engaged in a unique female-favoring reproduction strategy produce males at all, researchers report that the asexual females produce limited numbers of male offspring to exploit them for their sperm in order to make more males, and in a ratio meaning the resultant sons are more likely to mate with their sisters. (2019-03-14)

Adjusting To Climate Shift Better Than Following Typically Advocated Plans
In the face of global warming, the best strategy may be to keep a cool head and learn to adapt, says a researcher at the University of Illinois. (1997-05-02)

UK plans to cut street prostitution will threaten sex workers' health
Plans to cut street prostitution, set out by the UK government last week, will threaten sex workers' health, warn experts in this week's BMJ. (2006-01-26)

UCLA develops new method to track neuron cell death leading to Alzheimer's disease
UCLA researchers developed a new brain imaging strategy that tracks neural cell loss in the hippocampus, a key memory center of the brain. This cell loss is a hallmark sign of Alzheimer's disease. This new imaging method may offer a new avenue for understanding disease progression as well as offer a new tool for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. (2006-01-09)

New vaccine strategy better protects high-risk cancer patients from flu
Yale Cancer Center researchers have developed a vaccine strategy that reduces the risk of flu infections in cancer patients at highest risk for influenza. The findings were presented Dec. 6 at the 57th annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology in Orlando, Florida. (2015-12-06)

Invasive treatment strategy may increase survival for patients with certain neuromuscular disorder
Patients with a cardiac irregularity and myotonic dystrophy type one (a severe neuromuscular disorder with a high risk of sudden death) who received an invasive treatment strategy that included testing of their heart's electrical conduction system and if needed, implantation of a device such as a pacemaker, had an associated higher rate of nine-year survival compared to patients treated noninvasively, according to a study in the March 28 issue of JAMA. (2012-03-27)

Researchers determine the best strategy for preventing ulcers when taking NSAIDs
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) -- including ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen and others -- are commonly used pain medications that are generally safe but may increase the risk of developing stomach and intestinal ulcers. (2016-05-13)

Problematic behaviour of dementing patients exacerbated
Dutch researcher Marjolein de Vugt has found that carers of dementing family members can exacerbate the dementing patient's problematic behaviour. If they cannot accept the behavioural problems and express this irritation towards the dementing patient then the patient can become more restless. (2004-10-11)

AABB releases new guidelines for red blood cell transfusion
The American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) recommends a restrictive red blood cell transfusion strategy for stable adults and children, according to new guidelines being published in Annals of Internal Medicine. (2012-03-26)

European particle physics sets course for the future
The key message from the open symposium on particle physics strategy in Europe was (2006-02-01)

Frequently discounting maximizes retailer revenues
Study finds the 'discount-frequently' pricing strategy allows retailers to charge high prices when demand is high and is flexible unlike an 'every day low price' strategy or 'static pricing.' (2015-09-29)

The world health organization launches new stop TB strategy in the Lancet
Details of the World Health Organization's (WHO) new global strategy to tackle tuberculosis (TB) are published as part of a special TB Essay Focus in this week's issue of The Lancet. (2006-03-16)

Invasive treatment appears beneficial for men and high-risk women with certain coronary syndromes
An analysis of previous studies indicates that among men and high-risk women with a certain type of heart attack or angina an invasive treatment strategy (such as cardiac catheterization) is associated with reduced risk of rehospitalization, heart attack or death, whereas low-risk women may have an increased risk of heart attack or death with this treatment, according to an article in the July 2 issue of JAMA. (2008-07-01)

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