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New nanowires are just a few atoms thick
Subnanometer-scale channels in 2-D materials could point toward future electronics, solar cells. (2017-12-04)

Two miles underground, strange bacteria are found thriving
Researchers have discovered an isolated community of bacteria nearly two miles underground that derives all of its energy from the decay of radioactive rocks rather than from sunlight. (2006-10-20)

Hydrogen from acidic water
A technique from Berkley Lab for creating a new molecule that structurally and chemically replicates the active part of the molybdenite catalyst paves the way for developing catalytic materials that can serve as effective low-cost alternatives to platinum for generating hydrogen gas from water. (2012-02-09)

Frozen lightning: NIST's new nanoelectronic switch
Researchers at NIST have demonstrated a prototype nanoscale electronic switch that can be built from self-assembled layers of organic molecules on silver wires. Potential applications range from a replacement technology for magnetic data storage to integrated circuit memory devices. (2007-03-02)

Scientist uses form to explain function of key building blocks of life
University of Wisconsin-Madison biochemists have developed an approach that allows them to measure with unprecedented accuracy the strengths of hydrogen bonds in a protein. The scientists were then able to predict the function of different versions of the protein based on structural information, a novel outcome that was published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (2005-09-30)

'Heroes of Chemistry' honored for improving health, environment
Eighteen research chemists from five companies have been named Heroes of Chemistry by the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, for improving health and well-being by creating new drugs or other products and inventing environmentally friendly and more effective technologies. (2005-08-23)

Marine scientists return from expedition to erupting undersea volcano
Scientists who have just returned from an expedition to an erupting undersea volcano near the Island of Guam report that the volcano appears to be continuously active, has grown considerably in size during the past three years, and its activity supports a unique biological community thriving despite the eruptions. (2009-05-05)

Argonne receives cost-shared DOE grants to improve light-vehicle fuel efficiency
Two Argonne-based research-and-development projects have been selected to receive grants from the US Department of Energy as part of an effort to improve the fuel efficiency of light-duty vehicle engines while promoting collaboration between researchers in government labs, universities and industry. (2007-08-30)

Page 24 of 24 | 928 Results
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