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Moral issues raised by synthetic biology subject of Hastings Center workshop
A Hastings Center workshop examining moral issues in synthetic biology completed its third meeting as the J. (2010-05-20)
Government funding for synthetic biology on the rise
A new analysis by the Synthetic Biology Project at the Woodrow Wilson Center found that the US government has spent around $430 million on research related to synthetic biology since 2005, with the US Department of Energy funding a majority of the research. (2010-06-08)
US defense agencies increase investment in federal synthetic biology research
A new analysis by the Synthetic Biology Project at the Wilson Center finds the Defense Department and its Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency fund much of the US government's research in synthetic biology, with less than 1 percent of total federal funding going to risk research. (2015-09-16)
Wilson Center awarded European Union grant for synthetic biology work
The Synthetic Biology Project at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars has been awarded a grant to participate in SYNENERGENE, a newly launched consortium of 28 groups supported with $5.3 million from the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme to engage in the responsible governance of synthetic biology. (2013-11-18)
Synthetic Biology Project receives 2 National Science Foundation grants
The Wilson Center's Synthetic Biology project recently received two grants from the National Science Foundation. (2009-09-22)
Concordia welcomes world's best synthetic biology researchers
What do synthetic fuels, new treatments for malaria and genetic engineering have in common? (2012-05-17)
Re-engineering life: New Phytologist Workshop on Synthetic Biology
Scientists from across the world will meet at the University of Bristol on June 6-8, 2012 for a New Phytologist Workshop on Synthetic Biology. (2012-06-06)
Synthetic biology key in the 21st century
Among the 75 people Esquire magazine recently chose as the most influential in the 21st century are three researchers in an emerging discipline that combines science and engineering in order to design and build novel biological functions and systems -- otherwise known as synthetic biology. (2008-12-18)
The public looks at synthetic biology -- cautiously
A new poll conducted by Hart Research Associates and the Synthetic Biology Project at the Woodrow Wilson Center finds that two-thirds of Americans think that synthetic biology should move forward, but with more research to study its possible effects on humans and the environment, while one-third support a ban until we better understand its implications and risks. (2010-09-09)
MIT and Wilson Center receive NSF grant to develop synthetic biology research agenda
The MIT Center for International Studies and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars are collaborating on a $233,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to help realize potential benefits and address potential ecological effects of synthetic biology. (2013-06-10)
The governance of synthetic biology
The Synthetic Biology Project at the Woodrow Wilson Center is launching a new online scorecard to track efforts to better govern synthetic biology research and development. (2012-02-08)
Book: 'Synthetic Biology and Morality'
Synthetic biology aims to design and build organisms to serve human ends, such as producing inexpensive biofuels and developing new kinds of medicines. (2013-09-12)
Design and build of synthetic DNA goes back to 'BASIC'
A new technique for creating artificial DNA that is faster, more accurate and more flexible than existing methods has been developed by scientists at Imperial College London. (2015-03-10)
Social challenges of synthetic biology examined
In the wake of last year's creation of the first self-replicating cell with a synthetic genome, a series of essays in the Hastings Center Report examines the social challenges that synthetic biology presents. (2011-08-01)
Scientists create synthetic prototissue capable of synchronised beating
A tissue-like material capable of synchronised beating when heated and cooled has been developed by a team of University of Bristol chemists. (2018-10-15)
Study of protein cages strengthens Bristol's position at forefront of synthetic biology
A multidisciplinary team of mathematicians, theoretical physicists, chemists and biochemists from the University of Bristol came together to study the self-assembly of protein building into protein cages with possible applications in nanotechnology and synthetic biology. (2017-08-07)
Synthetic biology still in uncharted waters of public opinion
A new set of focus groups convened by the Synthetic Biology Project at the Wilson Center found continued low awareness of synthetic biology, as well as concerns about specific applications. (2014-05-15)
Synthetic biology research community grows significantly
A new analysis by the Synthetic Biology Project finds the number of private and public entities conducting research in synthetic biology worldwide grew significantly between 2009 and 2013. (2013-04-30)
Paper-based synthetic gene networks could enable rapid detection of ebola and other viruses
Synthetic gene networks hold great potential for broad biotechnology and medical applications, but so far they have been limited to the lab. (2014-10-23)
Synthetic chloroplast enables light-powered CO2 fixation in artificial biological systems
Combining microfluidics and the natural photosynthetic membranes from spinach plants, researchers have developed 'synthetic chloroplasts,' which are capable of mimicking complex and life-like photosynthetic processes, a new study reports. (2020-05-07)
Springer to publish new journal Systems and Synthetic Biology
Springer, one of the world's leading science, technology and medicine publishers, will launch a new quarterly journal in 2007 called Systems and Synthetic Biology. (2006-11-22)
Synthetic biology lab backed by £2 million award
Scientists at the University of Liverpool have been awarded £2M to build a state-of-the-art DNA synthesis facility, a capability offering much needed tools for genome engineering to the academic and private sectors. (2014-04-03)
Synthetic biology applications face unclear path to market
A new report from the Synthetic Biology Project explores current government oversight of synthetic biology in the United States by examining the regulatory pathways of different products and applications. (2015-10-15)
Synthetic Biology: The Next Biotech Revolution Is Brewing
Early applications of synthetic biology may be adequately addressed by the existing regulatory framework for biotechnology, but further advances in this emerging field are likely to create much greater challenges for the US government, according to a new report authored by Michael Rodemeyer of the University of Virginia. (2009-03-12)
New report finds increase in media coverage of synthetic biology
Press coverage of synthetic biology in the United States and Europe increased significantly between 2008 and 2011, according to a report released today by the Synthetic Biology Project. (2012-12-05)
Can synthetic biology save wildlife?
What effects will the rapidly growing field of synthetic biology have on the conservation of nature? (2013-04-02)
From the basics to the cutting edge of molecular biology and genomics in one small book
New from CSHLPress, 'Quickstart Molecular Biology' provides an introductory course in molecular biology that is designed specifically for mathematicians, physicists, and computational scientists. (2014-08-07)
Nanotechnology and synthetic biology: What does the American public think?
Nanotechnology and synthetic biology continue to develop as two of the most exciting areas of scientific discovery, but research has shown that the public is almost completely unaware of the science and its applications. (2009-09-29)
Commentary in Nature: How do you stop a synthetic-biology disaster?
In a new Nature editorial, experts argue that at least $20 million to $30 million in government research is needed over the next decade to adequately identify and address the possible ecological risks of synthetic biology, an emerging research area focused on the design and construction of new biological parts with potential applications in areas ranging from energy to chemicals and pharmaceuticals. (2012-02-29)
Rapid increase of synthetic opioids involved in drug overdose deaths
Synthetic opioids (such as illicit fentanyl) overtook prescription opioids in 2016 as the most common drug class involved in overdose deaths in the United States. (2018-05-01)
DFG presents position paper on synthetic biology
Clear distinction between synthetic biology and underlying methods required / No new potential risks associated with current research work (2018-10-08)
July 9-10 symposium on synthetic biology
A symposium to be held by the US National Academies, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Royal Society on July 9-10 will explore the implications of synthetic biology for policymakers, researchers, industry and the public. (2009-07-06)
Synthetic Biology: funders move to address social and ethical challenges
The report of an independent review of social and ethical challenges associated with research into, and the application of, synthetic biology, is published today (June 9). (2008-06-08)
First meeting of Presidential Bioethics Commission: Greg Kaebnick to speak on synthetic biology
Synthetic biology is the topic of the first meeting of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, which will be held on July 8-9 in Washington, D.C. (2010-07-01)
EPSRC-funded book, Synthetic Aesthetics, launches at V&A
The emerging field of synthetic biology crosses the boundary between science and design, in order to design and manufacture biologically based parts, devices and systems that do not exist in the natural world, as well as the redesign of existing, natural biological systems. (2014-04-25)
Will the Nagoya Protocol impact your synthetic biology research?
A new report from the Synthetic Biology Project looks at how the Nagoya Protocol to the Convention on Biological Diversity may affect US researchers working in the field of synthetic biology. (2013-11-04)
Synthetic biology: Is ethics a showstopper?
Synthetic biology promises to enable cheap, lifesaving new drugs to treat the 350-500 million people who suffer from malaria and to create innovative biofuels that can help solve the world's energy problems. (2008-12-03)
Hijacking hormones for plant growth
Hormones designed in the lab through a technique combining chemistry, biology, and engineering might be used to manipulate plant growth in numerous ways, according to a New Phytologist study. (2018-08-08)
An ecological risk research agenda for synthetic biology
Environmental scientists and synthetic biologists have for the first time developed a set of key research areas to study the potential ecological impacts of synthetic biology. (2014-05-29)
Army-funded research results in new kits for teaching science
An affordable children's educational kit is the latest commercial spinoff of research pursued by the US Army to create advanced materials for Soldier systems. (2018-10-11)
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