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Project to engineer cells that compute awarded $10M NSF grant
The Living Computing Project is a comprehensive effort to quantify synthetic biology using a computing engineering approach to create a toolbox of carefully measured and cataloged biological parts that can be used to engineer organisms with predictable results. (2016-01-07)
Hachimoji -- Expanding the genetic alphabet from four to eight
A new form of synthetic DNA expands the information density of the genetic code, that likely preserves its capability for supporting life, according to a new study. (2019-02-21)
Study examines the effects of a marijuana alternative
Synthetic cannabinoids (often sold as Spice or K2) have become popular alternatives to cannabis due to easy access and portrayed safety. (2017-11-22)
James Collins to receive the 2015 HFSP Nakasone Award
The Human Frontier Science Program Organization has announced that the 2015 HFSP Nakasone Award has been conferred upon James Collins of Boston University and Harvard's Wyss Institute for his innovative work on synthetic gene networks and programmable cells which launched the exciting field of synthetic biology. (2014-09-08)
Scientists create new 'y-shaped' synthetic consortium for efficient bio-manufacturing
A group of Chinese scientists have recently developed a new synthetic consortium for efficient pentose-hexose co-utilization that could improve bio-manufacturing. (2019-07-08)
Predictability: The brass ring for synthetic biology
DNA sequences and statistical models have been unveiled that greatly increase the reliability and precision by which microbes can be engineered. (2013-03-13)
US Department of Defense SMART scholarship winner's focus is synthetic biology
The US Department of Defense has awarded a prestigious scholarship to a graduate research assistant at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech whose research includes assessing the benefits and risks of synthetic biology. (2010-05-11)
Lab-made hormone may reveal secret lives of plants
A new synthetic hormone promises to tease apart the many different roles of the plant hormone auxin and could lead to a new way to ripen fruit. (2018-01-22)
How to get fossil fuels from ice cream and soap
Scientists at the University of Manchester have identified a biocatalyst which could produce chemicals found in ice-cream and household items such as soap and shampoo - possibly leading to the long-term replacement of chemicals derived from fossil fuels. (2012-12-17)
Stimulant marketed as 'natural' in sports supplement actually of synthetic origin
A new study published in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis found that DMAA, a stimulant often found in many nutritional and sports supplements, does not originate from natural substances and is actually comprised of synthetic compounds. (2012-07-12)
UK establishes 3 new synthetic biology research centers
Bristol, Nottingham and a Cambridge/Norwich partnership will be UK centers for synthetic biology. (2014-01-30)
Bristol team creates designer 'barrel' proteins
Designer proteins that expand on nature's own repertoire, created by a team of chemists and biochemists from the University of Bristol, UK, are described in a paper published this week in Science. (2014-10-23)
NUS making waves in the brave new world of synthetic biology
The National University of Singapore launched a new research initiative called the NUS Synthetic Biology for Clinical and Technological Innovation to further develop research capacity and capabilities in the emerging and fast-growing field, which has the potential to be the next engine for economic growth for technologically advanced countries, including Singapore. (2015-10-02)
Recreating the stripe patterns found in animals by engineering synthetic gene networks
Researchers at the CRG try to understand how networks of genes work together to create specific patterns like stripes. (2014-09-23)
Synthetic Vitamin E And Natural Vitamin E Are Equally Powerful Antioxidents
Synthetic vitamin E works as well as natural vitamin E in preventing heart disease, according to a clinical trial at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. (1997-10-17)
ITbM Vice-Director Shigehiro Yamaguchi wins the 2015 Mukaiyama Award
Shigehiro Yamaguchi wins the Mukaiyama Award for his contribution to the development of photo- and electro-functional organic molecules. (2014-10-03)
Mass spectrometry methods database gets major update
NIST researchers recently added 150 new (2006-05-25)
Army scientists lead the way to produce tools for engineering biomolecules
Army scientists have discovered how to build novel synthetic biomolecule complexes that they believe are a critical step towards biotemplated advanced materials. (2019-04-15)
MU researchers find synthetic RNA lessens severity of fatal disease
A team of University of Missouri researchers have found that targeting a synthetic molecule to a specific gene could help the severity of the disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) -- the leading genetic cause of infantile death in the world. (2011-11-21)
Using nature's recipe to create mother of pearl
Researchers have created a synthetic nacre remarkably similar to the natural material, which is also known as mother of pearl, though their synthetic version forms in weeks instead of months or years. (2016-08-18)
First-ever survey of Do-It-Yourself Biology community challenges myths
A first-ever survey of Do-It-Yourself Biology (DIYbio) practitioners by the Synthetic Biology Project at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars finds the community to be far different from fearful and often sensationalist media representations. (2013-11-19)
Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust funds new research focus at Institute for Genomic Biology
The Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust has awarded a $2 million grant to the Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (2013-05-28)
Synthetic Biology Scorecard finds federal agencies responding to bioethics report
The updated Synthetic Biology Scorecard finds increased federal action towards addressing recommendations from the presidential bioethics commission, though more work is needed. (2012-07-16)
Nottingham part of £20m investment for UK synthetic biology
The University of Nottingham has been awarded funding of £2.9m to help make low-carbon fuel. (2012-11-12)
Antidote to synthetic cannabis 'Spice' intoxication could be found in slimming drug
Early research from Queen Mary University of London has potentially found an antidote that can rapidly stop the intoxicating effects of cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids. (2017-10-04)
Synthetic amino acid enables safe, new biotechnology solutions to global problems
Scientists from Yale have devised a way to ensure genetically modified organisms can be safely confined in the environment, overcoming a major obstacle to widespread use of GMOs in agriculture, energy production, waste management, and medicine. (2015-01-21)
The rise of do-it-yourself biology: A look at the Baltimore Underground Science Space
In a new documnentary, the Synthetic Biology Project explores the growth of do-it-yourself biology (DIYbio) as seen through the BUGSS community lab in Baltimore, Md. (2015-11-12)
Synthetic biology: The next biotech revolution is brewing
The safety of early applications of synthetic biology may be adequately addressed by the existing regulatory framework for biotechnology, especially in contained laboratories and manufacturing facilities. (2009-03-25)
Production of chemicals without petroleum
In a paper published online in Nature Chemical Biology on May 17, professor Sang Yup Lee and his colleagues at the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon, Korea, present new general strategies of systems metabolic engineering for developing microorganisms for the production of natural and non-natural chemicals from renewable biomass. (2012-05-18)
Oregano oil works as well as synthetic insecticides to tackle common beetle pest
New research in the Society of Chemical Industry's Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture shows that oregano oil works as well as synthetic insecticides to combat infestation by a common beetle, Rhizoppertha dominica, found in stored cereals. (2008-05-22)
Cancer vaccine under development using synthetic protein
Scientists at Monash and Melbourne universities have developed a synthetic protein fragment or peptide, that could be used to produce a more effective cancer vaccine. (2005-09-26)
Biology and chemistry combine to generate new antibiotics
Combining the innovations of synthetic biology with biology and chemistry, a team of scientists at the University of Bristol have generated a brand-new platform that will allow the production of desperately needed brand-new antibiotics. (2017-11-28)
Tianjin team makes breakthrough in synthetic yeast project
Tianjin University's synthetic biology team has completed the recreation of the yeast chromosomes synV and synX with the two studies published in Science. (2017-03-09)
Growth hormone could make farm fish bigger, faster to market
Connecticut Sea Grant research in transgenics, or the technique of transferring DNA from one species to another, has showed promise as a method for stimulating growth hormone production which could shorten the growth time needed for farm-raised fish to reach market size. (2002-09-16)
Synthetic stool a prospective treatment for C. difficile
A synthetic mixture of intestinal bacteria could one day replace stool transplants as a treatment for Clostridium difficile (C. difficile). (2012-04-30)
Building 'smart' cell-based therapies
Northwestern University synthetic biologist Joshua Leonard and his team have developed a technology for engineering human cells as therapies that become activated only in diseased tissues. (2014-04-17)
Cambridge and Norwich win major boost for synthetic biology
Plant scientists at Cambridge and Norwich have been awarded £12 million funding for a new UK synthetic biology center -- OpenPlant. (2014-01-29)
Biological signalling processes in intelligent materials
Researchers are developing innovative biohybrid systems with information processing functionality. (2018-07-18)
Synthetic horns may save rhinos if they are not like the real thing
To help stem the tide of rhino poaching, some biotech companies are seeking to develop and manufacture synthetic horns that are identical to the real thing. (2017-07-05)
Synthetic Biology: Coming Up Fast!
Synthetic biology is being touted by scientists and venture capitalists as (2008-10-27)
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