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A Year Of Living Dangerously: The Tobacco Control Community Meets The Global Settlement
Health policy experts Michele Bloch, Richard Daynard, and Ruth Roemer reflect on the divisions within the tobacco control community and their impact on the failed McCain tobacco bill in the spring of 1998. They describe how the public health community wasted precious time fighting among itself rather than uniting behind a single strategy against the tobacco industry, but see promise in state and class action litigation to force accountability on tobacco manufacturers. (1998-11-09)

Companies flout law on tobacco in tooth care products
Up to 68% of adolescents in India use dental products containing tobacco, despite a law barring manufacturers from using tobacco as an ingredient in any toothpaste or toothpowder, reveals a study in this week's BMJ. (2004-02-05)

Gardeners Get Better Warnings Than Smokers
Gardeners get better warnings about the risks of using tobacco than smokers do, according to a California physician. (1999-03-06)

European nations urged to ratify international treaty on tobacco control
European oncologists and cancer organizations should urge their governments to ratify an international treaty on tobacco control, the World Health Organization and the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) said on Monday, 1 November 2004. (2004-11-01)

Poorest in India are biggest consumers of tobacco
The view that many poor families in South Asia are going without food to get tobacco is raised in this week's BMJ. A study from India finds that those with the lowest standard of living smoke and chew tobacco more than others do. (2004-04-01)

Action needed to help tobacco users quit across the globe
More than half of the countries who signed the WHO 2005 Framework Convention on Tobacco Control have not formed plans to help tobacco users quit. (2013-06-24)

Tobacco smuggling is killing more people than illegal drugs
Tobacco smuggling causes around 4,000 premature deaths a year -- four times the number of deaths caused by the use of all smuggled illegal drugs put together -- but the UK government is not doing enough to tackle the problem, claim experts on today. (2008-10-09)

Research pinpoints major drivers of tobacco epidemic among teens in South Asia
The findings of a new study pinpoint the major drivers of the tobacco epidemic among teens in South Asia. (2020-10-12)

Stronger tobacco control policy in the Netherlands would save thousands of lives
A new study shows that 145,000 deaths could be averted in the next 30 years in the Netherlands by implementing stronger tobacco control policies. This set of policies, as recommended by the MPOWER report of the World Health Organization, consists of increasing tobacco taxes to 70 percent of the retail price, bans on smoking in workplaces and public places, a complete marketing ban, well-funded tobacco control campaigns, graphic health warnings, youth access laws, and comprehensive cessation treatment. (2011-09-26)

Explosion in corporate tobacco sponsorship
Corporate sponsorship by tobacco companies in the USA has rocketed, shows research in Tobacco Control. Between 1995 and 1999, tobacco company sponsorship amounted to a minimum estimated $365 million, with motor sports taking the lion's share. But tobacco dollars also funded many small, community based projects, many of them part of the public health infrastructure, shows the research. (2001-09-04)

Controversial tobacco issues on agenda at University symposium
The Auckland Tobacco Control Research Centre is being launched on 24 March at a symposium at The University of Auckland. (2006-03-10)

Role Of Government Branches In Tobacco War
Litigation alone won't solve the problem and may not be the best way to change tobacco control policy, according to a new University of Michigan study. (1998-11-10)

Free e-book to support anti-smoking fight released by Georgia State
A free electronic book to assist researchers, practitioners, advocates, students and others interested in working to end smoking, one of the leading causes of death and disease globally, has been released by the School of Public Health at Georgia State University. (2016-05-26)

New findings address state and community tobacco control policies and practices
A new series of research papers presents key findings of state and community tobacco control research to help guide state and community tobacco control policies and practices. (2016-10-11)

More policy work needed to reduce use of smokeless tobacco, say researchers
Researchers at the University of York have shown that regulations on smokeless tobacco are still lacking, despite 181 countries agreeing to a common approach to controlling the demand and supply. (2019-04-03)

Tobacco hybrid emits low-toxicant, e-cig-like vapor with enhanced flavor
Chemical analysis has revealed no detectable difference between the vapours produced by an e-cigarette and a novel tobacco hybrid, (iFuse). Previous research revealed that the levels of nearly all tested toxicants in Vype ePen vapour are much lower than in cigarette smoke. The Royal College of Physicians is among those who say that smokers should switch to e-cigarettes to reduce harm and help them quit smoking. However, some consumers say that they want more tobacco taste. (2017-05-29)

Tougher action needed to counter tobacco industry influence in Formula One
As the British Grand Prix approaches, researchers in this week's BMJ call for tougher worldwide action to counter the tobacco industry's influence in Formula One. (2004-07-08)

E-cigarettes do not promote cancer growth in lab tests
A new study found no evidence that a commercially available e-cigarette vapor promotes the development of cancer in laboratory cells. In contrast, smoke from a reference cigarette was positive for cancer-promoting activity at very low concentrations. (2017-04-27)

More awareness of and involvement with tobacco marketing encourages teenage smoking
Teenagers are aware of, and are participating in, many forms of tobacco marketing, and this phenomenon is consistently associated with being a smoker, finds a study in this week's BMJ. These findings confirm the need for statutory controls on tobacco marketing to protect young people. (2001-03-01)

Kenneth Clarke's tobacco industry links make him unfit for party leadership
Prospective candidate for the Tory party leadership, Kenneth Clarke, is (2005-10-13)

Something to chew on -- millions of lives blighted by smokeless tobacco
More than a quarter of a million people die each year from using smokeless tobacco, researchers at the University of York have concluded. (2015-08-21)

Mayor of New York proposes preventing 100 million deaths from tobacco
Around 100 million lives could be saved if every country around the world reduced its adult smoking rate to below 20 percent or by 5 percent if already below 20 percent. The proposal is published in a viewpoint co-authored by mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg in this week's edition of the Lancet. (2007-05-17)

Tobacco companies expand their epidemic of death
An editorial published online first and in this week's Lancet criticizes the tobacco industry for expanding its peddling of death, especially in vulnerable countries. Last week saw Imperial Tobacco report increases in sales of cigarettes to Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. (2011-02-09)

Tobacco should be excluded from free trade agreement
Tobacco should be excluded from free trade agreements to protect health, argue researchers in this week's BMJ. (2004-03-04)

Rodent smoke screen
Rats passively exposed to tobacco smoke become dependent on nicotine, according to a new study by Dr. Adrie Bruijnzeel and colleagues from the University of Florida, published online in Springer's journal Psychopharmacology. Their findings of how rats' brains respond to exposure to tobacco smoke have implications for the study of the effects of tobacco smoke on the human brain and for future studies testing new treatments for tobacco addiction. (2009-12-08)

Georgia State names partner cities for tobacco control project
Georgia State University's School of Public Health has named five major municipalities in China that will partner with the school on efforts to improve policies and programs to reduce smoking in a nation that produces more tobacco and has more smokers than any other in the world. (2015-04-28)

Teens close to high number of tobacco shops more likely to smoke
Teenagers are much more likely to take up smoking if they live in neighborhoods with a large number of shops that sell tobacco products, a study suggests. (2014-11-05)

Researchers find working class women are target of mass marketing campaigns by tobacco companies
Researchers find working class women are target of mass marketing campaigns by tobacco companies. The article examines how the tobacco industry considers social class and gender in its efforts to market cigarettes in the USA, particularly to socially disadvantaged young women. (2004-07-09)

Dwindling visibility of tobacco in prime time US TV linked to fall in smoking rates
The dwindling visibility of tobacco products in prime time US TV drama programs may be linked to a fall in smoking prevalence of up to two packs of cigarettes per adult a year, suggests research published online in the journal Tobacco Control. (2014-04-03)

Ireland leads Europe for anti-tobacco policies while Luxembourg comes last
Ireland leads Europe for its active stance on tobacco control, while Luxembourg comes bottom of the league of 30 countries, reveals research in the journal Tobacco Control. (2006-05-24)

Pfizer grants Georgia State $850,000 to combat smoking in China
Pfizer Inc. has granted nearly $850,000 to Georgia State University's School of Public Health to partner with Chinese health officials to expand tobacco control efforts to major cities in China. (2015-01-05)

Smokeless tobacco products not a safe option, won't help smokers quit
The American Heart Association advises against smokeless tobacco products for smoking cessation -- they are not a (2010-09-13)

Shops openly flouting tobacco sales ban near schools in China
Retailers are openly flouting the ban on tobacco sales near schools in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province in South-Central China, reveals research published online in the journal Tobacco Control. (2016-07-25)

Canadian smokers support bold new approaches to end tobacco use
Most Canadian smokers are in favour of novel policies to reduce tobacco use, according to a national survey by the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project (ITC) at the University of Waterloo. (2018-10-11)

Hong Kong: A model of successful tobacco control in China
A comment published online first in the Lancet describes Hong Kong as a (2010-03-25)

Study: No surge in illicit cigarettes after menthol ban
Contrary to the tobacco industry's assertions, there was no surge in illicit cigarettes after a 2015 ban on menthol cigarette sales in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, according to a brief report in Tobacco Control. (2018-10-12)

Concerns over influence of tobacco firms in low income countries
This week's BMJ raises serious concerns about the influence of global tobacco companies when they invest in low income countries. (2006-02-09)

Reducing global tobacco use
Although global efforts to cut tobacco use have had some success, more can be done to reduce the number of deaths from smoking, according to a commentary published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). (2015-04-20)

Where there's smoke, there's money
While Republicans get more money from pro-tobacco interests, Democrats seem to be more influenced by the contributions they receive, a new Saint Louis University research finds. (2004-12-13)

Tobacco use linked with higher use of opioids and sedatives
Tobacco is a known risk factor for the misuse of prescription opioids. In addition, concurrent use of opioids and sedative-hypnotics is a risk factor for opioid overdose or addiction. In an American Journal on Addictions study, tobacco users were more likely to receive prescriptions for opioid analgesics with muscle relaxants and/or benzodiazepines than people who did not use tobacco. (2019-01-09)

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