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How does playing with other children affect toddlers' language learning?
Toddlers are surprisingly good at processing the speech of other young children, according to a new study. And toddlers who have more exposure to other children, such as those in daycare, may be particularly good at certain word learning skills. (2019-07-10)

What's the best way for toddlers to acquire verb meaning?
New research is shedding light on what kind of sentences are best at facilitating the growth of toddlers' vocabularies. A new study conducted at Northwestern University provides evidence that toddlers can learn verbs after hearing them only twice. (2014-06-11)

Abnormal face processing in toddlers with autism and developmental delays
Toddlers with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) often have difficulty focusing on people's faces and making eye contact, but a new study by Yale School of Medicine researchers found that these same toddlers do not have difficulty looking at photographs of faces. (2007-05-03)

Do toddlers learning to spoon-feed seek different information from caregivers' hands & faces?
When toddlers begin to use a spoon to eat by themselves, what kind of interactions facilitate this behavior? To find out, an international research collaboration led by Kobe University's Professor NONAKA Tetsushi and the University of Minnesota's Professor Thomas A. Stoffregen investigated the interactions between toddlers and their caregivers during mealtimes at a daycare center in Japan. (2020-12-27)

Toddlers appreciate good intentions, Queen's study finds
Researchers at Queen's University have discovered that toddlers as young as 21 months appreciate good intentions, and will do their best to reward the efforts of people who try to help them. (2010-04-07)

Study provides new insight into how toddlers learn verbs
Parents can help toddlers' language skills by showing them a variety of examples of different actions, according to new research from the University of Liverpool. (2014-04-16)

Queen's researchers shed light on how children learn to speak
Researchers have discovered that children under the age of two control speech using a different strategy than previously thought. (2012-01-09)

Out of sync: Neural activity is disrupted in autistic toddlers
A new study provides valuable insight into the neuropathology of early autism development by imaging the brains of naturally sleeping toddlers. The research, published by Cell Press in the June 24 issue of the journal Neuron, identifies a brain abnormality observed at the very beginning stages of autism that may aid in early diagnosis of autism and shed light on its underlying biology. (2011-06-22)

Toddlers learn better through interactive video
Researchers at Vanderbilt University conducted a study to determine which types of television programs best engage toddlers. Two year old toddlers were more likely to learn from a person on video whom they perceived as a conversational partner than from a person on video with whom they could not interact. The findings have implications for educational television aimed at toddlers and how video images can be used as learning aids for this age group. (2006-05-17)

'Look at me' toddlers eager to collaborate and learn
Parents should think twice before brushing off their child's calls to (2012-03-19)

Insight into toddlers' awareness of their own uncertainty
Toddlers may not be able to describe their feelings of uncertainty, but a new study from the Center for Mind and Brain at UC Davis provides evidence that toddlers may experience and deal with uncertainty in decision making in the same way as older children and adults. (2020-07-20)

Chips or cookies? Toddlers with sweet tooth more likely to experience weight gain
Toddlers who reached for cookies over chips when their bellies were full had a higher risk of body fat increases. (2016-04-18)

Helping toddlers understand emotion key to development
The simple parenting strategy of helping toddlers understand emotion may reduce behavioral problems later on, finds a federally funded study led by a Michigan State University researcher. (2015-09-01)

Touchscreens may boost motor skills in toddlers
The effects of using touchscreens on young children are a concern for some parents and policymakers. But we don't know if these fears are justified. (2016-10-06)

Smoking during pregnancy associated with negative behavior in toddlers
Mothers who smoked during pregnancy were more likely to have toddlers with negative behaviors than mothers who did not smoke during pregnancy, according to an article in the April issue of the American Medical Association Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. (2000-04-12)

2-year-olds adept at using touch-screen technology
Two-year-olds are adept at using touch-screens, and can swipe, unlock, and actively search for features on smartphones and tablets, finds a small study published online in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. (2015-12-21)

Secure attachment to moms helps irritable babies interact with others
New research suggests that highly irritable children who have secure attachments to their mothers are more likely to get along well with others than those who aren't securely attached. For this study, researchers followed 84 infants from birth to age 2, along with their mostly low-income mothers. Findings from this study can inform interventions for caregivers who have highly irritable children. (2011-08-30)

Babies learn words differently as they age, researcher finds
In a new study, a University of Missouri researcher has found that toddlers learn words differently as they age, and a limit exists as to how many words they can learn each day. These findings could help parents enhance their children's vocabularies and assist speech-language professionals in developing and refining interventions to help children with language delays. (2014-09-17)

Background noise may hinder toddlers' ability to learn words
A new study of toddlers has found that the presence of background noise in home or at school can make learning new words more difficult for children. (2016-07-21)

Toddlers exposed to cigarette smoke in utero exhibit greater behavioral problems
Toddlers who were exposed to cigarette smoke in utero exhibited higher levels of behavior problems from 12-24 months. Such problems remained stable over time for non-exposed toddlers, but substantially increased from 18-24 months for exposed toddlers. Exposure to cigarette smoke was also linked to social, rather than emotional, aspects of behavior problems. This research highlights a developmental window when interventions may alter the course of problems and prevent chronic behavior disorders in at-risk children. (2006-07-13)

FSU, UM to share $7 million grant to study autism early intervention
Researchers know that early intervention is the key to better outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorders, but the effectiveness of intervention with very young toddlers is not yet known. (2008-06-03)

Prolonged breast-feeding improves height but not weight in rural Senegal
Prolonged breast-feeding is frequently associated with malnutrition in developing countries. A study of Senegalese toddlers up to 3 years of age found that extended breast- feeding enhanced growth in height but not weight among the poorest populations. Moreover, prolonged breast-feeding did not improve the growth rate of initially weak and stunted infants, as it did among initially normal-sized infants. (2001-04-26)

Healthy diet set early in life
Promoting a healthy diet from infancy is important to prevent childhood obesity and the onset of chronic disease. This is the finding from a study published in the latest issue of Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. (2014-08-06)

Toddlers who use touchscreens show attention differences
New research from the TABLET project recruited 12-month-old infants who had different levels of touchscreen usage. (2020-08-19)

Overweight toddlers and those not in day care at risk for iron deficiency
A study by UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers has found that overweight toddlers and those not enrolled in day care are at high risk for iron deficiency. (2007-09-04)

Study uncovers clues to young children's aggressive behavior
In a new longitudinal study that moves beyond descriptive findings to explain underlying processes, researchers looked at difficult infant temperament and negative maternal parenting for more than 260 mother and child pairs and found that negative maternal parenting mattered more than difficult infant temperament in putting parent-child pairs at risk for conflict in the toddler period, and then putting children at risk for conduct problems at school age. (2011-10-26)

Screen time or story time?
A new study analyses toddler's reading and learning habits through electronic books compared to print books. (2017-06-21)

Visual pattern preference may be indicator of autism in toddlers
Using eye-tracking methods, researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have shown that toddlers with autism spend significantly more time visually examining dynamic geometric patterns than they do looking at social images -- a viewing pattern not found in either typical or developmentally delayed toddlers. (2010-09-06)

How do toddlers use tablets?
University of Iowa researchers studied more than 200 YouTube videos and published their findings in the proceedings of the CHI 2015 conference. (2015-06-18)

A second language gives toddlers an edge
Toddlers who learn a second language from infancy have an edge over their monolingual peers, according to a new study from Concordia University and York University in Canada and the Université de Provence in France. As reported in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, the research team tested the understanding of English and French words among 24-month-olds to see if bilingual toddlers had acquired comparable vocabulary in each language. (2011-01-19)

Elevated stress levels among Norway's youngest in childcare
Norwegian researchers measured the stress hormone cortisol in 112 toddlers from 85 different childcare centers in six municipalities, approximately five months after they started attending. Children with the longest childcare days (eight-nine hours) showed increases in cortisol during the day. (2017-02-24)

Toddlers' language skills predict less anger by preschool
Toddlers with more developed language skills are better able to manage frustration and less likely to express anger by the time they're in preschool. That's the conclusion of a longitudinal study looking at 120 predominantly White children from families above poverty but below middle income from the time they were 18 months to 48 months. (2012-12-20)

Toddlers prefer winners -- but avoid those who win by force
Toddlers aged just 1 1/2 years prefer individuals whom other people yield to. It appears to be deeply rooted in human nature to seek out those with the highest social status. This motive might have evolved because being close to high-ranking individuals has given people access to resources, territory and mates. (2018-09-07)

Mobility plays important role in development for toddlers with disabilities
Typical toddlers simultaneously spend about three hours a day in physical activity, play and engagement with objects such as toys, while their peers with mobility disabilities are less likely to engage in all of those behaviors at the same time, new research from Oregon State University shows. (2016-04-12)

Study looks at how states decide which child receives early intervention for developmental problems
A new study out by researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, found large differences in the criteria that states use to determine eligibility for Part C early intervention services for infants and toddlers who have developmental delays. A developmental delay is any significant lag in a child's development as compared with typical child development. (2013-01-07)

Toddlers who use touchscreens may be more distractible
New research published in Scientific Report highlights some of the effects regular use of touchscreens might have on toddlers. (2021-01-26)

New research finds infant cereal consumption is associated with improved nutrient intake
An investigation of infant feeding patterns found infants and toddlers consuming baby cereal, such as rice cereal, had higher intakes of key nutrients of concern, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamin E. The study illustrates the importance of rice baby cereal in the diets of infants and toddlers in achieving proper nutrition. (2020-03-10)

Poll: Some parents forgo car seats, other safety measures while traveling
What some parents may not plan for ahead of vacation: accidental poisoning risks, gun safety and Uber rides. (2016-12-19)

UMaine study looks at infants and chronic nighttime crying
Two University of Maine researchers working in conjunction with colleagues in Japan have found links between infant and child sleeping arrangements and the phenomenon of (2005-03-31)

Shy toddlers understand more than their speaking ability indicates, says CU-Boulder study
Scientists have known that shy toddlers often have delayed speech, but a new study by the University of Colorado Boulder shows that the lag in using words does not mean that the children don't understand what's being said. (2014-02-03)

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