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NASA sees development of Tropical Cyclone 3S along Western Australia's coast
A NASA satellite provided a look at heavy rainfall occurring in a tropical low pressure system as it was consolidating and strengthening into what became Tropical Storm 3S in Southwest Indian Ocean. On Jan. 26 the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) warned that System 90P, a low pressure area moving westward over northwestern Australia would strengthen into a tropical cyclone and by Jan. 27 it had become Tropical Cyclone 3S. (2017-01-27)

NASA sees last vestiges of Tropical Depression Jack
Tropical Cyclone Jack had weakened to a tropical depression when NASA and JAXA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite passed above on April 22, 2014. (2014-04-23)

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Amara spinning down
Tropical Cyclone Amara ran into wind shear, and dropped from Category four hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale to a minimal tropical storm on Dec. 23. (2013-12-23)

NASA's Aqua satellite finds winds battering Tropical Cyclone Gelena
Tropical Cyclone Gelena is being battered by outside winds, and that's weakening the storm. Visible imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed the bulk of clouds in Tropical Cyclone Gelena were pushed away from the center. (2019-02-14)

Low energy Iris not expected to make much of an impact
Low energy Iris which originated on March 24, 2018 is likely to hover around a low end Category 1 cyclone. Iris will track south through the Coral Sea. (2018-03-26)

GPM sees wind shear affecting remnants of Extra-tropical Cyclone Joalane
The GPM satellite showed the effects of wind shear and waning rainfall rates in Extra-tropical Cyclone Joalane as it was moving in a southeasterly direction through the Southern Indian Ocean. (2015-04-16)

Satellite movie shows Tropical Cyclone Blas fading
An animation of visible and infrared imagery from NOAA's GOES-West satellite from July 9-11 shows Tropical Storm Blas weakening to a remnant followed by a strengthening Tropical Cyclone Celia. (2016-07-11)

Cyclone Anja hits wind shear, weakens drastically
This morning, Cyclone Anja was a powerful Category 4 cyclone on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Wind shear has now giving Anja a strong (2009-11-17)

Tropical Depression 26W moving faster than spinning
Tropical Depression 26W was spinning down and speeding up as it was becoming an extra-tropical storm. In fact, its sustained winds were weaker than its forward speed as it moved through the western North Pacific Ocean. (2015-10-23)

NASA spies Tropical Cyclone 08P's formation
NASA's Aqua satellite spotted Tropical Cyclone 08P as it was developing in the South Pacific Ocean. Tropical Cyclone 08P, or 08P formed east of Extra-tropical cyclone Bart. (2017-02-22)

NASA see birth of Tropical Cyclone 5B in Bay of Bengal
The fifth tropical cyclone of the Northern Indian Ocean season formed in the Bay of Bengal as NASA's Terra satellite passed overhead and captured an image of the storm. (2014-11-06)

Tropical Cyclone 01B named Roanu and is strengthening
Tropical Cyclone 01B became more organized and was named Roanu early on Thursday, May 19, 2016. This makes it the first cyclone of the monsoon season. Before this storm was named it had already caused massive landslides and flooding in Sri Lanka. (2016-05-19)

Edouard now post-tropical in NASA-NOAA satellite imagery
When NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over the western North Atlantic Ocean on July 6, it provided forecasters with a visible image of Edouard after it transitioned into a post-tropical cyclone. (2020-07-07)

NASA sees a tightly wrapped Tropical Cyclone Abela
NASA satellite imagery shows that Tropical Cyclone Abela's center has become tightly wrapped. On July 16 the first Tropical Cyclone of the year formed in the Southern Indian Ocean. Tropical cyclone 01S, now known as Abela, developed about 320 nautical miles west-southwest of Diego Garcia. (2016-07-18)

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Olga merge with a cold front
Tropical Depression 17 strengthened briefly into a tropical storm on the same day it formed, Oct. 25. NASA's Terra satellite captured a look at the clouds associated with its remnants merging with a cold front over the southern U.S. (2019-10-28)

NASA analyzed Tropical Cyclone Alcide's rainfall before dissipation
Tropical Cyclone Alcide dissipated over the weekend of Nov. 11 and 12 in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2018-11-13)

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone 15S form in So. Indian Ocean
The fifteenth tropical cyclone of the Southern Indian Ocean season strengthened into a tropical storm today, Feb. 11, and NASA's Aqua satellite passed overhead hours after it reached tropical storm strength. (2013-02-11)

NASA satellite catches the end of Post-tropical Storm Kyle
NASA's Terra satellite provided a visible image of the end of Post-tropical Storm Kyle in the North Atlantic Ocean on Aug. 16, 2020. (2020-08-17)

Former Hurricane Lowell finally fades away
Satellite data showed that Lowell had ceased its life as a tropical cyclone over the past weekend. (2014-08-25)

NASA's Aqua satellite sees Tropical Cyclone 18P form West of Vanuatu
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Tropical Cyclone 18P soon after it formed west of Vanuatu in the Southern Pacific Ocean and captured a visible image of the storm. (2016-04-05)

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone 05B form
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite captured an image of newly formed Tropical Cyclone 05B in the Bay of Bengal, Northern Indian Ocean. (2016-12-07)

NASA's RapidScat spots newborn Tropical Cyclone Tatiana
As Tropical Cyclone Tatiana was developing in the Coral Sea, east of Queensland, Australia, NASA's RapidScat measured the surface winds in the intensifying tropical cyclone. (2016-02-11)

Satellite confirms Tropical Cyclone Mike's quick disappearing act
Tropical Cyclone Mike didn't even last a day in the Southern Pacific Ocean as NOAA's GOES-West satellite revealed the storm dissipating just 24 hours after it was born. (2014-03-20)

NASA spies Tropical Cyclone Bart's end
NASA's Aqua satellite spotted Tropical Cyclone Bart as it was transitioning into an extra-tropical cyclone in the South Pacific Ocean. (2017-02-22)

NASA sees the end of Tropical Cyclone Stan over Western Australia
NASA's Terra satellite captured an image of Tropical Cyclone Stan on Jan 31 as it moved south through Western Australia and weakened to a remnant low pressure area. (2016-02-01)

NASA's TRMM satellite eyes rainfall in Tropical Cyclone Fobane
Some towering thunderstorms were spotted in Tropical Cyclone Fobane as NASA's TRMM satellite passed over the Southern Indian Ocean on Feb. 10. Fobane was formerly Tropical Cyclone 14S and when it strengthened into a tropical storm it was renamed. (2014-02-10)

NASA's Aqua Satellite sees a tight Tropical Storm 21S
The Southern Indian Ocean is still warm enough to enable tropical cyclones to form, and Tropical Cyclone 21S did just that today. NASA's Aqua satellite captured infrared and visible images of 21S and the infrared showed some limited areas of strong convection, while the visible image showed a very small, compact storm. (2010-03-23)

NASA catches glimpse of the brief life of Southern Indian Ocean's first tropical cyclone
The first tropical cyclone of the Southern Indian Ocean season lasted about one day. (2013-10-28)

NASA's IMERG calculated rainfall of Tropical Cyclone 03S
NASA's IMERG product was used to calculate the amount of rainfall generated by Ex-tropical Cyclone 03S. By January 30, the former tropical cyclone was a remnant low pressure area in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2017-01-31)

NASA sees Cyclone Mahasen hit Bangladesh
NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite known as TRMM measured Cyclone Mahasen's rainfall rates from space as it made landfall on May 16. Mahasen has since dissipated over eastern India. (2013-05-17)

NASA spots another Arabian Sea tropical cyclone forming
NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite caught another tropical cyclone forming on Nov. 4, 2015, at 1255 UTC in the Arabian Sea. (2015-11-05)

NASA's Terra satellite spots Tropical Cyclone Anja, the first of the southern season
NASA's Terra satellite captured a stunning image of Anja, the first tropical cyclone of the southern Hemisphere cyclone season. When Anja formed on Saturday, Nov. 14, in the Southern Indian Ocean, about 330 miles south-southwest of Diego Garcia it was designated Tropical Cyclone 01S ( (2009-11-16)

NASA finds heavy rain in new Tropical Cyclone Hola near Vanuatu
NASA obtained rainfall data on newly formed Tropical Cyclone Hola as it triggered warnings in Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean. On March 6, 2018 at 3:25 a.m. EST (0825 UTC) the GPM or Global Precipitation Measurement mission core observatory satellite flew above a forming tropical cyclone in the southern Pacific Ocean just east of Vanuatu. (2018-03-07)

NASA sees heavy rain in Arabian Sea tropical cyclone
Tropical Cyclone 02A in the Arabian Sea east of Oman has been weakening and has become a tropical depression. The Global Precipitation Measurement or GPM mission core satellite analyzed the rainfall in the system. (2016-06-29)

NASA sees 2 tropical cyclones competing in the Indian Ocean
The Indian Ocean is alive with tropical activity today, May 10, as there's a tropical storm in both the northern and southern oceans. Tropical Cyclone Jamala (formerly 24S) and newborn Tropical Cyclone 01B were both captured on one image from NASA's Terra satellite today. (2013-05-10)

TRMM sees post-season South Pacific Tropical Cyclone 21P
The South Pacific hurricane Tropical Depression season normally ends in April but Tropical Depression 21P has developed in the South Pacific Ocean between Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands from (2012-07-02)

NASA sees Tropical Storm Nada affected by wind shear
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite revealed that wind shear was affecting Tropical Cyclone Nada in the Northern Indian Ocean. (2016-11-30)

Extra-tropical Cyclone Harold caught by NASA's Terra Satellite
NASA's Terra satellite passed over the Southern Pacific Ocean and captured a visible image of extra-tropical cyclone Harold. (2020-04-10)

NASA measures rainfall rates in Tropical Cyclone Maarutha
Tropical Storm Maarutha became the first tropical cyclone of 2017 in the Bay of Bengal when it formed on April 15, 2017. Although the tropical cyclone only lived two days, NASA gathered rainfall rate data on it on the day it developed. (2017-04-18)

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Berguitta heading toward Mauritius
NASA's Terra satellite passed over the Southern Indian Ocean and saw Tropical Cyclone Berguitta moving southwest toward the island of Mauritius. A tropical cyclone alert class 2 is in effect for Mauritius. (2018-01-16)

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