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NASA's Aqua Satellite sees a tight Tropical Storm 21S
The Southern Indian Ocean is still warm enough to enable tropical cyclones to form, and Tropical Cyclone 21S did just that today. NASA's Aqua satellite captured infrared and visible images of 21S and the infrared showed some limited areas of strong convection, while the visible image showed a very small, compact storm. (2010-03-23)

Tropical Depression 29W spins up in northwestern Pacific Ocean
The first warning issued by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center for Tropical Depression 29W was early on September 26 (0600 GMT). The second warning for this active tropical storm came out at (1500 GMT). (2018-09-26)

GOES-12 captures south Atlantic Tropical Storm 90Q far from Argentina's coast
The second-ever known tropical cyclone in the South Atlantic Ocean can't escape satellite eyes, and today, the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite, GOES-12 captured a visible image of Tropical Storm 90Q now located off the coast of Argentina. (2010-03-12)

NASA sees Tropical Storm Karina get a boost
NASA's TRMM satellite saw Tropical Storm Karina get a boost on Aug. 22 in the form of some moderate rainfall and towering thunderstorms in the center of the storm. (2014-08-22)

Tropical Storm Imani making a question mark in the Southern Indian Ocean
Over the last week, the path that Tropical Storm Imani, formerly tropical cyclone 21S, is making in the Southern Indian Ocean resembles a question mark. However, there is no question in the minds of forecasters that Imani is headed south to finish out the (2010-03-24)

NASA tracks tiny Tropical Storm Guchol in western North Pacific
Tropical Storm Guchol appears as a small tropical storm on NASA satellite imagery as it tracks through the western North Pacific Ocean today, June 12, 2012. (2012-06-12)

Imani on the weakening on weekend
This isn't a good weekend for keeping tropical cyclones alive, as Tropical Storm Omais is becoming extra-tropical in the northwestern Pacific Ocean and Tropical Storm Imani appears doomed over the weekend in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2010-03-26)

GPM and Suomi-NPP fly above subtropical storm Ana
During the past few days subtropical storm ANA was developing off the southeastern coast of the United States. (2015-05-08)

NASA's Aqua satellite sees second tropical storm form near the Horn of Africa
The Northern Indian Ocean cyclone season is off to a roaring start, as the second tropical storm formed within a day of the first one. NASA's Aqua satellite flew over Tropical Storm 02A today, May 19 and captured infrared, microwave and visible images of the storm. (2010-05-19)

Nadine bringing tropical storm conditions back to the Azores
NASA satellites continue to gather data from Tropical Storm Nadine on its twenty-second day of life in the eastern Atlantic as it threatens the Azores again. NASA data has shown that wind shear is pushing the bulk of clouds and showers away from Nadine's center of circulation. (2012-10-03)

Infrared NASA imagery shows Nadine still has an eye, despite being a tropical storm
Forecasters know that Tropical Storm Nadine is a fighter as it continues to stay alive in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. Even satellite imagery shows Nadine's fighting spirit, because although Nadine is now a tropical storm, infrared data clearly shows that Nadine maintained an eye early on Oct. 2. (2012-10-02)

Tapah downgrades to a depression
Tapah was downgraded from a tropical storm to a tropical depression and is located 239 nautical miles southeast of Iwo To. (2014-05-01)

Infrared NASA imagery shows a weaker Tropical Storm 13W
Infrared satellite imagery from shows how cold cloud top temperatures are in a tropical cyclone, and recent imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite shows the cloud-top temperatures have been warming in Tropical Storm 13W. Warming cloud top temperatures indicate less strength, and Tropical Storm 13W is weakening. (2012-08-07)

NASA sees Tropical Storm Fengshen looking more like a frontal system
NASA's Terra satellite captured an image of Tropical Storm Fengshen as it continued moving away from the east coast of Japan. Satellite imagery showed that the storm resembled a frontal system more than a tropical storm because it appeared stretched from southwest to northeast. (2014-09-09)

NASA infrared data shows Tropical Cyclone 18S still battling wind shear
An infrared look at Tropical Storm 18S by NASA's Aqua satellite revealed wind shear continues to take its toll on the storm and keeps pushing its main precipitation away from the center of the storm. (2013-02-26)

NASA sees Tropical Storm Bopha intensifying in Micronesia
Tropical storm warnings are in effect in Micronesia as NASA and other satellite imagery indicates that Tropical Storm Bopha continues to intensify. (2012-11-27)

NASA sees Extra-Tropical Storm Dolphin moving toward Sea of Okhotsk
Tropical Storm Dolphin transitioned into an extra-tropical storm and NASA's Aqua satellite captured an image of the storm on its way toward the Sea of Okhotsk. (2015-05-20)

NASA's TRMM satellite adds up Tropical Storm Manuel's amazing rainfall
Tropical Storm Manuel dropped very heavy rains that caused floods and mudslides and took lives on Mexico's Pacific coast. (2013-09-17)

Tropical Storm Nisha being battered by wind shear
Nisha is not expected to maintain its tropical storm status this weekend, because it is being battered by wind shear. (2010-01-29)

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone 15S form in So. Indian Ocean
The fifteenth tropical cyclone of the Southern Indian Ocean season strengthened into a tropical storm today, Feb. 11, and NASA's Aqua satellite passed overhead hours after it reached tropical storm strength. (2013-02-11)

NASA satellite sees Tropical Storm Sanvu pass Guam, strengthen
Tropical Depression 03W in the western North Pacific did exactly what forecasters expected over the last twenty-four hours: it became a tropical storm named Sanvu and passed west of Guam on a northwesterly track. (2012-05-22)

Bermuda in warnings as the GOES-13 Satellite catches Fiona approaching
Bermuda has warnings up as Tropical Storm Fiona approaches, and GOES-13 satellite imagery from today shows that Fiona, although packing a punch, is a much smaller system that her brother, the Category 4 Hurricane Earl. (2010-09-02)

All NASA eyes on Tropical Storm Dolphin
Three NASA satellite instruments took aim at Tropical Storm Dolphin. Dolphin responded by posing for pictures as it headed west towards Guam gathering strength and speed as it moves. (2015-05-12)

Tropical Cyclone 01B named Roanu and is strengthening
Tropical Cyclone 01B became more organized and was named Roanu early on Thursday, May 19, 2016. This makes it the first cyclone of the monsoon season. Before this storm was named it had already caused massive landslides and flooding in Sri Lanka. (2016-05-19)

NASA sees the short life of Tropical Depression John
Tropical Storm John had about one day of fame in the Eastern Pacific. Born Tropical Depression 10, it intensified into Tropical Storm John on Sept. 2 at 5 a.m. EDT and maintained maximum sustained winds of 40 mph until it weakened back into a depression on Monday, Sept. 3, at 11 p.m. EDT. (2012-09-04)

Satellite eyes a big influence on Tropical Storm Karina
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Central Pacific Hurricane Center noted that Tropical Storm Karina's next move is based on its interaction with Tropical Storm Lowell. (2014-08-20)

NASA satellite animation shows Tropical Storm Arlene 'eaten' by weather system
An animation created by NASA using imagery from NOAA's GOES-East satellite shows the North Atlantic Ocean's first tropical storm of the season being (2017-04-22)

Satellites confirm Fay weakened to a Tropical Storm
The fifth named Atlantic storm didn't maintain hurricane status long. Fay became a hurricane late on Oct. 12 and by early on Oct. 13, had weakened back to a tropical storm. (2014-10-13)

NASA sees strong wind shear adversely affect Tropical Storm Maria
Tropical Storm Maria is moving away from Japan and strong wind shear is pushing its rainfall east of the storm's center, according to NASA satellite imagery. (2012-10-18)

NASA satellite sees Tropical Storm Edzani becoming extra-tropical
Tropical Storm Edzani will soon be Extra-tropical Storm Edzani and NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission or TRMM satellite noticed that as its changing, the storm's rains are all south of the system. (2010-01-13)

NASA sees wind shear and heavy rainfall in tropical storm Philippe
Heavy rainfall was occurring in Tropical Storm Philippe's southeastern quadrant when NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite flew over it this week, and the storm continues to strengthen. (2011-10-05)

NASA sees Tropical Storm 10S form
Tropical Storm 10S developed as NASA's Terra satellite passed over the Southern Indian Ocean. The tropical storm developed from tropical low pressure area 96S between Madagascar and La Reunion Island. (2016-02-10)

NASA catches short-lived northwestern Pacific Ocean Tropical Depression 13W
The thirteenth Tropical Depression of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean season didn't last long. (2013-08-19)

NASA's TRMM satellite sees moderate rainfall Tropical Storm Sonca
When the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite flew over Tropical Storm Sonca on Friday, Sept. 16 it found moderate rainfall mostly on the southern side of the storm. Chichi Jima can expect some of that rainfall over the weekend as Sonca passes east of the island. (2011-09-16)

NASA sees Tropical Storm Kammuri winding down over open ocean
Tropical Storm Kammuri continues to appear more like a cold front on satellite imagery as it transitions into an extra-tropical storm over the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. (2014-09-29)

Tropical depression morphs into Meari in 1 day
Tropical Storm Meari began as a tropical depression numbered 26W north-northwest of Yap in the early morning hours of Nov. 3, 2016. Later that day it intensified into Tropical Storm Meari. (2016-11-03)

NASA finds tropical storm Wukong's comma shape
Tropical Depression 14W formed on July 22 and the next day, NASA's Aqua satellite captured an image of the storm that had strengthened into a tropical storm and taken on a comma shape. (2018-07-23)

Satellite view of tropical storm Krosa transition in sea of Japan
Tropical Storm Krosa continued to erode after it moved into the Sea of Japan and satellite data showed it as a ragged and shapeless storm on August 16, 2019. (2019-08-16)

Satellite movie shows Tropical Cyclone Blas fading
An animation of visible and infrared imagery from NOAA's GOES-West satellite from July 9-11 shows Tropical Storm Blas weakening to a remnant followed by a strengthening Tropical Cyclone Celia. (2016-07-11)

NASA's Aqua satellite sees Tropical Storm 02A's high thunderstorms
NASA's Aqua satellite saw some strong thunderstorms in Tropical Storm 02A using infrared imagery, as it heads into the Gulf of Aden between Somalia and Yemen. (2010-05-20)

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