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Trust levels in AI predicted by people's relationship style, study shows
A University of Kansas interdisciplinary team led by relationship psychologist Omri Gillath has published a new paper in the journal Computers in Human Behavior showing people's trust in artificial intelligence (AI) is tied to their relationship or attachment style. (2020-10-29)

Trust doctors: the new lost tribe?
Delivery of acute care in the NHS is going to increasingly depend on doctors who are receiving little educational supervision as the number of trust doctors (doctors in non-training grades) rises, say researchers from Leeds University in this week's BMJ. (2002-08-29)

Researchers guardians of trust in biobank research
Do we trust biobank researchers? In a doctoral thesis from Uppsala University, medical doctor and bioethicist Linus Johnsson claims that we do: At least in Sweden. And since we do, researchers in turn have a moral responsibility towards us. (2013-02-18)

New study sheds light on racial differences in trust of physicians
A new Emory University study could help provide a clearer understanding of why black and Latino patients are less likely to trust their physicians than white patients. The study will be published as the lead article in the November issue of Social Science Research. (2015-10-28)

Lack of trust in hospitals a major deterrent for blood donation among African-Americans
A new study published in Transfusion reveals that there is a significant distrust in the health care system among the African-American community, and African-Americans who distrust hospitals are less likely to donate blood. (2010-09-10)

Study finds strong links between trust and social media use
A recent study finds a powerful correlation between the extent to which users trust Facebook, and the intensity of their Facebook use. The study also finds what contributes to that user trust. (2020-12-10)

No direct link found between rising inequality and reduced trust
Does rising economic inequality causes trust to fall in society and thus endanger social cohesion? Recent academic research appears to support this notion. However, a study from the University of Luxembourg disagrees. (2015-01-28)

People who trust their doctor tend to feel better
Confidence in doctors, therapists and nursing staff leads to an improvement in subjectively perceived complaints, satisfaction and quality of life in patients. This is the conclusion of a meta-analysis by psychologists at the University of Basel, published in the journal PLOS ONE. (2017-03-09)

Political corruption has impact on social trust
Residents of states with more government corruption may not only lose trust in political officials, but also have less trust in the general public, according to a new study by Sean Richey, an assistant professor of political science at Georgia State University. (2010-03-02)

Trust increases with age; benefits well-being
Hollywood has given moviegoers many classic portrayals of grumpy old men. But new research suggests that getting older doesn't necessarily make people cynical and suspicious. Instead, trust tends to increase as people age, a development that can be beneficial for well-being, according to two new large-scale studies by researchers at Northwestern University and the University at Buffalo. (2015-03-19)

Finding fake feedback
How can consumers, trust customer feedback posted at online shopping sites when hoping to make a purchasing decision? Conversely, how can the company protect its reputation from false negative feedback? Researchers in Australia hope to answer these questions with computer software that can detect false feedback and ensure the integrity of ecommerce trust management systems. They provide details in the International Journal of Trust Management in Computing and Communications. (2015-11-26)

Study: While trust is inherited, distrust is not
Research has shown that how trusting a person is may depend, at least in part, on his or her genes. However, distrust does not appear to be inherited in the same way, according to a new study led by the University of Arizona. (2017-06-20)

Research finds increased trust in government and science amid pandemic
New Curtin University research has found a dramatic increase in people's trust in government in Australia and New Zealand as a result of the COVID pandemic. (2021-01-08)

Clemson researcher: Humanizing computer aids affects trust, dependence
Computerized aids that include person-like characteristics can influence trust and dependence among adults, according to a Clemson University researcher. (2012-07-17)

Trust in others predicts mortality in the United States
Do you trust other people? It may prolong your life. According to a study by researchers from Lund University and Stockholm University, people who trust others live longer -- Those who do not increase their risk of a shortened life. The study is published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. (2018-10-25)

Research sheds light on the importance of police trust in the public
A recent study finds that police officers who place more trust in the public are also more likely to pursue cases on their own initiative -- termed proactive policing -- and have higher arrest rates. The finding may have implications for public safety, police training and future law enforcement research. (2019-06-03)

Trust makes you delusional and that's not all bad
New research from Northwestern University and Redeemer University College is the first to systematically examine the role of trust in biasing memories of transgressions in romantic partnerships. People who are highly trusting tended to remember transgressions in a way that benefits the relationship, remembering partner transgressions as less severe than they originally reported. People low on trust demonstrated the opposite pattern, remembering partner transgressions as being more severe than how they originally reported.  (2013-02-27)

Trust game increases rate synchrony
A study by researchers from Aarhus University recently published in the Journal of Physiology and Behavior shows that when people build trust, their hearts get in sync and beat as one. When a public goods game is used to introduce trust conditions during a cooperative task, participants' heart rate arousal and synchrony is increased. (2015-09-08)

African-Americans report less trust in health care providers than whites
A national survey suggests that African-Americans may have lower levels of trust in physicians, nurses and other health care providers than whites, especially if they regularly receive care in a facility other than a physician's office, according to an article in the April 24 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. (2006-04-24)

Should consumers trust their feelings as information?
Consumers who trust their feelings are more likely to make choices based on what (2012-06-19)

Trust in your neighbors could benefit your health, MU study shows
A new study from the University of Missouri shows that increasing trust in neighbors is associated with better self-reported health. (2011-08-31)

Obese patients trust diet advice from overweight physicians more than normal-weight physicians
New study indicates overweight and obese patients trust weight-related counseling from overweight physicians more than normal-weight physicians and patients seeing an obese primary care physician were more likely to perceive weight-related stigma. (2013-06-04)

Patients who trust their doctors more have better outcomes
Patients with higher levels of trust in their regular physicians are more likely than patients with less trust to have better care, a new study finds. (2005-12-09)

In a global economy, trust is a critical commodity
In the global economy, corporate collaboration is becoming a necessity, making trust critical to the success of joint business ventures. A University of Missouri study examined the effects of trust at three distinct organizational levels and found that business executives should strive to build and maintain trust to improve performance. Building that trust may include consideration of staffing, special compensation and adjusted management processes. (2008-05-01)

Are you prone to feeling guilty? Then you're probably more trustworthy, study shows
New research from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business finds that when it comes to predicting who is most likely to act in a trustworthy manner, one of the most important factors is the anticipation of guilt. (2018-07-19)

UK's largest charity announces increase in funding to almost £4 billion over 5 years
The Wellcome Trust, the UK's largest independent funder of medical research, today announces plans to increase its spending to almost £4 billion over the next 5 years in what is believed to be the largest ever charitable spend within the UK. (2008-02-05)

Being 'laid off' leads to a decade of distrust
Being forced into unemployment can scar trust for at least nine years after being being 'laid off.' (2015-03-10)

How companies can restore trust after CEO misconduct
A new study published today in the Journal of Trust Research reveals how boards of directors can proactively address CEO misconduct to increase public trust towards an organization. (2018-02-19)

Researchers examine how errors affect credibility of online reviews
Shoppers increasingly consult online reviews before making holiday purchases. But how do they decide which reviewers to trust? Recently published research from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business at IUPUI shows that consumer trust in online reviews is influenced by spelling errors and typos. But how much those errors influence each consumer depends on the type of error and that consumer's general tendency to trust others. (2017-12-11)

How emancipation contributes to trust in strangers
In many countries, human empowerment -- including freedom of expression and action -- tends to increase people's generalised trust in other people, particularly strangers. However, such an increase is usually gradual, reaching its peak in affluent, modernised democracies. In contrast, in countries with below-average levels of development, people, especially educated ones, often demonstrate a lack of trust in strangers, according to researchers of the Higher School of Economics. (2017-11-20)

Eye movement problems common cause of reading difficulties in stroke patients
Eye movement problems that result in difficulty reading are as common as vision loss in stroke patients, researchers at the University of Liverpool have found. (2010-12-01)

Warning over polyclinics and super-surgeries
Research carried out at the University of Leicester by Carolyn Tarrant and Tim Stokes, of the Department of Health Sciences, and Andrew Colman, of the School of Psychology, suggests that polyclinics and super-surgeries are likely to undermine trust and cooperation between patients and their GPs. (2008-09-22)

Plymouth University plays a role in two BMJ Awards winners
Two winning projects from this year's national BMJ Awards have included important input from Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry (PUPSMD). Winner of the Neurology Team Award was a project entitled enhanced safety in epilepsy. This is a partnership between Plymouth University, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust and epilepsy charity SUDEP Action. (2016-05-06)

Treatment checklists may cut hospital deaths
Patient deaths at three London hospitals have been cut by almost 15 percent after introducing treatment checklists (known as care bundles), finds a study published on today. (2010-04-01)

Role-playing game increases empathy for immigrants, study shows
In a study, college students created a fictional online persona from a randomly assigned country and attempted to navigate the administrative hurdles of obtaining a green card and citizenship. Results showed increased levels of empathy among the students for marginalized groups. (2020-01-30)

Ritual threats of violence in small Newfoundland communities are method of creating trust
Residents of small isolated fishing villages on the northern peninsula of Newfoundland have participated in the ritual of (2007-10-08)

More interpersonal trust can have a significant impact on growth in developing countries
It has been claimed that interpersonal trust can play more of a role in how an economy develops than capital. In a recent thesis from the University of Gothenburg, researcher Pelle Ahlerup demonstrates that there is reason to believe that interpersonal trust is more important in countries with a weak legal system, and that the quality of the legal system plays more of a role in societies where there is less trust between people. (2009-12-15)

Study suggests oxytocin makes people trusting, but not gullible
Oxytocin (OT) is a hormone that plays an important role in social behavior -- it has even been nicknamed (2010-08-24)

Differences in levels of trust and power can affect buyer-supplier performance
Mutual trust does not appear on the ledger sheets of buyers and suppliers, but researchers suggest that levels of trust between companies may be an important influence on how they operate and perform. (2017-05-05)

Personalized banner ads are a double-edged sword
Trust in a particular vendor affects the degree to which consumers will accept or reject a personalized banner ad. (2015-07-23)

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