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Biomarker could lead to personalized therapies for prostate cancer
In 2016, more than 181,000 new cases of prostate cancer were reported in the US, according to the American Cancer Society. Multiple factors have resulted in the rise of diagnoses, but a number of high-grade tumors remain underdiagnosed and undertreated. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have explored how a specific gene/protein status may allow clinicians to better identify prostate cancer progression while helping them to make rational decisions in treating the disease. (2017-04-05)

Sweeping prostate cancer review upends widely held belief on radiation after surgery
Two new studies have upended the widely held view that it's best to delay radiation treatment as long as possible after the removal of the prostate in order to prevent unwanted side effects. (2015-03-23)

Elsevier announces the launch of open access journal: Urology Case Reports
Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today announced the launch of a new open access journal: Urology Case Reports. (2013-11-25)

Urgent need for prostate cancer screening amongst Dutch men
A recent TNS NIPO survey, on behalf of the Dutch Association of Urology and the European Association of Urology, showed that almost four out of 10 Dutch men of 50 years and older suffer, or have suffered, from urinary complaints. The same number of men also said in the same survey they are worried that they may have prostate cancer. (2010-09-15)

AUA Annual Scientific Meeting features more new research than ever before
The American Urological Association (AUA) will hold its Annual Scientific Meeting in Chicago, Ill., on April 25-30, 2009. The AUA Annual Scientific Meeting is the largest meeting of urologic professionals in the world, and is attended by more than 10,000 urologists and healthcare professionals from around the world. This year, more than 2,000 abstracts will be presented and more than 300 exhibitors will showcase their products and services in the Science and Technology Hall. (2009-02-04)

Ljubljana center of Europe during EAU 9th Central European meeting
Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital, is hosting the EAU 9th Central European Meeting, which will be held on Oct. 23-24. Professor Ciril Oblak is chairman of the meeting. (2009-10-15)

New model for active surveillance of prostate cancer tested
Urologists at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Genesis Healthcare Partners have tested a new model of care for patients with low-risk prostate cancer. The evidence-based approach uses best practices to appropriately select and follow patients to avoid disease overtreatment. Results of the three-year study are now published online in the journal of Urology. (2016-04-27)

More intensive treatment not associated with better outcomes in early bladder cancer
Patients with early bladder cancer who receive more intensive treatment within the first two years of diagnosis do not appear to have better survival than patients who receive less intensive treatment, according to a retrospective analysis published in the April 7 online issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. (2009-04-07)

How closely do urologists adhere to AUA guidelines?
Evidence-based guidelines play an increasing role in setting standards for medical practice and quality but are seldom systematically evaluated in the practice setting. Investigators evaluated the rate of physician adherence to the American Urological Association's guidelines on the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia/lower urinary tract symptoms to establish a benchmark for future research. Their findings are published in The Journal of Urology. (2014-10-15)

More intense bladder cancer treatment does not improve survival, U-M study finds
Despite enduring more invasive tests and medical procedures, patients who were treated aggressively for early stage bladder cancer had no better survival than patients who were treated less aggressively, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. (2009-04-07)

Use of Prostate Health Index test reduces unnecessary biopsies
The Prostate Health Index (phi) is a cost-effective tool used by urologists to detect prostate cancer. It reduces the risk of over diagnosis, and cuts down on the need to send men for unnecessary and often uncomfortable biopsies. So says Jay White of Carolina Urology Partners in the US, lead author of a study in the journal Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, published by Springer Nature. (2017-11-20)

Close monitoring of renal tumors may provide alternative to surgery
In patients likely to have surgery, close, active monitoring of small renal tumors confined to the kidneys is associated with low rates of tumor growth or death. (2015-01-21)

Jefferson radiation oncologists use real-time system to plant 'seeds' against cancer
Radiation oncologists and urologists at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson have begun using a real-time system to implant radiation-emitting seeds in prostate cancer patients. While the system is only being used for imaging and planning so far, it ultimately will help in placing the seeds. The team hopes that the technology will make a good system even better, adding scientific precision to a treatment that currently relies mainly on physician experience and skill. (2007-09-21)

AUA Foundation names the 2009 Astellas Rising Stars in Urology award winners
The American Urological Association Foundation has announced its Astellas Rising Stars in Urology for 2009. William Roberts, M.D., of the University of Michigan, and Edward Schaeffer, M.D., of Johns Hopkins Medicine are this year's recipients of the award, one of the most prestigious research awards offered by the foundation. (2009-06-24)

AUA 2008: Unique experience with civilian bladder trauma in Baghdad
Two urologists from Al Yarmouk Teaching Hospital detailed their experience with the management of bladder injury in civilians with major abdominal trauma. (2008-05-15)

Trial to test using ultrasound to move kidney stones
A clinical trial in Seattle is testing the use of low-power ultrasound to reposition kidney stones. (2014-01-10)

Information conveyed to urologists regarding laser fiber diameter is incorrect, says new study
Neither the total nor the core diameters of laser fibers correspond to the advertised laser fiber diameter, revealed a new study investigating lasers used for urological surgery. Furthermore, there are serious differences between manufacturers of fibers with a supposedly equal diameter. (2013-09-17)

Multidisciplinary meeting on urological cancers aims to benefit cancer patients
Urological cancer patients will benefit greatly if the delivered treatment is the result of a combined effort. Collaboration of experts from various fields is necessary to take cancer-related research and medical practice to the next level. The 2nd European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancers -- Embracing Excellence in Prostate, Bladder and Kidney Cancer -- which is to take place on Nov. 27-29, 2009, in Barcelona, brings together urologists, radiologists and medical oncologists by enabling them to share their knowledge and experience. (2009-11-19)

Robert Flanigan, M.D., receives Distinguished Service Award
Loyola University Medical Center urologist Robert Flanigan, M.D., has won a Distinguished Service Award from the Chicago Urological Society. (2015-04-21)

Patients unaware of link between smoking and bladder cancer
Even though cigarette smoking accounts for up to half of all bladder cancer cases, few people are aware of the connection -- including more than three-quarters of patients who have bladder cancer, according to a new study from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. (2008-07-08)

Data on new vaccine for prostate cancer to be presented
Data on new vaccine for prostate cancer to be presented. (2007-05-21)

Beaumont holds first international congress on underactive bladder
Beaumont Health System urologists hope to heighten awareness of underactive bladder, or UAB, through an international forum funded in part by the National Institutes of Health. The Feb. 20-21 Congress of Urologic Research and Education on Aging Underactive Bladder, or CURE-UAB, in Bethesda, Md., is attracting physicians, researchers and nurses from around the world for scientific discussion and interdisciplinary collaboration. (2014-02-19)

Circumcision reduces HIV infection risk
Leading researcher to present information on circumcision and HIV transmission during AUA Annual Scientific Meeting. (2007-05-22)

Robotic, fast fix as effective as full surgery for post-hysterectomy sagging vagina
An initial Mayo Clinic study has confirmed the effectiveness and durability over time of a patient-friendly, robot-assisted procedure that corrects a complication that can follow hysterectomy. The study, published in the February issue of Urology, is the first in the United States to examine the feasibility of using this method to repair vaginal vault prolapse, or collapsed vaginal walls. (2004-02-20)

How should patients be monitored for prostate cancer after a negative biopsy?
An expert panel of urologists and radiologists from the American Urological Association (AUA) and the Society of Abdominal Radiology (SAR) has published a set of consensus statements in The Journal of Urology® indicating that MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) targeted biopsy, when properly incorporated into clinical practice, can address such issues. (2016-12-06)

New prostate cancer clinical guidelines to be released
New prostate cancer clinical guidelines to be released during AUA Annual Scientific Meeting. (2007-05-21)

Better guidelines, coordination needed for prostate cancer specialists
With a deluge of promising new drug treatments for advanced prostate cancer on the market, a new model of care is needed that emphasizes collaboration between urologists and medical oncologists, according to UC Davis prostate cancer experts. (2013-12-09)

Nearly all patients with high-grade bladder cancer do not receive guideline-recommended care
A study at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center found that nearly all patients with high-grade, non-invasive bladder cancer are not receiving the guideline-recommended care that would best protect them from recurrence, a finding that researchers characterized as alarming. (2011-07-11)

Men with bladder exstrophy report robust sex lives, but women fare worse, Hopkins study shows
Adult men born with a severe urological anomaly in which the bladder forms outside of the abdomen report much more robust sexual lives than women born with the same condition, according to a small study led by urologists at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. (2007-10-27)

Brachytherapy and early prostate cancer
The Genitourinary Cancer Disease Site Group of the Cancer Care Ontario Practice Guidelines Initiative has conducted a systematic overview of the literature to assess the role of brachytherapy in early prostate cancer. (2001-04-02)

Advanced prostate cancer previously considered inoperable may be operable, curable
New findings from Mayo Clinic indicate that cT3 prostate cancer, a disease in which the cancer has spread locally from inside the prostate to immediately outside it, is operable and has 15-year cancer survival rates of almost 80 percent. (2005-04-01)

Surgeons put themselves at risk, despite evidence
Exposure to blood and body fluids while operating places surgeons at risk, yet a large number of doctors continue to put themselves in danger despite knowing the evidence, according to a University of Alberta study. (2003-02-19)

Study shows physicians reluctant to use chemoprevention for prostate cancer
Despite the dramatic results of the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial, which showed a significant reduction in prostate cancer among those taking finasteride, physicians have not increased its use, according to a study published in the September issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. (2010-08-10)

Digital imaging software to create a 'Google Earth' view of the bladder
A more automated approach to bladder exams could be cheaper, more comfortable and more convenient. The system would use the UW's ultrathin laser endoscope, which is like a thin piece of cooked spaghetti, in combination with software that automatically creates a 3-D panorama of the bladder interior. (2011-05-16)

Affiliate partnership between EAU and Europa Uomo
The European Association of Urology and Europa Uomo, the European advocacy movement for the fight against prostate cancer, have entered into an affiliated partnership as part of their long-term commitment to increase and improve patient awareness in Europe with regards to urological diseases. (2009-11-30)

NEJM study exposes overuse of radiation therapy when urologists profit from self-referral
A comprehensive review of Medicare claims for more than 45,000 patients from 2005 through 2010 found that nearly all of the 146 percent increase in intensity- modulated radiation therapy for prostate cancer among urologists with an ownership interest in the treatment was due to self-referral, according to new research, (2013-10-23)

Statin use linked with decreased prostate cancer mortality rates, lower PSA levels
In recent years, research has indicated a possible link between dietary fat intake and prostate cancer. Research presented today at the 102nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association explores the effect statin medications (which work to reduce low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, levels) may have on prostate-specific antigen, the incidence of prostate cancer, and mortality due to prostate cancer. (2007-05-20)

Shape of urine can indicate prostate issues
Scientists have discovered a simple test which uses the biomechanics of the shape of urine to help diagnose urinary problems. (2012-10-16)

AUA counters mainstream recommendations with new best practice statement on PSA testing
The American Urological Association today issued new clinical guidance -- which directly contrasts recent recommendations issued by other major groups -- about prostate cancer screening, asserting that the prostate-specific antigen test should be offered to well-informed, men aged 40 years or older who have a life expectancy of at least 10 years. (2009-04-27)

AUA counters mainstream recommendations with new best practice statement on PSA testing
The American Urological Association today issued new clinical guidance -- which directly contrasts recent recommendations issued by other major groups -- about prostate cancer screening, asserting that the prostate-specific antigen test should be offered to well-informed, men aged 40 years or older who have a life expectancy of at least 10 years. (2009-04-27)

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