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New vaccine is an important step forward
The new five-in-one vaccine is an important step forward in the United Kingdom's vaccination programme, say child health experts in this week's BMJ. (2004-08-19)

The case for pneumococcal vaccination of infants
Although the Canadian National Advisory Committee on Immunization recommends that children receive the new pneumococcal vaccine PCV7 beginning at 2 months of age, provincial implementation of the recommendation has been slow. The vaccine protects against infections that result in pneumonia, otitis media, meningitis and other diseases. In Alberta, however, the vaccine is a publicly funded service. (2005-11-07)

MMR vaccine does not increase risk of Crohn's disease
The measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine does not increase the risk of Crohn's disease (chronic inflammation of the intestine), finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2005-05-12)

An HIV vaccine is within reach
An effective, affordable, and accessible HIV vaccine is 7-10 years away, according to scientists at the Medical Research Council of South Africa, in this week's BMJ. However, its success depends on a complex interplay of politics, science, and public-private partnerships. (2002-01-24)

Vaccinated infants well-protected against severe pneumococcal infection in Norway
In 2006, a pneumococcal vaccine was introduced in the childhood vaccination program in Norway. Two years later, the experiences have been published in the journal Vaccine. The results show a strong decline in serious pneumococcal infections among young children. (2008-07-09)

University of Guelph researcher develops 3-in-1 vaccine against traveller's diarrhea
A U of G Prof. has discovered a novel approach to developing a first-ever vaccine for three common pathogens that cause traveller's diarrhea and kill more than 100,000 children living in developing countries each year. The vaccine yokes together proteins from pathogenic E.coli with sugars from Shigella and Camplyobacter jejuni -- three bugs that are major causes of bacterial diarrhea globally. Currently no licensed vaccines exist against any of these pathogens. (2018-10-10)

Unruly T cells complicate the intended benefits of HIV vaccines
Inducing strong responses from T helper (TH) cells -- long seen as a desirable goal for HIV vaccines -- and using multiple antigens can hamper the effectiveness of vaccine candidates for HIV, according to an analysis of macaque experiments and a multicenter, phase 1 trial. (2019-11-20)

Protecting HIV patients from Hepatitis B virus
As it is not quite clear how HIV patients that don't respond to the HBV vaccine should be managed, new research from the University of Alberta has evaluated the immune response of HBV vaccine given intradermally (into the skin) in HIV-infected individuals who failed to respond to two cycles of HBV vaccine given intramuscularly (into the muscle). (2007-07-17)

How HIV vaccine might have increased odds of infection
In September 2007, a phase II HIV-1 vaccine trial was abruptly halted when researchers found that the vaccine may have promoted, rather than prevented, HIV infection. A new study by a team of researchers at the Montpellier Institute of Molecular Genetics in France shows how the vaccine could have enhanced HIV infection. The study, lead by Matthieu Perreau, will be published online on Nov. 3 of the Journal of Experimental Medicine. (2008-11-03)

Perspective: Understanding COVID-19 vaccine efficacy
In this Perspective, Marc Lipsitch and Natalie Dean consider what would happen if a COVID-19 vaccine offers little to no protection in high-risk groups, like the elderly and those with comorbidities, yet is able to reduce infection or infectiousness in younger adults. (2020-10-21)

A nanoparticle vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 produces signs of immunity in mice and macaques
A new nanoparticle vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has shown hints of protection and immunity in a preclinical study, safely eliciting the production of antibodies and antiviral T cell responses in mice and pigtail macaques. (2020-07-20)

Game over for Zika? KU Leuven researchers develop promising vaccine
Scientists at the KU Leuven Rega Institute in Belgium have developed a new vaccine against the Zika virus. This vaccine should prevent the virus from causing microcephaly and other serious conditions in unborn babies. (2018-12-19)

AIDS vaccine development: From basic research to product delivery
The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative is pleased to announce the publication of (2007-01-23)

First European randomized trial confirms new pneumococcal vaccine highly effective in infants
A new conjugate vaccine is highly effective (93%) at preventing invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD; meningitis, sepsis, bacteremic pneumonia, and other blood-borne infections) in infants younger than 2 years who are the most vulnerable to infection, according to new research published Online First in The Lancet. The nationwide study is the first to confirm the effectiveness of the three-dose (2+1) schedule that is already used in many national programs. (2012-11-15)

Johns Hopkins receives funding for cholera vaccine initiative
The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was awarded a four-year, $5 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to promote the effective use of oral cholera vaccine around the world. (2012-12-27)

New vaccine protects more effectively against tuberculosis
The team of Prof. Stefan H.E. Kaufmann at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin has designed a novel tuberculosis vaccine with high vaccine efficacy. (2005-08-26)

Perth researchers to trial bird flu vaccine
Perth researchers have begun a trial to test the effectiveness of a new vaccine to protect against the potentially deadly bird flu. The Vaccine Trials Group at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children is recruiting 150 adult volunteers to participate in the study. (2006-06-28)

Research reveals further progress toward AIDS vaccine
Researchers from Thomas Jefferson University are one step closer to developing a vaccine against the AIDS disease. (2009-12-14)

Particulate vaccine delivery systems may help
Most traditional vaccines have safety and efficacy issues, whereas particulate vaccine delivery systems -- which utilize nano- or micro-particulate carriers to protect and deliver antigens--are efficient, stable, include molecules to bolster immune responses, and minimize adverse reactions due to the use of biocompatible biomaterials. A new review summarizes the current status of research efforts to develop particulate vaccine delivery systems against bioterrorism agents and emerging infectious pathogens. (2016-04-06)

Doctor's dilemma over flu jab after Guillain-Barré syndrome
A doctor who developed Guillain-Barré syndrome will consider having the swine flu jab when she returns to work this autumn, despite claims that the vaccine is linked to an increased risk of the disease. (2009-09-10)

Safety and supply issues around an H1N1 vaccine
An editorial in this week's Lancet says that countries must have strong post-marketing surveillance in place forthcoming H1N1 vaccines, since countries fast-tracking the approval could bypass the usual safety and efficacy requirements. The editorial also says the USA must support strategies proposed by WHO to make doses of the H1N1 flu vaccine go further. (2009-07-30)

Hypersensitivity reactions to the quadrivalent HPV vaccine are rare
Hypersensitivity reactions to the quadrivalent HPV vaccine (4vHPV, Gardasil) are uncommon and most schoolgirls can tolerate subsequent doses, finds the first evaluation of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine published on today. (2008-12-02)

Malaria vaccine is safe, immunogenic and efficacious in young infants
Initial findings from studies to test a malaria vaccine in African infants are promising, conclude authors of an article published early online and in an upcoming edition of the Lancet. (2007-10-17)

A promising HIV vaccine shows signs of cross-protective benefits
One of the most successful candidate HIV vaccines to date -- initially tested in Thailand, where it had modest effects -- showed surprisingly strong efficacy when evaluated in a South African cohort, where a different strain of HIV is known to circulate. (2019-09-18)

Study provides new clues for designing an effective HIV vaccine
New insights into how a promising HIV vaccine works are provided in a study published by Cell Press January 10th in the journal Immunity. By analyzing the structure of antibody-virus complexes produced in vaccine recipients, the researchers have revealed how the vaccine triggers immune responses that could fight HIV-1 infection. The study could help guide efforts to increase the vaccine's production, which currently is not high enough for clinical use. (2013-01-10)

Universal flu vaccine holds promise
A Saint Louis University researcher presents findings on a universal influenza vaccine at an infectious diseases conference. (2009-04-27)

Concerns over cost of dengue vaccine lessened with new study
Research funded by the Dengue Vaccine Initiative involving an economic analysis of producing a tetravalent dengue vaccine shows that the cost could be as low as $0.20 per dose with an annual production level of 60 million doses packaged in 10-dose vials. The study used data on a vaccine developed by US NIH and the facilities of the Instituto Butantan in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (2012-06-27)

Future HIV vaccines: If we build it, will they come?
On the eve of the world's biggest AIDS conference this month in Austria, a new research review shows many people wouldn't get inoculated against HIV even if a vaccine was developed. (2010-07-14)

Why has mumps reemerged in the United States?
A recent resurgence in mumps cases in the US may be due to weakening immune protection from the mumps vaccine, researchers report. (2018-03-21)

Training the immune system to fight ovarian cancer
A personalized cancer vaccine safely and successfully boosted immune responses and increased survival rates in patients with ovarian cancer, according to results from a pilot clinical trial. (2018-04-11)

Tests begin of flu vaccine grown in insect cell lines
Scientists are launching a research study to check the effectiveness of a new type of flu vaccine that is made differently than the conventional vaccine, which is grown in eggs. The experimental vaccine instead relies on a cell line drawn from insects known as fall armyworms, which are better known for their role as pests attacking crops such as corn, cotton, barley and alfalfa. (2004-10-25)

Malaria vaccine trial samples reveal immune benchmarks for achieving protection
By studying samples from two independent clinical trials of malaria vaccines, Gemma Moncunill and colleagues have linked signatures in the immune system to better vaccine protection from the disease in children and adults. (2020-05-13)

Vaccinate infants of hepatitis B mothers, say experts
Immunising newborn infants of mothers with hepatitis B prevents infection being transmitted from mother to child, finds a study published online by the BMJ today. (2006-01-26)

Clinical trial evaluates heterologous prime/boost regimens in preventative HIV vaccination
A new study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation discusses the results from a clinical trial that evaluated the immune response following different HIV vaccine regimes. (2014-10-01)

Vaccine for koala chlamydia close
Eighteen female koalas treated with an anti-chlamydia vaccine are showing positive results, giving QUT scientists hope they have an answer to the disease that is threatening the survival of koalas in the wild. (2008-07-17)

Facebook posts help facilitate belief that HPV vaccine is dangerous to health
Social media has a history of being a popular place for sexual health discussions, and the HPV vaccine is one of the most discussed vaccines on the internet. Monique Luisi, an assistant professor in the University of Missouri School of Journalism, suggests some HPV vaccine-related Facebook posts can help facilitate beliefs that the HPV vaccine is dangerous to one's health. She believes it could inform officials for the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine roll out and distribution. (2021-01-05)

UTMB researchers test new vaccine to fight multiple influenza strains
A universal vaccine effective against several strains of influenza has passed its first phase of testing, according to Dr. Christine Turley of the University of Texas at Galveston. Turley, who is director of clinical trials and clinical research at the Sealy Center for Vaccine Development at UTMB and the study's principal investigator, said that VaxInnate's M2e universal vaccine could possibly protect against seasonal and pandemic influenza strains. (2008-08-21)

Perspective: Rapid COVID-19 vaccine development
When seeking the fastest pathway to a vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19), defining the stakes and potential hurdles is critical, says Barney Graham in this Perspective. (2020-05-08)

BioNTech-Pfizer mRNA vaccine largely effective against UK variant, Sera from 40 patients show
In a study evaluating the BioNTech-Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine's ability to neutralize the B.1.1.7 ('UK') viral variant, researchers found no loss of immune protection compared to that against the original Wuhan reference strain. (2021-01-29)

Scientists develop fungus-fighting vaccine
A group of scientists in Italy have developed a vaccine with the potential to protect against fungal pathogens that commonly infect humans, according to a study by Torosantucci and colleagues in the September 5 issue of The Journal of Experimental Medicine. Although these fungi pose little threat to people with healthy immune systems, they can cause fatal infections in those whose immune systems have been weakened by cancer treatments or post-transplant immunosuppressive therapies. (2005-09-05)

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