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Successful Venus Express main engine test
One hundred days after beginning its cruise to Venus, ESA's Venus Express spacecraft successfully tested its main engine for the first time in space. (2006-02-20)
Venus Express mated with upper-stage
Preparations for ESA's Venus Express mission passed a new milestone when the spacecraft was attached to its Fregat upper-stage rocket. (2005-10-13)
Love conquers all: A new beetle species from Cambodia named after Venus
A team of Japanese scientists Mr. Kakizoe and Dr. Maruyama found and described a new species of scarab beetle from Cambodia. (2015-07-15)
Venus Express wins Popular Science's 'Best of What's New' award
Venus Express just received an extra birthday present. In the same week as the first anniversary of the spacecraft's launch, the editors of Popular Science magazine named Venus Express as one of the top 100 technological innovations of the year. (2006-11-14)
NASA researcher finds planet-sized space weather explosions at Venus
Researchers recently discovered that a common space weather phenomenon on the outskirts of Earth's magnetic bubble, the magnetosphere, has much larger repercussions for Venus. (2014-02-20)
SDO to observe Venus transit
On June 5, 2012, at 6:03 PM EDT, the planet Venus will do something it has done only seven times since the invention of the telescope: cross in front of the sun. (2012-06-01)
Geotimes: Venturing to Venus
What can be gained from a new mission to Earth's twin planet? (2008-05-01)
Was Venus once a habitable planet?
ESA's Venus Express is helping planetary scientists investigate whether Venus once had oceans. (2010-06-24)
Researchers search for Venus-like planets
Identification of planets orbiting distant stars is spurring the search for an Earth-like planet. (2014-09-10)
CSIRO to webcast rare astronomical event
On the afternoon of 8 June 2004, one of the rarest celestial events will occur - a transit of Venus across the Sun. (2004-06-04)
No shortage of mysteries on Venus
What kind of mysteries and scientific intrigue await the European Space Agency's Venus Express once it has left Earth for its nearest planetary neighbour in 2005? (2002-11-28)
Venus Express Italian Day on 4 October
To mark completion of the assembly of the Venus Express spacecraft, Alenia Spazio is holding a Venus Express Day on 4 October in Turin, Italy, in cooperation with Astrium SAS and the European Space Agency. (2004-09-30)
Earth-Moon observations from Venus Express
A recent check of the VIRTIS imaging spectrometer during the Venus Express commissioning phase has allowed its first remote-sensing data to be acquired, using Earth and the Moon as a reference. (2005-11-28)
Mercyhurst University casts roving eye on Venus
Research undertaken by Mercyhurst University and Boston University centers on the evolution of the topographic relief of planet Venus. (2012-09-17)
Venus Express has reached final orbit
Less than one month after insertion into orbit, and after sixteen loops around the planet Venus, ESA's Venus Express spacecraft has reached its final operational orbit on 7 May 2006. (2006-05-09)
Venus Express arrives in Baikonur
Blazing hot temperatures welcomed ESA's Venus Express spacecraft as it arrived at the Yubileiny airport of the Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, on Sunday morning, 7 August. (2005-08-10)
Venus is alive -- geologically speaking
ESA's Venus Express has returned the clearest indication yet that Venus is still geologically active. (2010-04-08)
Possibility Of Venus Harboring Life May Not Be So Far-Fetched, Says Prof
Despite recent reports of possible fossils in Martian meteorites, Venus, not Mars, may hold the most promise for harboring life elsewhere in our solar system, according to a University of Colorado at Boulder professor. (1997-06-09)
Venus Express finds planetary atmospheres such a drag
The polar atmosphere of Venus is thinner than expected. How do we know? (2010-10-07)
New map hints at Venus's wet, volcanic past
Venus Express has charted the first map of Venus's southern hemisphere at infrared wavelengths. (2009-07-14)
Venus Express discovers hydroxyl in the atmosphere of Venus through its nightglow emission
Using observations from the Venus Express spacecraft, an international team of astronomers presents the first detection of hydroxyl in the atmosphere of Venus through its nightglow emission. (2008-05-15)
Where did Venus's water go?
Venus Express has made the first detection of an atmospheric loss process on Venus's day-side. (2008-12-18)
Surfing an alien atmosphere
Venus Express has completed an (2010-04-21)
Venus Express preliminary investigations bring encouraging news
Following the announcement of the Venus Express launch delay due to particulate contamination found in the launcher fairing where the spacecraft was installed, ESA staff and industry teams have started an inspection of the spacecraft. (2005-10-25)
Complex meteorology at Venus
In its relentless probing of Venus's atmosphere, ESA's Venus Express keeps revealing new details of the Venusian cloud system. (2006-10-13)
Chandra captures Venus in a whole new light
Scientists have captured the first X-ray view of Venus using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. (2001-11-29)
Venus Express reboots the search for active volcanoes on Venus
ESA's Venus Express has measured a highly variable quantity of the volcanic gas sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere of Venus. (2008-04-04)
RHESSI will use Venus transit to improve measurements of the sun's diameter
With the new data obtained during the Venus transit on June 5-6, 2012, the RHESSI team hopes to improve the knowledge of the exact shape of the sun and provide a more accurate measure of the diameter than has previously been obtained. (2012-06-04)
Have Venusian volcanoes been caught in the act?
Six years of observations by ESA's Venus Express have shown large changes in the sulphur dioxide content of the planet's atmosphere, and one intriguing possible explanation is volcanic eruptions. (2012-12-03)
Key molecule discovered in Venus's atmosphere
Venus Express has detected the molecule hydroxyl on another planet for the first time. (2008-05-15)
Saturn joins Venus in the vortex club
Cassini's spectacular image of Saturn's polar vortex, published this month by NASA, may provide astronomers with a missing piece in the puzzle of how that planet's atmosphere works. (2006-11-24)
The mysterious arc of Venus
When Venus transits the sun on June 5-6, an armada of spacecraft and ground-based telescopes will be on the lookout for something elusive and, until recently, unexpected: the arc of Venus. (2012-06-04)
Study suggests Venus could have been wet planet
Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, studying hydrous mineral decomposition rates at extreme temperatures, have concluded that hot and dry Venus may have been a wet planet in the past, like Earth and ancient Mars. (2001-01-23)
Venus comes to life at wavelengths invisible to human eyes
A pale yellow-green dot to the human eye, Earth's twin planet comes to life in the ultraviolet and the infrared. (2008-12-03)
Study suggests active volcanism on Venus
Researchers combing through the data from the Venus Express mission have found new evidence of active lava flows on Earth's nearest neighbor. (2015-06-18)
Winning postcards from Venus chosen
Venus, as the goddess of beauty, has been celebrated in art and myth for millennia. (2006-03-02)
Venus's turbulent atmosphere
A research paper published today by Nature Astronomy sheds light on the so far un-explored nightside circulation at the upper cloud level of Venus. (2017-07-25)
Scientist explains sulfur behavior in Venus atmosphere
The beautiful dark stripes on ultraviolet images of Venus's disc are in no way connected with the crystalline sulfur particles in its atmosphere -- the ultraviolet is absorbed by another substance. (2016-04-26)
Climate catastrophes in the solar system
Earth sits between two worlds that have been devastated by climate catastrophes. (2007-04-26)
Mars and Venus are surprisingly similar
Using two ESA spacecraft, planetary scientists are watching the atmospheres of Mars and Venus being stripped away into space. (2008-03-05)
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