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Violence against teachers spurs urgent call to action
Teachers across the United States report alarmingly high rates of personally experiencing student violence and harassment while at school, according to an article published by the American Psychological Association that presents comprehensive recommendations to make schools safer for school personnel as well as students. (2013-01-07)

Camaraderie of sports teams may deter bullying, violence
As schools around the country look for ways to reduce violence and bullying, they may want to consider encouraging students to participate in team sports, according to a study to be presented Sunday, May 5, at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Washington, DC. (2013-05-05)

Moving children and families beyond trauma
Pediatricians can play an important role in helping children and communities recover following episodes of school and community violence and disaster, while working to prevent and prepare for future tragedies, said David J. Schonfeld, M.D., FAAP, a world-renowned expert on school crisis and bereavement. Dr. Schonfeld is giving a presentation, (2013-10-28)

Why is orange the new black for female victims of trauma?
How do pathways to jail vary for females who are victims of specific types of trauma? New research published in Psychology of Women Quarterly, a SAGE journal, pinpoints the types of trauma such as caregiver violence, witnessing violence, and intimate partner violence, that lead to specific types of offending later in life and offers explanations based on real experiences. (2013-08-02)

Both alcohol and neighborhood characteristics can affect intimate partner violence
Both alcohol and neighborhood characteristics can affect intimate partner violence. (2007-05-24)

Kenyan journalists covering life-threatening events at increased risk of psychological harm
The first major study of the emotional well-being of journalists covering violent events in an African country replicates findings from Western media, namely that journalists who report on life-threatening events are at increased risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. (2015-09-24)

Alcohol, interpersonal violence, and Mexican American women
  • The development and consequences of alcohol abuse or dependence (ADA) differ for men and women.
  • Women who report sexual abuse or assault during their childhood or life history are particularly vulnerable to later ADA.
  • Elements of ADA may also differ by culture.
  • Mexican American women who report assault by someone other than a partner are more likely than those not assaulted to develop ADA.

Tough girl or sidechick?
Despite an increase in tough and even violent female characters in American films, women continue to be shown as sidekicks to more dominant male heroes and they are also frequently involved in a romantic relationship with them. The work of Katy Gilpatric, from the department of social sciences at Kaplan University in the US, points to continued gender stereotypes set within a violent framework of contemporary American cinema. (2010-04-21)

In violent neighborhoods, adults too fearful to intervene with most young offenders
A study of young, violent criminals in New York City found that they used fear and intimidation to keep adults from interfering with their criminal activities. Almost 40 percent of the young offenders interviewed said that adults' fear of teens was the defining characteristic of their relations. As a result, in many situations, adults ignored criminal activity by teens and young adults, findings showed. (2007-07-17)

Could a computer on the police beat prevent violence?
As cities across America work to reduce violence in tight budget times, new research shows how they might be able to target their efforts and police attention -- with the help of high-powered computers and loads of data. In a newly published paper, researchers have used real police, alcohol and drug data from Boston to demonstrate the promise of computer models in zeroing in on violent areas. (2013-02-19)

Could a computer on the police beat prevent violence?
As cities work to reduce violence in tight budget times, new research shows how they might be able to target their efforts and police attention on areas prone to violence -- with the help of high-powered computers and loads of data on crime, alcohol availability and drug markets. (2013-02-18)

Study: Jumps in elementary school violence linked to increased student transfers
New research finds that student exposure to violent crime in urban elementary schools is linked to higher transfer rates, with students ineligible for free- or reduced-price meals and students from safer neighborhoods more likely to leave than their less advantaged peers. The study was published today in the American Educational Research Journal, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Educational Research Association. (2020-11-17)

1 in 3 victims of teen dating violence has had more than one abuser
More than one-third of young adults who reported being victims of dating violence as teenagers had two or more abusive partners, a new study suggests. (2012-09-18)

Is the media to blame for violent teenage crime?
A campus shooting. A gang assault. With each successive event, fingers are pointed at the usual suspects: violent films, bloody video games, explicit websites. But to what extent can the media be implicated in youth crime? Are today's sophisticated young people really that susceptible to their influence? These are the issues addressed in the new book Adolescents, Crime and the Media by Christopher Ferguson, an internationally recognized researcher of video game and other media effects. (2013-04-23)

Leading prevention researchers meeting in Washington, D.C., May 30-June 1, 2007
The nation's leading prevention researchers are set to release new findings on violence, suicide, school suspension, obesity and other major topics. (2007-05-30)

Aggressive advertising may make for aggressive men
Does advertising influence society, or is it merely a reflection of society's pre-existing norms? Where male attitudes are concerned, a new study implicates magazine advertisements specifically aimed at men as helping to reinforce a certain set of views on masculinity termed (2013-02-28)

Distress of child war and sex abuse victims halved by new trauma intervention
A new psychological intervention has been shown to more than halve the trauma experienced by child victims of war, rape and sexual abuse. (2012-05-24)

University of Pittsburgh researcher gets CDC grant to study youth violence
Anthony Fabio, Ph.D., M.P.H., assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and investigator with the university's Center for Injury Research and Control has received nearly a half-million dollar, three-year research and training grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study trends in youth violence. Dr. Fabio's research seeks to determine the role of social influence on violence in adolescents over time. (2004-11-03)

Harvard School of Public Health unveils comprehensive, public online library of firearms research
A new firearms research database launched by the Harvard School of Public Health makes scholarly articles more accessible to reporters, law enforcement, public health officials, policymakers and the general public. (2010-03-10)

Aggressive behavior brings emotional pain to the sadist
Sadists derive pleasure or enjoyment from another person's pain, yet new research shows that sadistic behavior ultimately deprives the sadists of happiness. (2018-12-19)

Does more education stem political violence?
In a study released online today in Review of Educational Research, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Educational Research Association, three Norwegian researchers attempt to bring clarity to this question by undertaking the first systematic examination of quantitative research on this topic. (2018-10-11)

Study shows aggressive students often lack psychological evaluations and effective treatment
As the disturbing trend of school violence continues to plague our education system, it is important for caregivers, educators, and doctors to join forces to be proactive in its prevention. A study in the August issue of Journal of Pediatrics shows that students displaying violent behaviors often have untreated learning disorders and psychiatric illnesses. (2006-08-24)

McCaughey Book Pulls No Punches In Women's Self Defense
Our society tends to assume that men's bodies are dangerous and women's are helpless, and Martha McCaughey wants to change that image--especially when it comes to women's defending themselves from male violence... McCaughey wrote the book Real Knockouts: The Physical Feminism of Women's Self-Defense because she thought feminists could not afford to ignore self defense. (1998-01-22)

Calif. handgun study to fortify crime prevention efforts
UC Davis researchers are releasing a groundbreaking report that provides the first complete description of how more than 200,000 handguns are sold legally in the state each year. The study, which gives results for the state as a whole, as well as for each county and major cities, will help policymakers identify trends and develop strategies to reduce gun-related violence. (2002-09-20)

Pitt Researchers Link Trauma With Adolescent Alcohol Abuse
The majority of adolescents with alcohol dependence or alcohol abuse may have been exposed to traumatic events such as physical violence or sexual abuse, say researchers at the Pittsburgh Adolescent Alcohol Research Center of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic. (1997-11-25)

Simple tool may help evaluate risk for violence among patients with mental illness
Mental health professionals, who often are tasked with evaluating and managing the risk of violence by their patients, may benefit from a simple tool to more accurately make a risk assessment, according to a recent study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco. (2012-09-14)

Fight or flight: Violent teens may be following parents' lead
While it may be cute when a 3-year-old imitates his parent's bad behavior, when adolescents do so, it's no longer a laughing matter. Teens who fight may be modeling what they see adult relatives do or have parents with pro-fighting attitudes, according to a study to be presented Sunday, April 29, at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Boston. (2012-04-29)

Tackling alcohol harms must be an integral part of the nation's recovery from COVID-19
As the UK and most other countries went into lockdown, the need to save lives from the coronavirus rightly took priority over longer term health issues. But experts writing in The BMJ today warn that 'if we don't prepare for emerging from the pandemic, we will see the toll of increased alcohol harm for a generation.' (2020-05-20)

Trauma hospitalizations fall in Philly during COVID-19 lockdown, but gun violence rises
Non-intentional trauma fell compared to the period before COVID this year, but ratios of gun violence patients increased after stay-at-home orders were implemented, and were high compared to the same timeframe in previous years. (2020-11-09)

Gunshot survivors in high-crime community face elevated risk of early death, study shows
One in 20 survivors of gunshot violence in an urban area with high crime died within five years, mainly by homicide, according to the results of a study that tracked patients after they had been discharged from the hospital that treated them. (2015-11-18)

'Coaching Boys into Men' an effective tool for stopping teen dating violence
Male high school athletes' ability to recognize and intervene to stop dating violence -- the physical, sexual and emotional aggression prevalent in adolescent romantic relationships -- is improved with the intervention of some of the most important role models in young men's lives: their coaches. (2012-03-26)

83 percent of teenagers fall victim to some kind of violence during their lives
Childhood is one of the stages of life with the greatest risk of suffering violence, despite the greater social awareness and more specialized training of professionals. A study looking into over a thousand Spanish teenagers concludes that 83 percent of them claim to have fallen victim to at least one form of violence over the course of their lives; 68.6 percent in the last year. (2015-01-22)

Aggression between nursing-home residents more common than widely believed, studies find
When people hear about elder abuse in nursing homes, they usually think of staff members victimizing residents. However, research by Cornell University faculty members suggests that a more prevalent and serious problem may be aggression and violence that occurs between residents themselves. (2008-06-02)

Requests for emergency contraception could be an important sign of abuse
Women who experience domestic violence and abuse (DVA) are more than twice as likely to seek emergency contraception as other women, according to a study by National Institute for Health Research-funded researchers at the University of Bristol and Queen Mary University of London, suggesting that requests for emergency contraception could be an important sign of abuse. (2018-12-03)

An eye for an eye
Revenge cuts both ways in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Scientists of the University of Zurich, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Tel Aviv and Quinnipiaq Universities show that attacks by either side lead to violent retaliation from the other. Both Israelis and Palestinians may underestimate their own role in perpetuating the conflict. (2010-10-04)

Teen girls who exercise are less likely to be violent
Regular exercise is touted as an antidote for many ills, including stress, depression and obesity. Physical activity also may help decrease violent behavior among adolescent girls, according to new research to be presented Monday, May 6, at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Washington, DC. (2013-05-06)

Iowa State psychologists explore public policy and effects of media violence on children
Three Iowa State University psychologists have authored a new study that reviews the literature on children's exposure to media violence and assesses the lack of effective public policy response to curb the risks. They also recommend more effective public policy strategies in the future. (2007-12-21)

Stalking poses serious public health problem
Stalking is as much a public health issue as a criminal justice problem, according to the authors of a new national study. Of the nearly 10,000 adults surveyed, 4.5 percent reported having been stalked at some time in their lives, which extrapolates to more than 7 million women and 2 million men in the United States, says the authors in the August issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. (2006-06-20)

New study compares mothers, fathers who kill their children
A recognized expert on homicide and a longtime member of Canada's first Domestic Violence Death Review Committee has conducted one of the most extensive reviews of filicide (the killing of a child under age 18 by a parent) to date based on Statistics Canada data. (2015-10-28)

Ongoing study evaluates pediatricians' effectivenes at violence prevention
Although 95 percent of parents think it's important to control their children's exposure to television, videos and computers, more than 60 percent have allowed their children to view these media as long as they want, and 30 percent have a television in their child's bedroom, according to research from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. (2004-05-04)

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