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Los Alamos volconologist highlights education collaboration
A collaboration between the U.S. Department of Energy's Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of New Mexico has resulted in a successful, one-of-a-kind educational program where students can get a first-hand glimpse into the esoteric world of volcanology. (2002-05-31)
The art and science of predicting volcanic eruptions
Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are two of the most destructive forces on Earth. (2000-12-10)
Alexandra Witze and Jane Qiu awarded EGU Science Journalism Fellowship
The European Geosciences Union has named journalists Alexandra Witze and Jane Qiu as the winners of its first Geosciences Communications Fellowship for proposals on volcanology and climate change reporting, respectively. (2012-01-31)
Eyjafjallajökull ash cloud
On May 4, 2010, 18:30-20:00, there will be a session, (2010-04-21)
Research links seismic slip and tremor, with implications for subduction zone
New evidence suggests that tectonic plate slippage and nonvolcanic tremor near the Cascadia subduction zone both are signs of processes taking place 25 miles deep at the interface of the Juan de Fuca and North American plates. (2009-01-29)
URI oceanographers share the exploration of volcanic environments via virtual reality
University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography volcanologists Steven Carey and Haraldur Sigurdsson have been awarded a $73,000 National Science Foundation grant to develop Internet and CD-based virtual field trips (VFTs) dealing with different types of volcanic settings. (2004-02-05)
Connecting people and geology on volcanoes
Luke Bowman, who received his Ph.D. from Michigan Tech this summer, gets to the heart of geohazards on the San Vicente Volcano in El Salvador. (2015-07-31)
Hawaiian Volcanoes Boost Australia's Bottom Line
Fiery Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii is helping to reveal major new nickel discoveries in Western Australia. (1998-05-04)
Expert knowledge in your pocket: The latest titles from the Geological Field Guide series
The Geological Field Guide series is a set of small, pocket sized books, designed for use in the field. (2011-04-13)
New study analyzes volcanic fatalities in more detail than ever before
Building on existing information and databases relating to volcanic fatalities, scientists from the University of Bristol have, for the first time, been able to classify victims by activity or occupation and look at the distance of their death from the volcano. (2017-10-06)
Is a Russian peninsula really part of North America?
New research disputes a notion held by many geologists and seismologists that the Kamchatka Peninsula on Russia's east coast actually is on the same tectonic plate as the mainland United States. (2006-05-02)
Magma-limestone interaction can trigger explosive volcanic eruptions -- and affect the global carbon cycle
In a new study researchers from Sweden and Italy show what happens when magma meets limestone on its way up to the surface. (2016-08-08)
Rare rhino fossil preserved by prehistoric volcanic eruption
Less than two percent of the earth's fossils are preserved in volcanic rock, but researchers have identified a new one: the skull of a rhino that perished in a volcanic eruption 9.2 million years ago. (2012-11-21)
Dynamic Africa
Despite the general acceptance of the theory of plate tectonics for decades now, geoscientists still have much to learn about the processes involved in the breakup of continents and the formation of new ocean basins. (2011-07-06)
Clues from past volcanic explosion help Manchester-led team model future activity
Researchers led by The University of Manchester have developed a model that will help civil defense agencies better judge the impact of future volcanic eruptions -- including those that threaten the UK population. (2016-12-20)
Springer to collaborate with 5 Japanese societies on an open-access journal
Springer is starting an open-access publication of the journal Earth, Planets and Space (EPS) on behalf of five academic societies in Japan. (2014-05-12)
New insight may help predict volcanic eruption behavior
A new discovery in the study of how lava dome volcanoes erupt may help in the development of methods to predict how a volcanic eruption will behave, say scientists at the University of Liverpool. (2014-05-04)
Against the current with lava flows
Primeval lava flows formed the massive canyons and gorge systems on Mars. (2014-05-12)
AGI publishing the Geoscience Handbook
The American Geological Institute announces the publication of The Geoscience Handbook: AGI Data Sheets 4th Edition. (2006-09-05)
Deep origins to the behavior of Hawaiian volcanoes
Kīlauea volcano typically has effusive eruptions, wherein magma flows to create ropy pāhoehoe lava, for example. (2014-04-29)
The Illustrated History of Natural Disasters
At the forefront of (2010-05-05)
Richard Carlson to receive 2008 N. L. Bowen Award from AGU
Carnegie Institution geochemist Richard Carlson will receive the 2008 Norman L. (2008-07-23)
Study finds 'frictional heat' as a new trigger for explosive volcanic eruptions
A new study into magma ascent by geoscientists at the University of Liverpool has found that temperature may be more important than pressure in generating gas bubbles which trigger explosive volcanic eruptions. (2016-01-04)
Scientists identify trigger for explosive volcanic eruptions
Scientists from the University of Southampton have identified a repeating trigger for the largest explosive volcanic eruptions on Earth. (2012-10-12)
Columbia River Flood Basalt Province detailed in new GSA special paper
Even though the Columbia River Flood Basalt Province is the smallest and youngest flood basalt province in the world, it still covers nearly 210,000 square kilometers of the US Pacific Northwest. (2013-09-26)
How to look at dinosaur tracks
A new study appearing in the May issue of the Journal of Geology provides fascinating insight into the factors geologists must account for when examining dinosaur tracks. (2007-04-30)
'Eternal flames' of ancient times could spark interest of modern geologists
Seeps from which gas and oil escape were formative to many ancient cultures and societies. (2015-05-18)
A rock star
UCSB geologist John Cottle is awarded the Geological Society of America's MGPV Early Career award. (2016-01-27)
Unrestricted access to the details of deadly eruptions
Details of around 2,000 major volcanic eruptions which occurred over the last 1.8 million years have been made available in a new open access database, complied by scientists at the University of Bristol with colleagues from the UK, US, Colombia and Japan. (2013-01-18)
3D model reveals new information about iconic volcano
The volcano on the Scottish peninsula Ardnamurchan is a popular place for the study of rocks and structures in the core of a volcano. (2013-10-10)
The brief but violent life of monogenetic volcanoes
A new study in the journal Geology is shedding light on the brief but violent lives of maar-diatreme volcanoes, which erupt when magma and water meet in an explosive marriage below the surface of the earth. (2012-10-03)
Study provides fresh insight on volcanic eruptions
New insights about the pre-eruptive behavior of Mount St. Helens may aid development of new volcano monitoring systems according to a study co-authored by University of Oregon geological sciences professor Katharine Cashman. (2004-10-14)
Envisat Symposium 2007 kicks off in Switzerland
More than 900 scientists from around the world have gathered in Montreux, Switzerland, for a five-day symposium to discuss, present and review their findings on the state of our world's land, oceans, ice and atmosphere using data from ESA Earth observation satellites, in particular Envisat -- the largest environmental satellite ever built. (2007-04-23)
Tornado-like rotation is key to understanding volcanic plumes
A 200-year-old report by a sea captain and photographs of the 2008 eruption of Mount Chaiten are helping scientists better understand strong volcanic plumes. (2009-03-25)
Volcanic ash research shows how plumes end up in the jet stream
A University at Buffalo volcanologist, an expert in volcanic ash cloud transport, published a paper recently showing how the jet stream -- the area in the atmosphere that pilots prefer to fly in -- also seems to be the area most likely to be impacted by plumes from volcanic ash. (2010-04-19)
Visiting Mt. Etna a blast for Temple University geologist
When Sicily's Mt. Etna erupted in June, Temple University geologist Gene Ulmer had an upclose view. (2001-07-27)
2013 General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union
Journalists, science writers, and public information officers can now register online to the 2013 General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union. (2012-12-12)
Geologist who modernized volcanology wins the 2015 Vetlesen Prize
Stephen Sparks, a geologist at the University of Bristol who helped bring volcanology into the modern era, is the 2015 recipient of the Vetlesen Prize, considered the Nobel Prize of the earth sciences. (2015-01-20)
Rotation is key to understanding volcanic plumes, scientists say
A 200-year-old report by a sea captain and a stunning photograph of the 2008 eruption of Mount Chaiten are helping scientists at the University of Illinois better understand strong volcanic plumes. (2009-03-25)
Geological cycle causes biodiversity booms and busts every 60 million years, research suggests
A mysterious cycle of booms and busts in marine biodiversity over the past 500 million years could be tied to a periodic uplifting of the world's continents, scientists report in the latest issue of the Journal of Geology. (2012-02-22)
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