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Better weather information
The Office of Naval Research, under a cost-shared cooperative agreement with Lockheed Martin, will begin a month-long demonstration of a weather radar capability that uses the Navy's SPY-1 phased array radar. (1999-08-09)
More severe weather in store for middle states in US
Today's imagery from NASA's AIRS instrument on the Aqua satellite indicates more severe weather is in store for the Midwest from Texas to Michigan. (2015-05-11)
Countries most affected by weather disasters do not spend more on weather services
Countries hit hardest by weather-related disasters do not necessarily spend more on commercial weather and climate information services that assist in preparing for these events, a new study finds. (2017-05-24)
'Here comes the sun': Does pop music have a 'rhythm of the rain?'
Weather is frequently portrayed in popular music, with a new scientific study finding over 750 popular music songs referring to weather, the most common being sun and rain, and blizzards being the least common. (2015-07-06)
New models of weather pattern
For a mathematician, Joseph Biello spends a lot of time thinking about the weather. (2005-12-09)
CIMMS and NOAA collaborate under new $95.3 million agreement
The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies at the University of Oklahoma collaborate with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on weather and climate under the terms of a five-year, $95.3 million agreement with NOAA. (2016-11-21)
Extreme weather has limited effect on attitudes toward climate policies
People who recently experienced severe weather events such as floods, storms and drought are more likely to support policies to adapt to the effects of climate change, according to a new study co-authored by an Indiana University researcher. (2017-09-07)
How ancient Greek plays allow us to reconstruct Europe's climate
The open air plays of the Ancient Greeks may offer us a valuable insight into the Mediterranean climate of the time, reports new research in Weather. (2014-03-03)
New findings could help keep satellites and space debris from colliding
Half a million objects, including debris, satellites, and the International Space Station, orbit the planet in the thermosphere, the largest layer of Earth's atmosphere. (2014-11-13)
Climate change's costly wild weather consequences
University of Illinois atmospheric sciences professor Donald Wuebbles will present a talk about how climate change is increasing the number of severe weather events at the 2013 AAAS meeting. (2013-02-15)
May 22-23 workshop on impacts of severe space weather events
The nation's current and future ability to cope with severe space weather events and their possible societal and economic impacts is the focus of a free public workshop organized by the National Research Council's Space Studies Board. (2008-05-14)
Better weather predictions in an avalanche of data
Sometimes getting too much of a good thing may create more problems than not getting enough - especially when it comes to the weather. (2002-10-23)
Two GOES-R instruments complete spacecraft integration
Two of the six instruments that will fly on NOAA's first Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - R satellite have completed integration with the spacecraft. (2014-05-29)
Chasing thundersnow could lead to more accurate forecasts
The job of one University of Missouri researcher could chill to the bone, but his research could make weather predicting more accurate. (2009-01-13)
King Fire in California still blazing
Over 92,960 acres have been burned by the King Fire since it began on Sept. (2014-09-24)
Controlling for the weather: Hedging increases firm value, new study shows
A highly debated topic in corporate finance is whether active risk management policies, such as hedging, affect firm value. (2012-06-20)
NASA sees sun emit an M6.5 flare
The M6.5 flare on the morning of April 11, 2013, was also associated with an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection (CME), another solar phenomenon that can send billions of tons of solar particles into space and can reach Earth one to three days later. (2013-04-11)
Models play important role in understanding extreme weather
When it comes to predicting weather events, however, particularly the extreme events -- such as harsh winds, impact from massive wildfires or ash resulting from volcanic eruptions -- those who work in the field face many challenges in creating models specific for Alaska's unique environment. (2007-03-28)
A cloud-free Europe captured by MSG-1
As most Europeans breathe a sigh of relief as this record-breaking summer draws to a close, the extreme weather conditions experienced in recent weeks have given us a rare view of an almost cloud-free Europe, taken by Europe's weather satellite MSG-1, launched a year ago this week. (2003-08-26)
NASA unveils new space-weather science tool
When NASA's satellite operators need accurate, real-time space-weather information, they turn to the Community Coordinated Modeling Center of the Space Weather Laboratory at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. (2010-02-23)
Timely Local Weather At Click Of A Mouse
TV or radio weather reports, which tend to be somewhat regional, leave true weather aficionados unsatisfied. (1997-11-11)
NASA develops space weather app for Android smartphones and tablet users
NASA Goddard announced that its Space Weather App, previously only available for iPhone users, is now available for users of Android smartphone and tablet users. (2012-02-28)
New clues to air circulation in the atmosphere
Air circulates above the Earth in four distinct cells, with two either side of the equator, says new research out today in Science. (2008-08-21)
NASA satellite movie shows Great Plains tornado outbreak from space
Satellite data gives forecasters a leg up on severe weather. (2012-04-17)
New solar active region spitting out flares
An active region on the sun, numbered AR 1504, rotated into view over the left side of the sun on June 10, 2012. (2012-06-14)
Australia's endangered bettong reveals how weather effects species distribution
Australian scientists studying the reliability of species distribution models for revealing the response of animals to climate change have focused their research on the endangered marsupial, the northern bettong. (2011-10-06)
Climate change: Don't wait until you can feel it
Despite overwhelming scientific evidence for the impending dangers of human-made climate change, policy decisions leading to substantial emissions reduction have been slow. (2014-04-25)
Team set to upgrade weather station on Mt. McKinley
Obtaining weather data from North America's highest peak is no easy task. (2004-06-09)
Railways: Ensuring readiness in case of space weather events
The JRC has been looking into the risks of space weather impact on critical infrastructures. (2015-12-18)
Study: Weather better for growing in last 40 years than in previous 60
Illinois farmers have had almost 40 years of (1999-08-02)
Earth-directed CME released by long duration solar flare
On Feb. 9, 2013 at 2:30 a.m. EST, the sun erupted with an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection or CME, associated with a long duration C2.4-class flare. (2013-02-11)
NASA sees gulf coast severe weather from developing winter storm
An intensifying winter storm that is forecast to cause an historic blizzard in the Washington, D.C. area has also spawned severe weather in states from Texas to Florida along the Gulf Coast. (2016-01-22)
Not so 'evil': Finance study makes case for hedging
Business researchers have come up with the first scientific evidence that hedging against risk can increase a firm's value. (2014-01-31)
Clear outlook: Study finds no link between weather and stroke
Challenging previous reports of a little-understood link between stroke and weather, a Canadian study found no discernible connection between the two, researchers report in the July issue of Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association. (2002-07-11)
Skunk Fire, Arizona
The Skunk Fire continues to burn on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in southeastern Arizona. (2014-05-19)
Climate change and extreme weather linked to high pressure over Greenland
Greenland is one of the fastest-warming regions of the world, according to climate change experts at the University of Sheffield. (2016-04-26)
Space weather moves from observation toward prediction
Space weather is the term used to describe conditions caused by the flow of magnetic material from the Sun to the Earth. (2001-09-10)
OU researchers capture impressive tornadic data and images
At the University of Oklahoma, researchers captured unprecedented high-resolution radar data during the May 10, 2010, tornadoes using one of the most advanced weather radars in the world. (2010-05-21)
Weather forecasters may look sky-high for answers
Shifting wind patterns in the stratosphere during the winter may help forecasters predict weather on the surface two months ahead of time, because they have an affect on where storms track in the northern hemisphere. (2001-10-18)
Current climate data rescue activities in Australia
Historical weather observations in Australia are now shedding light on past, present and future climate variability in the Southern Hemisphere. (2016-11-20)
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