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NASA infrared data shows Tropical Cyclone 18S still battling wind shear
An infrared look at Tropical Storm 18S by NASA's Aqua satellite revealed wind shear continues to take its toll on the storm and keeps pushing its main precipitation away from the center of the storm. (2013-02-26)
NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Bouchra being blown apart
Tropical Cyclone Bouchra may have been re-born over the weekend of Nov. (2018-11-20)
NASA-NOAA satellite finds Owen fading in the Coral Sea
Tropical Cyclone Owen appeared disorganized on satellite imagery as it moved through the Coral Sea in the Southern Pacific Ocean. (2018-12-04)
NASA's Aqua satellite finds wind shear hitting Tropical Storm Irving
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Southern Indian Ocean and obtained a visible light image of Tropical Storm Irving that showed vertical wind shear was pushing storms away from its center. (2018-01-10)
NASA's Terra satellite sees Tropical Cyclone Yalo coming to a quick end
Tropical Cyclone Yalo formed yesterday and is expected to come to an end today, Feb. (2016-02-26)
Tropical Cyclone Savannah dissipating in Suomi NPP satellite imagery
Tropical Cyclone Savannah appeared as a wispy area of low pressure on imagery from NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite. (2019-03-21)
NASA's Aqua Satellite finds Dumazile sheared
Vertical wind shear is an adversary of tropical cyclones because it can blow them apart, and NASA's Aqua satellite found wind shear pushing Tropical Cyclone Dumazile's clouds south of its center. (2018-03-07)
NASA sees wind shear bringing post-tropical Cyclone Olivia toward dissipation
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite found that as Post-tropical cyclone Olivia was being strongly affected by wind shear in the Central Pacific Ocean. (2018-09-14)
NASA finds wind shear tearing Tropical Cyclone Cebile apart
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Southern Pacific Ocean and found that wind shear was adversely affecting Tropical Cyclone Cebile. (2018-02-05)
NASA imagery shows wind shear hammering Cyclone Imelda
Cyclone Imelda has lost both her punch and her hurricane status as the storm moved into an area of higher wind shear and cooler waters in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2013-04-16)
NASA's Aqua satellite shows winds shear affecting Tropical Cyclone Gelena
Visible imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed the effects of wind shear on Tropical Cyclone Gelena in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2019-02-11)
NASA's Aqua satellite finds winds battering Tropical Cyclone Gelena
Tropical Cyclone Gelena is being battered by outside winds, and that's weakening the storm. (2019-02-14)
NASA's Aqua satellite sees System 91S struggling
NASA's Aqua satellite provided infrared data on System 91S in the Mozambique Channel that showed a system battered by wind shear, stretched out, with broken convection. (2014-01-31)
An eye-opener: NASA sees Hurricane Raymond reborn for a brief time
Tropical Storm Raymond moved away from western Mexico and into warmer waters with less wind shear over the weekend of Oct. (2013-10-28)
NASA satellite sees wind shear whipping Tropical Cyclone Gillian
A visible image from NASA's Aqua satellite provides a clear picture that wind shear is responsible for weakening the once mighty Tropical Cyclone Gillian from hurricane to tropical storm strength. (2014-03-25)
NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Kate meeting its end
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Tropical Cyclone Kate on Dec. (2014-12-31)
NASA sees strong vertical wind shear battering a weaker winston
Tropical Cyclone Winston has moved into an area with strong vertical wind shear in the Southern Pacific Ocean. (2016-02-24)
A change in the wind
Climate model simulations for the 21st century indicate a robust increase in wind shear in the tropical Atlantic due to global warming, which may inhibit hurricane development and intensification. (2007-04-17)
NASA identifies wind shear tearing apart Tropical Cyclone Liua
Visible imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed that strong wind shear was adversely affecting Tropical Cyclone Liua in the Southern Pacific Ocean. (2018-09-28)
NASA sees strong wind shear adversely affect Tropical Storm Maria
Tropical Storm Maria is moving away from Japan and strong wind shear is pushing its rainfall east of the storm's center, according to NASA satellite imagery. (2012-10-18)
NASA finds Tropical Cyclone Iris sheared
Tropical Cyclone Iris is being battered by wind shear so strong that it doesn't even look like a circular storm. (2018-03-27)
NASA sees the end of ex-Tropical Cyclone 02W
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite spotted the remnants of Tropical Cyclone 02W southeast of Taiwan in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean as the system was dissipating. (2017-04-20)
NASA sees wind shear affecting Tropical Cyclone 11S
Tropical Cyclone 11S appeared elongated in NASA satellite imagery as a result of the storm being battered by wind shear. (2017-03-10)
NASA satellite spots a weakening Karina, now a tropical storm
NASA's Terra satellite passed over Hurricane Karina before it weakened to a tropical storm early on Aug. (2014-08-15)
NASA finds wind shear tearing apart Subtropical Cyclone Joaninha
Visible imagery from NASA's Terra satellite revealed that strong wind shear was adversely affecting Subtropical Cyclone Joaninha in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2019-04-01)
Satellite finds wind shear battering Tropical Storm Nadine
Tropical Storm Nadine continues to be battered by vertical wind shear, winds that can tear a tropical cyclone apart. (2018-10-12)
NASA infrared satellite imagery shows Cyclone Cherono dwindling
Three days of NASA infrared satellite imagery provides a clear picture to forecasters of the effect wind shear has had on former Cyclone Cherono. (2011-03-21)
NASA sees wind shear end Tropical Cyclone Amos
On Sunday, April 24, 2016 Tropical Cyclone Amos ran into increasing wind shear that tore the storm apart. (2016-04-25)
NASA's TRMM satellite shows wind shear's effect on Tropical Storm Lorenzo
NASA's TRMM satellite data provided forecasters at the National Hurricane Center with a good look at how wind shear is affecting Tropical Storm Lorenzo in the Atlantic Ocean. (2013-10-23)
NASA's Aqua satellite sees Tropical Depression Bolaven battling wind shear
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the South China Sea and obtained a visible light image of the first depression of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean basin's 2018 tropical cyclone season. (2018-01-03)
NASA satellite sees stubborn Atlantic Tropical Storm Nicole
Vertical wind shear has the ability to tear a tropical cyclone apart, but recently formed Tropical Storm Nicole in the western Atlantic Ocean is holding fast to its strength despite being battered by wind shear. (2016-10-05)
NASA sees Tropical Storm Rosa's rains southeast of center
Wind shear is pushing the bulk of Tropical Storm Rosa southeast of the storm's center, and that's evident on infrared imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite. (2012-11-01)
Cyclone Cleo back down to tropical storm status
Cleo has run into wind shear and it has weakened it from a cyclone to a tropical storm. (2009-12-10)
NASA Sees Tropical Storm Barijat affecting Southern China
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite found that as Tropical Storm Barijat was affecting Southern China, wind shear was affecting the storm. (2018-09-12)
Satellite sees wind shear battering Tropical Depression Nora
An infrared satellite image of Tropical Depression Nora taken early on Oct. (2015-10-15)
A NASA view of Tropical Cyclone Nanauk in the Arabian Sea
Tropical Cyclone 02A has consolidated and strengthened over a 24-hour period between June 10-11 and an image from NASA's Aqua satellite showed a more rounded tropical storm, despite wind shear. (2014-06-11)
NASA shows winds causing Tropical Cyclone Lorna's demise
NASA's Aqua satellite saw Tropical Cyclone Lorna was being torn apart by strong northwesterly wind shear in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2019-04-29)
NASA finds wind shear slamming Tropical Cyclone Keni
NASA satellite imagery showed that Tropical Cyclone Keni was being battered by vertical wind shear. (2018-04-11)
NASA sees the last of Cyclone Bruce in Southern Indian Ocean
Tropical Cyclone Bruce is winding down in the Southern Indian Ocean as wind shear and cooler waters affect the storm. (2013-12-24)
Tropical Storm Oli forms in the southern Pacific
The twelfth tropical cyclone in the Southern Pacific Ocean has formed today, Feb. (2010-02-01)
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