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Forum to focus on wind energy
Experts from industry, academia, government agencies and other groups will discuss the status and future of wind energy in California at a two-day forum organized by the California Wind Energy Consortium at UC Davis. (2002-11-26)
University of Pennsylvania announces largest-ever U.S. purchase of wind energy
The University of Pennsylvania has announced that it will make the largest U.S. purchase of wind energy to date through an agreement with Community Energy Inc. (2001-10-26)
Cornell hosts workshop on large-scale wind power, June 12-13
To harvest the wind: Cornell University will host (2009-06-03)
As wind-turbine farms expand, research shows they could offer diminishing returns
Researchers from the University of Kansas found that a slowdown effect triggered by wind turbines is substantial for large wind farms and results in proportionally less renewable energy generated for each turbine versus the energy that would be generated from an isolated wind turbine. (2015-08-31)
Tilting at wind farms
A way to make wind power smoother and more efficient that exploits the inertia of a wind turbine rotor could help solve the problem of wind speed variation, according to research published in the International Journal of Power Electronics. (2009-01-07)
Methods for regulating wind power's variability under development by electrical engineer
As Texas' electric grid operator prepares to add power lines for carrying future wind-generated energy, an electrical engineer at the University of Texas at Austin is developing improved methods for determining the extent to which power from a wind farm can displace a conventional power plant, and how best to regulate varying wind power. (2007-10-16)
Localized wind power blowing more near homes, farms & factories
A new report details how more Americans are installing wind turbines near their homes, businesses and farms to generate their own energy as part of a growing field of wind power called distributed wind. (2013-08-06)
Wind turbines may reduce breeding success of white-tailed eagles
While renewable energy sources such as wind power will play an increasingly important role in climate change mitigation, new research reveals that the breeding success of species such as the white-tailed eagle can be significantly reduced by wind power generation on a large scale, possibly due to collision mortality. (2015-10-19)
Recycling wind turbines
Wind power could become one of the greenest alternative energy resources we have, but only if replacement and recycling of windturbines is taken into account in assessing their environmental impact, say researchers. (2007-09-21)
Intelligent networking of wind farms
The EU member states have passed a resolution requiring one fifth of their electricity needs to be derived from renewable energy sources by 2020, with wind farms covering a large part of this requirement. (2010-04-06)
Minister Lunn to speak at Wind Energy Conference
On Tuesday, Oct. 2, the Honorable Gary Lunn, minister of natural resources, will speak at the Canadian Wind Energy Association Annual Conference and Tradeshow. (2007-10-01)
Open-source software can help find the right space for offshore wind turbines
A Stanford economist pitches open-source software for evaluating potential offshore wind turbine sites for optimal energy production and minimal disruption of other marine industry. (2013-02-15)
Contemplating excess wind
How much usable energy do wind turbines produce? It is a question that perplexes engineers and frustrates potential users, especially on windless days. (2009-06-16)
Universities collaborate to look at offshore wind power
What is the viability of wind power in the southeastern United States off the coasts of Georgia and the Carolinas? (2007-02-20)
A new algorithm improves the efficiency of small wind turbines
In recent years, mini wind energy has been developing in a spectacular way. (2014-03-18)
International award for 18 years of wind turbine standardization
Troels Friis Pedersen, Risoe DTU, has for 18 years headed a technical wind turbine working group under the International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC. (2011-02-02)
Iowa State Engineering's Wind Energy Initiative builds research, education programs
The Wind Energy Initiative of Iowa State University's College of Engineering is building research and education programs across disciplines. (2012-07-02)
Conference program: Energy systems and energy technologies for the next century
The next international energy conference takes place at Risoe DTU from May 10-12, 2011. (2011-01-07)
Wind energy not limited by technical barriers
Dutch research has demonstrated that there are no technical barriers to wind energy generating a significant part of the electricity supply. (2003-12-19)
Canada's new government invests in largest wind energy project in the province of Quebec
The Honorable Gary Lunn, minister of natural resources, today announced that the Baie-des-Sables Wind Energy Project, completed by Cartier Wind Energy, will receive more than $31 million, over 10 years, under the ecoENERGY for Renewable Power initiative. (2007-10-02)
Wave energy integration costs should compare favorably to other energy sources
A new analysis suggests that large-scale wave energy systems developed in the Pacific Northwest should be comparatively steady, dependable and able to be integrated into the overall energy grid at lower costs than some other forms of alternative energy, including wind power. (2015-01-07)
Montana State University picked as home for Wind Applications Center
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has named Montana State University as the home for Montana's new Wind Applications Center, which means more wind-related coursework and research for MSU students and a demonstration turbine on campus. (2008-08-22)
EWiND facility aimed at improvements in wind energy
A wind turbine and a meteorological tower recently erected on the University of Notre Dame's White Field are a highly visible symbol of the University's commitment to establish a premier wind energy research program. (2012-05-08)
Researchers make advances in wind energy generation
Engineers at the University of Alberta have created a wind energy generator that they hope people will one day be able to use to power their own homes. (2005-07-18)
Stable power supply thanks to wind turbines
Wind turbines can help keep the voltage in the electricity network at a constant level. (2001-10-08)
Researchers find way for eagles and wind turbines to coexist
Collisions with wind turbines kill about 100 golden eagles a year in some locations, but a new study that maps both potential wind-power sites and nesting patterns of the birds reveals sweet spots, where potential for wind power is greatest with a lower threat to nesting eagles. (2015-08-27)
NREL, Xcel Energy sign wind to hydrogen research agreement
The US Department of Energy's (DOE), National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Xcel Energy (NYSE: XEL) recently signed a cooperative agreement for an innovative (2006-05-08)
Wind farms play key role in cutting carbon emissions, study finds
Wind farms have made a significant impact in limiting carbon emissions from other sources of power generation in Great Britain, a study shows. (2016-12-11)
Observing the Birkeland currents
When the supersonic solar wind hits the Earth's magnetic field, a powerful electrical connection occurs with Earth's field, generating millions of amperes of current that drive the dazzling auroras. (2014-10-06)
High renewable electricity growth continued in 2015
The 2015 Renewable Energy Data Book shows that US renewable electricity grew to 16.7 percent of total installed capacity and 13.8 percent of total electricity generation during the past year. (2016-12-06)
Electricity systems can cope with large-scale wind power
Research by TU Delft in the Netherlands proves that Dutch power stations are able to cope at any time in the future with variations in demand for electricity and supply of wind power, as long as use is made of up-to-date wind forecasts. (2009-02-23)
Risoe to take part in huge EU project aimed at significantly increasing the use of wind power
The EU is now launching the TWENTIES Project. The project is to advance the development and implementation of new technologies that will make it possible to increase the use of wind power in Europe significantly. (2010-05-27)
Wind turbine payback
US researchers have carried out an environmental lifecycle assessment of 2-megawatt wind turbines mooted for a large wind farm in the US Pacific Northwest. (2014-06-16)
Using fluctuating wind power
This is about a new strategy for integrating renewable wind power into existing power grids. (2013-03-25)
Lawrence Livermore researchers find wind power not enough to affect global climate
Though there is enough power in the earth's winds to be a primary source of near-zero emission electric power for the world, large-scale high altitude wind power generation is unlikely to substantially affect climate. (2012-09-10)
Study shows wind turbines killed 600,000 bats last year
More than 600,000 bats were killed by wind energy turbines in 2012, a serious blow to creatures who pollinate crops and help control flying insects, according to a new study from the University of Colorado Denver. (2013-11-15)
LLNL partners with SWAY to launch deep sea offshore wind demonstration
The amount of wind blowing off the California coast is teeming with potential. (2011-06-10)
New energy in search for future wind
Scientists are taking the first steps to improve estimates of long-term wind speed changes for the fast-growing wind energy sector. (2011-09-26)
Wind energy provides 8 percent of Europe's electricity
EU's grid connected cumulative capacity in 2014 reached 129 GW, meeting 8 percent of European electricity demand, equivalent to the combined annual consumption of Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece and Ireland. (2015-07-24)
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