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Seminar addresses role of wireless technologies in disaster response
Wireless communications can play a critical role in homeland defense. To examine that role, a seminar on Tuesday, April 23, will explore (2002-03-20)

Efficient new wireless system developed by SU scientist can save 10 percent of bandwidth
A Syracuse University scientist has invented a new technology for handling wireless traffic that significantly reduces bandwidth use. The impact on wireless companies could be a dramatic gain of up to 10 percent in bandwidth. (2009-12-22)

Broadband wireless research gets 'green' light
Australia's biggest collaboration with China on wireless communications research will focus on making the next generation of wireless networks more environmentally friendly. (2009-03-04)

Thwarting 'stealth attacks' a wireless security must
The profusion of wireless communications in homes, in coffee shops and even on battlefields presents us with fantastic new conveniences -- but also new security problems. Indiana University computer scientist Markus Jakobsson will discuss (2005-02-19)

Breakthrough in powering wireless sensors
Researchers at the Australian National University are a step closer to harvesting renewable or ambient energy from mobile phone base stations to power battery-operated wireless sensors used in industries including health and agriculture. (2016-07-12)

New challenges in internet of physical world addressed
With technology advances in electronics and computer sciences, the world has witnessed the arrival of a new generation of networks: the wireless sensor and robot networks that allow us to communicate and interact with our environment. From topology control to communication aspects details these aspects, how issues are solved and what are the remaining challenges. (2014-04-22)

Researchers integrate wireless high-speed data and power transfer
Researchers have developed a system that can simultaneously deliver watts of power and transmit data at rates high enough to stream video over the same wireless connection. By integrating power and high-speed data, a true single 'wireless' connection can be achieved. (2017-09-18)

Wireless charging soon available for devices smaller than mobile phones
Wireless charging will soon be available for more and more mobile phones. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is working with the industry's leading technological companies and standardization bodies to expand the scope of application of wireless charging technology to other, smaller portable devices, such as mobile phone accessories, wrist devices, wireless mice and sensors. This can be done by combining wireless power transmission with NFC connectivity technology, which enables cost-effective and compact design. (2013-03-18)

The future of wireless capacity to be discussed at FCC on Nov. 6
The FCC will host a seminar, (2012-11-02)

Electrical engineer's work may signal better wireless connections
The National Science Foundation has awarded more than $2 million to support three projects by electrical engineering professor Dr. Aria Nosratinia and his scientific collaborators. (2015-11-03)

Zeroing in on Wi-Fi 'dead zones'
Rooting out Wi-Fi (2008-09-25)

Networcsim hoping to broaden wireless revolution
A Tennessee company has licensed award-winning software from Oak Ridge National Laboratory that will help industries install wireless networks more cost-effectively in challenging environments such as mines, offshore drilling platforms and factory floors. (2012-07-27)

Disaster response, public safety, ultra wideband, bluetooth among topics at wireless conference
Timely telecommunications issues including disaster response, public safety wireless networks, telemedicine, ultra wideband spectrum policy, and the future of wireless technology will be addressed during the Wireless Opportunities Workshop, Sept. 22 and 23, presented by Virginia Tech's Center for Wireless Telecommunications. (2002-08-27)

Wireless workshop examines trends
What's new in wireless communication research, system deployment, and applications? What are the impacts and promise for business, government, public safety, and homeland security? The Center for Wireless Telecommunications (CWT) will hold its annual Wireless Opportunities Workshop (WOW) at Virginia Tech on Monday, September 15. Individuals who want to identify markets, learn about emerging technologies, and establish strategies related to wireless technologies can look forward to an information filled agenda. (2003-08-26)

Wireless sensors limit earthquake damage
An earthquake engineer at Washington University in St. Louis has successfully performed the first test of wireless sensors in the simulated structural control of a model laboratory building. Shirley J. Dyke, Ph.D., the Edward C. Dicke Professor of Civil Engineering and director of the Washington University Structural Control and Earthquake Engineering Laboratory, combined the wireless sensors with special controls called magnetorheological dampers to limit damage from a simulated earthquake load. (2007-04-16)

Virginia Tech students, faculty members develop software tools for wireless access to the Internet
Virginia Tech students and faculty members from engineering, business, and the social sciences are developing a suite of software tools for wireless network system design and layout. The team calls their tool set GETWEBS, for Geographic- Engineering Tool for Wireless: Evaluation of Broadband Systems. (1999-10-06)

NSF awards Subbalakshmi a grant for cryptography research
The National Science Foundation's Cyber Trust Program has awarded Stevens Professor K.P. (Suba) Subbalakshmi a grant to further her research on wireless network security, in particular, the fundamental trade-offs in wireless security, power consumption and error-resilient encryption code design. (2006-09-18)

Guidance on wireless local area network security is close at hand
NIST has released in final form a guide to enhanced security for wireless local area networks. (2012-03-07)

NTU and NI join hands to produce next generation wireless communication technologies
Nanyang Technological University and National Instruments today formalized an agreement to launch the NTU-NI Wireless Research Program. Both parties will jointly develop the next-generation wireless communication technologies which are cheaper, faster, more reliable and more pervasive. (2010-03-10)

Rice wireless experts tap unused TV spectrum
Rice University researchers have found a way to make the most of the unused UHF TV spectrum by serving up fat streams of data over wireless hotspots that could stretch for miles. Rice's team will present its multiuser, multiantenna transmission technology today at the MobiCom 2014 conference in Maui, Hawaii. (2014-09-09)

Wireless braille keyboard
Robotiker-Tecnalia has designed a wireless Braille keyboard for ONCE (the Spanish National Association for the Blind) which is compact and incorporates bluetooth technology. (2006-04-03)

Researchers boost wireless power transfer with magnetic field enhancement
Research from North Carolina State University and Carnegie Mellon University shows that passing wireless power transfer through a magnetic resonance field enhancer (MRFE) -- which can be as simple as a copper loop -- can boost the transfer efficiency by at least 100 percent as compared to transferring through air alone. MRFE use could potentially boost transfer efficiency by as much as 5,000 percent in some systems, experts say. (2015-07-23)

The world's tiniest temperature sensor is powered by radio waves
Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology have developed a very tiny wireless temperature sensor that is powered in a very special way: from the radio waves that are part of the sensor's wireless network. This means that the sensor needs not even a single wire, nor a battery that would have to be replaced. The arrival of such sensors is an important development on route towards smart buildings, for instance. (2015-12-07)

Virginia Tech, University of Texas to create wireless simulator
Future wireless devices will enable streaming video, voice over the Internet, and vast amounts of data transfer. While we are many years away from being able to use wireless broadband devices in a ubiquitous manner, the software needed to simulate these future devices and networks must be created now. (2003-09-18)

Terahertz wireless technology could bring fiber-optic speeds out of a fiber
Hiroshima University, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, and Panasonic Corporation announced the development of a terahertz (THz) transmitter capable of signal transmission at a per-channel data rate of over ten gigabits per second over multiple channels at around 300 GHz. The aggregate multi-channel data rate exceeds one hundred gigabits per second. The transmitter was implemented as a silicon CMOS integrated circuit, which would have a great advantage for commercialization and consumer use. (2016-02-10)

Secure wireless key distribution verified within a real outdoor environment
The experiments conducted by the Department of Radio Physics can be considered as the first experimental verification of secure Wireless Key Distribution by observing random variations from the fluctuations of carrier phase of the received signal between two legitimate nodes with a common multipath channel placed into the moving cars within a real outdoor environment. (2015-10-30)

Wayne State University researcher receives NSF CAREER Award to redesign wireless networking
The World Health Organization estimated in a 2009 report that each year more than 1.2 million people die of road traffic injuries. To combat this trend, the WHO encourages stricter enforcement of more comprehensive traffic laws. At WSU, one researcher is working on another emerging idea: helping vehicles avoid collisions. He is developing a central component of active safety -- wireless networks systems. (2011-05-25)

Workshop on optical wireless applications planned
Improved security, the absence of electromagnetic interference, a solution to the current spectrum crunch and energy efficiency are a few of the topics that will be discussed at the first meeting of the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center on Optical Wireless Applications, a joint project of Penn State and the Georgia Institute of Technology funded by the National Science Foundation. (2012-04-13)

Faster LEDs for wireless communications from invisible light
Researchers have solved a major problem for optical wireless communications - the process by which light carries information between cell phones and other devices. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) pulse their light in a coded message that recipient devices can understand. (2020-07-30)

Graphene is both transparent and opaque to radiation
A microchip that filters out unwanted radiation with the help of graphene has been developed by scientists from the EPFL and tested by researchers of the University of Geneva (UNIGE). The invention could be used in future devices to transmit wireless data ten times faster. (2016-04-06)

Blind matchmaking for more efficient wireless networks
KAUST shows that anonymously pairing network users could expand the capability of the next generation of wireless networks. (2017-02-26)

ITMO University scientists develop a tool for wireless charging of multiple devices
When we need to borrow a charger for our device, we often face the fact that different manufacturers produce different charger connectors. Wireless charging isn't a solution either: companies use different power transfer systems that work at different frequencies. One of the research teams based at ITMO University's Department of Physics and Engineering is engaged in this problem and has made a significant progress (2020-08-26)

The buffer stops here
A new technology developed by researchers at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University may make spotty streaming and data-hogging downloads a thing of the past. The patent-pending technique, called streamloading, in the simplest terms makes use of a video format that splits the video into two layers -- a base layer, which contains a coarse representation of the video, and an enhancement layer, which completes the image quality and includes the fine-grain details. (2013-06-25)

Rutgers area to become 'test track' for wireless Internet
Rutgers' Wireless Information Network Laboratory (WINLAB) will construct and operate a facility for researchers around the nation to test the next generation of wireless and mobile networks. This wireless networking test bed will include both a large-scale (2003-12-17)

Accelerating technological advances in wireless communication
Professors Tiago H. Falk, Long Le, and Martin Maier of INRS's Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre have each received a Discovery Accelerator Supplements Program grant from the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada'(NSERC). This support will help them further their groundbreaking and technologically innovative research (2016-07-20)

Call forwarding: New NIST procedure could speed cell phone testing
By accurately recreating the jumbled wireless signal environment of a city business district in a special indoor test facility, researchers at NIST have shown how the wireless industry could lop hours off the process of testing the capabilities of new cellular phones. (2010-03-04)

RIT professor receives National Science Foundation grant to improve on-chip networks with wireless technology
Amlan Ganguly, an assistant professor of computer engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, is part of the team that received an $800,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. He will be working to develop the new infrastructure that could increase the speed and reduce the power usage in today's computer processors, augmenting the on-chip network of miniature copper wires with wireless interconnects. (2012-07-19)

Health application for cell phones
Mayo Clinic and Digital Cyclone launch health application for wireless phones. (2007-02-22)

Researchers develop low-power, low-cost network for 5G connectivity
Researchers at the University of Waterloo have developed a cheaper and more efficient method for Internet-of-Things devices to receive high-speed wireless connectivity. (2019-08-29)

Virginia Tech Engineers Honored For Contributions To "Quality Of Life For Society"
Virginia Tech electrical engineering professors Saifur Rahman and Theodore S. Rappaport have been elected fellows of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Rahman is director of the university's Center for Energy and the Global Environment. Rappaport founded the Mobile & Portable Radio Research Group. (1997-11-20)

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