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EORTC and Andaman7 are working together to develop Synchronized Health Records
Vincent Keunen runs the software development company that developed Andaman7, a collaborative electronic health record for doctors and patients. The multilingual Andaman7 app is a kind of mobile electronic health record system that can contain any medical record about the patient, entered by the patient, doctor, or through the hospital electronic health record system. (2015-06-23)

1997 Warmest Year Of Century, NOAA Reports
1997 was the warmest year of this century, based on land and ocean surface temperature data, reports a team of scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N. C. (1998-01-08)

How Usain Bolt can run faster -- effortlessly
Usain Bolt can achieve faster running times with no extra effort on his part or improvement to his fitness, according to a study published today in Significance, the magazine of the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association. Cambridge professor of Mathematical Sciences John D. Barrow illustrates how, based on concrete mathematical evidence, Bolt can cut his world record from 9.58 seconds to 9.45. (2012-04-04)

Sharpest microscope tip lands Canada's Nanotech Institute in Guinness Book of World Records
A very tiny, very sharp object has put Canadian researchers at the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) and University of Alberta into the Guinness Book of World Records. Only one atom at its end point, the tip used in electron microscopes is the sharpest man-made object. (2011-03-01)

'Grimsel' breaks world record
The 'grimsel' electric racing car today broke the previous world record for acceleration in electric cars. The vehicle accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.79 seconds in under 30 metres. The new record was set by students from ETH Zurich and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, who also designed and built the vehicle. (2014-11-04)

Concern over inappropriate use of psychotropic drugs in those with intellectual disability
The proportion of people with intellectual disability in the UK who have been treated with psychotropic drugs far exceeds the proportion with recorded mental illness, finds a study published by The BMJ today. (2015-09-01)

NASA snaps picture of Eastern US in a record-breaking 'freezer'
NASA's Terra satellite captured an image of the snow-covered Eastern US that looks like the states have been sitting in a freezer. In addition to the snow cover, Arctic and Siberian air masses have settled in over the Eastern US triggering many record low temperatures in many states. (2015-02-20)

Human influence important factor in possible global and UK temperature records
Early figures show 2014 is on course to be one of, if not the warmest, year on record both globally and for the UK. Research from the Met Office and the the University of East Anglia suggests breaking the existing global and UK temperature records is much more likely due to human influence on the climate. (2014-12-03)

1996 Was A Very Wet Year And Early 1997 Continues The Pace
Streamflow was well above normal in about half the country last year and with the major flooding in California, Nevada and the Pacific Northwest over the New Year and again in late January, the trend seems to be continuing right into 1997, according to scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey. (1997-01-29)

Testing the fossil record
How good is the fossil record? And does it paint an accurate picture of the history of life? Those are the long-standing questions that geobiologist Bjarte Hannisdal at the University of Bergen's Centre for Geobiology is trying to answer. (2014-09-09)

How good is the fossil record?
Do all the millions of fossils in museums around the world give a balanced view of the history of life, or is the record too incomplete to be sure? This question was first recognized by Charles Darwin and has worried scientists ever since. (2014-09-04)

Many species now going extinct may vanish without a fossil trace
Scientists struggle to compare the magnitude of Earth's ongoing sixth mass-extinction event with the five great die-offs of prehistory. A new study by three paleontologists shows that the species now perishing may vanish without a permanent trace -- and earlier extinctions may be underestimated as well. (2016-03-21)

Climate detectives reveal handprint of human caused climate change in Australia
Australia's hottest year on record in 2013 along with the accompanying droughts, heat waves and record-breaking seasons of that year was virtually impossible without the influence of human-caused global warming. (2014-09-29)

Report confirms 2016 was another warm year
A new report published in Weather confirms that 2016 was another exceptionally warm year, with global temperature having reached 0.77± 0.09 degrees C above its level between 1961 and 1990. (2017-08-09)

Record-Breaking Flows Along Black And Upper Hudson Rivers In New York
Widespread flooding is occurring throughout New York State as a result of heavy rainfall and melting snow on January 7-9. USGS crews are measuring floodflows tor provide information to Federal, State, and local agencies. (1998-01-09)

Odds Favor McGwire Or Griffey Breaking Maris' Home Run Record, CWRU Physicist Predicts
Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals has a 97 percent chance of making baseball history by breaking the home run record with 70 homers this season, according to Case Western Reserve University physicist Robert Brown, an avid baseball fan. And Brown stresses that McGwire has a stab at surpassing baseball legend (1998-07-22)

Stopwatch set for milestone marathon in 2032
The elusive sub-two hour marathon running mark will likely be first shattered by a male athlete in May 2032, according to a ground-breaking statistical study by Dr. Simon Angus from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. (2019-02-26)

Goddard helps set 2 Guinness World Records
Setting two world records in two consecutive months, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., helped share some of NASA's amazing accomplishments. The awards highlight the tremendous amount of work by many of the center's engineers, scientists and communicators. (2013-06-20)

Electric racing car breaks world record
The grimsel electric racing car broke the world record for acceleration by an electric car today. The vehicle accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.513 seconds over a distance of less than 30 m. The record-breaking car was developed by students at ETH Zurich and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. (2016-06-23)

Floods Continue To Be National Challenge
USGS scientists -- some just recently returned from working on the Western floods -- are reporting the highest flows of record in several states, including West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio (1997-03-04)

Recent decades likely wettest in 4 millennia in Tibet
Recent decades may have been the wettest in 3,500 years in North East Tibet -- according to climate researchers at the University of East Anglia and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Researchers looked at 3,500-year-long tree ring records from North East Tibet to estimate annual precipitation. They found that recent decades have likely been the wettest on record in this semi-arid region. (2014-02-11)

Wilfire smoke over Alaska
On June 19, 2013, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer on NASA's Aqua satellite captured this image of smoke from wildfires burning in western Alaska. The smoke was moving west over Norton Sound. (2013-06-21)

Invest in a single national electronic health record for primary care to benefit Canadians
Canada should invest in a single national electronic health record for primary care to improve the health of Canadians, argues an editorial in CMAJ. (2019-01-14)

Teton range glacial ice may have persisted in a dormant state during early Holocene warming
A continuous 10,000-year record of alpine glacier fluctuations in Wyoming's Teton Range suggests that some glacial ice in the western US persisted in a reduced, essentially dormant state during periods of early Holocene warming. The findings challenge the paradigm that all Rocky Mountain glaciers completely disappeared during these warm, dry conditions, instead. (2020-11-18)

UD researchers set new chemical world record
Chemists from the University of Delaware, in collaboration with a colleague at the University of Wisconsin, have set a new world record for the shortest chemical bond ever recorded between two metals, in this case, two atoms of chromium. (2007-11-20)

Humans play role in Australia's 'angry' hot summer
Human influences through global warming are likely to have played a role in Australia's recent (2013-06-27)

Evolution rewritten, again and again
Palaeontologists are forever claiming that their latest fossil discovery will (2010-08-31)

Researchers use trident laser to accelerate protons to record energies
An international team of physicists at Los Alamos National Laboratory has succeeded in using intense laser light to accelerate protons to energies never before achieved. Using this technique, scientists can now accelerate particles to extremely high velocities that would otherwise only be possible using large accelerator facilities. Physicists around the world are examining laser particle acceleration and laser produced radiation for potential future uses in cancer treatment. (2009-11-02)

Ancient environment led to Earth's current marine biodiversity
Much of our knowledge about past life has come from the fossil record, but how accurately does that record reflect the true history and drivers of biodiversity on Earth? (2011-11-28)

Smithsonian study: Stranding records are faithful reflection of live whale and dolphin populations
Whales are the Earth's largest creatures, yet they are incredibly hard to study in the open ocean. For decades scientists have used boats, aircraft and even high cliffs to conduct visual surveys and gather data on whale and dolphin populations. Now, a Smithsonian paleobiologist has revealed a second, equally valuable resource for information on cetaceans -- the record of dead whales and dolphins stranded and washed ashore on beaches around the world. (2011-06-07)

Human-caused warming increasing likelihood of record-breaking hot years
Human-caused warming increasing likelihood of record-breaking hot years. (2017-11-08)

Freezing in record lows? You may doubt global warming says USU scientist
Researchers from Utah State University, Boston University, The George Washington University and the University of Oxford report findings from analysis of experiential basis for skepticism about climate change in the United States. (2016-12-19)

Anthropologist challenges species identification of ancient child skeleton found in Ethiopia
According to University of Pittsburgh anthropology professor Jeffrey Schwartz, author of the four-volume The Human Fossil Record (Wiley-Liss, 2002-05), (2006-10-02)

NASA's MMS breaks Guinness World Record
NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale mission, or MMS, is breaking records. MMS now holds the Guinness World Record for highest altitude fix of a GPS signal. (2016-11-04)

Earliest psychomyiid caddisfly fossils, from 100-million-year-old Burmese amber
Researchers from the University of Cologne, Germany and the National Museum of Scotland discovered the earliest known fossil caddisflies, of the family Psychomyiidae, preserved in Burmese amber. Their article was published in the ZooKeys special 130th festschrift issue (2011-10-05)

Fossils of the future to mostly consist of humans, domestic animals
In a co-authored paper published online in the journal Anthropocene, University of Illinois at Chicago paleontologist Roy Plotnick argues that the fossil record of mammals will provide a clear signal of the Anthropocene era. (2019-12-18)

Factoring for cosmic radiation could help set a more accurate 'molecular clock'
Since the 1960s, scientists have theorized the number of molecular differences in DNA, RNA and proteins from related species could pinpoint the time of their genetic divergence. A new paper by Adrian Melott at the University of Kansas examines a major hiccup in the molecular clock theory. The problem is that fossil evidence doesn't always sync with molecular dating for a variety of species. (2015-11-30)

Impossible research produces 400-year El Niño record, revealing startling changes
Coral experts around the world said it was impossible to extract a multi-century record of El Niño events. But one persistent PhD student, now Dr. Mandy Freund, with the help of Australian scientists willing to 'give it a shot' has produced the world's first 400-year long record of El Niño events. And the changes they have found to El Niños in recent decades are startling. (2019-05-06)

A new world record for solar cell efficiency
In a remarkable feat, scientists at Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, have developed thin film solar cells on flexible polymer foils with a new record efficiency of 20.4 percent for converting sunlight into electricity. The cells are based on CIGS semiconducting material known for its potential to provide cost-effective solar electricity. The technology is currently awaiting scale-up for industrial applications. (2013-01-17)

World record: The highest magnetic fields are created in Dresden
On June 22, 2011, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf set a new world record for magnetic fields with 91.4 teslas. To reach this record, Sergei Zherlitsyn and his colleagues at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory Dresden developed a coil weighing about 200 kilograms in which electric current create the giant magnetic field -- for a period of a few milliseconds. The coil survived the experiment unscathed. (2011-06-28)

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