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September 27, 2023

Watch a 180-year-old star eruption unfold in new time-lapse movie (video) - Over two decades of data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory helped scientists craft a stunning new video of a historic stellar eruption.

A Little Bit of Science Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing - You might not know as much about science as you think.

FAA closes investigation of Blue Origin launch failure - The Federal Aviation Administration has finished investigating the failure suffered by Blue Origin's New Shepard suborbital vehicle on Sept. 12, 2022.

How Do Lava Worlds Become Earth-Like, Living Planets? - Earth was once a magma ocean and look how it turned out.

Day Has Returned, but India’s Lander and Rover have Failed to Wake Up - It looks like India’s Chandrayaan-3 succumbed to the cold, and its mission is over.

Japan's 'moon sniper' probe snaps photo of Earth from orbit - Japan's SLIM lunar lander has sent back an eerie image of Earth as a test of the camera it will use to help it land accurately on the moon a few months from now.

Start tonight to stop daylight saving ruining your sleep - Much of Australia is winding their clocks forward an hour this Sunday, as daylight saving time comes into effect.

Cancer researchers closer to understanding why some cells go rogue - Adelaide researchers are coming ever closer to figuring out how cancer cells hijack normal cells in their vicinity to help them to grow.

Major CERN experiment proves antigravity doesn't exist — at least when it comes to antimatter - New research showing that elusive antimatter falls downward toward the Earth proves Albert Einstein right yet again.

Cell Culture Collective, Inc. Announces Partnership with Defined Bioscience, Inc. to Distribute Serum-Free Stem Cell Culture Products - Through this collaboration, Cell Culture Collective will become an authorized distributor for Defined Bioscience's optimized animal/serum-free stem cell culture products.

Mammals may be driven to extinction by volcanic new supercontinent Pangaea Ultima - The next supercontinent, Pangea Ultima, is likely to get so hot so quickly that mammals cannot adapt, a new supercomputer simulation has forecast.

We finally know for sure what a trilobite ate - Tens of thousands of fossils later, we've found a trilobite with a full stomach.

Private astronaut to attempt record skydive on Sept. 28 - Ax-1's Larry Connor and the rest of the 'Alpha 5' team will try to set a new HALO formation skydiving world record on Thursday morning (Sept. 28).

1,400-year-old tomb of emperor in China reveals evidence of royal power struggle among brothers and a warlord - An inscription on the 1,400-year-old tomb shows the dead man, who was posthumously declared emperor, was buried as a duke.

'Dark universe' telescope Euclid faces some setbacks during commissioning - The observatory's star navigation system and sun protective devices have presented with anomalies.

Pangaea Ultima, the Next Supercontinent, May Doom Mammals to Far-Future Extinction - 250 million years from now, the emergence of a new supercontinent could render most of Earth’s surface uninhabitable for mammals

Nature crisis: One in six species at risk of extinction in Great Britain - The loss of Britain's wildlife is outpacing efforts to conserve and protect nature, a major report reveals.

Simultaneous rupture of faults triggered massive earthquake in Seattle area 1,100 years ago — and it could happen again - Fossilized tree analysis finds a single massive earthquake may have rocked what is now Seattle around 1,100 years ago rather than several smaller quakes, and that another equally powerful one could hit the city in the future.

What would colors look like on other planets? - Here's how your brain might adjust to see color on another world.

Dead Trees and a Mysterious Cosmic Explosion Reveal Bigger Quake Risk for Seattle - Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

Can You Name All the Volcanoes Erupting Right Now? - Sometimes a volcanic eruption makes the news, but really, there are usually a dozen or more volcanoes erupting on Earth at any moment.

"Waste Basket" Dinosaur Family Now Holds New Dinosaurs Unique to Europe - Thanks to a little housecleaning, the Hypsilophodont family has shed a number of older species and gained a new chicken-sized fossil.

Emperor penguins more durable in face of vanishing ice - The short to medium-term future for emperor penguins might be brighter than previously thought.

Octopus sucker-inspired patch delivers drugs into the body without needles or pills - A new patch, which sticks to the inner lining of the cheek like an octopus sucker, effectively delivered two drugs in dogs and passed safety tests in humans.

Caribbean Parrots Are Remnants Of A Millennial Scale Extinction - A study unearths and compares parrot diversity in the Caribbean before and after human arrival on the islands.

NASA picks 3 museums to display OSIRIS-REx asteroid samples - As NASA saw its first asteroid sample return to Earth, three museums took particular notice, knowing they had been chosen to display small examples of the space rock material.

Einstein right again: Antimatter falls “down” due to gravity like ordinary matter - CERN's ALPHA experiment confirms matter and antimatter react to gravity in a similar way.

NASA opens OSIRIS-REx's asteroid-sample canister (photos) - Scientists removed the outer lid of OSIRIS-REx's sample canister on Tuesday (Sept. 26).

How to photograph the 'ring of fire' annular solar eclipse on Oct. 14 - Here's everything you need to know about how to photograph the upcoming annular solar eclipse on Oct 14.

Down goes antimatter! Gravity's effect on matter's elusive twin is revealed - For the first time, in a unique laboratory experiment at CERN, researchers have observed individual atoms of antihydrogen fall under the effects of gravity.

Even Tiny Amounts of DNA on Mars Will Be Detectable - The Search for Life is focused on the search for biosignatures.

125 million-year-old dinosaur feathers were remarkably similar to modern bird feathers, analysis reveals - A new X-ray analysis of dinosaur feathers shows that their chemical structure is similar to that of modern bird feathers.

A quarter of people are undoing the benefits of healthy meals by unhealthy snacking - A quarter of people are undoing the benefits of healthy meals with unhealthy snacks, which increases the risk of strokes and cardiovascular disease.

Where Did South Africa's Missing Sharks Go? - After a spate of orca attacks spooked the fish, they have now been found

3 Ways To Overcome ‘Emotional Flooding,’ According To A Psychologist - Monitoring your anger closely can help you far more than completely turning your back on it.

It’s Official. No More Astronomy at Arecibo - Even though the National Science Foundation announced last year that it would not rebuild or replace the iconic Arecibo radio dish in Puerto Rico — which collapsed in 2020 – a glimmer of hope remained among supporters that the remaining astronomy infrastructure would be utilized in some way.

App Brings Mental Health Help To Survivors Of Libyan Flood Disaster - A team led by a Libyan doctor is providing mental health services in the area of northeastern Libya recently ravaged by flood waters caused by Storm Daniel.

Scientists get closer to solving mystery of antimatter - The elusive substance holds the key to discovering how the Universe was formed.

Soft tissue preserved in trilobite fossil reveal its last meal - A 465-million-year-old trilobite fossil with preserved gut contents has revealed the ancient creature’s final meal.

Emerging from Silence: Capturing the First Heartbeat - In the developing zebrafish, a noisy and asynchronous activity jumpstarts the heart’s journey to coordinated beating.

Assembloids Unlock the Roles of Key Neurodevelopment Disease Genes - Brain-like tissue grown in a dish mimics critical periods for development and reveals how it can go wrong.

What Happens if You Drop Antimatter? New Gravitational Test Sees First Fall - In theory, physicists knew that antimatter should behave just like matter under gravity’s pull.

Do We Know When Ancient Humans First Built Boats? - Researchers have long debated when the first ancient human stared using boats for transportation.

How climate change could make fungal diseases worse - Disease-causing fungi are likely to thrive in a warmer, stormier world.

Get your YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike today and save a whopping 43%! - Amazon is practically giving away the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike, with a limited-time deal that brings the price down to just $229.99.

To Move Fast, Quantum Maze Solvers Must Forget the Past - Quantum algorithms can find their way out of mazes exponentially faster than classical ones, at the cost of forgetting the paths they took

Team examines importance of zeolite in catalysts for syngas conversion - The fuels used today depend heavily on petroleum.

Teams investigate material degradation process of carbon-based catalyst - Although a plethora of carbon-based catalysts have been developed to promote oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in different electrochemical systems, the degradation process of those catalysts remains obscure to date.

How Many Microbes Does It Take to Make You Sick? - Exposure to a virus isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition.

Did Humans and Dinosaurs Ever Live Together? - Thinking that humans lived with dinosaurs makes for a compelling proposition.

The Chemistry behind Bourbon - How does bourbon, “America’s spirit,” get its distinctive taste and color?

Researchers propose 3D printing of high-performance elastomers through vat photopolymerization - Acrylate-based ultraviolet (UV)-curable resins are currently used as raw materials to obtain desired performance by adjusting the types and ratios of oligomer and reactive monomers in the resin system.

Strange purple lump on infant's head is rare case of protruding brain tissue, case report says - The cause of the boy's lump is unknown, although doctors suspect it could be an unusual symptom of a neural tube defect.

The Weather On Titan: Windy With A Chance Of Methane Mist - The lakes on Saturn's largest moon create their own exotic weather patterns, say planetary scientists.

BSI-AST chip: A powerful tool to accelerate antimicrobial susceptibility testing for bloodstream infections - The presence of viable bacteria in the blood (bacteremia) when not controlled properly can lead to bloodstream infection (BSI) and sepsis, a syndromic inflammatory response.

Hoʻoleilana, a Billion-Light-Year-Wide Bubble of Galaxies, Astounds Astronomers - This enormous structure could help explain processes close to the dawn of time—or it could be a random cosmic fluke

Researchers reveal different photocatalytic process of Cr(VI) on cellulose- and lignin-rich biochar - As much as 300 to 500 billion tons of biochar are reported to be in soil, sediment and aquatic habitats in China.

Selenium vacancies regulate d-band centers for upgrading N-containing compounds - A recent study published in Science China Chemistry was led by Prof. Feng Fu (Research Institute of Comprehensive Energy Industry Technology, College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Yan'an University).

Limited-time deal — save over $100 on the Garmin Forerunner 945 premium running smartwatch - The Garmin Forerunner 945 has dropped below $400 at Amazon.

Song of the Stars, Part 2: Seeing in the Dark - In 2014, a blind astronomer “sonified” the universe’s most explosive event: a gamma-ray burst.

The Most Interesting Archeological Finds Discovered in Antarctica - Although they haven’t discovered aliens or ancient civilizations (yet), archaeologists have uncovered amazing artifacts from one of the most heroic eras of human exploration.

Study shows we can create value from food waste by turning it into a highly desirable material: nanocellulose - Food waste is a global problem with approximately 1.3 billion tons of food wasted each year throughout the food lifecycle—from the farm to food manufacturers and households.

The Complete Human Y Chromosome Marks an Opportunity to Move Away from Stigma - The Y chromosome was once used to label people as criminal.

Clever lapwings use cover to hide in plain sight. - Ground-nesting birds called lapwings use the shape of their nests and surroundings to hide from predators, new research shows.

Researchers describe advances in mass spectrometry analysis to improve identification of glycopeptides - Glycosylation is the attachment of carbohydrates to the backbone of a protein through an enzymatic reaction.

Conversion of biomass-derived carbohydrates to renewable N-heterocycles via spontaneous cascade reactions - Research published in the journal National Science Open discloses a novel synthetic approach for sustainable manufacturing of valuable quinoxalines, a type of N-heterocycle chemicals widely used in food, dye and pharmaceutical industries, directly from biomass-derived carbohydrates in presence of aryl-1,2-diamines, with the potential to replace currently cost-intensive petroleum-based synthetic routes as well as to accord with the future low-carbon footprint economy.

Flour-derived borocarbonitride enriched with boron-oxygen for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane to olefins - In a study published in the journal Science China Chemistry, catalytic performance was investigated using a fixed-bed reactor and the structure-activity relationship was studied by combining various characterizations with DFT calculations.

DAILY DOSE: Being a climate activist in this country can cost you your life; Kangaroos are surprisingly like humans in some respects. - DEADLY BUSINESS.

Your Brain Looks for 'Winning Streaks' Everywhere--Here's Why - This is why we misinterpret life’s weird and wonderful random events

Opportunistic orcas have developed a new feeding behavior that appears to be killing them - More orcas have died entangled in fishing gear in Alaska this year than in previous years, which may be linked to a "new behavior" where they feed in front of ascending fishing nets.

The strange story of sharks that lived in a golf course pond for 20 years — then vanished - In the 1990s, a group of juvenile bull sharks were left stranded in a golf course pond in Australia, where they thrived for decades.

New post-translational modification of the glycolytic enzyme enolase - Proteins are subject to post-translational chemical modifications that result in functional diversity.

Streetlights Are Mysteriously Turning Purple. Here's Why - Newly purple streetlights might seem innocuous, but they could affect driver and pedestrian safety

The Secret to Beetles' Unfathomable Diversity - The evolution of a chemical defense gland allowed the most diverse group of beetles to repel predators and go on to conquer wholly new environments

This egg-eater may have the biggest gulp of any snake its size - Slither aside, Burmese pythons.

Could RNA folding play a role in the origin of life? - To investigate potential early steps taken by the first life to develop on Earth, researchers have been studying a model of pre-life protocells comprising membraneless compartments.

Regreso del astronauta de la NASA que batió récords y sus compañeros - El astronauta de la NASA Frank Rubio aterrizó sano y salvo en la Tierra con sus compañeros de tripulación el miércoles, tras pasar 371 días en el espacio, un récord para Estados Unidos.

Genetically modified bacteria break down plastics in saltwater. - Researchers have genetically engineered a marine microorganism to break down plastic in salt water.

Researchers realize direct conversion of methane with oxygen at room temperature - Direct conversion of methane (CH4) to high-value-added chemicals at room temperature, by directly using abundant and low-cost molecular oxygen (O2) as an oxidant, is an ideal route for CH4 utilization.

How To Master The New Art Of ‘Micro Talk’ - With small talk getting smaller, how do we navigate, connect and find meaning in our everyday interactions?

Psychologist: Colonialism was not all positive for Aboriginal people - Psychologist has spoken out on recent claims made about wellbeing of Aboriginal people during the Voice debate, saying: “…trauma feeds trauma.”

Record-Setting NASA Astronaut, Crewmates Return from Space Mission - During his record-breaking mission, Rubio spent many hours on scientific activities aboard the space station, conducting a variety of tasks ranging from plant research to physical sciences studies.

Team develops key improvement to cryo-electron microscopy - The scientists who received the 2017 Nobel Prize in chemistry were honored for their development of a technique called cryo-electron microscopy, or cryo-EM.

First Geological Map Of Earth’s Lost Continent ‘Zealandia’ Published - A team of geologists compiled a new geological map of the sunken continent of Zealandia using a combination of rock samples and geophysical mapping methods.

This Fluffy Little Anteater May Very Well Be a New Species - Hiking through dense vegetation in Brazil’s Parnaíba Delta, Flávia Miranda stops suddenly and plucks a wheat-colored ball of fur from the tangle of mangrove branches.

Do Silkworms Have A Future In Space? - Silkworms have long spurred exploration on Earth and may have a role to play on long term missions in space.

Worse results and more drop-outs when teaching is in English. - Using English as the language of instruction in higher education has a marked negative impact on learning outcomes when it is not the students’ first language, according to a new study from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

The frozen bubble: physics meets photography - The frozen bubble: physics meets photography in Australian Institute of Physics annual photography awards.

Climate change: Six young people take 32 countries to court - They claim governments' slow action on climate change violates their human rights.

Decreasing biodiversity may promote spread of viruses - How are environmental changes, loss of biodiversity, and the spread of pathogens connected?

Webb confirms accuracy of universe’s expansion rate measured by Hubble, deepens mystery of Hubble constant tension. - The rate at which the universe is expanding, known as the Hubble constant, is one of the fundamental parameters for understanding the evolution and ultimate fate of the cosmos.

Study sheds new light on strange lava worlds - In a new study, scientists have shown that sweeping molten oceans have a large influence on the observed properties of hot rocky Super-Earths, such as their size and evolutionary path.

Scientists just opened the lid to NASA’s asteroid sample canister - "There is some black dust-like material that's visible.

September 26, 2023

Fairy circle enigma expands with global map - Mysterious fairy circles – regular, circular patches of bare ground surrounded by grass – have fascinated and flummoxed scientists for decades.

Government to delay new environmental building rules - Environmentalists say delaying the implementation of new biodiversity rules is "a hammer blow for nature".

Nanoparticle vaccine candidate shows promise against emerging tick-borne virus in early studies. - Cleveland Clinic researchers have used nanoparticles to develop a potential vaccine candidate against Dabie Bandavirus, formerly known as Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus (SFTSV), a tick-borne virus that currently has no prevention, treatment or cure.

Archaeologists: Roman soldiers used this built-in fridge to keep their wine cool - Fragments of wine glasses, bowls, and animal bones offer evidence for their last meal.

When a Million-Acre National Park Becomes a Classroom - Hands-on fieldwork, cutting-edge science, and baboons who steal your lunch.

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Infections Are on the Rise in the U.S. Here's How to Stay Safe - Here’s why the CDC is so concerned about deadly flesh-eating bacteria and ways to avoid being infected

Feral deer are eating rare plants in Australia’s alps - An analysis of introduced sambar deer faeces has revealed that the invasive species is feeding on rare native plants in Australia’s Alpine National Park.

Curbing violence in Mexico: Disrupting cartel recruitment holds the key, a new study finds. - Not through courts and not through prisons.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About This Week’s ‘Super Harvest Moon’ - The “Harvest Moon” is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, but there are plenty of other reasons why this full moon is so famous in the northern hemisphere.

Chinese Astronauts May Build a Base Inside a Lunar Lava Tube - Caves were some of humanity’s first shelters.

How To Photograph This Week’s ‘Harvest Supermoon’ With A Smartphone - With the "Super Harvest Moon" rising this week, here's how to photograph the full moon using a smartphone, according to an expert.

Study finds the placenta holds answers to many unexplained pregnancy losses - Yale researchers have shown that placental examination resulted in the accurate pathologic determination of more than 90% of previously unexplained pregnancy losses, a discovery that they say may inform pregnancy care going forward.

How to Learn Without a Brain - Tiny box jellyfish are brainless—but they still make memories and adapt.

In depression treatment trials, placebo effect is growing stronger - As with placebo pills, time is making placebo magnetic stimulation more effective.

Your Body Odor Could Be Used to Track Your Movements or Health - Human scent signatures could one day be collected at places like crime scenes and COVID testing sites 

Team designs nitride-reinforced NbMoTaWHfN refractory high-entropy alloy - A new generation of refractory alloys with excellent high-temperature performance is urgently demanded for aero-engines, gas turbines, and nuclear power plants.

Procyon Photonics — The High School Run Start Up That Could Revolutionize Computing - Procyon Photonics is a high school run startup aiming to change the future of computing hardware with its focus on optical computing.

The Big Picture: Whatever you do, don’t eat the Death Cap. - The death cap mushroom, Amanita phalloides, is renowned for its lethal toxicity, attributed to the presence of amatoxins, primarily α-amanitin.

Limiting Global Warming to 1.5 Degrees C 'Remains Possible,' Energy Experts Say - Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

The Loss of Dark Skies Is So Painful, Astronomers Coined a New Term for It - Astronomers have a new term to describe the pain associated with the loss of access to dark skies: noctalgia

NASA Awards Aerospace Model Systems Fabrication Follow-On Contract - NASA has awarded the Reliance Consolidated Models VI (RECOM VI) contract to Advanced Technologies Inc. and Eagle Aviation Technologies, LLC, both of Newport News, Virginia, to support the fabrication of aerospace model systems and developmental test hardware managed by the agency’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.

What Makes a Cult, and How Do Cult Leaders Control Their Followers? - Cult leaders often use manipulation, charisma and a whole range of abusive tactics to draw their followers.

Epidemiology Bogus Attacks: Now Diet Coke Causes Autism? - If you have been in science media for any period of time, you have seen a predictable pattern; epidemiologists look through columns and rows of foods people claim they eat and diseases or lack thereof and if they get enough to declare "statistical significance" they write a paper noting down at the bottom that they can't show a causal relationship

How Fast Are Cheetahs, and Other Fascinating Facts About the World's Quickest Cat - Cheetahs are famous for speeding across the savannas of Africa.

To Defend the Genome, These Cells Destroy Their Own DNA - Under a microscope, cells in a worm embryo deliberately eliminated one-third of their genome — an uncompromising tactic that may combat harmful genetic parasites.

Did All Dinosaurs Have Feathers? - We know that birds and dinosaurs are related.

Certified Reference Material unlocks precise acrylamide measurement in infant formula - The Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) has developed a Certified Reference Material (CRM) for the accurate analysis of low levels of acrylamide in infant formula.

Four Unusual and Amazing Ways That Insects Team Up - The invertebrates create elaborate structures to escape danger and shimmer in synchronized performances to confuse predators

Chemists used machine learning and molecular modeling to identify potential anticancer drugs - RUDN University chemists and colleagues from China built several machine learning models and discovered a group of potential drugs that inhibit the enzyme responsible for uncontrolled cell division.

How Social Media Created a Generation Gap Between GenZ and Baby Boomers - Trustworthiness, accessibility and comfort are all factors that drive a wedge between Baby Boomers and social media.

Blue rayon fibres: microplastics in the Ganges - River sediments and air are major sinks and transporters for microplastics, according to a study done on the Ganges River in India and Bangladesh.

Our Fragile Earth: How Close Are We to Climate Catastrophe? - Lessons from past eras when Earth was a hothouse or a snowball tell us whether we are doomed by climate change or still have time to prevent that fate

Electromagnetic field-assisted thermal catalysis enabling low-temperature, low-pressure, large-scale ammonia synthesis - Ammonia (NH3), as one of the most common industrial chemicals, is essential for nitrogenous fertilizer production and shows potential as a next-generation green fuel.

Water firms forced to pay back customers for poor performance - Regulator Ofwat orders companies in England and Wales to cut bills after missing targets.

Water films: The silent architects of chemical transformations - Water films are virtually present on all minerals exposed to air moisture, from dry soils to atmospheric dust.

Will All Of The Atlantic Hurricane Names Be Used In 2023? - Maybe - There are 21 names on the Atlantic hurricane list.

Does the First Amendment Confer a 'Right to Compute'? The Future of AI May Depend on It - We need to figure out if there is a constitutional right to compute

Two Thirds of American Kids Can't Read Fluently - Phonics may be a popular way to teach reading, but it fails too many children

How Mathematical Objects Are like People and Other Mysteries of Intersection Theory - A Q&A with Hannah Larson, a recipient of the 2024 Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize

Let’s learn about Stonehenge - Questions remain about exactly who built Stonehenge and why.

Coatings made from a wood by-product can keep our glasses and windshields clear - Researchers have developed a way to turn a waste material from wood into a bio-based transparent film that can be used for anti-fogging or anti-reflective coatings on glasses or vehicle windows.

Australian canola maintains EU emissions accreditation - You might be surprised to learn that 78% of Australia’s canola exports are shipped to the European Union (EU) to be used in biodiesel.

In Defense of the Rat - There was a time when we human beings used to put animals on trial for their alleged crimes against us.

Maternal health points to need for oversight on scientific research - A miscarriage is a heartbreakingly-common tragedy:  perhaps one new mother in four will lose her unborn child.

In The Far Future There Will Be Only One Supercontinent On Earth, Too Hot For Most Species To Survive - Computer simulations show how today's continents will eventually merge to form one hot, dry and largely uninhabitable landmass in a couple of hundred million years.

Calls for stem cells as standard MS treatment - Swedish scientists are calling for a stem cell therapy to become standard practice for treating patients with multiple sclerosis, despite known risks.

Impact of global South research ‘should be recognised’ - A panel of influential research funders discuss the impact of research development at the UN Science Summit.

Space Force chief says commercial satellites may need defending - "It would stand to reason that same philosophy would extend into space."

September 25, 2023

Controversy over claims about long COVID research - Scientists writing in an influential medical journal are questioning the state of long COVID research, saying it has created “widespread misunderstanding”.

Jeff Bezos finally got rid of Bob Smith at Blue Origin - "I am confident that Blue Origin's greatest achievements are still ahead of us."

A New Way to Make Cells from Scratch - How scientists are engineering synthetic cells to be more life-like.

Finally! Astronomers are Starting to See the First Galaxies Coming Together With JWST - One of the James Webb Space Telescope’s principal science goals is to observe the epoch where we think that the first galaxies were created, to understand the details of their formation, evolution, and composition.

Michigan solar team heads north for final trials - Operating a solar car in a 3000km cross-country challenge every two years is no mean feat, and teams need to ‘bed in’ their cars and test their race

Fall Migrations Can Be Deadly for Birds. Help Keep Them Safe With These Simple Actions - Nighttime lights and gleaming buildings distract and trap migrating birds.

Wind Energy Could Get Safer for Bats with New Research - Wind turbines threaten several bat species, but the Biden administration is funding research to reduce casualties

The Vaginal Microbiome is Finally Getting Recognized - Vaginal dysbiosis has long been a taboo subject, but studying and optimizing the vaginal microbiome could be a game changer for women's health.

Exactly When To See The ‘Super Harvest Moon’ Rise From Where You Live - The fourth and final supermoon of 2023 will rise next week.