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February 28, 2024

Apple unplugs electric car project, reports say - The firm never acknowledged the project publicly but had recruited about two thousands workers.

UK power station burns wood from rare forests - Drax used timber from precious Canadian trees while taking billions in environmental subsidies, BBC finds.

Privatised Mars missions – what’s in it for Australia? - NASA wants to outsource its exploration of Mars, and Elon Musk is buying his stairway to heaven.

Comets: Why study them? What can they teach us about finding life beyond Earth? - Universe Today has explored the importance of studying impact craters, planetary surfaces, exoplanets, astrobiology, and solar physics, and what this myriad of scientific disciplines can teach scientists and the public regarding the search for life beyond Earth.

Extreme Birding: How To Do A Big Year On A Budget - Are you a birder dreaming of a Big Year?

Massive citizen science effort uncovers big decline in humpback numbers - Researchers say a heatwave is probably responsible for a dramatic decline in the number of humpback whales over the past ten years in the northern Pacific Ocean.

DART Made a Surprisingly Big Impact on Dimorphos - NASA’s DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission was hailed a success when it collided with its target asteroid Dimorphos last year.

Catalonia's farmers demand more help over drought - As Spain continues to be blighted by a lack of rain, farmers want more government assistance.

Critically endangered right whales are shrinking, with drastic consequences for their population - Climate change appears to be causing North Atlantic right whales to get smaller, and it's making them have fewer babies.

February 27, 2024

Birds and new bees of Fiji revealed - A field trip to Fiji has revealed 8 new Pacific bee species and new insights into bird behaviour.

See the Dramatic Final Moments of the Doomed ERS-2 Satellite - When a satellite reaches the end of its life, it has only two destinations.

Path to lower emissions demands a smarter grid - The global investment being made in smart metering and grid nfrastructure could fall short of expectations if key systems issues are not addressed.

NASA radar images show stadium-sized asteroid tumbling by Earth during flyby (photos) - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory used a powerful Deep Space Network radar antenna to image asteroid 2008 OS7 as it spun harmlessly past Earth on Feb. 2, 2024.

'Rare' metal slab found in Maryland was once part of a suit of armor worn by colonists - A mysterious scrap of metal found at a 1634 settlement in Maryland was once part of a suit of armor.

It turns out that Odysseus landed on the Moon without any altimetry data - "Hours after we got off the launch pad, we almost lost the spacecraft."

Mars Had its Own Version of Plate Tectonics - Plate tectonics is not something most people would associate with Mars.

Ancient Humans May Have Built a Resistance to Malaria - A mutation in DNA against malaria likely occurred when farming became common in the Eastern Arabia region.

New AI image generator is 8 times faster than OpenAI's best tool — and can run on cheap computers - Scientists used "knowledge distillation" to condense Stable Diffusion XL into a much leaner, more efficient AI image generation model that can run on low-cost hardware.

Gargantuan sunspot that spit out the strongest solar flare in 6 years is now pointing 'almost directly' at Earth - Sunspot AR3590, which recently spit out three X-class solar flares in under 24 hours, has grown even larger and is now pointed almost directly at Earth, putting us in the crosshairs of more potential eruptions.

Brutally bludgeoned “Vittrup Man” went from forager to farmer before his death - The skull was shattered by at least eight blows before the body was tossed into a peat bog.

Apollo astronaut's granddaughter opens immersive 'Lunar Light' moonwalk experience in Dallas - What do you get when you mix an Apollo astronaut's legacy with a trio of shipping containers, VR technology, the cousin of a 'Star Wars' robot and an escape room?

Maybe, just maybe, Boeing’s Starliner will finally fly astronauts this spring - The first launch of astronauts on Boeing's Starliner capsule is targeted for April 22.

Planets in Binary Star Systems Could be Nice and Habitable - The Star Wars world Tatooine is one of the most recognizable planets in the realm of science fiction.

Reduce School Violence By Eliminating Grades, Say Academic Psychologists - One of the few things that can get a government union employee in a mandatory industry like education fired is hitting a student.

New Moons Found at Uranus and Neptune - Astronomers have found three new moons orbiting our Solar System’s ice giants.

Put on your eclipse glasses and look up to see the biggest sunspot in years before it disappears from view - The AR3590 solar region has grown to become the is the largest sunspot of the solar cycle and can be seen with eclispe glasses.

Could Modified Gravity Kill Planet Nine? - A controversial theory can explain phenomena attributed to the mystery planet.

NASA's Dana Weigel will be the 1st female ISS program manager - NASA's Dana Weigel will helm the International Space Station program for NASA.

Dead star with 'metal scar' on its face likely killed and ate a planet in our galaxy, study finds - A "metal scar" spotted on the face of a white dwarf star called WD 0816-310 could be the remains of a destroyed planet, researchers say.

Langley Celebrates Black History Month: Matthew Hayes - Matthew Hayes is a DEIA (diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility) project analyst with NASA’s Langley Research Center.

Intuitive Machines' Odysseus probe beams home more photos from historic moon landing - Intuitive Machines' Odysseus moon lander has beamed home a few selfies snapped during its pioneering descent to the lunar surface last week.

Massive study finds links between COVID-19 vaccination and very rare medical conditions - Researchers have found a link between COVID-19 vaccinations and very rare neurological, heart and blood related medical conditions.

Langley Celebrates Black History Month: Brittny McGraw - Brittny McGraw serves as News Chief in the Office of Communications at NASA’s Langley Research Center.

Langley Celebrates Black History Month: Brandon Sells - The 2024 theme for Black History Month is "African Americans and the Arts," spanning the many impacts that Black Americans have had on visual arts, music,

James Webb Space Telescope finds 'extremely red' supermassive black hole growing in the early universe - Using the James Webb Space Telescope, astronomers discovered an "extremely red," growing supermassive black hole powering a quasar that existed 700 million years after the Big Bang.

Why These 4 Massive Dinosaurs Also Had the Tiniest Arms - These dinosaurs had tiny hands.

Langley Celebrates Black History Month: Alexus Cottonham - Alexus Cottonham is an aerospace engineer supporting NASA Langley’s Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate.

NASA, Intuitive Machines to Discuss Moon Mission, Science Successes - NASA and Intuitive Machines will co-host a televised news conference at 2 p.m. EST Wednesday, Feb. 28, from the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to

A Splash of Pink - A pair of roseate spoonbills add a pop of color to this image taken Sept. 13, 2005, in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, northwest of Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Bio-Rad Launches Vericheck ddPCR Replication Competent Lentivirus and Replication Competent AAV Kits for Cell and Gene Therapy Production - Rapid, Sensitive, and Validated Detection of Viral Replication Genes Using Droplet Digital™ PCR During Cell and Gene Therapy Production

Some Intelligent Civilizations Will Be Trapped on their Worlds - Evolution has produced a wondrously diverse variety of lifeforms here on Earth.

India completes critical test for Gaganyaan flight crewed by humanoid robot later this year - Early last week, ISRO successfully completed the final test to qualify its Gaganyaan rocket engine, approving it to be capable of safely ferrying astronauts to space.

3 new moons discovered around Uranus and Neptune will be named after Shakespeare characters and Greek goddesses - The International Astronomical Union has confirmed the existence of three currently unnamed moons — one around Uranus and two orbiting Neptune.

NASA Grants to Engage Students in Quiet Supersonic Community Overflight - NASA has issued new grants to five universities to help develop education plans for the community overflight phase of the agency’s Quesst mission, which aims

Computer-simulated moon dust may help lunar robots pass a major hurdle - Scientists have developed a new computer model that simulates how moon dust behaves in lunar gravity.

Can they hear you now? Kids increasingly exposed to noise health risks via earbuds and headphones. - While it’s not surprising to spot teens wearing headphones and earbuds, it’s also becoming a widespread trend among younger children, a national poll suggests.

Former Student Launch Competitor Turns Experience into NASA Engineering Career - By Jessica Barnett Sometimes, all it takes is a few years and the right people to completely change a person’s career trajectory.

Competitive Robotics in WV reaches all-time high - FAIRMONT – Competitive Robotics in West Virginia has reached an all-time high with more teams across the state than ever before.

Researcher proposes paradigm shift in enzyme biochemistry - Although you may never have heard of the cytochrome P450 superfamily of enzymes, these proteins play diverse and critical roles in humans through the metabolic processing of drugs, pesticides, fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, and chemical carcinogens and the biosynthesis of essential steroids, including sterols.

The CUTE Mission: Innovative Design Enables Observations of Extreme Exoplanets from a Small Package - Of the approximately 5,500 exoplanets discovered to date, many have been found to orbit very close to their parent stars.

Largest ancient crab claw found on New Zealand beach - Palaeontologists have unearthed an ancient giant crab on a New Zealand beach.

Super-realistic prosthetic eyes made in record time with 3D printing - Scientists can now 3D print more-realistic prosthetic eyes in a fraction of the time and effort required by traditional approaches.

Black hole's powerful eruption creates a string of stellar jewelry - A powerful jet erupting from a distant supermassive black hole released 100,000 trillion times more energy than the sun will over its entire life, forging a chain of star clusters.

King Tut's Central Scarab May Have a Cosmic Connection - A wonder to behold, jewelers likely made the scarab from space debris.

Physicists Observe the Decay Of A Single Radioactive Nuclei - Observing the recoil caused by a single radioactive decay could help physicists spot exotic particles and possibly even dark matter.

‘Entropy Bagels’ and Other Complex Structures Emerge From Simple Rules - Simple rules in simple settings continue to puzzle mathematicians, even as they devise intricate tools to analyze them.

Radar images reveal damage on Europe's doomed ERS-2 satellite during final orbits - As Europe's ERS-2 satellite tumbled through the sky, radar images picked up some of the damage it experienced during its final moments.

Eco-friendly catalyst and materials research explores pathways to renewable energy - The search for sustainable and affordable energy conversion technologies has highlighted the importance of the oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reactions (ORR and OER).

El Niño kickstarted the melting of Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier' 80 years ago, new study reveals - Rapid melting of the Thwaites Glacier in west Antarctica began in the 1940s following an unusually hot El Niño fluctuation, ice cores have revealed.

Millions of mystery holes at the bottom of the North Sea are not what scientists thought they were - Holes in the seafloor off the coast of Germany looked like those associated with methane.

Oxidation Signals Tardigrades to Enter Hibernation - Water bears survive some of Earth’s harshest conditions by relying on their own chemical alarms.

Research team develops a more durable coating against ice - Ice-repellent coatings have been around for some time, but until now they have been very sensitive and detach quite quickly from the surfaces they are meant to protect.

DAILY DOSE: Microplastics Found Throughout Human Bodies; Lead-Tainted Applesauce Pouches Alarm Parents. - MICROPLASTICS FOUND IN HUMAN BODIES RAISES ALARMING CONCERNS.

From Growing Crops to Cooking Food, Fire Shaped Ancient Civilizations - The mastery of fire transformed ancient civilizations.

1,000 burials and medieval village found in excavation of abbey destroyed in French Revolution - Excavations at the medieval Beaumont Abbey in France have revealed nearly 800 years of history before the French Revolution shut it down.

Varda’s drug-cooking Winnebago will be remembered as a space pioneer - A small capsule containing pharmaceuticals made in space landed in Utah last week.

First evidence of a neutron star in a supernova - Astronomers have confirmed what’s at the centre of a supernovae, the violent explosive deaths of massive stars.

Let’s learn about meteorites - Meteorites are bits of space rock that have crash-landed on Earth — or on another celestial body.

New dyeing method could help jeans shrink toxic problem - Can the multi-billion-dollar denim industry keep producing blue jeans in every shape, size and silhouette, while shrinking oversized levels of hazardous pollution?

Regime shift probably underway in Antarctica as research groups flag warning - German researchers say critical Antarctic ocean warming could be avoided if global temperatures are kept within the Paris Climate Agreement target.

A novel catalyst for efficient oxidation of inactive alkanes - A discovery in the field of catalysis has emerged from the laboratories of Professor Jaeheung Cho and his team in the Department of Chemistry at UNIST.

The Butterfly Redemption - How scientists, volunteers, and incarcerated women are finding hope and metamorphosis through supporting a struggling butterfly.

Next Big Thing: Sustainable sodium – the next battery of the future - When I was doing my PhD, we didn’t have lithium-ion batteries.

AI-driven lab speeds catalysis research - Researchers have developed a "self-driving" lab that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and automated systems to provide in-depth analyses of catalytic reactions used in chemical research and manufacturing.

Why Artists Should View The World Through The Eyes Of A Tourist - A conversation with artist Jorge Colombo.

Gills Aloud? Tiny fish found making very big noise - A miniscule, transparent fish makes drumming sounds as loud as a jackhammer, say researchers.

China Names its Capsule and Lander for its Upcoming Human Lunar Missions - In a recent announcement, the Chinese Space Agency (CSA) unveiled the names for its forthcoming lunar mission components.

'Ice bumps' reveal history of Antarctic melting - Satellites reveal a 50-year record of climate change by tracing the lumpiness in ice surfaces.

Why firms are racing to produce green ammonia - Ammonia is essential for fertiliser production but producing it is carbon intensive.

February 26, 2024

SpaceX discloses cause of Starship anomalies as it clears an FAA hurdle - "Several engines began shutting down before one engine failed energetically."

Dance video about kangaroo behaviour might be the best thing you see today - An Australian has won an unusual prize from the prestigious journal Science and its publisher, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Conversations with Dr. Romie Mushtaq: Brushing aside the Burnout Blues with the Busy Brain Cure. - Dr. Romie Mushtaq is a board-certified physician, award-winning wellness speaker, and the founder of brainSHIFT, with over 20 years of expertise in neurology, integrative medicine, and mindfulness.

Surprising link found between niacin and risk of heart attack and stroke - Breakdown products of niacin, aka Vitamin B3, may spur vascular inflammation.

Astronomers spot metal ‘scarring’ on cannibalistic star system - Astronomers using the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope have for the first time found evidence of a dying star ingesting material from

Let’s Get Granular - Scientists have long puzzled over the behavior of mixed particles in rivers and landslides.

Connecting computing with human emotions for empathetic AI. - Imagine a world where your smartphone can detect your mood just by the way you type a message or the tone of your voice.

If Exoplanets Have Lightning, it’ll Complicate the Search for Life - Lightning likely inititiate life on Earth.

Electrodes in Spacesuits Could Protect Astronauts from Harmful Dust on Mars - To quote NASA associate administrator Jim Reuter, sending crewed missions to Mars by 2040 is an “audacious goal.” The challenges include the distance involved, which can take up to six months to traverse using conventional propulsion methods.

Significant glacial retreat in West Antarctica began in 1940s - Among the vast expanse of Antarctica lies the Thwaites Glacier, the world's widest glacier measuring about 80 miles on the western edge of the continent.

Obtaining High-Quality Acrylamide Gels without Compromises - Discover how a novel acrylamide gel casting system allows researchers to quickly acquire high-quality results.

Does social media make us feel bad about ourselves? - From #girldinner to #fitspiration, there’s no escaping social media – nor its memes and hashtags – for today’s teens and young people.

A Chicken-Like Dinosaur With Super Senses Finally Gets the Attention It Deserves - With similarities to chickens, saltwater crocodiles, and having super senses, researches have overlooked this dinosaur for too long.

The Power of Regret - A simple game shows how fear of regret shapes decisions.

Odysseus has less than a day left on the Moon before it freezes to death - So what are we to make of this?

Horse Sedative Use Among Humans Spreads in Deadly Mixture of ‘Tranq’ and Fentanyl - TREASURE ISLAND, Fla. — Andrew McClave Jr. loved to lift weights.

A novel method for easy and quick fabrication of biomimetic robots with life-like movement. - Ultraviolet-laser processing is a promising technique for developing intricate microstructures, enabling complex alignment of muscle cells, required for building life-like biohybrid actuators, as shown by Tokyo Tech researchers.

Demystifying “black box” AI audio models. - AI decision-making is now common in self-driving cars, patient diagnosis and legal consultation, and it needs to be safe and trustworthy.

Tattoo inks found to not match the ingredients listed on the bottle - When you get a tattoo, do you know what you're putting under your skin?

Enhancing electrogenerated chemiluminescence of an iridium complex - Electrogenerated chemiluminescence (ECL) cells, characterized by their self-emissive nature, have gathered significant interest for prospective display applications due to their uncomplicated structure and straightforward fabrication process.

Humans Could be Prone to Laziness, But We'll Put in Effort for a High Reward - What makes us lazy?

A Quantum Trick Implied Eternal Stability. Now the Idea May Be Falling Apart. - A series of advances seemed to promise the impossible: the existence of quantum states that would never, ever fall into disarray.

Catalyst combines vanadium-based components and nitrogen-doped biomass carbon for pollutant removal - Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans are dangerous pollutants due to their carcinogenicity and persistence in the environment.

Energy-saving electrochemical hydrogen production via co-generative strategies in hybrid water electrolysis - With the increase in global energy demand and environmental pollution, the development of sustainable energy to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels (such as oil, natural gas, and coal) has become the key to achieving sustainable development of human society.

Japan Moon lander survives lunar night - Space agency Jaxa said the craft re-established communication after the equivalent of two Earth weeks without Sun.

Microfluidics: Biology’s Liquid Revolution - Microfluidic systems redefined biology by providing platforms that handle small fluid volumes, catalyzing advancements in cellular and molecular studies.

Final images of Ingenuity reveal an entire blade broke off the helicopter - This new data should help us understand Ingenuity 's final moments on Mars.

To Stay Cognitively Sharp When Aging, Pay Attention to These 3 Health Tips - How can we reduce our risk of cognitive decline?

Long Mars Voyage Could Raise Stress Levels - Crew members in space will spend lots of time together during future missions to Mars

Scientists develop biocompatible fluorescent spray that detects fingerprints in ten seconds - Scientists have developed a water-soluble, non-toxic fluorescent spray that makes fingerprints visible in just a few seconds, making forensic investigations safer, easier and quicker.

DAILY DOSE: Odysseus Lunar Landing Mishap Reported; Neuralink’s Mind-Control Device Sparks Debate. - ODYSSEUS LUNAR LANDER TILTS, YET MAINTAINS OPERATIONAL POTENTIAL.

Thin Ice: Year-Long Monitoring in Missouri Reservoirs - The post Thin Ice: Year-Long Monitoring in Missouri Reservoirs appeared first on Lake Scientist .

Daily Telescope: Finally, we’ve found the core of a famous supernova - In the astronomy community, SN 1987A has somewhat legendary status.

How Did Humans Evolve to Use Everyday Tools? - An anthropologist explains why we experience many objects, from tennis rackets to cars, as extensions of our bodies

New world record for CIGS solar cells - A new record for electrical energy generation from CIGS solar cells has been reached.

Even 'Twilight Zone' Coral Reefs Aren't Safe from Bleaching - Coral reefs hundreds of feet below the ocean surface aren’t as safe as scientists thought

Metal scar found on cannibal star - When a star like our Sun reaches the end of its life, it can ingest the surrounding planets and asteroids that were born with it.

A clearer image of glaucoma: The relationship between unfolding and aggregation for glaucoma-associated myocilin - From Parkinson's and Alzheimer's to cardiac arrhythmia, amyloids are linked to a number of diseases.

Mammal ancestors evolved a killer instinct - Before dinosaurs, ancestors of mammals were the top predators.

Scientists Say: Solar Cycle - This roughly 11-year cycle in the sun’s activity can affect space weather that messes with Earthly technology.

Pollen-seeking honeybees sometimes turn to theft - Observations of honeybee pollen theft from bumblebees suggest it may be a crime of convenience, based on ease of access to the prized food.

Scientists deliver portable total chemical analysis without pumps and tubes - Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have engineered a new micro total analysis system that quantifies a target chemical in a microfluidic chip without pumps, tubes, and expensive detectors.

Powering nitrogenases: Researchers find new targets for improving biocatalysts - Nitrogenases are considered promising candidates for the sustainable enzymatic production of ammonia and carbon compounds.

Researchers closer to understanding hydrogen's greatest challenge: Embrittlement - Embrittlement is one of the biggest obstacles facing the transition to a global hydrogen economy.

Heterogeneous copper photocatalysis for production of diverse bioactive compounds - Professor Jian He, from the Department of Chemistry at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), has spearheaded a research endeavor aimed at revolutionizing organic synthesis.

Seagrass Can Stash Away Dangerous Heavy Metals - The mud along a stretch of the upper Spencer Gulf, Australia’s largest estuary, is a toxic slurry of heavy metals.

Four questions about the historic approval of a CRISPR-based medicine - Victoria Gray lies in her hospital bed at Sarah Cannon Research Institute in Nashville, Tennessee, praying the bone marrow transplant will finally stop the pain.

Time to go? The costly impact of climate change on the housing hip pocket - In the Cosmos Synergy column, our staff writers explore how we’re dealing with the urgent issues of climate change.

Carbon Offsets Won't Work Until There Is Science In How Trees Are Planted - Former Vice-President Al Gore has a giant mansion but buys carbon offsets to mitigate the damage.

SDGs in Asia – mind the widening gap - Asia Pacific region set to miss SDG targets by 32 years, says UN progress report.

Photographing Eels in the Dark - An artist turns her camera to the slippery, elusive and endangered American eel.

The Search for America’s Tiniest Turtles - In Massachusetts, a team is restoring wetlands and using some old-school ways to track bog turtles process.

“Promising new treatment” for children with multifood allergies - New research has found a “promising new treatment” protects children with multiple food allergies from reactions to accidentally eating small amounts of allergy-triggering foods.

The Search for “Lingering Trees” Offers Hope for Imperiled Species - The tiny fraction of trees that show strong resistance to invasive pests and pathogens need to be found – and is how you can help.

February 25, 2024

Drug limits dangerous reactions to allergy-triggering foods, Stanford Medicine-led study of kids finds - A drug that binds to allergy-causing antibodies can protect children from dangerous reactions to accidentally eating allergy-triggering foods, a new study found.

Researchers observe highly excited ‘roaming’ energy pathway in chemical reactions - Scientists have observed so-called 'roaming' chemical reactions, those that at certain points move away from the lowest minimum energy 'path of least resistance', in highly excited energy states for the first time.

Laboratory study on conditions for spontaneous excitation of “chorus emission,” wave of space plasma - A dipole magnetic field, created by a ring current, is the most fundamental type of magnetic field that is found both in laboratories and in space.

VR therapy reduces pain and depression symptoms in palliative care - Tobias Loetscher, University of South Australia Gregory Crawford, University of Adelaide People in palliative care are dealing with serious, non-curable illness.

The mental toll of living with a rare disease - Angelina is a fierce eight-year-old.

The weather does not influence your pain – unless you have gout - Come rain, hail, or shine it turns out the weather doesn’t worsen muscle and joint pain, according to the results of a new study published in Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism.

February 24, 2024

The secret behind snakes’ evolutionary success is speed - A new study has uncovered what triggered the evolutionary explosion of snake diversity – a phenomenon known as adaptive radiation – that led to the nearly 4,000 living species today.

How To Recognize Seizures And Offer Immediate Help - Seizures occur because of sudden and abnormal activity in the brain

25 Tips To Take The Best Eclipse Photos - Cameras, tripods, filters, and more: Are you prepared to take pictures of the Great North American Eclipse?

AI deepfakes have us questioning everything we see – can science and journalism help? - AI deepfakes have us questioning everything we see - can science and journalism help?

Australian little native mouse actually 3 species in a trench coat - Australia can add two new species to its native rodent roster.

February 23, 2024

Science Is the New Nuclear Deterrent - Sarah Scoles on her 3 greatest revelations while writing Countdown: The Blinding Future of Nuclear Weapons.

When Calamity Comes at a Crawl - Climate change may exacerbate the quiet catastrophe of slow-moving landslides.

RTO doesn’t improve company value, but does make employees miserable: Study - Data is consistent with bosses using RTO to reassert control and scapegoat workers.

The Life and Gruesome Death of a Bog Man Revealed after 5,000 Years - Vittrup Man, who was bludgeoned to death in a Danish bog, was a Scandinavian wanderer, according to new research

Stunning Comet Could Photobomb This April's Total Solar Eclipse - Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks will make its closest approach to the sun this April—right after North America is treated to a total solar eclipse

Odysseus Moon lander 'tipped over on touchdown' - The history-making robot likely caught its foot on contact with the lunar surface and fell sideways.