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April 19, 2024

Humans pass more viruses to other animals than we catch from them - Humans pass on more viruses to domestic and wild animals than we catch from them, according to a major new analysis of viral genomes by UCL researchers.

COVID virus mutated in Dutch man, raising importance of proper immunocompromised care - Dutch medical scientists are warning about the risk of viruses mutating over long periods in infected immunocompromised people.

It’s cutting calories—not intermittent fasting—that drops weight, study suggests - The study is small and imperfect but offers more data on how time-restricted diets work.

NASA's Juno probe captures amazing views of Jupiter's volcanic moon Io (video) - NASA's Juno probe continues to give us more insight into Jupiter and the giant planet's moons, including Io, the most volcanically active object in the solar system.

Citizen Science Month and #OneMillionActsOfScience Needs You! - It's a packed week, with Earth Day, Arbor Day, The City Nature Challenge and more!

Work Underway on Large Cargo Landers for NASA’s Artemis Moon Missions - Under NASA’s Artemis campaign, the agency and its partners will send large pieces of equipment to the lunar surface to enable long-term scientific exploration of the Moon for the benefit of all.

There really are more insects out at night - Mark Wong, The University of Western Australia and Raphael Didham, The University of Western Australia Have you ever wondered if there are more insects out at night than during the day?

The Psychology of Getting High—a Lot - Time to extinguish the slacker cliche.

NASA's Artemis 3 astronauts will put a moonquake detector on lunar surface - NASA is building a moonquake detector for its upcoming Artemis 3 mission, in hopes of learning more about lunar tremors and the internal structure of the moon.

Slovenia Signs Artemis Accords, Joins Pursuit of Safer Space - NASA and Slovenia affirmed their cooperation in future space endeavors on Friday as Slovenia became the 39th country to sign the Artemis Accords.

NASA Data Helps Beavers Build Back Streams - Humans aren’t the only mammals working to mitigate the effects of climate change in the Western United States.

Virtual reality better than video for evoking fear, spurring climate action - Depicting worst-case climate scenarios like expanding deserts and dying coral reefs may better motivate people to support environmental policies when delivered via virtual reality, according to a research team led by Penn State that studied how VR and message framing affect the impact of environmental advocacy communications.

Looking Beyond the Veil - In this image released on March 9, 2024, the NIRCam (Near-Infrared Camera) on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope gives us a more detailed view of a well-studied but still mysterious region, NGC 604.

Io: New image of a lake of fire, signs of permanent volcanism - Juno captures images of Io's violence as study says it has always been that way.

Ingenuity's travels: New NASA video tracks Mars helicopter's 72 flights - NASA's history-making Ingenuity helicopter covered a lot of ground on Mars over the past three years, as a new video shows.

Sorry, Little Green Men: Alien Life Might Actually Be Purple - Purple may be a likely color for extraterrestrial organisms, research suggests

Packs of dog-shaped robots could one day roam the moon — if they can find their footing on Earth first - A dog-like, bio-inspired robot called Spirit is still learning to walk, but could one day be deployed on the moon to explore steep, potentially hazardous areas with a team of robot companions.

See the explosive 'devil comet' get its tail ripped off by a solar storm days before its close approach to the sun - A surprise coronal mass ejection recently smashed into Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, briefly causing the "devil comet" to lose its tail — and a NASA spacecraft caught the whole thing on camera.

Global 'time signals' subtly shifted as the total solar eclipse reshaped Earth's upper atmosphere, new data shows - During the historic April 8 total solar eclipse, a government radio station in Colorado started sending out slightly shifted "time signals" to millions of people across the globe as the moon's shadow altered the upper layers of our atmosphere.

'There's a great hidden museum in the Mediterranean': Underwater archaeologist David Gibbins takes us on a journey to 12 shipwrecks around the world - Underwater archaeologist and author David Gibbins discusses his new book about shipwrecks around the world.

Private space-junk probe to conduct up-close inspection of spent rocket stage - The mission aims to assist the later removal of spunk junk, an issue that threatens the sustainable use of orbital space above the Earth.

Early Humans Sheltered in This Lava Tube 10,000 Years Ago—And It’s Still in Use Today - Fossils and stone tools show that a cave in Saudi Arabia has been used as shelter by humans for millennia, up to the present day

NASA, FAA Partner to Develop New Wildland Fire Technologies - NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have established a research transition team to guide the development of wildland fire technology.

Half of China's cities are sinking, putting most of the country's urban population at risk - Major cities across eastern China are sinking due to groundwater extraction and the weight of buildings, potentially exposing millions of people to flooding and damage in the next 100 years.

Potential novel biomarkers of coronary heart disease discovered - Coronary heart disease is a major global health problem, especially among people with type 2 diabetes.

Abortion Bans in Arizona and Florida Will Face Voters in November - The state supreme courts in Florida and Arizona both recently ruled that strict abortion bans could go into effect.

Watch 'Devil Comet' approach the sun during explosive coronal mass ejection (video) - This NASA space-based observatory video shows 'Devil Comet' 12P/Pons-Brooks passing past bright Jupiter while the sun explodes in the distance.

Enormous dinosaur dubbed Shiva 'The Destroyer' is one of the biggest ever discovered - Researchers discovered the remains of a huge dinosaur named Bustingorrytitan shiva last year and have now released artistic reconstructions of the Cretaceous giant.

Watch tigress and her cubs feasting on crocodile they killed in rare footage - Visitors at Ranthambore National Park in India captured rare footage and images of a tigress and her three 1-year-old cubs feasting on the carcass of a crocodile after killing it.

Japanese satellite will beam solar power to Earth in 2025 - Japan will test solar power transmission from space in 2025 with a miniature space-based photoelectric plant that will wirelessly transmit energy from low Earth orbit to Earth.

Exploding Stars Send Out Powerful Bursts Of Energy - This project can help us learn about the history of the Universe.

You Quit Ozempic or Wegovy. What Happens Next? - Many researchers think that Wegovy and Ozempic should be taken for life, but myriad factors can force people off the drugs

Graphene, but it’s made of gold not carbon. Enter goldene - Move over, graphene.

Anti-Trans Efforts Use Misinformation, Epistemological Violence and Gender Essentialism - Three types of misinformation are being used against transgender people: oversimplifying scientific knowledge, fabricating and misinterpreting research and promoting false equivalences

The Giant Planets Migrated Between 60-100 Million Years After the Solar System Formed - Untangling what happened in our Solar System tens or hundreds of millions of years ago is challenging.

NASA may alter Artemis III to have Starship and Orion dock in low-Earth orbit - If it were to happen, a revised Artemis III mission could echo Apollo 9.

Join NASA in Celebrating Earth Day 2024 by Sharing a #GlobalSelfie - NASA invites you — and everyone else on the planet — to take part in a worldwide celebration of Earth Day with the agency’s #GlobalSelfie event.

China's experimental moon satellites beam back lunar imagery (video, photo) - A pair of small experimental satellites have begun tests related to future lunar communication and navigation services for China's moon ambitions.

Ancient Artifacts Have Been Found in the Grand Canyon, Going Back 12,000 Years - Humans have left evidence of their passing through America’s great rift for more than 10 millennia.

Could JWST Solve One of Cosmology's Greatest Mysteries? - The telescope's studies could help end a long-standing disagreement over the rate of cosmic expansion.

NASA Selects New Aircraft-Driven Studies of Earth and Climate Change - NASA has selected six new airborne missions that include domestic and international studies of fire-induced clouds, Arctic coastal change, air quality, landslide hazards, shrinking glaciers, and emissions from agricultural lands.

“Deep Sky” offers a glimpse into the very soul of space. (REVIEW) - In the sable vastness of space, a documentary titled Deep Sky (2024) IMAX captivates with its celestial cinema for everyone to see on IMAX.

Chemists introduce new copper-catalyzed C-H activation strategy - Inspired by what human liver enzymes can do, Scripps Research chemists have developed a new set of copper-catalyzed organic synthesis reactions for building and modifying pharmaceuticals and other molecules.

Are we prepared for Chinese preeminence on the moon and Mars? (op-ed) - The U.S. could lose its decades-old leadership in space exploration and technology to China.

Insects and Other Animals Have Consciousness, Experts Declare - A group of prominent biologists and philosophers announced a new consensus: There’s “a realistic possibility” that insects, octopuses, crustaceans, fish and other overlooked animals experience consciousness.

Ancient Alleles Shed Light on Atherosclerosis Risk - Calculating the polygenic risk scores of ancient humans such as Ötzi the iceman helps researchers understand the genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease.

From Millions to Quadrillions and Beyond: Do Numbers Ever End? - The number zero was a relatively recent and crucial addition − it allows numbers to extend in both directions forever.

Hubble Captures a Bright Galactic and Stellar Duo - This image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope features NGC 3783, a bright barred spiral galaxy about 130 million light-years from Earth that also lends its name to the eponymous NGC 3783 galaxy group.

Self-adjusted reaction pathway enables efficient oxidation of aromatic C-H bonds over Co@Y catalyst - The selective oxidation of aromatic C-H bonds has drawn significant attention in both industrial and fine chemistry due to its crucial role in converting readily- and cheaply-available aromatic hydrocarbons into high-value-added oxygenated products for diverse fields such as biology, medicine, fragrance, and agriculture.

Some plant-based steaks and cold cuts are lacking in protein, researchers find - Many plant-based meats have seemingly done the impossible by recreating animal products ranging from beef to seafood.

Students Celebrate Rockets, Environment at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center - At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, sustainability and preservation efforts here on Earth are as much of a priority as rocket launches, spacecraft, and the exploration of worlds beyond our own.

Accelerating the discovery of new materials via the ion-exchange method - Tohoku University researchers have unveiled a new means of predicting how to synthesize new materials via the ion-exchange.

'Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver' is a knockout punch of pure sci-fi cinema (review) - A review of Zack Snyder's "Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver."

East Africa's Lake Nakuru almost doubled in size in 13 years — and that's bad news for flamingos - Africa's soda lakes are rising and it's decimating the cyanobacteria flamingos have evolved to eat, putting the species at risk of drastic declines if current trends continue.

Exploring Microbial Dark Matter - An open-source search engine helps scientists identify hundreds of microbial metabolites in a matter of seconds. 

Orcas May be Smarter Than You Think, Here's What to Know About Their Behaviors - Explore the enchanting world of orcas, where stunning beauty meets remarkable intelligence through unique adaptations and complex social behaviors.

DAILY DOSE: WHO Revises Guidelines Amid Airborne Transmission Evidence; Study Predicts Rising Sea Threat to Chinese Cities. - PANDEMIC SUPPLY SHORTAGES FUELED BY WHO GUIDELINES.

'Astrobiodefense:' Thinktank calls for defending Earth from space bugs - The quest to bring samples back to Earth from Mars has been met with controversy in some quarters as the threat that ecologically-hungry Martian microbes might pose to our biosphere continues to be a topic of concern.

April's full 'Pink Moon' blooms amid a meteor shower next week. Here's how to get the best view. - April's full moon, nicknamed the Pink Moon, rises on Tuesday (April 23), but will appear bright and full on Monday and Wednesday as well.

Human Brains May Be Getting Bigger - Brain size in one Massachusetts community has steadily increased since the 1930s, possibly explaining why dementia is trending lower nationwide

Rocket Report: Starship could save Mars Sample Return; BE-4s for second Vulcan - Australia's first homemade orbital-class rocket makes an appearance on its launch pad.

Why Seasonal Allergies Are So Miserable - Plants are just trying to reproduce; immune systems are just trying to keep us safe

Aliens may be hitching rides on meteors to colonize the cosmos, study suggests. Here's how we could spot them. - A fringe theory called "panspermia" suggests that lifeforms can spread to new planets by hitching rides on meteors.

How to See the Lunar Far Side Right Here on Earth - Perspective and subtle motion allows us to peek over the moon’s edge and into its far side

Researchers find unanticipated complexity in aging brain’s memory decline - Researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas Center for Vital Longevity (CVL) have discovered that brain correlates of age-related memory decline are more complicated than previously believed, a finding that could affect efforts to preserve cognitive health in older people.

This egg-laying amphibian feeds its babies ‘milk’ - Similar to mammals, this caecilian — an egg-laying amphibian — makes a nutrient-rich, milk-like fluid to feed its babies up to six times a day.

How Big a Threat Is Bird Flu? - Cows and at least one person in the U.S. have been sickened by avian influenza.

A hydrocarbon molecule as supplier and energy storage solution for solar energy - Until now, the generation and storage of electricity from solar energy has been dependent on various devices, leading to conversion losses.

China Sells Western Progressives Solar Panels While Switching To Nuclear Power - China has quietly overtaken France to become the world's second-largest producer of nuclear energy.

How JUICE mission may find water on other planets and moons - Water on other planets and moons may be a crucial clue to finding extraterrestrial life.

Seeing the forest for the trees: Species diversity is directly correlated with productivity in eastern U.S. forests - When scientists and policymakers make tough calls on which areas to prioritize for conservation, biodiversity is often their top consideration.

Study estimates nearly 70 percent of children under six in Chicago may be exposed to lead-contaminated tap water - A new analysis led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health estimates that 68 percent of Chicago children under age six live in households with tap water containing detectable levels of lead.

The Deepwater Horizon’s Very Unhappy Anniversary - In March 2024, about a dozen scientists and crew members ventured into the Gulf of Mexico armed with an underwater rover, crab traps, and other research kit.

Intermittent food intake activates a ‘GPS gene’ in liver cells, thus completing the development of the liver after birth - In mammals, the liver detects the body’s energy demand at any given moment and mobilizes nutrient reserves to meet it.

Middle-aged Americans lonelier than European counterparts - Middle-aged adults in the U.S. tend to report significantly higher levels of loneliness than their European counterparts, possibly due in part to weaker family ties and greater income inequality, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

Best time to spot Devil Comet not till May - The ‘Devil Comet’ is now visible in the night sky and without the aid of binoculars or a telescope, but keen comet-watchers will need to wait a few more weeks for the best view.

April 18, 2024

Boeing says it will cut SLS workforce “due to external factors” - "Boeing is reviewing and adjusting current staffing levels."

Hospital prices for the same emergency care vary up to 16X, study finds - Hospitals' "trauma activation fees" are unregulated and extremely variable.

The Shark Whisperer - Donald Nelson spent his life undoing the damage that Jaws did to the perception of sharks.

Renovation relic: Man finds hominin jawbone in parents’ travertine kitchen tile - Yes, travertine often has embedded fossils.

AI for Earth: How NASA’s Artificial Intelligence and Open Science Efforts Combat Climate Change - As extreme weather events increase around the world due to climate change, the need for further research into our warming planet has increased as well.

Conservation science observers welcome EPA, but concerned about delays to law reform - This EPA will be responsible for administering 7 pieces of legislation, including the overarching Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation

Artemis Astronauts Will Deploy New Seismometers on the Moon - Back in the 1960s and 1970s, Apollo astronauts set up a collection of lunar seismometers to detect possible Moon quakes.

Gen Z Americans May Be Timid And Despondent About The Future But Not Gen Z Elsewhere - If you live in a state like California, which can't balance its checkbook but thinks it knows everything about science and health, you are besieged with cancer warning labels, prediabetes awareness campaigns, and the vaping form of 'Reefer Madness' in commercials.

SpaceX and Northrop are working on a constellation of spy satellites - First launch of these operational vehicles may occur next month from California.

Ice Deposits on Ceres Might Only Be a Few Thousand Years Old - The dwarf planet Ceres has some permanently dark craters that hold ice.

Everything to Know About Cholesterol - The latest science on how blood levels of HDL, LDL and more relate to cardiovascular health

FDA Recalls Heart Pumps Linked to Deaths and Injuries - Two medical devices that mechanically pump blood to the heart have caused hundreds of injuries and more than a dozen deaths

Slither Aside, Titanoboa, This Ancient Snake Was Also a 50-Footer - A new study suggests that Titanoboa wasn’t the only snake that loomed large in antiquity.

Chinese cities sinking under their own weight - Extracting ground water for growing urban populations causes half of China's big cities to sink.

Injectable Contraceptives May Increase the Risk of Developing Brain Tumors - New research reveals that a popular family of drugs used for contraception and menopausal treatment could be linked to certain brain tumors.

The Science Behind Netflix's '3 Body Problem,' As Explained By Astrophysics Expert Paul Sutter - The namesake behind Netflix's new sci-fi series is an unsolvable physics problem that has baffled scientists for centuries.

The Mystery of Cosmic Rays Deepens - Cosmic rays are high-energy particles accelerated to extreme velocities approaching the speed of light.

Deadly African Heat Wave Would Not Have Been Possible without Climate Change - Scientists say extreme temperatures that reached 119 degrees Fahrenheit and killed at least 100 people in parts of West Africa would only occur every 200 years in the absence of climate change

Journey Under the Sea With 15 Amazing Photos of Marine Life - These Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest images feature the captivating creatures that live beneath the waves

The Theoretical Physicist Who Worked with J. Robert Oppenheimer at the Dawn of the Nuclear Age - Melba Phillips co-authored a paper with J. Robert Oppenheimer in 1935 that proved important in the development of nuclear physics.

NASA Confirms that a Piece of its Battery Pack Smashed into a Florida Home - NASA is in the business of launching things into orbit.

On Rating Universities - In a world where we live hostages of advertisement, where our email addresses and phone numbers are sold and bought by companies eager to intrude in our lives and command our actions, preferences, tastes; in a world where appearance trumps substance 10 to zero, where your knowledge and education are less valued than your looks, a world where truth

Octopus inspires new suction mechanism for robots - A new robotic suction cup which can grasp rough, curved and heavy stone, has been developed by scientists.

One third of China's urban population at risk of city sinking, new satellite data shows - Land subsidence is overlooked as a hazard in cities, according to new research.

The largest marine reptile ever could match blue whales in size - Bones from the head of a reptile suggest a body that was well over 20 meters long.

Indonesia's Ruang Unleashes a Massive Explosion - It has been a while since we've had a giant explosive volcanic eruption, but Ruang off the coast of Indonesia's Sulawesi appears to have changed that.

Indian fossils may be from largest snake ever - New fossils suggest that one of the world’s largest ever snakes slithered around India 47 million years ago.

This Nearly 50-Foot Snake Was One of the Largest to Slither the Earth - Fossilized vertebrae that were found in an Indian coal mine belonged to a gigantic and previously unknown snake species

Bland as Can Be, the BRAT Diet Temporarily Helps Upset Stomachs - For generations, doctors recommended this diet for a variety of tummy troubles.

Cryptography Tricks Make a Hard Problem a Little Easier - Researchers have shown how to find the simplest description of a data set faster than by simply checking every possibility.

Aimless Monocytes Underlie a Rare Lung Disease - Children with a multifaceted lung disorder share a receptor deficiency, which has implications for monocyte migration into the lungs.

Mathematicians Explain Why Some Lengths Can’t Be Measured - Can you assign a size to every object?

Materials follow the 'Rule of Four,' but scientists don't know why yet - Scientists are normally happy to find regularities and correlations in their data—but only if they can explain them.

Venting About Your Anger Could Instead Make the Emotion Worse - Does venting help?

The hidden story behind one of SpaceX’s wettest and wildest launches - "It looked like a giant smoke monster."

AI Report Shows ‘Startlingly Rapid’ Progress—And Ballooning Costs - A new report finds that AI matches or outperforms people at tasks such as competitive math and reading comprehension

Unravelling the chemistry of interstellar space on Earth - Despite all appearances, the space between stars, known as the interstellar medium, is anything but empty.

Why Do Some People Always Get Lost? - Research suggests that experience may matter more than innate ability when it comes to a sense of direction

SpaceX’s Starship Could Save NASA’s Beleaguered Mars Sample Return Mission - Facing budgetary pressure for its Mars Sample Return program, NASA has turned to private industry for ideas—perhaps with one specific company in mind

What Happens When Animals Cross the Road - Our byways are an unnatural incursion into the natural world, especially when they’re allowed to fall into disuse.

What Philosopher Ibn Sina Can Teach Us about AI - A philosopher who lived centuries before artificial intelligence might be able to help us understand the field's personhood questions

It’s Time to Act on Pilots’ Mental Health - Mental health recommendations for pilots and air traffic controllers bring new ideas to old problems; the FAA must decide what’s next

Hollywood Should Give Brain Science a Star Turn - Movies and TV shows frequently depict physical and biological sciences well, but often depict psychological and brain sciences poorly.

How to design artificial intelligence that acts nice — and only nice - Today’s bots can’t turn against us, but they can cause harm.

‘Jailbreaks’ bring out the evil side of chatbots - Researchers break chatbots in order to fix them.

Researchers realize hydrogen formation by contact electrification of water microdroplets and its regulation - Direct utilization of water as a source of hydrogen atoms and molecules is fundamental to the evolution of the ecosystem and industry.

Are Titan's Dunes Made of Comet Dust? - A new theory suggests that Titan’s majestic dune fields may have come from outer space.

Climate change is wiping out rare bacteria in Antarctic soil - Antarctica’s cold, dry soils are teeming with microbial life, but we know remarkably little about how its microorganisms are affected by climate change.

One Great Shot: Swimming with Seaplanes - In the heart of the western Pacific Ocean, surrounded by coral atolls and the lush tropical islands of Palau, lies a remarkable relic: the wreck of a seaplane from the Second World War.

The Biggest Black Hole in the Milky Way Is 2,000 Light Years Away from Earth - Researchers have found the biggest black hole in our solar system.

Deadly Africa heat caused by human-induced warming - Extreme heat linked to the deaths of hundreds of people would not have happened without global warming.

India road safety model ‘can save lives worldwide’ - Piyush Tewari, CEO of India’s SaveLIFE Foundation, says tried and tested road safety interventions in India could be applied globally.

April 17, 2024

Ancient Saudi ‘lava tubes’ inhabited thousands of years ago uncovered - A major archaeological investigation has, for the first time, excavated a lava tube in Saudi Arabia that was inhabited by humans up to 10,000 years ago.

The Solar Wind is Stripping Oxygen and Carbon Away From Venus - The BepiColombo mission, a joint effort between JAXA and the ESA, was only the second (and most advanced) mission to visit Mercury, the least explored planet in the Solar System.

Study: Caloric Restriction In Humans And Aging - In mice, caloric restriction has been found to increase aging but obviously mice are not little people, and mice are weaned on a starvation diet.

Life-threatening rat pee infections reach record levels in NYC - Between 2001 and 2020, there was an average of 3 cases per year.

Scientists respond to global mass bleaching declaration - The fourth recorded global coral bleaching event has been declared by US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in a timely reminder of the threats posed by climate change.

Earth’s Coral Reefs Face a New, Deadly Mass Bleaching. They Can Still Be Saved - “A mass bleaching event is, by definition, a mass mortality event,” a leading coral reef expert says

The Solar Eclipse Like We’ve Never Seen it Before - You had to be in the right part of North America to get a great view of the recent solar eclipse.

Bodies found in Neolithic pit were likely victims of ritualistic murder - One victim may have been hogtied alive in pit, à la Mafia-style ligature strangulation.

A Dengue Fever Outbreak Is Setting Records in the Americas - At least 2.1 million cases of dengue fever have been reported in North and South America, and this year 1,800 people have died from the mosquito-borne disease

Climate damages by 2050 will be 6 times the cost of limiting warming to 2° - Study tracks the past costs of climate events and projects them into the future.

Nine Rebel Astronomy Theories That Went Dark - Bright ideas from astronomy’s biggest stars haven’t always worked out.

Spiderlike Mars Robot Might One Day Crawl through Unexplored Volcanic Caves - This eight-legged probe would scour Mars’s underground lava tubes for places where explorers might camp—or for signs of past life

Human Ancestors May Have Bucked an Evolutionary Trend - How did early humans evolve?

How 3D printers can give robots a soft touch - Soft skin coverings and touch sensors have emerged as a promising feature for robots that are both safer and more intuitive for human interaction, but they are expensive and difficult to make.

Honey bees experience multiple health stressors out-in-the-field - It's not a single pesticide or virus stressing honey bees, and affecting their health, but exposure to a complex web of multiple interacting stressors encountered while at work pollinating crops, found new research.

First evidence of human occupation in lava tube cave in Saudi Arabia - New research has highlighted an area in Arabia that once acted as a key point for cultural exchanges and trades amongst ancient people -- and it all took place in vast caves and lava tubes that have remained largely untapped reservoirs of archaeological abundance in Arabia.

Paleontologists unearth what may be the largest known marine reptile - The fossilized remains of a second gigantic jawbone measuring more than two meters long has been found on a beach in Somerset, UK.

Did cloud seeding cause the Dubai flooding? - Dubai has been hit by record floods, sparking misleading speculation about cloud seeding.

Milky Way's 'Sleeping Giant' Black Hole Lurks Shockingly Close to Earth - A black hole weighing as much as 33 suns lurks a mere 2,000 light-years away from our solar system

Species of Ichthyosaur Is Largest Known Marine Reptile at 80 Feet Long - A father and daughter duo found the jawbone of the species and the research team named the new marine reptile species Latin for 'giant fish lizard of the Severn.'

Underground Lava Tubes Were Desert Pit Stops for Humans 7,000 Years Ago - Researchers determined underground lava tubes in the Saudi Arabian desert served as a shepherd way station.

Is this the largest marine reptile ever? - UK fossils dating to the Late Triassic (also known as the Rhaetian; 237–201 million years ago) period could be from the largest marine reptile ever.