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October 2, 2023

What’s the Link Between Gamma Ray Bursts and Supernovae? It Might Be Binary Stars - Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are some of the most violent events in the universe.

October 1, 2023

Astronomers are Working to Put a Radio Telescope on the Far Side of the Moon by 2025 - Technicians at Berkeley Lab are building an experiment that will conduct radio astronomy on the far side of the Moon starting in 2025!

Supernovae Struck the Earth 3 Million and 7 Million Years Ago - A recent study examines how the Earth was hit by blasts from supernovae (plural form of supernova (SN)) that occurred 3 million years ago (Mya) and 7 Mya with the goal of ascertaining the distances of where these blasts originated.

Half Of All Rocky Planets Are Strange ‘Burning Worlds’ Of Lava, Say Scientists - A new study reveals secrets about the mysterious planets where molten lava flows on the surface—one of the most common types of exoplanets so far discovered.

You may have missed – cosmetic surgery, thylacine RNA, sterilised planets - Regular social media use can lead women to excessive self-judgement and consideration of cosmetic surgery, a behavioural science study has found.

SpaceX Settles Allegations of Stifling Employee’s Speech - SpaceX has settled allegations of stifling an employee’s right to discuss workplace conditions with other SpaceX employees.

See The Solar System Align As The U.S. ‘Ring Fire’ Eclipse Beckons: The Night Sky This Week - Each Monday I pick out the northern hemisphere’s celestial highlights (mid-northern latitudes) for the week ahead.

'Significant and unexpected': Dying star spits out a sun's worth of mass just before going supernova - A supernova, pinpointed by amateur astronomers, could reveal unexpected new steps in the deaths of massive stars.

Resolving a seeming contradiction, study advances understanding of visual recognition memory - Because figuring out what is new and what is familiar in what we see is such a critically important ability for prioritizing our attention, neuroscientists have spent decades trying to figure out how our brains are typically so good at it.

CO2 Reductions Using Only Solar Create 'Cooling Poverty' - Today, elites like Robert Downey Jr. virtue signal their wealth by taking pristine older restored cars and paying to have them ripped apart so they run on vegetable oil.

Viruses lurking in giraffe and lemur poop could lead to new antibacterial drugs, scientists say - Scientists uncovered viruses that infect bacteria, called bacteriophages, in animal poop and are testing whether they could work as antibiotics.

Peace Through Partying At The Sorceror's Wake - At the Hilazon Tachtit cave site, before it was Israel, before King David even fought the Philistines, the area north of Nazareth and west of the Sea of Galilee was populated by Natufians, an early settled people, and in 2008 archaeologists revealed details of a burial site unlike any other found in the Natufian period or the Paleolithic before it

Blocking abnormal stem cell signal during aging lessens related bone loss - A cellular signal essential to the development of the skeleton increases during aging to weaken bones, finds a new study in mice.

The World's Largest Radio Telescope has Scanned Barnard's Star for Extraterrestrial Signals - Barnard's Star is the second closest star system to Earth, at a distance of 5.96 light-years.

Methane pyrolysis: another weird way to make hydrogen - As hydrogen industries take off around the world, researchers are still looking for ways to make zero-emissions hydrogen cheaper than fossil fuels.

A Fictional Psychological Thriller about the Rise of AI - Why we’re seduced by nature’s toxins, horror stories for winter solstice, and more books out this month

New Wildlife Tracker Powers Itself as Animals Walk, Trot and Run - A battery-free GPS may change the game for tracking elusive animals

For Health Equity, Location Matters - A special package explores problems and solutions to the geography of injustice

Cannibalistic Dads May Be Contributing to Hellbender Salamander Declines - Male hellbender salamanders normally tend their young, but lately they’ve been devouring them instead

History: October 2023 - Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

Above-Elbow Bionic Arm Can Control Every Finger - Researchers have created the first nerve-controlled prosthetic hand that can be used in daily life

Ancient Honey-and-Vinegar Combo Could Actually Treat Infected Wounds - An age-old remedy that was prescribed by Hippocrates may be a cheap alternative to antibiotics for those with chronic wounds

New Chemical Process Offers Hope for Mixed-Plastics Recycling - A molecular additive allows different kinds of plastic to be recycled together

Readers Respond to the May 2023 Issue - Letters to the editors for the May 2023 issue of Scientific American

Fish Skin Can Heal Other Animals' Eye Injuries - Tilapia skin’s collagen can aid in healing burns, fixing heart valves, and more—and now it can be used for repairing corneas

Some Metals Mysteriously Heal Their Own Cracks - Scientists accidentally discover metals that mend themselves without human intervention

Mutated Gene That Causes Webbed Limbs in Humans May Have Given Bats Wings - A key genetic mutation—harmful in humans—may have opened the sky to bats

Fungi Make Safer Fireproofing Material - Scientists are now growing mycelium, the fungal root network, into fire-retardant sheets to provide a safer, nontoxic way to protect buildings

Science News Briefs from around the World: October 2023 - Mammals munching on dinosaurs in China, Greenland’s melted past, coral catastrophe in Florida, and much more in this month’s Quick Hits

Get a sneak peek at Titan Comics' new 'Doctor Who: Once Upon A Time Lord' (video) - Check out this artwork preview and new trailer for Titan Comics' 'Doctor Who: Once Upon A Time Lord.'

Pipelines Touted as Carbon Capture Solution Spark Uncertainty and Opposition - Federal investment in carbon capture could help fight climate change, but this technology is facing fierce opposition

Science news this week: James Webb telescope discoveries and an inverse vaccine - Oct. 1, 2023: Our weekly roundup of the latest science in the news, as well as a few fascinating articles to keep you entertained over the weekend.

Scientists look for the origin of fast radio bursts and come up empty - There is no shortage of ideas to explain the cause of fast radio bursts: a catalogue of current theories shows more than 50 potential scenarios.

Superbugs are on the rise. How can we prevent antibiotics from becoming obsolete? - Improving our "stewardship" of antibiotics is key to preventing bacteria from gaining resistance to the essential drugs.

Dangerous 'superbugs' are a growing threat, and antibiotics can't stop their rise. What can? - Traditional antibiotics drive bacteria toward drug resistance, so scientists are looking to viruses, CRISPR, designer molecules and protein swords for better treatments.

Extreme weight loss: Star sheds unexpected amounts of mass just before going supernova - A newly discovered nearby supernova whose star ejected up to a full solar mass of material in the year prior to its explosion is challenging the standard theory of stellar evolution.

See Jupiter meet up with a bright moon in the night sky tonight - Skywatchers who are out during the evening hours on Sunday will almost certainly be attracted toward the eastern sky, where the two brightest visible objects at that hour will be readily evident.

Why are rare earth elements so rare? - There are 17 rare earth elements on the periodic table, but a better name for them would be the "troublesome earths."

New insights into soil liquefaction during earthquakes research reveals - In a new study, the conventional understanding of soil liquefaction is being challenged, significantly reshaping our comprehension of earthquake-related soil deformation.

Cause of increased heart risk from COVID infection revealed - Researchers from New York University have uncovered an explanation for why infection with the virus that causes COVID-19 can increase the risk of heart

'They seemed primed to take over': How the Great Dying doomed the 'beast tooth' and set the stage for the dawn of the dinosaurs - This excerpt from Michael Mann's latest book looks at the Cambrian explosion, the Great Dying and how dinosaurs were able to take over thanks to changes to the climate 250 million years ago.

Monitoring of radio galaxy M87 confirms black hole spin - The nearby radio galaxy M87, located 55 million light-years from the Earth and harboring a black hole 6.5 billion times more massive than the Sun, exhibits an oscillating jet that swings up and down with an amplitude of about 10 degrees, confirming the black hole's spin.

CBG vs CBD: Exploring the Key Differences and Recommended Products - CBG vs CBD: Exploring the Key Differences and Recommended Products

Byzantine Greek inscription of Psalms 86 found in Hyrcania: unearthing ancient faith - Archaeologists from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Archaeology recently carried out preliminary excavation at the ancient site of Hyrcania in the northern Judean Desert, coming at the heels of increased activity by antiquities looters.

Why we wont have a super El Niño this year - By Wenju Cai and Guojian Wang, CSIRO and Ocean University of China.

How an audience changes a songbird’s brain - His mind might have been set on finding water or on perfecting a song he learned as a chick from his dad.

September 30, 2023

AI koala: facial recognition could help save the species - The koala is endangered in northeastern Australia – and one of the biggest problems facing the species is how to establish their numbers.

Obese women have worse menopause symptoms nd get less relief from hormone therapy - Obesity has already been associated with a number of adverse health conditions and can interfere with a person’s quality of life.

TRAPPIST-1: Webb Telescope Probes Rocky Planet In ‘Solar System 2.0’ - James Webb Space Telescope observations of a promising exoplanet in the TRAPPIST-1 star system just produced a lot of science, but no evidence for an atmosphere.

Chi-Nu experiment ends with data to support nuclear security, energy reactors - The results of the Chi-Nu physics experiment at Los Alamos National Laboratory have contributed essential, never-before-observed data for enhancing nuclear security applications, understanding criticality safety and designing fast-neutron energy reactors.

SpaceX Lands Pentagon Contract for Starshield - In December 2022, SpaceX unveiled Starshield, a proposed application for the internet-providing Starlink satellite constellation.

Let the Robot Take the Wheel. Autonomous Navigation in Space - Tracking spacecraft as they traverse deep space isn’t easy.

7 Strange Things To Know About This Week’s NASA Mission To A ‘$10,000 Quadrillion’ Asteroid - NASA’s imminent Psyche mission is the first-ever to explore a metal-rich asteroid, said to be worth more than the global economy.

Understanding how choice overload in ChatGPT recommendations impacts decision-making - Over the past few years, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has witnessed numerous breakthroughs.

The Milky Way's Mass is Much Lower Than We Thought - How massive is the Milky Way?

Electrifying time-lapse video shows neurons shooting across the inside of a chick embryo - An striking video of developing neurons won the 2023 Nikon Small World in Motion Video Competition.

Brilliant Harvest Moon, the last supermoon of 2023, wows stargazers around the world (photos) - The final supermoon of the year, the Harvest Moon of September, gave skywatchers the final lunar thrill of the season.

5 Ways A ‘Breadcrumber’ Lures In A Romantic Target - Breadcrumbing is a subtle yet powerful form of manipulation that keeps you stuck in relationships that lead nowhere.

Spyware Can Infect Your Phone Or Computer Via The Ads You See Online – Report - A new type of spyware means those online ads could go from annoying to menacing.

Lasers cut through star trails in beautiful photo from the European Southern Observatory - A new long exposure image from the European Southern Observatory captures stars as they travel overhead, creating what is known as star trails with the help of bright laser guide star beams.

Green-banded broodsac: The brain-hijacking parasite that creates disco zombie snails - This parasitic worm crawls into the eyestalks of snails, takes over its brain then pulsates to make the mollusk look like a dancing caterpillar.

Celebrate 'Star Wars Rebels' 10th anniversary with Marvel Comics - Marvel Comics is releasing a set of special "Star Wars Rebels" 10th anniversary comic book covers that celebrate the characters that now appear in the live action series "Ahsoka."

Why Do We Forget So Many of Our Dreams? - We only remember a fraction of our dreams, and even those slip away if we don’t try to remember them—here’s why

A revelation about trees is messing with climate calculations - Scientists are learning more about “sesquiterpenes" vapors made from trees.

Space photo of the week: Hubble spies a spectacular galaxy crash - Arp 107 hosts a special spiraling 'Seyfert' galaxy connected to a smaller galaxy by a 'bridge' of dust and gas.

There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Hobbies—A Psychologist Explains - While we once frowned upon the “jack of all trades,” an array of hobbies might reveal a quest for a psychologically rich life—one that fosters depth, curiosity and growth.

New York City is sinking — and it's not just because of the flooding - NASA space-based radar data shows the vertical motion of the land beneath New York City.

Watch the glow of the Milky Way and ghostly zodiacal light during the 2023 Perseid meteor shower (video) - The new moon glows in the sky above Turkey with the reflected light of Earth shining upon it in gorgeous photos by astrophotographer Miguel Claro.

Over 230 Cases Of Suspected Gastroenteritis At Melbourne, Australia, Wedding Venue - A total of at least 233 people have suffered gastroenteritis over the course of five different events held The Park in Melbourne, Australia, from September 13 through 24

Government Shutdown Could Cause Chaos At U.S. National Parks, Eclipse-Chasers Warn - The imminent government shutdown could cause the closure of U.S. National Parks preparing for a "ring of fire" annular solar eclipse on Saturday, October 14.

Coffee grounds, tyres and plastics part of new green steel technology - Towers of tyres at landfills across regional Australia, along with coffee grounds and waste hydrogen are becoming the steel of tomorrow.

Current Climate: How A Government Shutdown Could Impact The Environment - This week’s Current Climate, which every Saturday brings you the latest news about the business of sustainability.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better When It Comes To Generative AI - Unsurprisingly, models that use more training data and contain more parameters tend to guzzle more energy.

In Photos: See The ‘Super Harvest Moon’ Set-Up America’s ‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse - The full “Harvest Moon,” this year delighted sky-watchers not only by also being a "supermoon" but by preceding a rare solar eclipse visible in the U.S. in two weeks.

Maths is better learnt before bed - Never fear if you have a maths test in the morning.

Why High Inclination Comets Could Be Earth’s Real Threat - Astronomers are making strides in better understanding the threat posed from potentially Earth-impacting Oort Cloud comets.

Striking rare gold: Researchers unveil new material infused with gold in an exotic chemical state - For the first time, Stanford researchers have found a way to create and stabilize an extremely rare form of gold that has lost two negatively charged electrons, denoted Au2+.

In War-Torn Ukraine, a Doctor Evacuates Children with Cancer - A pediatric oncologist is racing against time to send scores of sick children out of Ukraine for medical aid.

Since Aliens Obey the Laws of Physics, Can We Guess What They Look Like? - Since time immemorial, humans have gazed up at the stars and wondered if we’re alone in the universe.

September 29, 2023

World commits to ending tuberculosis by 2030 - World leaders meeting at the UN General Assembly have set the World Health Organisation the ambitious target of eradicating tuberculosis by the end of the decade.

Archaeologists discover ancient sandals buried in a bat cave 6000 years ago - Some basketry from same site is even older, dating back 9,500 years to Mesolithic period.

Alien life in Universe: Scientists say finding it is 'only a matter of time' - Experts are optimistic of detecting life signs on a faraway world within our lifetimes - possibly in the next few years.

Pangea’s Second Coming Won’t Be Chill - Today’s mammals would not survive the heat of Earth’s next supercontinent.

Discovery Alert: The Planet that Shouldn’t Be There - A large, gaseous exoplanet orbits a red giant star that should have destroyed it.

New York City's Floods and Torrential Rainfall Explained - Record-breaking rains caused major flash flooding in New York City, reminiscent of Hurricane Ida and a sign of what climate change will increasingly bring

The World’s First Known Deep-Sea Octopus Nursery - What happens after a discovery hatches.

Watch a dust devil swirl across Mars in this video from NASA's Perseverance rover - NASA's Perseverance rover captured video of a dust devil moving along the western rim of Mars' Jezero Crater on Aug. 30, 2023.

Government Shutdown Looms over Scientists - A government shutdown would disrupt biomedical research and clinical trials as federal experimental facilities shuttered

NASA Selects Four Small Explorer Mission Concept Studies - NASA has selected four small explorer missions to conduct concept studies.

Near-Earth Asteroids as of September 2023 - September 2023 Each month, NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office releases a monthly update featuring the most recent figures on NASA’s planetary defense efforts, near-Earth object close approaches, and other timely facts about comets and asteroids that could pose an impact hazard with Earth.

See green comet Nishimura's tail get whipped away by powerful solar storm as it slingshots around the sun (video) - After surviving its closest approach to the sun, Comet Nishimura was buffeted by a possible coronal mass ejection that briefly blew its tail away.

Life Should Exist On An Exoplanet 65 Light-Years Away, Says Study - A new mathematical study also claims that there should be 11,000 Earth-like planets in our cosmic neighborhood.

The brightest planets in October's night sky: How to see them (and when) - The only planet that continues 'out of the loop' in October is Mars, which will remain out of sight, too near the vicinity of the sun to be seen right through the end of the year.

NASA Invites Media to Upcoming SpaceX Resupply Launch to Space Station - Media accreditation is open through Oct. 18, 2023, for SpaceX’s 29th commercial resupply mission for NASA to the International Space Station.

NASA Announces Launch Services for Pair of Space Weather Satellites - NASA has selected SpaceX of Hawthorne, California, and its Falcon 9 rocket to provide the launch service for the agency’s TRACERS (Tandem Reconnection and Cusp Electrodynamics Reconnaissance Satellites) mission.

7 Last-Minute Campsites For The U.S. ‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse - There are still ways of securing lodging inside the narrow path of the annular “ring of fire” solar eclipse on October 14.

It's Official, Antimatter Falls Down in Gravity, Not Up - Since the discovery of antimatter decades ago, particle physicists have wondered if these particles were repulsed by gravity.

A New Planet-Hunting Instrument Has Been Installed on the Very Large Telescope - A new study shows how existing observatories like the ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) can be upgraded to perform cutting-edge astronomy

Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month: Patriot Construction Supports NASA Ames Research Center - In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, the NASA Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) is highlighting the contributions made by Hispanic-owned businesses to NASA’s mission.

Who Invented Money and What Is the World's Oldest Currency? - Humans have had money for thousands of years.

NASA’s New Horizons to Continue Exploring Outer Solar System - NASA New Horizons to Continue Exploring Outer Solar System

4 Stunning Facts About Ongoing Flooding In New York City - Historic flooding is happening in the New York City Metropolitan area.

Two NASA Goddard Earth Scientists Receive AGU Awards - Dr. Dalia Kirschbaum and Dr. John Bolten, both of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, received American Geophysical Union (AGU) awards this month.

TikTok’s ‘Girl Dinner’ Trend: Relatable Or Reason For Concern? - The latest TikTok trend has the girlies in splits but nutritionists worried.

AI Will Drive Explosive Growth In The Global Economy: The Arguments For And Against - Some economists say AI will accelerate growth while others are convinced that bottlenecks in the economy will prevent that.

Genome study reveals 30 years of Darwin's finch evolution - An international team of researchers has released a landmark study on contemporary evolutionary change in natural populations.

Allergy study on 'wild' mice challenges the hygiene hypothesis - The notion that some level of microbial exposure might reduce our risk of developing allergies has arisen over the last few decades and has been termed the hygiene hypothesis.

Insights into early snake evolution through brain analysis - Recent study sheds new light on the enigmatic early evolution of snakes by examining an unexpected source: their brains.

Explosion in fish biodiversity due to genetic recycling - The rapid formation of 500 different species of fish in a single lake, each with specialized ecological roles, resulted from a small but genetically diverse hybrid population.

NASA Funds Eight Studies to Protect Astronaut Health on Long Missions - NASA is funding eight new studies aimed at better understanding how the human body reacts to spaceflight.

Dark Matter Could Be Annihilating Inside White Dwarfs - Astronomers still don't know what dark matter is, but one of its characteristics is that it has a small "cross section," which means that it doesn't interact with regular matter or itself.

Science in Space: Week of Sept. 29, 2023 – Fire Safety in Space - Crew members aboard the International Space Station conducted a variety of scientific investigations during the week ending Sept. 29, 2023, including FLARE.

Government Shutdown Could Delay Climate Action - EPA rules on clean cars, power plants and methane could face delays if there is a federal government shutdown because of budget turmoil in Congress

New, refined map of lost ancient continent Zealandia - Geologists have produced a refined map of the submerged landmass known as Zealandia using seismic data from the region surrounding New Zealand.

Controversy Surrounds Blockbuster Superconductivity Claim - Will a possible breakthrough for room-temperature superconducting materials hold up to scrutiny?

Why Does A Plane Look And Feel Like It’s Moving More Slowly Than It Actually Is? - Without a point of reference, it can be hard to tell just how fast an airplane is traveling.

Eaten, Crushed or Starved; Male Tarantulas Trade Their Life to Impregnate a Mate - After eight years maturing in a burrow, male tarantulas venture out to mate, then die a cruel death

A Near-Catastrophic Space Collision This Month Is Worth Caring About - In an instant, two pieces of dangerous space junk could become thousands.

How Simple Math Moves the Needle - The spatial intuition behind a three-point turn offers an on-ramp to a century-old geometry problem.

3 Ways ‘Afterlife Beliefs’ Affect Our Daily Lives - The story you tell yourself about your afterlife affects your present life in subtle ways.

Solving a sticky, life-threatening problem - Researchers have zeroed in on C. auris' uncanny ability to stick to everything from skin to catheters and made a startling discovery: it uses a protein similar to that used by barnacles and mollusks.

Did animal evolution begin with a predatory lifestyle? - Surprising findings on the development of sea anemones suggest that a predatory lifestyle molded their evolution and had a significant impact on the origin of their nervous system.

Research team envisions a bright future with active machine learning in chemical engineering - Chemical engineering researchers have a powerful new tool at their disposal: active machine learning.

Insights into ethylene copolymerization with linear and end-cyclized olefins using a metallocene catalyst - A research team led by Changjiang Wu at SINOPEC (Beijing) Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. in China has made important progress in understanding the polymerization behavior and thermal properties of copolymers formed through ethylene copolymerization with linear and end-cyclized olefins.

Important flu-fighting immune cells go M.I.A. - One of the body’s most important disease fighters retires and scientists don’t know why.

Stop Trying to 'Find' Your Passion--There's a Better Way to Love What You Do - Recognizing that interests are malleable and can be developed can make us more resilient, open and creative

Loud Sounds At Movies And Concerts Can Cause Hearing Loss, But There Are Ways To Protect Your Ears - Many movies reach sound levels of 85 decibels and beyond.

Researchers invent a new metallization method of modified tannic acid photoresist patterning - The micro/nano metal pattern formation is a key step in the assembly of various devices.

Research Brief: Characterizing Harmful Algal Blooms with Drone-Based Water Sampling - A 2023 study used drone-based water sampling methods to characterize cyanotoxins, phycocyanin and nutrients in three lakes with active HABs.

What Humans Lose When AI Writes for Us - Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

The Neurobiology Of Changing Priorities In A Songbird - When a thirsty and lonely male zebra finch changes his mind from getting a drink of water to prioritizing courtship, his dopamine-releasing brain cells reflect his new intensions.

EPA's Critics Recycle Nonsense about Cost to Cut Pollution - For decades industry has claimed that curbing pollution costs too much, but the reality has proven otherwise.

Using nickel foam to enhance the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries - Lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries are considered important devices for powering movable equipment, but there are still some challenges that limit their application, such as how to obtain a cathode for high sulfides absorption and rapidly conversion.

Rocket Report: Iran launches satellite; Artemis II boosters get train ride - Is ArianeGroup finally getting more serious about a reusable rocket?

Single-use plastic ban: Some firms unaware of England's new ban - Plastic cutlery is banned in England from Sunday but plastic containers for takeaway meals are not.

A Day Without Space: GPS Is Ground Zero For The New Space Race - The criticality of secure global navigation and timing to warfighting and the national economy makes it unique.

Machine learning helps predict drugs' favorite subcellular haunts - Most drugs are small molecules that bind firmly to a specific target—some molecule in human cells that is involved in a disease—in order to work.

This massive ancient whale may be the heaviest animal ever known - Called Perucetus colossus, it may have tipped the scales at up to 340 metric tons — more than today’s blue whales.

Concave, umbrella-like metal complexes provide space for giant molecular rotors to operate in solid state - Solid materials are generally known to be rigid and unmoving, but scientists are turning this idea on its head by exploring ways to incorporate moving parts into solids.

Self-healing of synthetic diamonds observed at room temperature - A team of chemists, materials scientists and aeronautical engineers at Beihang University, working with one colleague from Yanshan University and another from the University of Chicago, reports evidence of self-healing in a sample of synthetic diamond at room temperature.

A Psychologist Explains ‘Artificial Fear’ And Why It Can Be Your Worst Enemy - Fear is a necessary emotion.

Rare Pink Diamonds Linked To Ancient Supercontinent Breakup - Researchers studying one-billion-years-old rocks from Australia have identified the missing geological process needed to bring valuable pink diamonds to the Earth's surface.

Concern for koalas when fire agencies conduct prescribed burns - The Australian Koala Foundation has deemed September 29, “Save the Koala Day,” in recognition of the vulnerability of this Australian icon.

The Next Big Thing in Blue Carbon needs both policy and research - I became involved with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) some years ago, so I have quite a lot of experience in how countries report their greenhouse gas emissions.

Proteins found in fossil dinosaur feathers shed light on links to birds - Analysis of proteins from fossilised dinosaur feathers from China have revealed that we may have misjudged our fine feathered dino friends.

GM food crops yet to crack India’s vast farms - GM firms struggle to penetrate India’s vast market as highest court blocks sowing of genetically-modified crops.

UK unready as wildfires surge, warns firefighters' union - Wildfire response across the UK is an under-resourced "postcode lottery", claims a new union report.

Why does spicy food feel hot? - We all know the feeling – sweat forming on your brow and your face heating up.

September 28, 2023

Quantum and AI bring big leap to navigation tech - Figuring out where you are without vulnerable GPS signals has propelled an Australian navigation tech company into new territory.

US may pay 3x more than EU for Moderna’s US-funded COVID shot - Moderna developed its vaccine with the NIH and got $1.7 billion in federal grant money.