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Press Invitation: At the Cutting Edge - Technology Partnerships with PPARC
Journalists are invited to attend a showcase event on 12 February at the QEII Conference Centre, Westminster, London, which demonstrates how UK companies can, and have, benefited from technology partnerships with PPARC`s academic community. Case study presentations will include:- * Airways and cosmic radiation - Virgin Atlantic * Particle Physics and Ship Design - Photek * Smart Optics - Mullard... View News Article (2002-02-01)

Physics strikes the right note with classical musicians
The combination of physics and music might usually prompt images of Brian Cox playing keyboards for D:Ream, but a new trio, consisting of a professor of physics, an internationally renowned composer and an award-winning violinist, are bringing particle physics to life through a series of classical compositions. View News Article (2011-12-16)

PPARC welcomes new Chief Executive
A leading space scientist has been appointed as the new Chief Executive and Deputy Chair of the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council [PPARC]. View News Article (2005-02-10)

Europe honours UK particle physics
Particle physicists in the UK received top honours at the recent International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics in Budapest, with the award of European Physical Society (EPS) Prizes. The prestigious High-Energy and Particle Physics Prize of the European Physical Society for 2001 was awarded to Professor Donald Perkins of the University of Oxford. The prize acknowledged his... View News Article (2001-08-07)

Tour takes Physics far and wide
A lecture "Particles and the Universe" aimed at the 16-19 age range, organised by the Institute of Physics, is being given in 40 venues in Britain during the current academic year, in what is the largest schools lecture tour ever staged by the IOP. The lecture is given by Professor Peter Kalmus of Queen Mary and Westfield College. In his talk, which contains experimental demonstrations, he links... View News Article (1999-02-02)

Information Note: PPARC Funding for the Linear Collider
Recent articles in The Sunday Times [23 November 2003] and Research Fortnight [26 November 2003] stated that the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council [PPARC] has received £700M from government for the Linear Collider, the next generation particle physics accelerator. This statement is incorrect. PPARC has not received funding for construction from the UK government for this... View News Article (2003-11-26)

University of Minnesota physicists play role in Large Hadron Collider research
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, launched a new era for particle physics today when the first particles collided at the record energy of seven trillion electron volts (TeV). View News Article (2010-03-31)

CERN scientists predict supernova
A team of theoretical physicists working at CERN and the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel has developed a theory to account for the mysterious gamma ray bursts that come from the depths of the Universe. According to their ideas, gamma ray bursts are linked to supernovae, the cataclysmic explosions of massive stars at the end of their lives. When a new gamma ray burst (GRB 030329) was... View News Article (2003-04-15)

European Masterclasses on Physics: research centres opened for 3000 high school students
On occasion of the World Year Physics, the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics is participating from March 7th to 19th in the Physics European Masterclasses. An Epog (European Particle-Physics Outreach Group) initiative that opens high school students the doors of the fascinating world of particle physics. View News Article (2005-03-04)

Why matter matters in the universe
A new physics discovery explores why there is more matter than antimatter in the universe. View News Article (2008-03-31)

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