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Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
From January 2003 the Royal Society of Chemistry is merging J Chem Soc Perkin Transactions 1 & 2 to form: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. View News Article (2002-07-24)

Press photo opportunity - University provides good clean fun at summer camp
Square bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, bubbles as large as a hula-hoop and even dry-ice carbon-dioxide bubbles are making chemistry fun for schoolchildren from across the country in a summer chemistry camp at the University of York this week. (19-23 August). Fifty 15-year-olds will be learning how surfactants - 'surface active agents' - work as they practise their bubble-blowing skills with... View News Article (2002-08-20)

Computational actinide chemistry: Are we there yet?
Ever since the Manhattan project in World War II, actinide chemistry has been essential for nuclear science and technology. View News Article (2007-08-22)

Founder's Lecture will Recognise the Success of Colloid Chemist
Professor Terence Cosgrove, University of Bristol, UK, will deliver the Founder's Lecture 'Chains and Bondage' at the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Headquarters, London on 21 April 2004. The Founder's Lecture is awarded to figures of distinction in the colloid or surface chemistry fields. A Professor of Physical Chemistry, Terence Cosgrove is interested in polymer and colloid chemistry... View News Article (2004-04-19)

Royal Society of Chemistry Inaugurates New President
Professor Sir Harry Kroto, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 1996 for the discovery of Buckminster Fullerene, was today inaugurated as the new President of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Professor Kroto was born in 1939 in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, and brought up in Bolton, Lancashire. He graduated in Chemistry at the University of Sheffield in 1961 and in 1964 was also awarded his PhD... View News Article (2002-07-18)

Inexpensive paper-based diabetes test ideal for developing countries
The latest episode in the American Chemical Society's (ACS') award-winning Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions podcast series describes a new, inexpensive paper-based device designed for diabetes testing in rural areas of developing countries. View News Article (2012-07-13)

Green and Sustainable Chemistry
The first international conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry was held in Tokyo in March. The Tokyo Statement (Paul Anastas, Shun-Ichi Murahashi) and papers from a variety of renowned international experts - from academia and industry - are now available in print and on-line in the new Special Issue of Green Chemistry (Volume 5, Issue 5) resulting from this meeting. View News Article (2003-11-21)

Chemistry can make us greener
The way in which chemistry can make industry greener is highlighted in a new website for A-level students. The site focuses on the practical application of chemistry to make industrial processes more environmentally friendly. It gives students vital examples of real-world problems and how to solve them. The image of chemistry is undergoing a radical change for budding scientists studying the... View News Article (2004-03-09)

New Chemistry & Industry Online @
Chemistry & Industry magazine from SCI has launched a revamped and enhanced website at, delivering news and comment from the science-business interface at the click of a mouse. New features on the site include: two year archive of back issues with full text search, making research quick and easy email forwarding function for articles new interactive jobs section, allowing... View News Article (2002-09-19)

Web-wise Society launches new European chemistry network
The Network will provide links to many other useful sites as well as featuring:  Major European chemical societies and organisations, including the homepage for the Federation of European Chemical Societies (FECS)  Chemical initiatives and projects from the European Union  Industrial and research developments across Europe  Conferences, events, awards and... View News Article (2000-02-22)

Sort By: Most Viewed Chemistry Current Events | Recent Chemistry Current Events
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