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Rethinking the social structure of ancient Eurasian nomads: Current Anthropology research
Prehistoric Eurasian nomads are commonly perceived as horse riding bandits who utilized their mobility and military skill to antagonize ancient civilizations such as the Chinese, Persians, and Greeks. View News Article (2012-02-27)

Archaeologists discover largest, oldest wine cellar in Near East
Would you drink wine flavored with mint, honey and a dash of psychotropic resins? Ancient Canaanites did more than 3,000 years ago. View News Article (2013-11-22)

Team hopes to use new technology to search for ETs
A Johns Hopkins astronomer is a member of a team briefing fellow scientists about plans to use new technology to take advantage of recent, promising ideas on where to search for possible extraterrestrial intelligence in our galaxy. View News Article (2008-06-05)

Study finds abrupt climate change may have rocked the cradle of civilization
New research reveals that some of the earliest civilizations in the Middle East and the Fertile Crescent may have been affected by abrupt climate change. View News Article (2015-07-24)

Researchers unlock ancient Maya secrets with modern soil science
After emerging sometime before 1000 BC, the Maya rose to become the most advanced Pre-Columbian society in the Americas, thriving in jungle cities of tens of thousands of people, such as the one in Guatemala's Tikal National Park.  View News Article (2012-11-12)

Radiocarbon testing challenges understanding of ancient Hawaiian architecture, social complexity
The development of monumental architecture and social complexity on the Hawaiian island of Maui occurred over a span of at least 500 years, according to the most detailed study to date on the antiquity of the island's extensive temple system. View News Article (2006-08-02)

New analysis of pottery stirs Olmec trade controversy
Clearing - or perhaps roiling - the murky and often contentious waters of Mesoamerican archeology, a study of 3,000-year-old pottery provides new evidence that the Olmec may not have been the mother culture after all. View News Article (2005-08-02)

Discovery of an ancient civilization in the west of the Amazon Basin
The western part of the Amazon basin is covered by tropical rainforest, severely eroded in places. The area is still largely unknown to archaeologists. It covers the lower eastern flanks of the Andean cordillera and extends from the piedmont down to the Amazon plain. It is in these twisting watershed areas that the River Amazon springs forth, loading itself with silts and other sediments. The... View News Article (2003-07-08)

Geologist Warms Up For Antarctic Expedition
It won't quite be a white Christmas for Professor Nick Petford, but the Kingston University geologist will see in the New Year in sub-zero temperatures. Professor Petford, from the Centre for Earth and Environmental Science Research, flies out to Antarctica on December 27 to investigate the ancient interiors of volcanoes. He has been selected as one of only 25 participants from around the world... View News Article (2004-12-15)

Archaeological genetics: It's not all as old as it at first seems
Genomic analyses suggest that patterns of genetic diversity which indicate population movement may not be as ancient as previously believed, but may be attributable to recent events. View News Article (2013-05-20)

Sort By: Most Viewed Ancient Civilizations Current Events | Recent Ancient Civilizations Current Events
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